Face Painters-Body Painters-Balloon-Twisters-Magicians-Clowns

Have pencil and paper ready to jot down performers number you are interested in. Press contact to get a quote. Only need to fill out once can put seval codes wanted in other info.

Prices start from 1 x 60min $165-$265 for face painters/balloons/clowns. Magicians-1 x 60min $300-$550

Code-88CDF-Giant bubble Blowing Activity-Melbourne


Giant Bubble Blowing Activities enable the general public to blow the biggest soap bubbles of their entire lives. Grandmas, teenagers, toddlers - you name it. Everyone gets involved blowing, catching, dodging, popping bubbles. They are the most culturally and age-inclusive, hands-on entertainment experience we've ever seen .
 Duration & Capacity
As there is a whole lot of equipment laid out for the general public to use it is best to run continuously without breaks. The capcity of the activity is usually 40 people at any one time however this can be scaled up and down significantly.
The activity must be on a non-slip surface (i.e grass, bitumen), preferably a space of at least 8x8 yards. Water access within 50yards is also required for refills.
Age Appropriateness
Seriously ALL Ages .

Code 88DRK-Kids Parties

Part 1 Kids Go Inside Bubbles
Your bubble party begins with our kids' entertainer putting your birthday child inside a real giant soap bubble. Our bubble expert will then put all the other children at the birthday party inside giant soap bubbles as well. Even parents can have a go in a bubble! Make sure to charge your camera as superb for capturing images of your child’s incredible day.
Part 2 Kids Blow Giant Bubbles
Girls and boys go crazy getting to blow the biggest bubbles of their entire lives. Our bubbles are truly incredible and parents love getting to join their kids in the amazing bubble blowing fun. Your bubble party entertainer will also show the kids special bubble tricks like how to catch giant bubbles in their bare hands and blow bubbles inside bubbles!
Each bubble themed party is an hour long and caters for up to 30 kids.
For putting kids in giant bubbles, we must lay a mat down indoors away from all drafts. And for blowing world class giant bubbles, we need a non-slip area outdoors.


Our bubbles are truly incredible and parents love getting to join their kids in the amazing bubble blowing fun. Your bubble party entertainer will also show the kids special bubble tricks like how to catch giant bubbles in their bare hands and blow bubbles inside bubbles.




Creativity meets no boundaries when he is around. This quirky entertainer deftly twists balloons into animals, hats, flowers and more. From simple fast creations, to sophisticated balloon art, he is sure you meet the needs of any audienceHe is regularly seen ballooning around shopping centres, corporate events, festivals, Bar Mitzvahs and other special events.


Code 106BCC-Clown-Melbourne

He has been one of Melbourneʼs favourite party entertainers for over 14 years and is a very silly clown with lots of children friendly fun in each show, which are good for 2-8 year olds. Some of the elements of the show are magic, juggling, games with prizes, magic bubbles, songs and balloon animals. He can also rove around your event creating lots of fun with bubbles, balloons, juggling and pocket magic. A huge hit for kinders, primary schools, fetes, street and  community festivals.

clown-melbourne clown-balloons

Code-152TSB-Balloon twister-Melbourne

A professional balloon twister for many years and great designs.

Public liability and WWC

also available for Corporate balloon Twisting.

152TSB 152TSB



An entertaining Balloon twister  great with kids and adults. Can also do roving or magic show.


Code 174GRB-Balloon Twister-Brisbane-Qld

If you are looking to add some fun, colour, interest and activity to your next event you can’t beat my big, colourful balloon twisting.
Are you planning a kids party or event. I specialise in supplying high quality balloon modelling entertainment at kids parties and corporate events. I can guarantee this, your corporate entertainment will be brighter and happier with my incredible balloon creations.
When I hand out my amazing creations at you company event it creates an instant visual impact that can be seen from across the room. It ‘will’ get people talking. They ‘will’ feel happier. They ‘will’ be laughing and smiling It is the perfect ice-breaker.
People find it fascinating to watch the balloon creations being made, “what’s it going to be?”…. I never tell until the very end when the whole balloon creation seems to come together as if by magic. Your company event will be brighter and happier with my amazing colourful balloon figures.

Code 174GRBP-Balloon Twisting Party

When I was thinking about adding kids party games as an option, the obvious choice was The Balloon Twisting Party. Can I just say that you will have a big smile on your face when you see all the amazing creations that kids can make…it is just a really joyous activity. I get so much pleasure from these Balloon Twisting Parties.
Can also add a magic show.

174GRB-balloons 174GRB-Balloon-twister

174GRBP-balloon Party



Specialised  Children’s Birthday Party Magician in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
He is Brisbane's best known and most sought after children's magician and entertainer, having done over 3000 shows.
Having entertained at Libraries, Schools, OSHC, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Shopping Centres and countless other venues. 
A cheeky chap from London, he will have the children (and adults) rolling around with laughter. He offers a personalised show, free gifts for all the children and the magical production of "Rocky" the cute white Rabbit. 
His shows are highly interactive with lots of audience interplay, amazing magic and hilarious comedy. He can also customise a show to suit your event. 



Code-212FJ-comedy magician NSW

His fast paced new show incorporates stand-up comedy, sleight of hand magic, comedy hypnosis, mentalism (mindreading), comedy magic with hilarious audience participation routines, escapology (the art of escape) and much much more. He will not only wow you with skillfull and mindblowing dexterity but also will challenge your mind with the unbelievable. This style of magic extravaganza is still very new to audiences here in Australia and not only will it have them on the edge of their seats but will have them questioning logic itself.
His exciting show is self contained and packs down into one briefcase making it a versatile and commercial spectacular that can be taken anywhere.
Duration for the show is variable up to 30 minutes,
He can provide all aspects of magic starting from roving close up magic through to stage comedy magic and fast spectacular illusion shows.


Code-263SA-Face Painter-Balloons-Melbourne

A face painter for 14 years, and paints at adult and childrens events.
She  will arrive at your event in a funky costume with her bubbly personality and zest for life.
She has also been balloon twisting for a number of years and has even made balloons for the president of Ireland in her residence at her yearly tea party for people with special needs. Her partner has also learnt how to twist balloons and the 2 of them can come to your event together to save on time.
She has working with children check, practices good hygiene when painting and is fully insured, She was winner at the U.K face and body painting convention 2010 so quality of work is guaranteed.

Note allow 5 mins per face


melbourne festival face painter


Code 264AG-Balloon-twister-Melbourne

Great balloon twister for all events.


Code-295AD- magic, balloons,games-Melbourne

David can do a magic show , Balloons and games, and dancing if required.




Everything turns upside down when she comes to town.
With over 15 years in the fine art of tom-foolery, she can be quite hilarious.
Great for kids parties, pocket magic, and balloons and music.
Can also be a roving fairy.


Code-532EZ-face -Body Painter-Melbourne

An excellent face painter, and has many Bollywood and halloween patterns as well.

face-painter exquisite-face-painting horror-face-painting

Code-533DW- Face Painter-Balloons-Melbourne

Experienced face painter with lots of designs suitable for girls and Boys.



balloon-twister colourful-face-painter zombie-face-paintingballoonologist-Melbourne


A costumed face painter for kids parties and adult events.
Beautiful artwork with plenty of Glitter.
All themes covered.
Also experienced body paint artist.

Has wwc

618WG-face-painter Adult face painter

melbourne body painter


He is an entertainer, magician, crowd warmer and party host that adds fun, magic and swashbuckling laughs to any birthday party, function or event. He delights audiences young and old with his uncanny resemblance to the real Jack Sparrow, quick comedic wit and astounding sleight of hand magic tricks, creating a seamless and totally unique performance.
He  specialises in close up sleight of hand, which comprises of card magic, sponge balls, coins, rope, silks, fire and mental magic designed to entertain and amaze. With an authentic, personally hand made costume designed as a replica of the movie costume, he brings the charm, humour and charismatic nature that embodies Captain Jack Sparrow.

captain-jack-sparrow impersonator


One of the most natural talents in Australia. Spontaneous, engaging, hilarious and magical. Well known for winning over kids previously scared of clowns. His unique blend of physical comedy, imagination exercises, balloonimals, song, dance and magic, will live in your guest’s memory for years.
Simon, is also a magician, poet, singer, dancer, balloonologist, fire-eater and stiltwalker.

Pirate- magic-658MJP -Melbourne

Kids can't wait to join his obstacle course treasure hunt.
He relives his stupefying, death defying tale of escaping beheading at the Governor's behest and unfortunately forced into piracy, that's right, he's innocent.
Pirate games break up the hour, and the birthday boy shoots the pop gun and magically the target bursts.
Of course in accordance with the code, all take the pirate oath and share secrets from all corners of the flat world me hearties.


or pirate

pirate for hire balloons

Code650FF- Temporary Tatts-Balloons-Face and body painting-Melbourne

The Tattoos and inks are made in Australia with the finest materials. Applied with airbrush or temporary Tatts transfers. On a Trade day you can get your Staff tattooed with you brand name or organizing a fashion parade have the models painted, imagine the talk back.

Temporary Tattoos to delight any child or full body painting for fashion parades and bollywood tatts for weddings and corporate branding to get your message across.

Fully hand painted tattoo art. Strictly no permancy or pain. These images are created with a liquid cosmetic and last up to 1 week. Over 2000 designs to choose from. I peel the design off the board (many of the designs are my own artwork, I design them for "The Amazing Raymond", he prints these detailed images on a special paper, a screen print process using the cosmetic inks.  No messy compressors or harsh lighting that may detract from the setting.

These give a detailed outline which can't be achieved with an airbrush.  We then hand paint full colour into the design so that they can be unique to the guest "match clothing etc.."  Sometimes I enhance with free hand work, glitters, depending on line up waiting.  Basically, the image is released quickly, looks real then we enhance to give it the artistry and personal touch.

All FDA compliant ingredients, last up to 1 week, may be removed instantly with baby oil or alcohol.


  • Henna is a plant from which we make a paste, to create beautiful designs.

  • We pipe the paste onto the skin; this is wet for an hour and must not be smudged during this time.

  • When dry the paste is brushed off creating artwork, which will last between 1-4 weeks.

  • The dye is permanent but of course we constantly shed that outer layer of skin. You wear the body art for as long as you take to exfoliate. Note: Natural henna dyes the skin a reddish brown not black.

  • Note: There is no such thing as natural black henna. Hennas, which claim to be black, have had a chemical added to them, which has the potential to scar the body, for this reason in good conscience; we do not use this product. To achieve black or colours, we offer a “temp tatt” format as a safe alternative, the speed this medium dries (4 seconds) often makes a brilliant alternative for corporate events

 Our Henna Artists work as freehand artists. In a party environment, to enable us to please as many as possible, we work intuitively, allowing roughly five minutes per person. Promotional pictures are presented on a gallery board on an easel to inspire guests.

temporary-Tattsbody temp-tatts


temp-tatts temp-tatts


temp-tatts temp-tatts

temp-tatts temp-tatts



One of the most natural talents in Australia. Spontaneous, engaging, hilarious and magical. Well known for winning over kids previously scared of clowns. His unique blend of physical comedy, imagination exercises, balloonimals, song, dance and magic, will live in your guest’s memory for years.
Simon, is also a magician, poet, singer, dancer, balloonologist, fire-eater and stiltwalker.

Pirate- magic-658MJP -Melbourne

Kids can't wait to join his obstacle course treasure hunt.
He relives his stupefying, death defying tale of escaping beheading at the Governor's behest and unfortunately forced into piracy, that's right, he's innocent.
Pirate games break up the hour, and the birthday boy shoots the pop gun and magically the target bursts.
Of course in accordance with the code, all take the pirate oath and share secrets from all corners of the flat world me hearties.



or pirate

pirate for hire balloons

Code-701TS-Easter- Face Painter-Melbourne

Teresa uses quality non toxic paints.

Easter theme face painter


Michelle has been face painting for over 20 years.


Michelle has been face painting for over 20 years. michelle-face-painterface-painter

Code-705VR -Melbourne

Using quality paints with hundreds of designs Voula is a sought after face painter.

Melbourne Face painter face painter for Melbourne functions.face painter


We really love what we do and we think it shows. There is nothing more satisfying to us to hear the squeals of joy and excitement as the kids first see themselves - both in the mirror and then as they glow in a dark room! Then it gets even better when the kids want a hug as we leave - a big impression made! 
We paint as many adults as we do kids, this definately says something about the inner child that comes out and our human canvas' great belief that we can be trusted to do an amazing job!"
With a passion for putting BIG SMILES on children's faces - combined with a high standard of hygiene, a working with children check, public liability insurance, dressed up in theme if requested.you


masquerade mask face and body painter-melbourne.

Code 742HD-Face painter-Melbourne

Experienced face painter and glitter art.

beautiful face painter.

face painter 803A-Janine-Face-balloons-Melbourne

Janine offers any mix of face-painting, temporary tattoos, glitter tattoos or balloon twisting for any event, promotion, or occasion.

Make your event into a day to remember. Janine caters for children and adults alike and offer a wide range of designs and a number of party packages, which can be themed and tailor-made to suit your requirements.

You can combine face painting, balloon twisting and glitter or temporary tattoos to ensure there is something there for everyone.

Janine also have a 'working with children' card.

Gypsy-Janine-Baloon-twister Janine-face-painter

clown-facepainter 890A-melbourne

We can tailor their show around you however here is a typical Show.

Each show begins with an exciting introduction of fun and interactive storytelling. A chance for the birthday person and all the special guests to meet their favourite character in the flesh!
The magic starts when a secret wish is then taught to all the children to help locate the birthday present for our very special birthday child(this part can be tailored for non Birthday Celebrations).. A series of fun and high energy activities then ensue...

The Games..

‘The Birthday Jump’ will have everyone’ up and active. A fun, high energy game which focuses on celebrating the birthday child’s big day.
‘The Famous Bubble Off’ - A highly popular bubble-catching game.
‘The Bubble Bop’ – A fun song and dance is taught to the kids with prizes given out throughout.
‘Musical Statues’ – The classic children’s favourite, Musical Statues with a twist.
‘Pass the Magical Parcel’

All of our games are catered to suit the theme of your party. Be it a wizard party, a fairy party or a superhero party. You can expect the same content but with those extra special touches in theme with the chosen character.
The show is concluded with your choice of basic face painting or temporary tattoos. With limited time within the 1hour show it is reminded that the face painting is a very basic motif (stars, hearts, spiders, lightning bolts etc). Should you opt for the 1.5 hour show you can expect more elaborate designs and if time permits, an additional game-‘The Limbo’. Keep in mind that larger numbers mean the face painting will take longer.

Face Painting:
We have what we believe are the best Face Painters in town, they have a huge array of designs ranging from a small motif to a fully detailed face. We use non toxic paints and are as fast as we are precise. Both Boys and Girls will get a real kick out of being transformed into their favorite creature or character.

We offer entertainment to cater for all events from pantomimes to birthday parties to corporate events.
Whether you are looking for something special to keep the kids busy with over the school holidays or need someone to entertain the kids whilst the adults party too!

All of our actors have police checks


lil-critterslil-creatures lil-critterslil-critters

Clown-Facepainter 892A-Melbourne

Excellent face painter with either, clown, Elf, fairy or pirate characters

inari inari

inari inariinari inari

Face painter 893A-Melbourne

face painting for all ages.



Caoimhe-McMullan Caoimhe-McMullan Caoimhe-McMullan Caoimhe-McMullan

Face painter 907A-Melbourne

Racheal is a professionally trained face painter and glitter tattoo artist offering beautiful & creative face painting and fantastic, eye catching glitter tattoos.

racheal bon racheal-bon

947A face Painter -Clown-balloons-Melbourne

Karen is a character clown and can come dressed as a fairy, Witch, Princess or as a groovy chic. Karen can Face paint and balloonology .

See also our childrens organised party shows.

dilly-daisy-the-clown Dilly-daisy-face-painter


Face-painter 964A-face-balloons-glitter-Melbourne

Face painting and balloon twisting is a great fun thing to entertain people, no matter what age, and you can make any dhildren's event brightened up sparkely by including dreams and immaginations through these creative activities. As a face painter, Hana can help inspire fun and creative ideas through smiling faces for any your special occasions. Face painting can bring wonderful happiness and joy to you and your kids.

Great balloons and can come as a fairy.



Face Painter 1021A-sarah-Melbourne

Beautiful face painter with designs for girls and boys.

sarah-ho sarah-ho

Act 22B-Magic-NSW

Shayne is Australia’s leading comedy magician, from close up magic, children’s parties, adult functions, school, shopping centres, stage illusion shows and entertaining some of the worlds top corporations.

A full time professional Magician with thousands of performances in Australia and overseas to his credit, don’t settle for second best.  See why 90 percent of his work is generated by repeat bookings, referrals and word of mouth.

Shayne is your one stop performer for any type and size of occassion, with magic, comedy and juggling.  Priding himself as the best value for money performer in the country, whatever your needs and budget - talk to us now!


Act 112A- Face Painter-Melbourne

Teresa uses quality non toxic paints.

teresa teresa-b

teresa teresa-b

Act 113A- Face Painting and Temp Tattoos-Melbourne

Using  specially made, non-toxic body paints, your kids will be in safe hands.Your kids will enjoy the designs painted especially for them.Miss Jayne's body art the temporary tattoos are non-toxic - they'll safely wash off after a few days.

jayne-cornish jayne-cornish


Act 114A -Clown-Magic-Balloons-Face painting-Melbourne

Dan is a magician, a funny clown, a wacky wizard or the adventurous pirate. Creating fun and excitement for your kids’ party or event, Dan performs: An amazing & amusing interactive magic show themed to the character. Magical Doves Unique face painting with wild and exotic, beautiful & intricate, weird and spooky, or super hero designs (please note; the option of face painting can depend on how many kids & amount of time booked) Lots a fun with magical balloon twisting of animals, flowers, decorative hats, pirate swords etc. Exciting party games with prizes.





Act 120A-Face- Temp Tatts-Ballarat-Victoria

Facepainting and temp tattoos are interactive when hand painted "on the spot" with their awesome designs. Fantasy face's reputation is based on excellent customer service, quality products, creative original designs and an up-to-date concept that fits in with most large events or instore promotions and kids or adult entertainment areas. Go Tribal, Fantasy or Horror!"

fantasy-face Fantasy-face

Act 141C-Magician-Melbourne

An incredible 90 minutes of incredible magic, FUN and laughter, Magic Show with Special big Magic props, Silly stories, Juggling, Big backdrop (if indoors)
Tom uses a microphone and speaker system.
Includes Magic Show and Amazing balloon art, Live rabbit appearing, Everyone learns a magic trick, Balloon Animals for everyone, Special deluxe balloon creation made for the birthday child.



Act 142B-Magician-Melbourne

Let Pete turn your next event into a magical and memorable occasion that will have your guests talking for months to come. Pete, The Amazing Amusionist
will entertain your guests with his unique blend of magic, comedy and theatrics, ensuring that your next conference, cocktail party, product launch or VIP event is a complete success
Pete can roam amongst your guest or do 1 x 30 min show. Pete will have the audience amazed at his close of hand magic and want them coming back for more. Pete has tricks you haven't seen before and normally has the audience following him around in a roaming situation just to see if they can pick up how he does it and still come away amazed and wondering. Pete can take your watch and wallet without you feeling a thing.


Act 143A-Face Painter-Melbourne

Christine has many childrens face painting designs.

She has a current Victorian Working With Children Check and $20m public liability cover


tina-sparkles tina-sparkles

Act 261AA-Hoola-Plate spinner-clown-balloonologist-Tasmania

Absent are the big shoes and over sized hair and honker nose. Instead Sam has chosen a more friendly and feminine approach to clowning. Combining the innocence of the clown with the frantic energy of the circus, she is a big crowd pleaser. Sam uses her skills in hoops, juggling and acrobatics to keep the audience cheering, while her trained skills in traditional clowning and mime keep them laughing. Sam is available for kids parties, adults functions, festivals, parades, you name it!
Sam is very girly and silly, and has a 20, 30 or 40 minute show. Sam also works with some other highly trained female clowns on duo and trio roves and shows.
Sam is a highly skilled balloon artist as well as a face painter with artistry.
Starts with a circus style show which includes Hoola Hoops, Juggling, Magic Trix, Plate spinning and Acro.
The show goes for 15-20 mins, then the hour is finished with one of three options
Balloon twisting
Circus workshop-focusing on the skills demonstrated in my show
Face painting-availability depends on numbers, it takes at least 4-5 mins to do a good face, if there are 20 kids at the party, it cant be done within the hour booking.


Sam arrives in full costume-sequined corset, fishnets, pink hair and party vibe.

"Sex with the Devil" is a comedy piece, choreographed to music, where Sam meets and is seduced by the devil-all while hooping 1 to 10 hoops.

Piece finishes with 'Miss Pussy Pants'- a riot grrrrlll anthem, full of feminine power-great for interaction with the b/day party person.

Sam introduces the Razor Hoop and proceeds to explode 3 different balloons from different parts of the party persons’ body.

A massive crowd pleaser!

After the show the party then has the option to try out the hoops with the option of Sam returning and teaches some party goers to hoola. The more the merrier! after sufficient cool down and fluid intake of course!-

Full public liability insurance is in place.

Relaciones sexuales con el Diablo –Spanish

Sesso con il diavolo-Italian

Seks met de duivel-Dutch

de pocket magic, spinning plates and contortion.





Act 294A-clown-magic-balloons-ventriloquism-Melbourne

The laughing magician is truly entertaining, and excels at balloon modelling. He can make hearts, little bears, swans,swords just to name a few.

He can do a a magical cooking show or Ventriloquism show or rove around singing with his banjo.



Act 343A - Face painter -Melbourne

Eleni will creative full face designs or small designs

Started face painting in 2004. With qualifications in child care and make up. She has become increasingly popular with well known entertainers event coordinators and the general public alike.

She fell in love with painting a childs face and making them smile by turning them into a tiger, spiderman, a fairy or other character of their choice and creating a world of imagaination.

She has been trained by professionals in both Victoria and Queensland and has become a highly sought after and respected face painter.

We use Non Toxic paints

Police Checks & Childrens Check


eleni-louie eleni-louie


Act 344A -Face painter-Melbourne

Beanie loves working with kids and provides a sense of fun and laughter along with the face painting skills she has developed in the last ten years helped along by training from some of the best in the business. (She has just completed a course with the famous American Wolfe brothers)

She’s quick and has a wide range of fun faces for both girls and boys. As well as the popular Rainbow Butterflies, Flower Fairies and Mermaid Princesses that delight the girls, Beanie has some special treats for the boys with great monsters, superheros and some pretty gruesome wounds and scars that the boys absolutely love. (Boys will be Boys)

Beanie is first aid trained and holds a current Working with Children permit .

davina davina davina

Act 345A -Melbourne

Natascha's face painting designs include glitter and intique designs.

Natascha does her body art and face painting at all types of events; Festivals, Corporate Promotions and Parties, Community Events & Private Functions.

From strong & simple to beautifully intricate designs, Khadija creates original artwork and striking designs using glitter, tattoos,henna and body paints.  All products used are hypoallergenic and are 100% safe to use on the body and face.

Natascha  is a seasoned Children's Facepainter, working her way quickly through many busy events with her fun, fast designs.

natasha natascha


act 346A- clown-Magic-balloons-Melbourne

Dan is a crazy loveable character who has his audience in stiches with his hilarious mix of humour, magic and balloons.
Dan loves to keep the audience involved throughout his crazy routine and is the ideal clown for all occasions. Whether it’s a private party, corporate function or just roving entertainment, Dan will keep a smile on everyone’s face.
Containing a unique blend of party games, juggling, magic, songs and balloon sculpting. You can let Dan know which of these ingredients you would like for your special event, or let Dan use his vast experience to come up with the right potion to leave your guests wanting more.





Act 349A- Comedy -Magic-Melbourne

Comedy, magic and music this show has the lot. A very engaging and funny performer who has no trouble winning over an audience. Hat manipulation, Juggling, Mime, Mask, Stilts, Unicycle, Puppetry, Physical Comedy, Improvisation, Magic, Plate Spinning, Traditional and Contemporary Clown. He is Australia's most loved contemporary clown. He is a multi-award winning comedian whose shows link the traditions of Vaudeville, Slapstick, Music hall and Clown. Described as 'Charlie Chaplin meets Jim Carrey', he is in great demand locally and internationally.

1 x 45-50min clown show very funny and different.

"Energetic, engaging, and extremely enthusiastic performances, which guarantee to be an absolute treat for any audience. Kids are both thrilled and amazed, while adults are thoroughly amused and entertained. He! is a performer for all ages and crowds. Excellent"

Ged Wood - Melbourne International Comedy Festival

"We are still reeling with laughter - you certainly invigorated a bunch of very tired investment bankers. We can't wait until the next opportunity!!"
Margaret Battisson - Credit Suisse First Boston



Great balloon twister.


Act 437B-Clown-Melbourne

This clown is sweet, charming and cheeky. She is a loveable trickster who can juggle, spin plates, make balloon animals, do magic and likes to dance as well. She brings light and laughter to events and is appreciated by children and adults alike

poppy poppy

Act 492A -Melbourne

Glenda's emphasis is PANTOMIME FUN - she loves magic, ballooning, face painting and ensures people of all ages have a great time.With over 25 years experience, Glenda is child friendly, fun, has a very welcoming manner and a witty sense of humour.Trained in arts and drama education, Glenda has worked around the globe - Australia, New Zealand and the United KingdomAudience engagement is a key focus for Glenda, who is conscientious of the group she is entertaining - be it a party, corporate event or roving entertainment. Glenda  can adapt to any situation - incorporating these key services:

30 minute interactive magic show

Ballooning, Party games, Roving clowning and interaction, Face painting

Special shows for Easter, Christmas and other tailored events requiring specific costumes!

Can be a clown or a fairy


crumpette-xmas-clown crumpette-the-clown


act 493A -Melbourne

Diana is an excellent face painter and clown. She has 2 other characters,a fairy or a witch and supplies colouring sheets for the children and can do Balloonology.

candy-can candy-can

Act 495A-Face-painter-Clown -Melbourne

Janis is an experienced Dancer, entertainer, singer and face painter. She will even conjuror up some balloon animals.

janice-godfrey janis-godfery

janis-godfrey janis-godfrey

Act 499AA-Magician-Melbourne

There is nothing up his sleeve, no mirrors or trapdoors, just a clever fellow who entertains, astounds and captivates audiences all over the world.


Face Painter 512D-Melbourne

Ruth is an excellent face painter and has WWC check.

rith-jamieson ruth-Jamieson

Act 500A-Magic-Melbourne

Matt is the quintessential "Jack Of All Trades" combining a style that is personable and engaging. Mat can perform as a strolling, close up, and childrens' party magician.

Specialising in entertaining children of all ages. Mat has a remarkable ability to comically ad lib in any situation. Every performance is unique and tailored to your individual needs.


Clown 566A-Tim-juggler-bubbles-Stilts and Balloons-Melbourne

Fire up your event with Tim The fire Breather. A talented performer who can juggle all kinds of impliments and eat fire, balloonology like you've never seen stilts and large bubbles etc. Plenty of child interaction. Tim Tim is an outstanding performer with plenty of laughs.

Tim's Bubbles involve blowing massive bubbles up to 10metres long, bubbles inside bubbles, putting his body parts inside bubbles.

TimTim does events of all types for kids and adults, separately and at the same time. His shows are an eclectic mix of comedy, magic, clowning, fire breathing, stilt walking, balloons of all sorts (even balloon sculptures), giant bubbles that take your breath away, juggling, balancing and more.  He loves to pass on his skills and has worked with kids and adults teaching them clowning and comedy in schools, adult education centres, corporate environments and remedial institutions. You’ll also find him as a clown in TV Commercials, as a Programmer at Festivals, a stand-up comedian in clubs and Superman at kids parties.


video kids show




childrens 592B-parties-Geelong-vic

The ultimate Kids Party includes:
Entertainment by Brooke (& assistant if more than 12 children)
PA/Bubble machine/Performances/Dress Up Box/Dance/Musical Instruments/Age appropriate Music/Face painting & Balloon Twisting. Photography is also available.
Age appropriate songs
2 hour structured party featuring performance/face painting/balloon twisting/bubble machine/dress up box/musical instrument jam with all children able to participate together with individual instruments and perform with microphones to their favorite songs!
Extra to hire children’s tables & chairs (seats 12), Table cloths & bunting decoration
Suitable from 1-9yrs



A group of experienced face painters that will have the children delighted by the variety.



Clown 667G-Balloons-Mime-Melbourne

The art of Balloon sculpture from flowers, poodles, swords, hats, custom designed balloon sculptures





Face-painter 690A-Melbourne

Anne is an accomplished face painter with many new designs.



Fab-Faces Fab-faces

fab-faces fab-faces

Clown 691A-Traralgon-Vic

A great looking and friendly clown that will entertain the children and adults with balloon sculptures and general clown antics. He also has a 30 min magic show.




Clown 692A-Melbourne

Entertaining the children with Balloonology, Tricks, face painting and magic.




Face Painter 696A-Wyndham-Geelong

Located between Melbourne and Geelong, in Wyndham Vale and is available for face painting at children's parties, festivals, sports days, promotions and almost any other event in and around either City. Of course, face painting is not just for kids and many adults enjoy being painted too!

I use only the very best quality, water-based theatrical makeup and cosmetic grade glitters. Being designed for use on the skin these are easily and gently removed with soap and water.

I carry Public Liability Insurance and hold a current Working with Children card.

taffy taffy


Elena L-Face and Body Painter-Melbourne

Elena specialises in Festivals and corporate events creating amazing face and body art, using only the highest quality paints.



elana-lieu-body-painter elan-lieu-face-painter


Ambah quickly produces beautifully detailed faces and body art that will add a magical touch to your special event.


ambah-body-painter ambah-face-painter ambah-face-painter

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