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Code-175FAB-roving percussion-Melbourne

From 4 piece to 30 piece this colourful and exciting band will liven up any event. A group of gad about percussionists, creating foot tapping, hip swiveling rhythms. A high energy cross cultural medley of percussion, circus skills and mayhem. Playing rhythms from around the globe even Rock 'n' Roll they create an atmosphere of excitement and celebration.They are totally mobile, making them free to rove amongst the audience, encouraging participation along the way.

The Roving Performance
They arrive in full flight, playing, jiving and drawing instant crowds. They will use anything as instruments: bicycles (their owners helmets), rubbish bins, prams, trucks, coffee cups and sculptures - whatever that makes a sound.Then there are circus tricks - the pram balance, shoe juggling, umbrella manipulation just to name a few.

code-175FABS-The Static Performance

A spectacular show, performed either in a circle or on stage, includes musical gymnastics, comedy, drumming solos, physical contortion, drumming 'duels', fire juggling and a human pyramid all involving the audience on mass.
The show is suitable for corporate functions, product launches and Festivals alike. 1 x 35 min set.



Code-333CP-Drum floorshow-Melbourne

This is the ultimate ensemble to add a unique flair to your next event, party, product launch, or conference. We can deliver a group of anywhere from one through to fifteen immensely talent drummers and percussionists to create a dynamic and entertaining show which will undoubtedly impress your clients and generate a presence unlike any other.
They will not only look good and establish funky, toe tapping grooves, but will develop complex, awe inspiring visuals and movements that will have your clients’ mouths agape
The stage show is designed to capture the attention everyone in the room and provide short, sharp, hard hitting entertainment. If you need a spot quickly filled, or need a massive opening or closing to your event, this is the way to do it. As the name implies, such a performance requires some kind of stage or defined performance area in order to ensure everyone present can see and marvel at the show.
These sorts of shows generally require a group of at least nine performers and should not exceed more than roughly 10-15min. While our group is visually exciting and groovy, there is only so much that one audience can handle! That said, with enough time to develop a show and enough scope with regards to budget, there is no reason that we cannot develop a specific, tailored performance of anywhere up to 2 hours.

Code-333CPM-Marching Band

Perfect  for smaller performance, longer shows, and dynamic audiences. Unlike a stage show where the drumline is intended to take over a room and hold the attention of an audience for a defined period of time, a smaller, roving group of our most groovy drummers designed to be highly portable and entertaining
This sort of performance is perfect for public events, or any situation where you have a crowd moving through an area over a longer period of time – this dynamic audience will mean there are always new people coming along to be entertained, and as soon as an individual has seen enough, they can move on. The drumline can also quickly and easily move to other areas and quickly create hot spots of activity before moving on.
This kind of performance has been used in the past at conference stands to draw attention to a specific stand, public outdoor performances such as at the RMIT World Week to entertain a dynamic audience over a period of roughly 3 hours, and to lead important guests into dinners such as at the OTEK Australia SRR Conference. Due to the small size of our Band, the whole drumline can also take on a specific theme to suit the needs of your event – latin drummers, traditional military drummers, hip hop drummers or any other type of theme you can envisage.


Code-44SFM-Marching band-Melbourne

A versatile and unique Roving 2-15 piece Marching Band with all the flair and skill to blow away your next event! Our team are all professional percussionists and horn players trained in Marching Band tricks and Choreography.

Our team can deliver all original music or play to existing backing tracks.
We specialise in adapting our team to the script of your event and have several Costuming options available.


melbourne show band

Code-334IP Marching band-Melbourne

This band is a unique concept in entertainment combining a high musical standard with theatrical routines, comedy, and precision marching. Very funny and great for any event. Suitable Corporate, Festivals.

As your guests mingle before a dinner, your employees wait before a conference or your family loiter at a barbecue the Band can rove through the crowd, involving everyone intimately in the performance. Imagine the thrill of having an entire marching band appear out of nowhere.
Roving shows are guaranteed to attract a crowd, and if you need to move people around a venue the Band are the ideal group to lead the way. Once everyone is arrived we can cap off the performance with a static, theatrical routine
The Band is incredibly flexible, and roving performances are a great way to entertain large, mingling crowd.

With roots stretching back to the dawn of the marching band, the Band is ideal for any type of street parade, be it a returned serviceman parade, a festival or a celebration. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, they will break into all kinds of mayhem while the Rear Admiral tries desperately to regain some form of order.
The Band has regularly performed in the Bendigo Easter Parade and has made appearances in the Melbourne Moomba parade, ANZAC Day and Melbourne Cup parades and in numerous other street parades around the country. With their colourful costumes and eccentricities.

Tattoos and arena

While they’re known for being a little naughty and unpredictable at times, the Band is a professional, polished ensemble. Anything can, and most likely will happen during a performance, and this theatrical, satirical take has been a welcome addition to tattoos and arena shows around the country. Their  performance at the 2003 Adelaide Police Tattoo was a roaring success.
Just when the audience is expecting to see another regimented, military marching band the Band will turn tradition to the wind and run amok. With their ever-so professional Rear Admiral at the helm the band regain focus and continue with their display.

Corporate and promotional
The Band is renowned for its work in the corporate entertainment industry. They have performed at Crown Casino, the Carlton Crest and Rydges hotels and at venues around Melbourne and are at home in small and large spaces alike.
The band is perfect for circus-themed events, with their Drum Major becoming a ringmaster who can move around the room ushering your guests from point A to point B. The band can make a grand entrance and form a guard of honour, or make a subtle entrance and appear out of nowhere.
Whether you’re hosting a social function or a conference, a board retreat or a morning tea, they can work with you to create a show that will leave everyone tapping their feet.




Code-342AY-marching band-Melbourne

The band is proud to hold the title of the premier youth marching and concert band in Melbourne and Victoria. The band performs at iconic Melbourne parades, popular regional festivals, major sporting events, marching band festivals, corporate functions as well as on overseas tours.


Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra-Melbourne

An ensemble of 25 professional and dedicated amateur musicians who perform an electric array of music for mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, classical guitars and double bass.


37B Big Band-Jazz-Melbourne

This 9-17 piece band typically finesses the big swingin sounds of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and other big cats of the swingin 40's. Band can be cut down for smaller functions.




Big Band- 109B- Latin-Melbourne

Combo is regarded as one of Australia's foremost Latin American Bands. This 8-15 piece band is well known for its tight brass arrangements, musical precicision and full percussion section that typifies Latin American music. Offering different styles such as merengue, Cha Cha, Mamabo and Cumbia, it is however most popular for specializing in Salsa.




showband 704AA-Sydney

A ten piece all singing, all dancing, party band from Sydney. With over a decade of experience performing in hotels and clubs, at functions, weddings, outdoor festivals and national television, we have developed into one of Australia's hardest working live acts, touring extensively across Australia, South-East Asia and the Pacific Region. the band can play anything from Rock, Pop and Soul to Big Band Swing and Rock ‘n Roll, from quiet dinner music before the party gets going, to fully costumed routines from the Village People, Blues Brothers, Rocky Horror and the Disco era. We can even play traditional music when required at weddings and other family functions. They are a fun party band with an emphasis on quality musicianship and classy arrangements. We have the professionalism and versatility to tailor our performance to suit any type of function.With the front line of Rob and Mikey performing lead vocals, and a brass section of trumpet, alto, tenor and trombone, the look of the band is all movement and action. Add the funky four piece rhythm section with Dave and Jono on backing vocals, they become not only a great musical outfit, but a light-hearted and spectacular show band. We want you to get involved, be entertained, have fun, and sing and dance.

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