POLYNESIAN Dancers Australia wide and MAORI Dance groups.

Hawaiian Dancers, Cook Island dancers, Samoan Dancers, Tahitian Dancers, Maori dancers, Hula Dancers-Melbourne-Sydney-Perth-Queensland

Look through the list write down code of performer interested in.Check they are in your State. Click Contact above to fill out form for performer to send back a quote.

NOTE: For all live show need minimum 3 females 2 males 4 drummers approx 30min show approx $750-1800.


An all-female team at present consisting of 7 performing artists
An exciting and breathtaking journey from Hawaii to Tahiti.  On The Pathway to Tahiti follow hips that sway and roll from the sands of Waikiki, journeying through the pacific, to the pulsating drums of Tahiti. "Ke Ala O kahiki" features hula hands and implements, Tahitian tamure, and audience participation with the option of adding traditional and contemporary dances from the Maori, Samoan, and Rarotongan Islands. 
We engage our audiences with an audience participation segment in each show. 
Fire dancer-We have an incredible fire dancer that captivates the audience with a Maori (NZ) performance, calling on her kupu (gods) to hear the voice of the tangata whenua (people). It is a routine that summons forgotten emotion and evokes a feeling of unity and connection with the land and the elements. Island beats and Maori poi fused with the sounds of fire!
 HULA WORKSHOPS- These 15-60 minute workshops give you the option of learning one or a combination of Polynesian styles. Acquire basic hula movements and choreography as you learn to sway your hips like the Hawaiians, shake like the Tahitians, or experience the swing of poi to the enchanting harmony of Maori music. These lessons can be tailored to suit any event, corporate, adult/kids birthdays, hen's night, community events, festivals and more.
Playing the ukulele and singing the songs of her islands since she was 10 years old.  A native Hawaiian, she sings a wide assortment of Hawaiian songs from popular hapa haole tunes to traditional Hawaiian music.
This is a great way to welcome your guests upon arrival and help set the tone for your event. 
Start your function in the traditional way with greetings of Aloha. Our performers will welcome your guests with a lei and pose for pictures in full costume. 
What Islands do you cover
-Hawaii & Tahiti 
-Solo Performances from Samoa, Aotearoa and Rarotonga
-Maori Fire Poi.




Code-71ADM-Cook Island Dance-drums-Melbourne

The purpose of the team is to expose the Polynesian culture throughout the Victorian region. We perform live music with drums, strings and singing. We can cater for virtually any occassion.The team shows different Polynesian cultures such as Cook Islands, Hawaiian, Tahitian & Samoan as part of our performance. The team consists of 6 dancers and 8 musicians or cd backing. From the sounds of the drums,string bands,live hula dance,music voice from the team members.We offer outstanding entertaining and services with high quality dancers and band musicians.
Live only no CD backing.

71ADM-Cook-island-dancers 71ADM-Melbourne island dancers

71ADM-Cook -island-drummers

Code-79AEP-Polynesian mix-Sydney

A group of traditional Cook island dancers and Drummers or CD backing
The indigenous Cook Island Maori are closely related ethnically to Tahiti, Hawaiian group and New Zealand Maori people.
They can tailor a performance to your needs. Some options and styles of performances available are outlined below.
A traditional welcoming speech
This speech comes in the form of a traditional war dance chants (speech) and involves one person only.
Drum dance
Available as boys only, girls only, or a combination of both.
Action Songs
Available as boys only, girls only, or a combination of both.
New Zealand Maori show
Available as boys only, girls only, or a combination of both.
Haka and Poi (boys and girls).
Samoan show
Siva, Slap dance (boys and girls) and spectacular Fire dance(boys only)
Hawaiian Dancers


Code-80ATI-Polynesian Mix-Sydney

Get mesmerized while you sit back, relax and absorb all the positive tropical energy from this professional group. They aim to ensure that each event they perform at leaves a lasting positive impression not only with our audiences but as well as the organizers. Watch them dance to various songs and drum beats  wearing a variety of unique colorful traditional costumes which can transport you to paradise on earth.
We bring you dance styles from the some of the islands in the South Pacific's presented to you in infinitely adaptable formats.
This can include performances from:
1) Cook Island tamure (upbeat drum dance) and action songs
2) Hawaiian hula and hula kaiko
3) New Zealand poi, karanga and haka
4) Tahitian ori (fast hip swinging)
5) Samoa siva and slap dancing 
6) Other unique items as bellow: 
A. Audience participation
 B. Asian inspired Polynesian umbrella/fan performance
 C. African inspired Polynesian jungle dance
 D. Male comedy item (drag show)
 E. Fire performance


80Ati 80ATI


Code-81AHV-polynesian show-QLD

Invigorating your senses and reviving your spirit, with our soul awakening vibrant new Polynesian Show Spectacular, thats captivating audiences.
Using traditional music and dance to enhance Pacific cultural identity within our dancers and audiences abroad, by incorporating live drums and fire dancing into our Spectacular show performance.
As cultural ambassadors of the Pacific Nations, we aim to deliver excellence in the Performing Arts & Entertainment Industries, fusing traditional practices with WOW Factor routines.
Our versatile shows embrace quality high impact multicultural performances, ranging across 8 different Polynesian cultures, including Hawaiian, Cook Island, Fijian, Niuean, Tahitian, Aotearoa NZ, Samoan and Tongan. We tailor our show to fit the occasion and breathe life into your event with an unforgettable breathtaking and thrilling experience.satile shows embrace quality high impact multicultural performances, ranging across 8 different Polynesian cultures, including Hawaiian, Cook Island, Fijian, Niuean, Tahitian, Aotearoa NZ, Samoan and Tongan. We tailor our show to fit the occasion and breathe life into your event with an unforgettable breathtaking and thrilling experience.


can add workshops for Schools

School workshops
For work shops:
We can do all these Islands as work shops, as well 
1) AOTEAROA NZ we will teach - HAKA, POI, ACTION SONG.
2) SAMOA we will teach the SASA, SLAP, MAULUULU
3) COOK ISLAND - URA URA for Warriors & PRINCESS - how tow swing their hips, smile and move their hand gracefully to the beat.
4) TONGA - KAILAO for the Warriors who would like to learn
and for the Princesses they will learn the taupou dance, very graceful dance.
5) FIJI - Warriors can learn the Fijian Meke and Action Song  for the Princesses
6) HAWAII - Warriors &Princesses can learn the KAHIKO
7) TAHITI -  Princesses can learn the different movement of hips in Tahiti
Warriors who would like to learn also they will learn a Tahitian Ura as well.
Everything we'll teach will be from beginners level, full or encouragement and excitement, we will break down the reasons why each culture is so unique from the other with their own beauty and different style of dance.
Depending on which workshop they would like to join, each workshop can go for 10-15 minutes each, and we can rotate.




Code-85NM-Maori dancers-Melbourne

Show consists of Maori welcome, action songs, pois, haka and weapon demonstration.
Maori performing Arts Group aimed at embracing Maori culture, history and language for New Zealand descendents living in Melbourne Australia.
  Our objective is to provide a platform for Maori through song and dance, to promote our rich culture by maintaining our cultural heritage, customs and traditions. A performance encompasses many styles of music and movement and it covers many emotions. Through the various performances an individual will gain the skills and knowledge in using our taonga (treasures) such as Mau-Rakau, Patu, Poi and New Zealand’s native fern. A performer will also gain stage experience in preparation for competitions.
Two styles of dress codes are required when attending official functions. These include a uniform for formal occasions and a traditional costume for performances.

maori dancers-melbourne maori singers-melbourne


Code-110RF- Dancers-Mixed polynesian-Qld

Tahitian, Cook Island, Samoa, Hawaiian and New Zealand, accompanied by drummers and Guitarists

Male fire Dancer available as optional extra


110Rf 110RF-polynesian-band


Code-114SO-Polynesian Mix-NSW

Samoan, Cook Island, Tahitian and Hawiian Dance styles.

Fire Dancer available.

114OS-Polynesian-dancers 114SO-Hula-dancers

114SO-Cook island=dancers

code 123PK-Cook Island-dancers-Townsville-Qld

A comemoration of Cook Islands Culture, an expression of a matchless lifestyle. Experience a fascinating mix of Polynesian inheritance through genuine chants, songs, legends,  and lively drums.
 Cook Islands Culture is an existing talent passed down from generation to generation, kept and developed from a young age. The combination of music and rhythm performances are eternal, as they rouse memories of our history and Culture therefore present motivation for the future. Get ready to be enthralled.
Be delighted by the dancers of the Cook Islands Cultural Dance Group.
The energectic dancers move to the slow and fast beats of the log drums.
 Actions and movements of the body intertwine with the pace of the drums, forever changing, never ceasing.
Drums, instruments and costumes are all made from natural plants and shells, these being customary items in the Cook Islands Culture.The Group shows the diversity of Cook Islands culture, celebrating a culture inherited from our ancestors.


123PK 123PK

Code-131TF-Cook Island Dancers-Cairns-Qld

Cook Island Polynesian dancers Cairns area.

Fire knife dancer available as well.

131TF 131TF


code-137HE-polynesian Mix-QLD

Up to 30min. High Energy Colourful Polynesian Show to include multiple dances from the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti/Cook Islands, Samoa, NZ to include Fire (optional) and audience participation. 

Dependant on length of show can include some of below.
Conch Shell Welcome
The conch welcomes you to the beautiful  Pacific islands.
Tahitian Welcome Dance (Traditional)
The exciting Drumbeats of Tahiti move the dancers in an energetic, lively welcome to  the islands. Includes fun boys dance, exotic solo dancers and Cook Island dances.
Hawaiian Hula Dance
Enjoy the grace and beauty of the of the  Hula. Includes the Hawaiian implement  medley. Audience members can also learn to Hula dance.
Samoan Siva Show
Our dancers show their grace with the  movement of the arms and hands.  Traditional samoan dances include the Taualuga, Sasa and Ma’ulu’ulu.
Maori Dance Show - Poi & Haka
Enjoy the songs and dances of New  Zealand, featuring the graceful poi  dances and the haka by our fierce warriors.
Polynesian Finale: 
The floorshow finale will be an extravaganza featuring dancers from all of the Pacific Islands
*Extra Services (included)
*Audience participation
*Polynesian Photos with dancers
*Samoan Fire Dancer if venue permits




Code-144TV-Polynesian Mix-NSW

We perform music from the cook island of Rartonga, Aitutaki, Mangaia and Manihiki and these island have a different distinct style and tradition. Performing a vibrant and energetic performance that takes the audiences to the Polynesia and around the cook island. The performance can be based on welcoming chants, haka, warriors dance, single female solo, action song dance and so forth.

144TV-Tahitian-dancers 144TV-Polynesian-dancers

144TV-4 144TV-5-cook -island dancers

Code-163HM-polynesian show-WA

The performance group showcases the best in Polynesian Culture and performing arts by taking you on a journey throughout Polynesia here in Australia. They perform dance items from Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, New Zealand & Tahiti. Let us take you to the friendly shores of the Polynesian Islands with drum dances and action songs to showcase the extravagant cultures. We perform at community events, themed nights, award nights, corporate, festivals, wedding celebrations, birthdays, engagements etc. We can also provide a master of ceremonies to you event. We also cater a Polynesian Cuisine to feed your guest with traditional Island food!
Floorshow: 5 x Percussion Log Drummers / 3 x Musicians 6 x Hula Dancers (3 male / 3 female)
Band: We cover songs from Polynesia, Contemporary, 80’s, 90’s & Today’s best music! All sound equipment can be provided by us,at extra cost.

Client needs to supply sound system to connect to laptop or ipad

163HM-Perth Hula dancers163HM-Hula Dancers

163HM-Polynesian Dancers

Code-164CI-Cook Island Dancers-WA

Mainly Cook Island style full live show.
We have 9 female  6 male  dancers, 5drummers
We the Cook Islands grp in WA do traditional dance passed down to us from our ancestors. Dancers move their bodies to express the stories of the islands, accompanied by singing and drumming. 
Our dancers tell stories while dancing to the beat of the drums and the songs, watch the hands, hips and legs different gestures symbolise different meanings. 

164CI-Polynesian-dancers-perth 164CI-Perth Cook-Island-dancers


A very professional and large group of maori performers from NSW

maori group- NSW maori-haka-nsw




Perth Maori Cultural group promoting Maori culture.

The group can also cater for groups wanting a Hangi






Code-312IR-Polynesian Mix-Melbourne

Large group of Cook Island, Tahitian Dancers and musicians for Melbourne event hire.

cook island dancers cook-island-dancers



She has been performing Polynesian dancing since she was 5years old; owned her first grass skirt as soon as she could walk and one of her earliest memories is of her mama singing to her while swaying to the sounds of the waves of the Pacific.
She is also able to run Polynesian dance workshops. Where you will learn basic hula moves through to a routine. This can run from 15-40mins.
Childrens show: Can also produce childrens show – learning Polynesian song and dance with hand actions for children. Fire dance included if venue has permitted. 1-2 females.

313FK-dancer 313FK-fire-dancer

313FK-Poly 3 313FK-4

Code-214GG-Hawaiian Band-Sydney

The Hawaiians is a unique band playing old time Hawaiian music. Chill out to old time island music for the modern age with the exotic sound of steel guitar, ukulele and sweet harmonies
With Ukulele and Hawaiian Guitar,The Hawaiians brings the feeling of the golden age of Hawaiian entertainment back to the present.
Enjoy exotic renditions of classic songs such as "Blue Hawaii", "On the Beach at Waikiki", "Hawaiian Wedding Song", "Sleepwalk", "La Rosita", "Ukulele Lady", "Sweet Leilani", "Beyond the Reef" "Hawaiian War Chant" and "Aloha Oe".
The Hawaiias don't stop there, with a big repertoire of jazz tunes from the same era, all played with an individual sound. Perfect for a laid back evening but quite ready to swing . a truly "Retro" experience.
The Hawaiian plays Hawaiian music from the invention of the ukulele and steel guitar. Hawaiian language and Hapa Haole (half white) music presented as a string band with voice, guitar, ukulele, steel guitar and bass.

Song List





A traditional Samoan dance group formed in 2014 in Melbourne by three sisters who are passionate in Polynesian Arts. They empowers young woman to take pride in being Samoan and showcasing the beauty of our culture through dance. Samoan dance is graceful, it's the art of Story telling and passing on our history in poetic movements that is mesmerising. 
Their  Moto “WE DANCE TO REMEMBER” to remember those before us, our ancestors, history, our culture and to also celebrate diversity, as we are forever changing we shall always embrace our pass in order to be greater moving forward.
They also run  dance classes and workshops. 

samoan-dancers-Melbourne Melbourne Samoan dancers

Code-444TT-Cook Island- Melbourne

A group of Cook Island dancers and singers.
We perform the Cook Islands style which is similar to the Tahitian hula or " tamure " as known to others.
The main core business of the group is performing and providing entertainment to functions such as birthdays, wedding, corporate functions and other such like events.
Apart from entertainment we also like to promote this part of our culture by participating in local events or festivals hosted by the Council.

cook-island-973 cook=island-dancers-973

te-tin-av te-tin

Code-458HN-polynesian dancers-NSW

An all female professional Polynesian dance troupe based in Sydney Australia that caters to any type of function.  Available styles include both Traditional and Contemporary Polynesian dance.
If you’re looking for hula girls, want to spice up your luau or tiki themed party, or would just love to have some island beauties to greet your guests, this is the one-stop hula shop.


Hula-dancers-NSW Tahitian-dancers-NSW


Code548MP-Polynesian mix-NSW

We provide quality Polynesian Entertainment and are capable of doing several Polynesian cultures such as Cook Island, Tahitian, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan and NZ Maori.
The Group have taken a turn to revamp and spice things up for the Cook Island Culture mainly for the purposes of entertainment and staying unique however they also favour the traditional side of the Cook Island Culture as well. Surrounded by a modern westernised society, their choreography has been highly influenced by things that happen today with Jasmine and Raven integrating other styles of dance such as contemporary, rnb, hiphop, ballet and salsa. They have also incorporated drum line, hiphop and rnb beats into their Cook Island and Tahitian drum beats. Live drummers, female and male dancers as well as fire dancers, they will be able to take you back to the South Pacific Islands providing you with a quality performance full of passion and pride.

polynesian-dancers cook-island-dancers

Code-566FS-polynesian Dancers-musicians-NSW

The group are base in the Canterbury Bankstown area n  7 drummers n musos , 2wardrobe ladies,4 girls n 5 boys dancers . What we can provide is  mostly polynesian dance  Cook Island, French Polynesian, Hawiian, NZ MaoriI and also string band playing to the sound of the ukulele (KAMAKA).

566FS-polynesian-musicians Exotic-polynesian -dancers.

Code-602KF-Cook Island Dancers –Melbourne

A vibrant performance takes audiences on a journey around the Cook Islands through dances such as the Greeting Dance , Love dance (Duet), Farewell Dance and traditional warrior chants.   All is performed by exceptional dancers including Sydney and Melbourne's international Cook islands senior champion dancer and we also have children ages 2 years old to 12 years old that we take to family functions only  and they are promised to entertain ! Although most of their performance is based on music of the Cook Islands, they have also added contemporary with a modern twist. The dancers will captivate audiences with their songs and dances and magnetic atmosphere and is guaranteed to entertain . 

cook island dancers -Melbourne

Code-607EU-Cook Islands-variety-NSW

Traditional Cook Islands Dancers, also performing dances from Hawaii, Tahiti and others.



Code-607EUB-Polynesian Band-NSW

Polynesian Duo or Trio singing your favourite polynesian songs and some cover music.

great for those wedding ceremonies or cocktail hour.

Polynesian-band-NSW Polynesian-singer-NSW

Code-620TT-Samoan Dancers-Melbourne

Traditional Samoan dancers for private functions.
They  are a group of Men linked through their Traditional Samoan Tatau(tattoos) with a passion for Samoan and Pacific Dance. 
They will captivate any type of audience young and old with their High Energy and Fast paced movements. 

Also have a fire dancer

samoan dancers-melbourne

samoan warriors for hire

Code 677FF-Fijian Dancers-NSW

Traditional Fijian male troupe.



Code 677MF-Polynesian Dancers-NSW

The group are a cultural school. All students from showgroup are currently taught by tutors from 6 different island cultures, which are Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Hawaiian, Maori and Tongan. So we can provide items/shows from all of the above.

The group are a cultural school. All students from showgroup are currently taught by tutors from 6 different island cultures, which are Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Hawaiian, Maori and Tongan.

NSW-polynesian fire dancer.

Code 678TA-Maori-Qld

Maori Kapa haka group available for functions in Queensland.
Poi, Haka, Waiata, waiata-a-ring Up to 10-15 performers.


Code 689NU-maori group-NSW

We are a Māori performing arts group who maintain traditional Māori song, dance and Haka.
Our team are based in Merrylands NSW
Our aim is to share our dance with communities of the world to build understanding and respect for culture so one day our differences are celebrated not feared and we become firm in our oneness. 

Our aim is to share our dance with communities of the world to build understanding and respect for culture so one day our differences are celebrated not feared and we become firm in our oneness. 

Maori haka performers for private functions in NSW.

Code 708NT-Maori group-Qld

 In October 2016 A group of Kuia and Karoua (Elders: Ladies and Gentlemen) who sang in church decided to hold social gatherings including holiday cruises and to practice singing english and maori songs.      
They had so much fun the performing group was born. To be eligible for the group you must be 40 years of age and over, know how to laugh have fun, sing with passion and conviction, and the rest will come.    
The majority of our group are community elders and cultural advisers who demonstrate leadership to all.
We are excited by up and coming shows and strive to improve each performance

The majority of our group are community elders and cultural advisers who demonstrate leadership to all.

code 755IP-Mixed Polynesian-NSW

 They are a  group of diverse individuals specialising in sharing our passion for our culture through the beat of our drums and our dance. We aim to bring a fun mix of traditional and contemporary style to our performances as well as maintaining the cultural style of dance. We provide a variety of cultural performance such as Cook Island, Tahitian, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan and NZ Maori. Infused with Live drumming and a Cook Island string band we tailor our performances to fit your very occasion. Whether it be with girls, boys, drummers or even fire dancers, they’ll be able to bring paradise to your dance floor.

samoan dancers-Sydney tahitian dancers-Sydney

cook island warrior dancers-Sydney cook island hula dancers Sydney

Code-756AU-Maori performers-Qld

Traditional Maori Performing Cultural group from logan area qld.

Great costumes and very professional performance.



traditional Qld Maori performers. Maori horn blower for welcome

traditional male Maori Warriors for hire in Queensland.

Code-782KO-Cook Island Dancers-Melbourne

Hear the unprecendented rhythmic drum beats of the Cook Islands. Hear the traditional chants of our warriors and welcoming smiles from our Polynesian girls.
We present the our Dance Performers to share our history and traditions through our songs, eccentric costumes and hula dancing while moving to the provocative beat of the drums.
All our acts will leave you captivated and mesmerized from beginning to end. This is a must-see experience for all age groups.

We have performed at various Council Festivals each year: Hume Council, Whittlesea Council, Banyule Council to name a few and various other council events.We are sought after by councils in Melbourne. We perform for various audiences and functions from children events to adults events, wedding, birthdays and many other special functions

melbourne cook-island-dancers Melbourne-cook-island-musicians

Male cook island-dancers-Melbourne

code 786NMP-Maori Cultural dancers-Melbourne

Traditional Melbourne Maori Cultural group. Large group suitable for all occasions


poly 1034-polynesian mix- Gold Coast-Qld

We do multi cultural performance e.g. ranges from Maori, samoan, Cook Island, Tahitian, Fijian, Tongan and Hawaiian we are a live musicians and also CD/Backing Tracks.

video dancers

Video -singers



hav-poly-aik3 hav-poly-aik 4


poly 95A-Poly Mix-Sydney

A diverse Polynesian group covering all the Islands traditional dancers including Maori, Hawaiian, Cook Island, Tahitian.

A cultural experience of entertainment which brings to you the exotic variety of dancers and cultures from the exciting and romantic South Pacific. From Tahiti, the sound of drum beats which brings the vibrant energy of Hula girls. From Hawaii, Aloha the enchanted legend lives on with their music and dance. From Aotearoa New Zealand, the warriors perform the famous Maori Haka and the graceful girls perform their Poi dance. From Kia Oranal - The Cook Islands are energetic male dancers and exciting music and From Samoa, the amazing, breath taking fire dance, which captivates and delights the audience.

view video

poly 167A -Cook Islands-Melbourne

Polynesian Dancers and Drummers from Cook Islands, Hawaii

Pacific Island dancers will perform at your function with groups of 5, 7, 10 or larger.

Dances and singing from the Cook Islands and Haiwaii, or as a drumming group.

fire dancers also available for 3-5min show.


poly 168A -cook Islands-Melbourne

This group will bring the sounds of the Cook Islands to Melbourne. With beautiful hula dancers, drums and island rhythms, you'll drift off to the sunny beaches of the Pacific.

poly 171A-polynesian mix-Qld

cover Cook Island, hawaiian, and Tahitian. Can have drummers, ukele and bass also Fire Dancers optional.

poly 171AA-polynesian Band-Qld

This group also have a Polynesian band with drums, guitars and Ukelels.


polynesian-fire-dancer Polynesian dancer


poly 174A-Polynesian mix-NSW

A powerful dance force of proud women from the Pacific!

They  perform Tahitian, Hawaiian, Cook Island and Tongan dance!

Available to entertain at parties, weddings, festivals, launches, birthdays and any event where you want beautiful and exotic entertainment!

They also share their knowledge and skills in private dance lessons and group workshops.

poly 175A- Hawaiian-Qld

Spell binding cast of men and woman of the South pacific, live music, traditional dances, all choreographed. Pretty tanned hula girls in grass skirts and coconut bras, long dark hair adorned in ornate head of crowns of feathers and shells. Vegas style but authentically polynesian. Polynesian men in short lavas and traditional grass trim.

Fire and knife dancers or an Elvis can be added for your special occasion.



poly 176A- hawaiian -Qld

Tahitian and Hawaiian dance group.




poly 201A-Maori Group-Brisbane

The group are Brisbane based cultural group, suitable for weddings, festivals, and culural events. From 5-20 performers .

Poly 706A-Samoan-NSW

A Traditional Samoan performing group.

A Samoan Band can be an optional extra playing traditional and english covers.

samoan-dancers samoan-dancers samoan-dancers-kathy samoan-dancers-kathy

Payment Options: