Roving Musicians for Festivals, Children's events , Meet and Greet functions.

Look through the list write down number of performer interested in. Check they are in your state. Click Contact above to fill out form for performer to send back a quote. The Agency does not set performers fees. Put number of performer wanted in other Info. Be realistic with budget most charge between minimum $250-350 per performer for 1 hr (includes booking fee) dependant on time (more hours extra) and travel.

Code 1ARS-Mariachi-Melbourne

It’s Fiesta time when the Mariachi play their music. ‘i vamos a divertirnos’ it’s time to dance and have fun. They will bring you the best of Spanish music and Culture to your event.


Code 1BRS-Roman-Italian-Melbourne

A traditional roaming style group with an extensive choice of costumes ranging from Centurions to Emperors to Slave and embarks on a musical journey of classic Italian tunes and familiar melodies. This outfit is indisputably Australia’s most authentic and unique group in today’s market place, offering a colourful and sophisticated ambience to your event without becoming intrusive at any time. Their appearance is testament to their authenticity and adds the perfect touch to a classic dinner party, cocktail event or music festival.


Code 1ERS-Rock n Roll-Melbourne

Hey Daddy-O! The chicks are jumping, and the cats are cruising and your feet are twitching. Decked out to the max, they  take you on a musical journey down memory lane  from Memphis to LA.



Code 1CRS-Trad jazz-Melbourne

Enjoy the Dixie ride from New York to New Orleans. Dixieland, Swing or Jive, you will want to click your fingers and sings along.



Code 1DRS-Xmas-Melbourne

Whether it’s Christmas or a Christmas in July celebration, Santa and his elves will bring happiness and cheer to your event with happy Christmas songs and Carols from around the world.
It is not a Merry Christmas without Merry Melodies


Code 1FRS-polynesian-Melbourne

It is time light up the fire and get the party going. Or may be spread some love Hawaiian style.  ‘Aloha with love’ bring you the romantic music of the Hawaii and the rhythmic waves of Polynesia right to your door step. No matter if a Duo or Trio you will be amazed by the costumes and the island friendliness.



Code 1GRS-Venice-masquerade-Melbourne

Let us serenade you on the Canal Grande and take to your favourite musical destination, with an amazing selection of classics favourites. The romantic Gondoliers will serenade you like a Gondola on the waves of Venice’s canals, reminiscent of beautiful Venice nights and Venice’s Carnevale.

With or without masks


Code-1RSE-Roving Italian-Melbourne

From the hot sun of southern Italy, through to the busy streets of New York’ little Italy, now have arrived in Australia.
The sound of Italy’s beautiful, romantic and exiting songs are here.
Make them an offer they can’t refuse. You will be pleasantly surprised!
The group bring the best of Italian traditional music to Australia. The music that you have only heard in movies is now here for everyone to enjoy, live and unplugged.




The group bring the best of Italian traditional music to Australia. The music that you have only heard in movies is now here for everyone to enjoy, live and unplugged

Code 1HRS-French-Melbourne

Vive la France, vive la belle vie, au d’oeuvres, croissant.
Taste the flavour of France, the inspiration of Paris or a romantic walk through the gardens of Versailles.  Alternative instruments combinations are feasible to complement the finest atmosphere like the finest champagne.



Code-1RSG-Oompah roving-Melbourne

German/Austrian/Tyrolese music for those Bavarian or Alpine theme events, such as Oktoberfest.
‘Exciting, toe tapping happy Music’ for the whole family to enjoy.No Vocals.



Let us cook up a musical menu that you ‘no doubt’ will enjoy.
Our worldwide menu will transport you to exotic places, tantalise your artistic palate and expand your musical appetite.
They can play jazz-dixieland,  however the style of music can adapt to the type of Event..
Italian food event = Italian Music, French food and wine festival  = French Music and so on..
The opportunities are limitless.


Code 1RSOZ-Aussie Themed Roving-Melbourne

Onya mate! Come on mate, let’s fire up the barby. We’ll provide the entertainment and you bring the beer.
The entertainment of choice, for your next barby or pool fan party.
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!


Code 1RSJ-Jockeys-roving musicians-Melbourne

Blinkers are off.
The bagmen are collecting the wagers and checking the odds.
The Boys have their silks on and are lined up at the barrier ready to commence the entertainment at today’s race meeting. 
From the birdcage to the member’s room, the entertainment will be flowing and the heart beat will be racing.  It’s Race Day!


Code-1RSV-Village People-Melbourne

The 80s are back. Cassette types, walkman and VCR are back
Aw yea! The  People are back to entertain and interact with you
through those fabulous songs of the Generation ‘Y’ era.
Y.M.C.A., Macho Man, In the Navy, Can’t stop the music. Wow the list goes on.


Code 39ASG-Italian Accordion-Melbourne

Roving Italian-Spanish Accordion Player.

Calabria-Campania region.


Code 43ACW-Country-Rock a billy-Castlemaine-Vic

The Band play a wide variety of music - bluegrass, folk, country, rock n roll, bootscootin’ and jazz. We use a range of instruments, the singing is shared and four part harmonies are a feature.
They are based in Castlemaine and have been performing in Central Victoria for more than 20 years and feel its now time to expand our horizons, with our CD, biography and repertoire you will hear we cover a variety of music. For Rock n Roll performances we complement the band with the addition of a saxophone for an authentic sound.
Collectively with more than 100 years in the music industry they can adapt from the smallest venue where only acoustic music is required to large outdoor festivals .We also provide a special service for wedding couples, the band will learn and perform their requested songs acoustically during the ceremony whatever the venue. The client will have to provide us with the requested songs 10 weeks prior to the wedding, as time is needed to learn the material.
Song List


Code 52AND-accordion-French-Italian-Melbourne

An accomplished accordion and sax player covering mainly Italian, and French. He regularly appears as main musician with The Wiggles.



A superb roving musical entertainer. His repertoire is huge taking any requests and singing in 15 languages. His accordion is perfect for roving as the sound floats into the distance. He has a great ability to make people laugh, dance and sing along and create general merriment. With European ballads and popular, Phil specialises in French and Italian music.  Can sing some vocals in Italian and French but majority music only.
View play list Italian

view playlist-German




60APC-French-Italian-accordionist 60PCGS-solo-german


Code-60PCY-Middle Eastern-Melbourne

An exciting six piece band from Melbourne, that brings the traditional music and dance of the Middle East to life with their own East meets West flavour. A spicy mix of quarter tone accordian, oud, ney, percussion, violin and mesmerising dance.
They can perform on the concert stage or as an acoustic roving show weaving through the crowd.
Featuring Music the Egyptian styles of Shaabi (folk), Baladi (urban folk) and Sharqi (classical) as well as music of Persia, Turkey, North Africa ,Tribal and Trance.

middle-eastern-Band -dancers


Playing your favourite German Pieces. no Vocals



60XPC- Roving Xmas Musicians-Melbourne

The Gypsy Musician serandes with carols, jazz, gypsy music and the best multicultural flavors

Also see our Xmas page

Code-60PCR-roving Jockey Musicians-Melbourne

Fun-filled roving trombone,  accordion and drums  - loud and groovy.
Performed shopping centres, functions, races etc.



Playing French, Italian, Klezmer, Gypsy, Jazz and Tango’s on his accordion, roaming entertainer he will bring an authentic European atmosphere full of colour and life to any event or celebration.
As a multi-instrumentalist, performer and composer. He co-founded Blue Grassy Knoll, a group that performs original soundtracks to Buster Keaton films. They have toured everywhere from a New York Broadway season to Brazil, and received numerous five star reviews in Edinburgh. He has just returned from a North American and European tour with the Spaghetti Western Orchestra and recently has also been playing cello with ARIA award winning vocalist Missy Higgins, double bass with Edinburgh favourites Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen and recording and performing with Children’s Rock Band The Mighty Buzzniks. He composes for Nuevo-Tango ensemble Bellocq and plays accordion in the club scene with Electro-Tango band Tangazo. He works regularly with Irish Cabaret singer Camille O'Sullivan and Russian criminal band Vulgagrad and has been the resident musician for the Edinburgh and Melbourne seasons of the Famous Spiegeltents internationally acclaimed show La Clique. He has played on the recordings of many of Australia's leading musicians and continues to perform and write music for dance and theatre productions.
Song list

MP 3 attached


Code 134RWB-German band-NSW

Clarinet, Accordion and Bass Trio with Repertoire in excess of 100 songs including Ein Prosit, The Chicken Dance, Blue Danube Waltz, Clarinet Polka, Beer Barrel Polka and many more.
Having played together for many years across many different genres including Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classical this one of a kind trio have turned their attention to a once a year market vacuum they have identified.
Each musician an experienced world traveller, now they provide excellent music to fit the positive German Gemütlichkeit (mood) during this year’s celebrations! Expect good cheer and merriment from these costumed fellows whilst bashing out many a happy tune! Dancing always happens along with their special rendition of ‘Ein Prosit,’ as in Munich, everytime this music starts everyone is expected to stand up, sing and take a drink!
Available as larger ensemble upon request.
Roving group no vocals


134RWB-german band

code 135PW-German-Italian-French-NSW

Having  grown up in Switzerland and fluent in German, he will make you feel like you are in munich itself. He can perform solo in Restaurants or Octoberfest events or with full band with dancers and singers.
He has his two longest running residencies in Itailan restaurants. Cafe Goia and the Italian Forum have had their Spaghetti served with Philippe's accordion music for the last five years
He is a specialist for playing French cafe music. His music evokes the repertoire of the Bal Mussette orchestras. The heart of his repertoire is the romantic gypsy influenced valse-mussette or swing waltz.
Solo-Duo or trio



135PWG-acccordion 135PWG-german band



Together in the spirit of wandering minstrels, the show consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other gags, accompanied by violin and piano accordion delightfully synchronised improvisations. These three cheeky bards will woo you with their charm and captivate you with their unique spontaneity, as they use their considerable talents to weave a brillant dialogue of comic wit. Great for shopping centres and festivals. Roving or stage show.


Code-European 135PWE -NSW

The group is a collective of musicians, who draw on a wealth of different musical genres. From French to Italian , from Tangos to Hungarian Csardases , they serve up a musical feast.
World music lovers from all cultural backgrounds will be inspired and impressed.

roving European style musicians. Nsw


A professional band that performs as a trio, four or five piece group. The number of players is usually determined by the size of the venue, number of guests and budget.
The band play mainly swing style but can play some Latin rhythms, a waltz and rhythm and blues. The band has a good vocal repertoire.
They can play at a pleasant conversational level, for background music, cocktail parties or pre dinner.
Line up: trumpet, saxophone, guitar and double bass. Drums are added for a five piece.
Dress Options:
1. Dinner Suits (Black Tie)
2. Lounge Suits
3. Coloured Shirts / Black Trousers and shoes and a long colourful tie
4. Smart Casual
Can rove or be stationery. Singer optional extra

sample play list


Code  151DE-Accordion-Melbourne

Having  played piano accordion professionally for more than twenty years. performing in a wide variety of styles including jazz, folk, rock, zydeco, bush, old time singalong,cabaret, klezmer, gypsy and world. He has toured North America, Europe, Asia and the UK many times playing music. Recently he’s been playing with Dan Warner, Barb Waters and the Mothers of Pearl, Spielazoi, Ced Le Meledo’s Bric-a-Brac, Miss Josephines Cabaret, Stella and the Night Sky, Kazband, and performing a live score in Europe, Asia and the US for that classic old Australian silent film “The Sentimental Bloke” with Jen Anderson and Dan Warner.


Code-159GB-Mexican-Mariachi -roving-Melbourne

Traditional  Mariacchi Band. Roving or stationery.Their colourful costumes coupled with their music, singing and original presentation, will suit all requirements for that special indoor or outdoors function. The music required could be Mariachi, Mexican or other Latin American styles for weddings, parties, corporate functions or festivals. This Trio, in their professional and jovial manner, will delight your guests, patrons, customers and friends.
Roving Band no sound system

159GB-mariacchio band

Code-169SF-latin American mexican band-Melbourne

The Band create a vibrant atmosphere at events with their dynamic performances of Latin American music from a wide range of cultures.

Code-169SFB-Roving mexican band-Melbourne

Roving Mariacchi band for festivals, shopping centres etc.

169SFB-latin band

169SF-Mariacchi band.


A bunch of very talented blokes paying homage to the lovely Carmen Miranda With names like "Carmen Over", "Carmen Down", "Carmen Across", "Carmen Back", "Carmen Again", this talented group of Carmens will get you hot & sweaty with their rich rhythms & danceable Latin tunes. With a fine pedigree of music & performance, Fruity are a 'must have' act for any Latin theme event, Carnival or for any festival / function for that matter. Enegertically interacting with their audiences , they have been seen at a number of Corporate Functions & festivals around town and are a huge hit at Melbournes finest multicultural festival the "Pako Festival."


Code-175FAB-roving percussion-Melbourne

From 4 piece to 30 piece this colourful and exciting band will liven up any event. A group of gad about percussionists, creating foot tapping, hip swiveling rhythms. A high energy cross cultural medley of percussion, circus skills and mayhem. Playing rhythms from around the globe even Rock 'n' Roll they create an atmosphere of excitement and celebration.They are totally mobile, making them free to rove amongst the audience, encouraging participation along the way.

The Roving Performance
They arrive in full flight, playing, jiving and drawing instant crowds. They will use anything as instruments: bicycles (their owners helmets), rubbish bins, prams, trucks, coffee cups and sculptures - whatever that makes a sound.Then there are circus tricks - the pram balance, shoe juggling, umbrella manipulation just to name a few.

code-175FABS-The Static Performance

A spectacular show, performed either in a circle or on stage, includes musical gymnastics, comedy, drumming solos, physical contortion, drumming 'duels', fire juggling and a human pyramid all involving the audience on mass.
The show is suitable for corporate functions, product launches and Festivals alike. 1 x 35 min set.




A roving act based around music and bovine comedy. Music is highly exciting & energetic, combining elements from - Funk, Jazz, Latin, Calypso, Country '&' Western to World Music.  With A funky Horn section & energetic Drummers with infectious rhythms. ! A collection of Australia's most prominent street theater performers & musicians. It's about Fun, Energy and Audience interaction.  Dressed to kill in surreal brilliantly coloured bull costumes complete with bull fighter trophies. Normally a herd of five but they have been known to roam as a trio or duo. Ideal for festivals, functions, fetes, parties. and shopping center promotions.


Code 175FAQ-Rock N Roll-Melbourne

A roving trio of rock 'n' roll super stars.Dressed in snappy suits with matching oversized "Quiff "hair do's, they rock the house! Totally mobile, able to perform anywhere! The Tones play songs from the 50's, 60's & 70's.
Rock Around The Clock
Whole Lotta Shakin
Johnny B Goode
Walkin The Dog
Saw Her Standing There
Great Balls Of Fire
The Wanderer
Be Boppa A Lula
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Shake Rattle And Roll
There are heaps of 'em..... Music from The Beatles, Elvis, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Bill Haley etc...etc..
The list is endless, we even do requests!
For Christmas functions we can even do all the classic Christmas tunes with a rock ‘n ‘ roll flavour.

Totally mobile, able to perform anywhere! The Tones play songs from the 50's, 60's & 70's

Code-176TF-Traditional jazz band-Melbourne

While the grounding of all group members is Traditional Jazz, the diverse musical backgrounds and experiences of the individuals means that their repertoire extends across virtually all eras and styles of popular music and even includes some classical pieces. The unusual line-up of clarinet, banjo and sousaphone allows them to cross all musical boundaries, yet still retain their unique sound.
Their great strengths is their capacity to play virtually anywhere. With no amplification (unless specifically requested) to worry about, there is no need to be anchored to one spot. The normal three-piece line-up specialises in circulating among the guests, chatting with them and playing their requests.



Code-201OL-Vintage Jazz-Melbourne

The band gives you the genuine jazz experience from Melbourne's best working band. The group believes a good band can add atmosphere to an event without drawing the focus away from proceedings but can also provide entertainment when required. Corporate clients include BHP, L'Oreal, Ericsson, Ernst and Young, IBM, GE, Pfizer, Accenture and Telstra. In 2001 the group completed a six month contract at the Hotel Sofitel, Vietnam. Wedding performances are also a specialty. The genre is jazz but more specifically the sound is a blend of swing/blues/bossa nova and groove. Inspiration and repertoire comes from the swing of Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson, standards and show tunes of Frank Sinatra, smooth and subtle bossa nova of Stan Getz and Antonio Carlos Jobim and the cool and groove of Miles Davis and George Benson. The instrumental Trio is most appropriate for sophisticated and atmospheric background music but if dancing is anticipated we recommend adding our vocalist for later in the evening.

song list

Code-201OLR-Roving Jazz-Melbourne

acoustic jazz roving band-Melbourne

orlando combo



Luscious, exciting and virtuosic are words that easily spring to mind regarding both the music and the musicians themselves. Gypsy melodies, seductive tango rhythms and sensuous songs from Europe and Latin America are their staple - this is music to swoon by. They are a dynamic and vibrant trio featuring violin, accordion and bass. They perform with extraordinary emotional range from extreme delicacy to blazing intensity and more than a touch of humour. Their performances do come with a health warning: the velvety seduction of their 3-part harmonies on Latin, Yiddish and Hungarian love songs. The trio can roam and play or do a concert.

play list


Code-292DS-musical Saw-Melbourne

Voted the most ‘Talented’ Musical Saw player (or Sawyer) in Australia,
He has once again emerged from the dark alleyways to bring a little bit of light and a whole lot of weird into your lives. You are probably all familiar with his musical saw (if you’re not, her name’s Gretel) but who exactly is this odd little clown? What other tricks does he have up his sleeve? And more to the point, how on earth does one actually find the world’s smallest orchestra when they’re so very, very small. Watch him and Gretel reveal the answers to all these secrets and more through physical comedy, story-telling, and puppetry. David puts the ‘Devil’ back into ‘Vaudeville’ and a smile upon your face.
Act 1 Musical Saw
My musical saw work can be performed in a continuous loop. Basically, I set myself up and commence serenading-performing for the punters, by playing renditions of famous tunes on my saw. I would do this for a 1 hour set.
Act 2 Skeleton Marionette work
Much the same as the above idea, I can perform with Frankie Bones (my marionette), for a similar length of time. He does song and dance numbers to pieces of old time music on a portable fold-out stage . Again, more of a walk by piece rather than a feature length show.
Act 3 Musical Saw and Skeleton Marionette work
I can also offer a mixture of the above acts with both the Musical Saw and The Skeleton Marionette, swapping between the two if the client prefers (1 hour duration).
Offer a 13 minute silent clowning act incorporating the above skills, as well as some audience participation.
Acts require little more than a spot to perform on (away from the wind on days with strong winds), as well as background music that played through a small battery powered portable amp.


The group are as experienced at concerts as at the European art form of serenading at tables and taking requests as well as creating an atmosphere in a street festival.
They specializes in Jewish music and in Middle-Eastern music. They have worked together with theatre and dance events for Russian, Armenian, Jewish, Turkish, French and Italian and other productions and communities, as well as parties and weddings.
Tunes from Russia, France, Italy, Klezmer, Jazz , Classical,and Tango. Can be a trio.


Code-333CP-Drum floorshow-Melbourne

This is the ultimate ensemble to add a unique flair to your next event, party, product launch, or conference. We can deliver a group of anywhere from one through to fifteen immensely talent drummers and percussionists to create a dynamic and entertaining show which will undoubtedly impress your clients and generate a presence unlike any other.
They will not only look good and establish funky, toe tapping grooves, but will develop complex, awe inspiring visuals and movements that will have your clients’ mouths agape
The stage show is designed to capture the attention everyone in the room and provide short, sharp, hard hitting entertainment. If you need a spot quickly filled, or need a massive opening or closing to your event, this is the way to do it. As the name implies, such a performance requires some kind of stage or defined performance area in order to ensure everyone present can see and marvel at the show.
These sorts of shows generally require a group of at least nine performers and should not exceed more than roughly 10-15min. While our group is visually exciting and groovy, there is only so much that one audience can handle! That said, with enough time to develop a show and enough scope with regards to budget, there is no reason that we cannot develop a specific, tailored performance of anywhere up to 2 hours.

Code-333CPM-Marching Band

Perfect  for smaller performance, longer shows, and dynamic audiences. Unlike a stage show where the drumline is intended to take over a room and hold the attention of an audience for a defined period of time, a smaller, roving group of our most groovy drummers designed to be highly portable and entertaining
This sort of performance is perfect for public events, or any situation where you have a crowd moving through an area over a longer period of time – this dynamic audience will mean there are always new people coming along to be entertained, and as soon as an individual has seen enough, they can move on. The drumline can also quickly and easily move to other areas and quickly create hot spots of activity before moving on.
This kind of performance has been used in the past at conference stands to draw attention to a specific stand, public outdoor performances such as at the RMIT World Week to entertain a dynamic audience over a period of roughly 3 hours, and to lead important guests into dinners such as at the OTEK Australia SRR Conference. Due to the small size of our Band, the whole drumline can also take on a specific theme to suit the needs of your event – latin drummers, traditional military drummers, hip hop drummers or any other type of theme you can envisage.


Code-333CPC-Roving fun musicians-Melbourne

An exciting new trio bringing high energy, dance fueled jams to the streets of Melbourne. Influenced by New York subway sensations "Too Many Zooz", the crew have quickly become a busking sensation all around the city and are in high demand for all kinds of entertainment solutions around Australia.
We love getting involved in new projects, collaboration and performance opportunities. 


Code-334IP Marching band-Melbourne

This band is a unique concept in entertainment combining a high musical standard with theatrical routines, comedy, and precision marching. Very funny and great for any event. Suitable Corporate, Festivals.

As your guests mingle before a dinner, your employees wait before a conference or your family loiter at a barbecue the Band can rove through the crowd, involving everyone intimately in the performance. Imagine the thrill of having an entire marching band appear out of nowhere.
Roving shows are guaranteed to attract a crowd, and if you need to move people around a venue the Band are the ideal group to lead the way. Once everyone is arrived we can cap off the performance with a static, theatrical routine
The Band is incredibly flexible, and roving performances are a great way to entertain large, mingling crowd.

With roots stretching back to the dawn of the marching band, the Band is ideal for any type of street parade, be it a returned serviceman parade, a festival or a celebration. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, they will break into all kinds of mayhem while the Rear Admiral tries desperately to regain some form of order.
The Band has regularly performed in the Bendigo Easter Parade and has made appearances in the Melbourne Moomba parade, ANZAC Day and Melbourne Cup parades and in numerous other street parades around the country. With their colourful costumes and eccentricities.

Tattoos and arena

While they’re known for being a little naughty and unpredictable at times, the Band is a professional, polished ensemble. Anything can, and most likely will happen during a performance, and this theatrical, satirical take has been a welcome addition to tattoos and arena shows around the country. Their  performance at the 2003 Adelaide Police Tattoo was a roaring success.
Just when the audience is expecting to see another regimented, military marching band the Band will turn tradition to the wind and run amok. With their ever-so professional Rear Admiral at the helm the band regain focus and continue with their display.

Corporate and promotional
The Band is renowned for its work in the corporate entertainment industry. They have performed at Crown Casino, the Carlton Crest and Rydges hotels and at venues around Melbourne and are at home in small and large spaces alike.
The band is perfect for circus-themed events, with their Drum Major becoming a ringmaster who can move around the room ushering your guests from point A to point B. The band can make a grand entrance and form a guard of honour, or make a subtle entrance and appear out of nowhere.
Whether you’re hosting a social function or a conference, a board retreat or a morning tea, they can work with you to create a show that will leave everyone tapping their feet.





Can play and sing in French and Italian.
She spent a year in France during which time she performed at a theatre barge on the Rhone, "Le Roman de la Belle Epoque".  She sings in French and majored in French during her Bachelor of Arts with Honours at the University of Tasmania.


Code-362CLS-Solo French-Spanish-English-Melbourne

Paris born he combines melancholy and joyous singing with Spanish guitar, harmonica and accordion. He sings in French, Spanish, Italian and English - Solo or with a band. He studied Spanish Guitar in Spain and USA and travelled extensively around the world to experience various musical traditions. His dynamic Flamenco and Salsa-tinged, folk-Gipsy melodies has made him a popular and fine ambassador to Mediterranean music through his average 300 performances per year. He feels as comfortable serenading around tables as performing shows on stage, solo or with band. His guided tour around Spanish romance and French sensibility, his fingerpicking and percussive drumming of the guitar make his performance a lively and colorful musical experience.  

MP3 listen french vocals
Song list

Code-362CLB-french-Spanish-English band-Melbourne

Ifan ambient scene in a restaurant is required the quartet are ideal for this too. They will dress accordingly to whatever the function requires. They walk around tables, sing good songs and tell bad jokes, plays a wide repertoire of French, Italian, Spanish, English folk flavoured melodies. After more than 15 years sharing songs, laughs, campervans and wine with Melbourne's best acoustic musicians roving around weddings, country fairs and marquees Céd will know exactly which ones to pick for the right context, would it be a festival or any corporate or private cultural event. Whatever the set-up is it will a vibrant and colourful tribute to European music using the French Gipsy flair (violin and accordion) or Latin grooves. (Flamenco dancers, guitarists or percussionists). The experienced and gifted instrumentalists used will compliment céd's warm and emotional singing to make the entertaining performance a joyous feast of nostalgia and romance.





Code-373SBF-Trumpet Fanfare-Melbourne

Our fanfare trumpeters have played in some of Australia's most accomplished orchestras and perform regularly at concerts, festivals, weddings, corporate functions and other special occasions. Banners emblazoned with your custom design or logo fly proudly in the breeze for a small extra fee.


Code-392RB-Sax Player-Melbourne

An accomplished jazz sax player for all functions.


Code-397CM-Roving Musicians-Melbourne

With a deadly love for spinning twists on traditional tunes and original compositions, they fly through an eclectic range of genres, obliterating conventional preconceptions at the speed of light. Rest assured these three will take you on a boot stomping rampage down a path you never did see.

Play list


Code 475RM-Accordion-NSW

His  natural talents present him as an entertainer of the highest calibre. He has that ‘rare’ feel for Show business. A  performer with the innate ability to change to suit the mood of his audience. One minute he will take your breath away with his flashing virtuosity on the piano accordion just before you find yourself drowning in tears of laughter at his zany antics.
Switch from Minstrel to Court Jester- he is them all! He is a showman in the true sense of the word. Being totally self-contained, he can work in any place, any time and anywhere in the world. Or, if you prefer, he can bring the world to you with a musical excursion through Greece, France, Russia, Spain, Germany or even his native Italy.
His musical genius knows no boundaries and his style, ease and grace arouses wild enthusiasm from any audience lucky enough to be under his magical spell.

Code 475RMD-German Duo-NSW

Capturing the authentic and energetic sounds of a Munich Oktoberfest Oom Pah Pah Band.
The Duo dressed in Traditional Lederhosen Bring to you famous Drinking songs, marches,polkas, and other international favourites. Fun and gusto brought straight to you, right here in Australia.
Consisting of: 1. Acoustic Accordion . 2.Trumpet/vocal. 
A) German…Oom Pah Pah B) German / European…Standards C) Latin D) Middle of the road E) Light Jazz




The band play Mexican folk music with a line up of Spanish vocals, guitar, Mexican bass, trumpet, violin and stunningly embroidered traditional uniforms. A nine piece including two trumpets, three violins and percussion is also available.


mariachi band-melbourne

556FG-Dixieland- Jazz-Melbourne

Three piece roving or stationery band playing all your traditional jazz hits. Saxaphone, Banjo/guitar, String bass.



A larger than life comedy music duo. Performing on stilts in fab flower flavoured costumes, their highly engaging comedy skits and fun music are sure to make a splash at your next event.


Performing on stilts in fab flower flavoured costumes, their highly engaging comedy skits and fun music are sure to make a splash at your next event.

Code-596BB-Marching-havoc Band-Melbourne

Enthusiasm meets mayhem. They march to the sound of their own drum. So rejoice in Bad Love. Dance to the Bad Beat. Spread the Bad News - BAD IS GOOD. A twelve piece roving, marching bunch consisting of drummers, a kick arse horn section, dancer, flag waving and megaphone. High energy roving band for festivals, parades and gigs.





Roving accordion player covers, French, Italian and German.

Roving accordion player covers, French, Italian and German.

Code 711TA -Mexican-Adelaide-SA

At functions they bring their Mexican mariachi music fun and interactive show on the road, roving through the crowds and livening up everyone with authentic and engaging Mexican mariachi music.
They can also deliver a staged performance that will knock your sombreros off. With classic Latin tunes like “Tequila,” “La Cucaracha,” “La Bamba,” and “Guantanamera,” festival-goers will think they’ve been transported to Latin America.  They don’t only do traditional tunes, though. They are able to take requests and also play mariachi versions of classics like “Proud Mary” as well as the hottest songs on the radio from smash hit artists like Bruno. They’ll even improvise lyrics to make the experience a much more enjoyable, customized time. They love interacting with the crowd so that everyone walks away satisfied and with tons of sweet Mexican mariachi memories.

At functions they bring their Mexican mariachi music fun and interactive show on the road, roving through the crowds and livening up everyone with authentic and engaging Mexican mariachi music.

Code 783RA-master organ-Melbourne

A Belgium built travelling Concert Organ. It was built in the workshops of Verbeeck’s Organ Works (Est 1884) in Antwerp and is the only travelling Concert Organ in Australia. It has entertained extensively at all levels from local functions to “Yarralumla” – the residence of the Governor General of Australia. 
The organ has the equivalent sound of a 20-piece band and operates on air pressure generated by a bellows and regulated by a reservoir. The music is played by way of traditional punched cardboard books that are read by the keyframe, which activates valves that in turn cause the organ to play. The organ has some 442 pipes together with drums, cymbals, bells, woodblocks and animated figures. The organ also has a large library of music and can play all day without repeating selections. The music appeals to all age groups and covers all types from Strauss to Walt Disney including marches, waltzes, musical theatre, children’s and popular music. The music evokes a carnival atmosphere and is often referred to as the ‘happiest music on earth”.
size height 4.2 m depth 3m length 7m
Needs power point or can be generator powered



Code-795BB-Brass Marching Band-Melbourne

The Band  was formed in 2000 and has grown into a vibrant and enthusiastic community music organisation. Comprised of two Brass Bands and a junior ensemble for brass and percussion


Code-805ND-accordionist -french-italian-WA

Catering for a wide demographic of audiences, atmospheres and themes. Her repertoire ranges from the Couture to the Contemporary- reminiscing vintage classics, contemporary commercial hits, dance electronica, German Polkas, Italian favourites and exquisite renditions of a huge French repertoire ideal for ambient background music which includes Edith Piaf’s well loved repertoire.


Code-822HHM-marching -hoopers-Melbourne

Option 1: The hoopers with live marching band. A roving 5 piece hula hoop army with 5 piece marching band, super bright, colourful, & interactive. Also the hoopists have a fully choreogaphred feature act, so the procession can assemble in a large space to perform the routine. The rest of the set the hoopers freestyle with their fanciest tricks and can also get the crown involved.

option 2: live marching band with miss hoopla plus 3 dancers/hoopists new orleans mardi grass style! 5 piece marching band play modern pop songs with brass instruments whilst 3 dancers dance with rainbow fans, hula hoops and get the crowd pumped and dancing.

hoopers-marching-band-melbourne marching-hoopers-melbourne

roving musicans 820A-Melbourne

Roving in cute aussie costumes, playing trumpet, trombone and sax, plus a crocodile hunter drummer. The group plays Aussie themes, latin grooves, fun tunes. Mainly instrumentalist sing a few choruses.

Other costumes are Mexicans, Candy sellers, pirates,tennis, grand prix, Easter bunnies, and santas little helpers.

roving nusician 820B-The Mariachi-Melbourne

Latin and Mexican tunes, seranding the audience, Mexican banter, false moustaches and humour.

Roving-musicians 820C-Melbourne

Great for any race meeting a group of roaming musicians playing your jazz favorites.





The music is bouncy old style swing with a mix of Bluegrass-Jug and Jazz and would fall into the very colourful and fun category. Musicians in this uke group consists of a mix of gender and ages from 7 to grey heads. Almost all of the members can play the Ukulele and some musicians alternate instruments from Ukes, Double Bass, Beat Box, Kazoo's, Harmonicas, Guitar's and Banjos for particular songs. The ukuleles are accompanied with a rhythm guitarist and a percussionist on the washboard who also can solo on the harmonica. Guest appearances by a lovely dancing limberjack 'Lucielle' adds colour and additional entertainment.


Multi-accordion1043A -italian-Melbourne

Roberto was born in Guardiagrele (Chieti) Abruzzo, Italy, on July 27, 1952.
He has been working in the field of music with an impressive curriculum of studies and achieve-
ments in the areas of musical research, composition and performance.
Roberto has worked as a musician, singer,composer, teacher and author of manuals for a variety of instruments.
Roberto had already achieved a rewarding musical career in Italy and Europe. He played in famous orchestras in a number of exclusive hotels, night clubs, cabarets and casinos such as San Remo, Saint Vmcent, Venezia, Campione D'Italia, Kursal (Switzerland and Montecarlo.
In Australia, Roberto has continued his musical career by participating in concerts and festivals.
Furthermore, in Australia Roberto has focused on recapturing and maintaining traditional Italian folkloric music which has slowly lost its dynamic presence in Italian culture.
He has dedicated time and effort to the study of the diatonic accordion and has successfully brought about a revival in the study and performance of this traditional instrument.
He plays the Diatonic Accordion in a revolutionary style which is unique and technically virtuosic.
He has been credited with the title "King of the Diatonic Accordion " in so far as he has bestowed dignity and nobility upon an instrument which throughout history has,
on several occasions, risked extinction from Italian tradition and culture.

see also multicultural performers

rob-d-s-italian accordion

roving jazz 37B roving combo-Melbourne

fun and zany jazzy performers to lighten up your event. contains Melbournes top musicians





Roving musicians 56B-Jazz -NSW

Other words and phrases that describe the band are engaging, dynamic, punctual, thoroughly professional, energetic, versatile, entertaining and always fun!
This band is extremely versatile.
As guests arrive, the band can start out by playing in their roving acoustic mode. Using an old brass megaphone to sing through, Slide takes the band back to the early days of jazz, performing from the repertoires of the likes of Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller. In this mode, the band is completely portable. Amplifiers are not required, so the band can move around and create quite an atmosphere as they engage your guests with their personality and style. In this mode they are perfect for outdoors (as electricity is not required) and being all acoustic means that the music never gets too loud.
They are experienced entertainers who read and connect with their audience. They are masters at creating the right “vibe” at the right time. The band’s extensive repertoire consists of over two hundred songs.

view song list

View video


roving musicians 111A-variety -Melbourne

The groups brand of madcap musical comedy successfully combines skilled, inspiring musicianship with comedy cabaret. Repertoire includes lively, upbeat, eclectic versions of jazz, folk, blues, rap, country, gypsy and other styles of songs they've written, borrowed or parodied.

Surprise, audience involvement, great music, fun and spontaneity make them popular with all ages.

Dressed festival style or Corporate



roving musicians111B-Gypsy -Melbourne

A range of swinging Jazz and latin songs, tantalizing Gypsy melodies and European cafe favorites from a blend of charming vocals, dancing tunes and infectious rhythms.

tunes from Russia, France, Italy, Klezmer and Tango.


roving Musician 111D-Fiddler-Melbourne

Ernie will roam you cafe, Bistro or function playing Fiddle with pseudo-voca







roving 221B -French-Melbourne

TAKE A TRIP through the golden age of French musette, swing jazz and chanson with the Melbourne based trio an ensemble specialising in the music of Paris from the 1920s to 50s.

BE ENCHANTED by the romantic sounds of the accordion, accompanied by a strong rhythmic pulse from the guitar, and anchored by double bass. Vocals are performed mostly in French. From the traditional waltz through to tango, gypsy swing and chanson (popular French song), this is music to inspire dancing and reminiscing.




roving 228D-African Band-Melbourne

Experience the high energy grooves and funky afro moves of this is world inspired Afrobeat explosion!

Master percussionist King and his band deliver a breath of fresh air into the Australian African/World music scene with their original cross genre style and dynamic stage presence. The genre has been described as “afrobeat-jazz-funk-reggae-fusion” and is accompanied by a dancer during live performance to further convey the message of the music and maintain its cultural authenticity.


roving 108E-World Music-Melbourne

Ruth (mandolin, vocals) and Tania (guitar, vocals) play exquisite original pieces and fresh arrangements of music from around the world, particularly from Spanish and South American traditions, Italian etc.

Tania has a deep appreciation for, and understanding of world music (especially Spanish and South American styles).  She uniquely combines her classical and technical discipline with her love of world music for a beautiful and evocative result.  Ruth is a master mandolinist and has played mandolin professionally since a teenager.  Whatever the style or tempo, Ruth will play with a great deal of musicality and with unique style, showing the (often underrated) instrument’s potential.  Ruth is also a capable singer, with a gentle, sweet voice.




Roving 263G-Melbourne

These lovable mountain men play tunes to warm the cockles of the heart & stir the feet into spontaneous dancing.

Featuring some of the Big smokes finest musicians they play all three types of music: country, western & mountain jazz.

They are capable of performing spontaionesly (roving) in any location or on a stage as a trio or quintet.


Roving-pirates 263K-melbourne

Blow me down & shiver me timbers!
These buccaneers have got their land legs & are creating a percussive storm.
With drumming, swash buckling, knife juggling, sword swallowing
& romantic charm, these pirates of percussion will keep your feet a tapping
& your thighs a slapping arrr...
They are known to roam the ports in a crew of five
Ideally suited for roving performances at festivals, product launches, corporate functions & nautical themed events.

So have them drop anchor in your lagoon


Roving 248BB-Melbourne

The Duo play continental music, beautiful ambient background music plus modern, country and latin styles .They also play traditional German, Austrian, Polish, ukranian, French and Italian.





Roving 396B-Melbourne

Jen (guitar and vocals) and Terry (mandolin, violin, recorder and vocals) cook up a cauldron of jazzed-up euro-folk.

Bringing Continental Café music to your door, this energetic duo is inspired by the rich & varied musical traditions brought to Oz by the various emigrant waves.

Look forward to a smorgasbord of Jazz, Latin, Greek, Italian, Irish, Scottish & Gypsy musical treats in celebration of Australia's musical melting pot.

A musical feast!


Roving 468C-French-Melbourne

Cathryn is also an accomplished piano-accordionist and has spent the last ten years building her improvisational skills in Perth and then in Melbourne, on both piano-accordion and viola.She has spent the last two years studying jazz and improvisation on the accordion and playing with numerous bands - thus becoming immersed in various forms of folk, jazz and rock. french a specialty



Roving 515B-accordion-Italian-Melbourne

Playing Italian and folk music that is sure to get your function swinging.



Roving 542AA-Trad-Melbourne

The Band have been playing together for around 10 years and in that time have performed at a wide range of venues. Much of their work is promotional, especially around Christmas time. The trio is mostly used in shopping centres at this time of year. We also have done many vintage car shows, race meetings and even funerals.

Adding one or two extra members when doing functions where dancing is encouraged. We recently had a two year stint at the Rosstown Hotel as a six piece band and we regularly perform with this band for the Victorian Jazz Club at its various venues.

Our repertoire is extensive and consists mainly of traditional New Orleans jazz numbers.The full line up is trumpet, trombone, clarinet, tuba, banjo and drums. Both the trumpet and trombone players sing with the occasional song sung by the reeds player.


Roving 627A-African Drummers-Melbourne

The African drummers provide a colourful and lively floorshow of music, dance and culture of Ghana. Very energetic display dressed in National Costumes playing royal music from all regions of Ghana. A combination of royal, Social and traditional sacred music on traditional instruments.The Traditional African drummers will liven up any event.

The African Drummers play a combination of royal, social and traditional sacred music on traditional instruments. There are a great variety of royal drums, depending upon the tribal groups. Each group has its own form of percussion orchestra of eight or more musicians and has its own particular rhythms. Each drum within the orchestra has its own pattern combining to provide very complex rhythms that are, nevertheless, easy to dance to.

The African Drummers also play highlife and palmwine music for dancing and are available for dance events and parties.

also see Multicultural groups


Roving-classical 787A-Melbourne

The Band is a unique Australian ensemble, performing a rarely-heard repertoire on historically important instruments, to form a consort rich in possibilities.

An instrumental line up of winds, strings, brass and percussion, presented with voice allows for exciting sound combinations reflecting the various instrumental groupings of the period. The group follows the sixteenth century performance practice of ornamentation, diminution and embellishment.

The ensemble comprises leading early music specialists who share a passion for and commitment to music performance. Their vibrant musicianship combined with their improvisatory skills has established their reputation with both audiences and critics for presenting innovative programs and dynamic performances.

The 5 piece ensemble consists of cornetto, shawm, sackbuts & percussion





Highland Pipe Band-Melbourne

From large to small group to open or close events



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