Theme Nights-for parties

007-James Bond Theme



The Dance Company invites you to share in the phenomenon that is Ukrainian Cossack Dance!
Currently consisting of over 70 dancers, ranging in age from 3 upwards, both the School and Company, rehearse on a regular basis. Combined, members of the Company have performed both nationally & internationally, including 2008 Tour of Ukraine & Thailand, Sydney 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Festival, Mt Isa Festival, VIC Premier’s Gala Dinner, Piers Festival VIC, Pakofesta Geelong, community functions, many weddings, private parties and corporate functions.
They  presents corporate floor shows, festival entertainment and full length touring productions. Whether it be getting your audience involved, corporate workshops or just colourful, fun entertainment you are after, they  can tailor specific to your needs, presenting a professional, energetic and very entertaining show to excite and enthral a wide range of audiences.
Currently available upon request, midweek (day or night) and weekends.



Code-40HAM-Shirley Bassey-Melbourne

Capturing  the charismatic charm and body language of the fabulous and flamboyant Shirley Bassey.
Back To Bassey is a fun show filled show.
Sensational songs, Sassy performance and lots of Sequins, describes her Tribute to Shirley Bassey.
This seasoned performer will not disappoint.

shirley-bassey-tribute-show shirley Bassey show


1920's Theme


Code-302AN-1920’s Orchestra-Melbourne

One of Melbourne's 1920's Dance Orchestras, who specialise only in 1920's Jazz and Synocpated Charleston era Hot Dance Music.
With a dedication to authenticity and musical brilliance being a primary focus, the band makes every attempt at breathing new life into what was some of the most exuberant and sophisticated music of the 20th Century.


Code-599SPH-Swing Dancers-Melbourne

Melbourne’s  premier swing dance team perform for corporate crowds, events, festivals and gigs all around town. They are stylish and energetic, and with routines ranging from 1920s Charleston to big band Lindy hop, they can add the marvellous spirit of the swinging jazz era to your next themed event.

Code 599SPB-1920s chorus line dancers-Melbourne

Melbourne’s all-girl Charleston troupe. Classy yet cheeky, they bring the fun and flair of the classic 1920s Charleston and the glamour of the chorus line.

swing dancers-melbourne

all girl chorus line dancers

1940's Theme


Code- 116BJ-Tribute To Frank Sinatra-Melbourne.

His Frank Sinatra tribute Show is a charismatic and passionate performance assures a delightful experience for any audience. Solo with backing tracks or band.
He recreates the classic Las Vegas tribute show keeping the music and magic of the Greats alive in our hearts from Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and many other wonderful entertainers. The Las Vegas Spectacular can include the Frank Sinatra Tribute which is a showcase to 'Ol' Blue Eyes' himself.
In the Las Vegas Spectacular, he captures the vocal nuances of all artists represented and his captivating stage presence, great costumes and unique production makes for an enjoyable evening for any audience.



From the moment they could all speak, the they have been singing together. The girls have a distinct sound, harmonising beautifully and each voice complementing the other two. They  draw their inspiration from the harmony groups of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. They  can provide you with a fun night of entertainment with music of different genres, namely swing, jazz and rock 'n' roll with full band if  required.
 With a Nanna who sings beautifully, a Poppa who played many brass instruments with ease, and an Opa who crooned and strummed his guitar to small audiences in the 40s and 50s, the girls were bound to have some kind of musical talent. With live swing band.


1940s swing band

1950-60's Theme


Code-1ERS-Rock n Roll-Melbourne

Hey Daddy-O! The chicks are jumping, and the cats are cruising and your feet are twitching. Decked out to the max, they  take you on a musical journey down memory lane  from Memphis to LA.

See other Roving musicians


Code 6AGF-Elvis Impersonator-NSW

My show is designed to pay homage to this legend and to leave an everlasting memory for the audience. With energy and vitality throughout and interaction with the audience.

Song list                             Listen


see also other Elvis performers

Code 7AFE-Elvis Impersonator-Melbourne

A master showman. Master Entertainer.
Always in demand, buzzing with excitement, his showmanship skills are fantastic and he interacts brilliantly with his audiences, creating an unforgettable night of entertainment.
His magnificent voice captures the essence of ELVIS. For over ten years, and over 600 shows later, he has performed his high energy Elvis Tribute Show in venues throughout Australia with sensational reviews, and is a much sought after act for large corporate functions, weddings, parties and private functions. Often accused of miming because his voice is so true to the original, he is a TRUE perfectionist
His vocal ability to impersonate Elvis and captivate an audience is simply amazing, as is his enthusiasm and professionalism.





1970's Theme


1980's theme


Code-1RSV-Village People-Melbourne

The 80s are back. Cassette types, walkman and VCR are back
Aw yea! The  People are back to entertain and interact with you
through those fabulous songs of the Generation ‘Y’ era.
Y.M.C.A., Macho Man, In the Navy, Can’t stop the music. Wow the list goes on.



These are giant figures that will roam around your event and interact with the audience. Lots of other characters available. Tennis, cricket, life guards, AFL footballers in your colors,basketball. Athlete, super heroes, security, etc Fully Sculptured muscular legs with feet and huge muscled torso approx 8' 6" tall. The performers are actors and comedians, so as well as looking terrific they are able to engage the audience with their witty repartee and sporting highlight.

All codes available




Alice in Wonderland



A fun and colourful roaming stilts character guarenteed to brighten up any event. This unique giant caterpillar on her own toadstool is loved by children and adults alike.

No stairs or esculators.



Code-37CMH-Mad Hatter-Melbourne

Magic, juggling and balloon-bending available on request. Great for Alice in Wonderland Themes.


CODE 33BFF-Giant butterflies-Melbourne

Flitter and Flutter’, the 2 Giant Butterflies, are the original gentle giants. In Corporate environments, they add glamour and class.
In Festivals, they dance, pose, sip nectar, give out beautiful butterfly stamps, and make friends with all ages and cultures. These spectacular creatures are absolute camera magnets and heart warmers.
Two different colored ‘wing sets’ are available.
‘Harlequins’ (Rainbow and Blue) or the ‘Red and Golds’. They are perfect for multicultural events or Asian Festivals where Red and Gold are considered ‘good luck’ colors.
The Giant Butterflies measure approx 4 meters in height. For rooms with low ceilings, the tall wings can be removed yet retain the fabulous impact.
Giant Butterflies enjoy maximum visibility without the risk of stilts. Ground based, means up-close and personal for group photos anywhere. Also comes with a Catcher for a comical performance and chaperone.




Code-82ESB-Stilt Bugs-NSW

Eco friendly, dazzling new stilt act. Solar panels embedded into the costumes soak up the sun by day and glow at night. Off-the-grid the they are part of our new green-energy future. Daytime  &  evening roving, a sensational entertainment option.
Up to x 2 available Sydney Only


stilt walking-bugs

Code-195SA-Short people Hire-Melbourne

Specialising in Short Performers. Yes that’s right, An agency that can  provide you with a range of professional characters that you only see in the movies.
Characters such as : Oompa Loompas, Dwarfs, Leprechauns, Elves, Mini Me, Yoda, Teddy Bears, Pixies, Short Santa and much, much more.
Some of our performances have included, Melbourne Central Xmas Elves providing two weeks of entertainment around Melbourne Central During Xmas.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Parties with Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas, Snow White and Dwarf Parties, Short Santa and Big Elf Parties (for Xmas with a twist) and Doctor Evil and Mini Me.
Let our short performers provide an amazing atmosphere at your next big private or corporate function.

If they can hire a costume they can wear it.

195SA-Dwarfs 195SA-Dwarfs


Code-244BTG-Garden Characters-Melbourne

Straight out of the surreal landscape of Alice in Wonderland comes these amazing Characters. 
Into the same world in which playing cards come to life, exists a rare and curious trio of moving garden landscapes. Ruled by status and etiquette each character has it's own personality reflected by their garden setting.  
LADY ROSE is the perfect hostess for a tea party. Complete with trellises, bouquets of flowers, garden walls, climbing ivy and butterflies. Everything in its proper place,  two sugars or one? 
THE DUKE is covered with hedges, topiary gardens, fountains and pathways and a top hat with a working fountain, he is indeed charming in both appearance and personality. But be warned ladies, the fountain may have more pressure than you’d expect! 
THE HANDMAID She is the untamed dame. The gardener that likes to let nature take its course. Vines, vegetables, compost and garden tools. The rough cut diamond, is that a mouse on your skirt my lady? They can perform as a stylized travelling ensemble or installation, creating graceful dances and amusing scenarios. They can orchestrate an interactive tea ceremony or conduct an installation based performance with evolving events, humour and song.



Harnessed and ridden by a pair of woodland imps, the giant hairy snails slime their way along streets, malls and parklands to the amazement of onlookers and passers-by alike. The snails come with their own musical score, have lots of moving body parts, and leave a watery snail trail.
Bewildered to find themselves in our world, and by our strange ways, these mythical creatures are nevertheless always friendly, like to be patted (the snails that is!) and love a photo opportunity. They’re also hoping to find someone to show them the way home. A visually spectacular non verbal roving show, appealing to all ages, and suitable for any outdoor event, or large indoor setting.


Code 244BTCG-The Game-Melbourne

A place where the world of fairytales meets the world of board games, where one must play to discover what the rules are - but beware the Queen, for it is with her that all power resides. With the pomp and ceremony of ridiculous rituals and eccentric dance, characters from an over-sized chessboard come to life. A bossy Queen, a stupid knight and a pawn with a touch of cunning, conduct an interactive, absurd and humorous game for all ages, where no one knows what the rules are, and not everyone’s a winner.
The Game is a predominantly non-verbal performance that uses archetypal characters. Using symbols and gesture, The Curious Game challenges the audience to become participants and interpret the Queen’s signs without discussion, by thinking Laterally and acting physically.
The Game is physical, visually engaging and highly interactive. Each performance is a unique experience influenced by the participating audience and their ability to be creative and trust their own instincts.

Performance length: 35 minutes
The act incorporates three performers, a Queen, a Knight and a Pawn who use a giant checkerboard as the basis for a game that demands creativity of it’s participants. A game like no other where lateral thinking and split second guessing may prove to be an advantage.
Ideally for children but can be adapted for Adults.  Great for shopping centres and festivals

Physical restrictions
The checkerboard dimensions are 9 metres x 9 metres, so performance area required would need to be a minimum of 11 x 11 metres (to fit in audience around board). The performance area needs to be a flat area, not gravel. The production may be performed outdoors or indoors. Please note: if performed under a marquee, there should be no central pole.

Roaming 244BTP  The Procession-Melbourne

Straight from Alice’s Wonderland, with all the pomp and ceremony of ridiculous rituals and eccentric dance, come a band of lovable misfits that will truly alter your take on all things normal. You see, the Queen is always right, the Knight is too loyal to question and the Pawn must serve all, so between them they think your world is the odd one! Mind what you say, make sure you show respect, prepare yourself for a giggle as this meddling trio try to make you conform to their bizarre order of things. Fun for all ages from the very young to the very old.



born in a taxi









The biggest patriots you’ll ever see, the Giant Aussies have perhaps eaten one too many meat pies! The Giant Aussies are true blue, fair dinkum and love to have a joke. I’d like to say they’re all heart, but there’s so much of them!
Always full of fun and photo moments… these two are like super models, or super-sized models. For Australia Day or any other day, go the Giant Aussies. Oi, oi, oi!


Code-105WSZ-Aussie animals-Melbourne

These Aussie icons will rove your event with a guitar singing minder with songs for the kids.


Code 84EKJ-Kangeroo-Melbourne

Jill has just ridden in from the bush on her favorite friend Roo! This all-Australian duo will literally bounce around your event on aerodynamically sprung stilts creating an authentic Aussie bush feeling. This duo is a stilt and puppeteering act in one!
Come and pat the Joey or give let Roo give you a kiss. This is Australia’s favorite giant size native. (also available with Christmas theme Elf& Roo)



Patriotic stilts walkers for Australianna events. Dressed in Green and Gold and Aussie flag colors.



Standing  silent and mysterious. They keep you guessing are they stone or are they alive, moving slowly, rounding up a crowd? 
Intriguing, bold and quintessentially Australian these blokes are great for any Event.

282ATC-living-staues 282ATC-Human-statues

Code-363RFH-Aussie groups-Cover-band-Melbourne

100% Aussie hit parade show band. This band was created for the corporate entertainment market as a dance and showcase act. We feature a remarkable four piece vocal frontline and a full backing band. Nothing is pre-recorded, the whole show is live on stage.
If your audience would love the classic Aussie-band hits like Shout!, Eagle Rock, Without You, Physical and Friday on My Mind then we're the band for you & whether you're Home or Away, there's a party in the back of the Kingswood! Leave the money on the fridge!
If they'd like the dance disco hits of the Bee Gee's, Kylie and Marcia Hines then it's time to say "Kimmie... look at moui, look at moui... grab the keys to the 'Baroina' turn left out of fountain lakes call all the neighbours and get on down to the groovy moves, yah big hunka spunk!”
If they'd enjoy the likes of the Hoodoo Gurus, Taxi Ride, Hunters & Collectors, Aussie Crawl, Dragon, The Angels, AC/DC, Barnesey and Farnsey then you'd better charge up the Weber and grab the snags, tie up the Blue Heelers down in the shed 'cause the parties goin' off!
The current Australian hit parade has heaps of Aussie acts in it. We've got songs form The Veronica's, Rogue Traders, Kylie, Powderfinger, and more. The repertoire is always expanding... just like Rove and Eddie's bank balances.
This isn't a rock act, we need to make that really clear. We enjoy getting the dance floor full and playing songs that your audience know and love, what's even better is the songs we play were made famous by our own Aussie Sons & Daughters.
Song list


Code-420PJR-bouncing Roos-NSW

Giant kangaroos on amazing  bouncing stilts. Jumping up to a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, they are a phenomenal sight. Their characters are a crossover of outback macho and inner city punk savvy — always Roo'd but never offensive. A favourite at festivals around the world.


giant roving kangeroos

Code-505PE-Parading Emus-Melbourne

This is a cheeky interactive roving performance where children are drawn to a gaggle of extraordinary birds.
These glamourous Emus stalk through the space, here a nibble, there a squabble – children are delighted to see a disco of colour. As the Emus wander and investigate their behaviour changes from curious animal to chic superstar stage show. Completely unpredictable, they  delight adults and children alike.
This performance is funny and whimsical, shimmying between naturalistic and larger than life caricature.



Code-560K-Aboriginal Dancers-workshops-NSW

group of Aboriginal dancers for function hire.

Code-560KP-Preschool Program

This show consists of:
Didgeridoo Show - Traditional and contemporary solo didgeridoo performance. One performer in full traditional costume, performing traditional and contemporary didgeridoo sounds and rhythms.
Face Painting - Our Indigenous tutor will have traditional ochre paint from which they will paint the children's faces. (optional) Song and Dance - Our indigenous tutor will entertain with some traditional dance moves and encourage all children to participate.
Aboriginal Art - Our indigenous tutor will teach the children basic Aboriginal symbols which they will paint on a large canvas guided by the tutor. The painting will then be given to the school to display. Storytelling - Dreamtime stories from the past will be told with gusto and expression to enthrall the children.
This program is a fantastic, hands on, interactive show. The children have a lot of fun learning about aboriginal culture.
1 tutor - 60 to 90 min

Code-560KS-School / Education Programs

Our most popularly package ‘The Ultimate Dreamtime Experience’ is a highly interactive program designed to maximise learning opportunities for students and teachers and our diverse range caters to all social and economic backgrounds.
Package 1 - Ultimate Dreamtime Experience
The ultimate Aboriginal education and entertainment experience is a very interactive program designed to maximise the learning opportunities for both students and teachers.
Smoking Ceremony & Welcome Song & Dance Show
Didgeridoo Show and Storytelling
Artefacts, Weaponry, Bush Survival
Aboriginal Face Painting
Aboriginal Song and Dance
Aboriginal Art (On Canvas)
Boomerang Throwing
Farewell Concert with Student and Teacher participation

See other school programs

aboriginal-dancers digereedoo-player

Code 1RSOZ-Aussie Themed Roving-Melbourne

Onya mate! Come on mate, let’s fire up the barby. We’ll provide the entertainment and you bring the beer.
The entertainment of choice, for your next barby or pool fan party.
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!




Code 243NSGD –Elegantly Dressed-Melbourne

Gloriously dressed in their Racing Finest, these two ‘High’ Society Stiltwalkers will not only stand out in the crowd but look stunning as well. Available for Race functions, fashion parades  etc.

243NSGD--Black-n-white elegant-stilt-walkers



Code 243NSCC-Carnivale- stilt Walkers-Melbourne

There is nothing more stunning and colourful than our carnivale stiltwalkers dancing through the crowds 
we can provide up to 4 stiltwalkers in these amazing costumes – book now for your festival – the more the merrier cha cha cha. Can be 3 ladies or add 1 male.


Cha-cah-ladies carnavale-stiltwalkers



Code-72AEJ3-Chinese Cai Shen-Melbourne

Giant roving Chinese charcter


Code-84EK4-Chinese dolls-Melbourne

Standing tall, these China Dolls are elegant, sweet and beautiful. They are perfect for your multicultural event where you would like to add atmosphere, colour, dance and style.
They  can roam through your event, interacting with the crowd and creating that special atmosphere. Or they can be used for a meet and greet, welcoming your guests to the event and preparing them for a special evening.


Code 53AHG- Chinese Drummers- Melbourne

The group perform all year round for many different occasions. We cater to your needs and will work with you to deliver the best performance possible.We offer the following demonstrations:
Lion Dance and Lion Drum Team


Code-53BHG-lion dancers-Melbourne

Group of traditional lion-dragon dancers and Drummers





Code-120ACM-Plate Spinner-Melbourne

Roving Plate spinner with a variety of costumes to suit many themes.



Code-202ZH-Chinese Harpist-guzheng-SA-Melbourne

The Chinese Harp is traditionally known as the Gu-Zheng in Mandarin, and is one of the oldest instruments in Chinese history. It is commonly linked to the Gu-Qin, but is an authentic instrument itself.Available for weddings, and corporate functions etc

Code 202ZHW-Chinese Harpist-Workshop-SA-Melbourne

We conduct holiday workshops and programs, for your special occasion or event!
We are flexible artists who tailor our delivery of workshops to your needs, but still informative, in accordance to your guests, audiences or clients.
We also deliver workshops in schools in a variety of forms, such as at Assembly, in Music or Chinese classes, and even University tutorial classes! We facilitate our workshops in accordance with teachers' syllabus focus and are a helpful resource.
Our professional services also include professional development for teachers or practitioners who are in the field of Chinese teaching / facilitators, or practitioners of Chinese Medicine or Chinese Arts. We will deliver our workshops to offer a deeper understanding of Chinese Music and its relation to you.
We began with teaching and it is our motto to learn whilst we teach, and share what we know.
Thus we uphold our teaching values and guarantee a rewarding experience for yourself or your child.

Our students range from all ages and all backgrounds. We do individual classes, in pairs & group classes, as well as classes for specific interests!
Our group classes (maximum of 4 per class) and they have been highly regarded and liked by our students. It is an educational relaxing alternative for those with a stressful lifestyle or career. Please feel free to email us to enquire about our commencement dates.
Classes for children (6 – 16 years) is also a very popular pick. We run holiday short classes as well as term classes and our students have found it entertaining whilst educational. It has been designed for learning Chinese culture through the music and its stories underlying the music pieces.

Code-202ZHJC-Chinese Caligraphy-Woprkshop-SA-Melbourne

We currently conduct Chinese calligraphy workshops & group classes due to demand.
Our group classes cater for all age groups & we tailor our classes to suit your needs! Our workshops have been rewarding & significant, a special eye-opener for students when we visit schools.
Can include Spoken language, written language, Cultural understanding through ancient texts and poetry, Social learning through interaction.



202ZH-Chinese writing


Code 243NC-Chinese –stilts-Melbourne

Great for any Asian Function these characters will brighten up your event.



Code-273LT--Chinese Workshops and dance-Melbourne

can be separate shows workshops or a combination.

Code-273LT-1-Tai-Chi Martial Arts workshop:
Tai Chi originated as a martial art, but these days it is recognised more as a Chinese system of gentle exercise. It is often characterised by controlled flowing movements designed to promote general fitness and health.Kids will learning Tai-chi preparation, Tiger Fist, Push hand exercise, crane and snake exercise.
Code 273LT-2Kung Fu Funk workshop: kids will learn traditional martial art form; a type of self-defence that combines kicking, punching, grabbing, locking and several weapon-techniques. It has a graceful and dynamic hard-soft style, which emphasises agility, explosiveness and flexibility in combination with the surprise effect. We also mix hip hop modern steps let kids feel  lot of fun.
Code-273LT-3-Lion Dance workshop: In the dance component of the workshop, students will learn the teamwork, co-operation and rhythm necessary in dragon dancing. They will  learn the basic steps (running steps, crossing steps and the kicking leg exercise) and arm movements . Students will then have the opportunity to put these skills together and to perform their dance accompanied by instruments as the conclusion to the workshop.
Code-273LT-4-Flag dance workshop:
Often used in acrobatic demonstrations, the flag dance shows the power and strength of handling and synchronizing flags as an art form. This dance combines martial arts and modern music to maintain the traditional dignity of carrying flags to battle.
Code-273LT-5-Ribbon workshop: This is one of the most traditional dance of China. It’s more than 1200 years old. Kids will learn how to use silk colorful ribbon with modern Chinese music.
Code-273LT-6-Golden Hoop workshop: Na Zha was a special and strong power kid. He was born with special treasures including a golden hoop ring. We’ll learn this special dance with basic martial art movement.
Code-273LT-7-Flower fan workshop:after rice harvest festival, people so
Happy bring beautiful flower fan dance drinking and singing.
Code-273LT-8-Chinese Drum workshop;The drum workshops teaches kids basic drum rhythms, in the following styles: Chinese flower drums, Waist drums, Tai Pei Drums, Hand drums, Big Drums and Medium drums.

E.g of 50 min workshop

Chinese Drum Dance
Royal Dances: Long Sleeve Dance, Long Flower Fan Dance 
(a) Tai-Chi History Introduction (b) Tai Chi Fist and Tai-Chi Fan Dance (c)Kung Fu Panda workshop
(a) Fairies in the Moon palace One teacher will present Chinese Emperor
(b) Ribbon Dance Workshop 
(a) Martial Art Hip Hop dance (b)Martial Art workshop
3 different Chinese Cultural dance combine Contemporary style Chinese dance

273LT-chinese male-ddancers


Code-274SP-Chinese Bow-Melbourne

Chinese traditional bowed strings instrument with 1,600 years history.
My Erhu performance included 1. Traditional Chinese music. 2. Western classical music. 3. Folk music from the world, 4. Popular music. 5. Modern Chinese music.
He was born in Suzhou, China in 1949. He is a member of Chinese Musicians' Association and an advisor to Suzhou No.1 Musical Instruments Company. He graduated from Nanjing Normal University Music Department and Shanghai Conservatorie of Music. He taught erhu at Nanjing Normal University until 1989 as Associate professor. He first visited and performed in Australia in 1986. In 1987, he won the 'Prize of Excellence in Performance' at first Music and Dance Festival of Jangsu province, the hometown of erhu, and named the one of the three best young erhu soloists of the hometown of erhu.




Code-496CD-Chinese dancers-Sydney

With about 25 members, all of whom are professionally trained dancers and all with a great passion for dance. The Dance Group is one of the top Chinese cultural arts organizations in Sydney and often represents the community through the vision of dance, promoting this traditional art form and furthering cultural exchange. The company’s richly colourful and exciting performances  have captured the magic and richness of Chinese dance, including enthusiastic performances of Chinese Folk Dance, imaginative Classical Dance, passionate Tibetan Dance, a blend of Chinese Dai Dance, the uninhibited Spanish Dance, the erotic Arabic style of Dance and will also include the famous French Can Can Dance. This first class production, performed by a group of Chinese dancers passionate about their culture, showcases the tradition and artistry of Chinese dance so important to the Australian-Chinese Community as it continues to maintain its vibrant homeland traditions in the true spirit of cultural diversity whilst furthering cultural friendship and harmony as citizens of this great nation.


Sydney chinese dancers.

Code-497AC-Chinese Dancers -Adelaide-SA

A dance academy in Adelaide specializing in Chinese classical and folk dance. We use the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus to ensure pedagogic and systematic dance training to students of all ages and skill levels.
 We are dedicated to providing high quality dance education in a friendly environment where students can learn and appreciate Chinese dance, music, language and culture.
Can Fan Dance, Umbrella Dance, opera dance, peacock dance etc.
Note lengthy costume changes between each style of dance. Each dance approximately 5 mins.



Code-546PJ-Guzheng-Chinese Harp-Melbourne

A  Chinese Guzheng player and teacher. She began learning the Guzheng at the age of nine and has studied under several Guzheng masters. She excels in both traditional and modern techniques in her interpretation of Guzheng music.


Code-82ED-Stilt Dragons-NSW

Curious and sweet these baby dragons are testing out their wings for the first time.  They are brave and fun and only slightly harmless.  Great for Chinese New Year, carnivals, parades and family days or themed events.
Up to x 2 available


Code-600CH-chinese dancers -singers-Melbourne

Traditional Chinese dancers and singers and kung Fu display 30 min show.


Chinese dancerschinese-singers

chinese dancingchinese-singers

Code-604LY-Guzheng Player-Melbourne

I have been playing guzheng for many years, had followed a few different teachers to learn the different style of music pieces and the playing. 
I have achieved grade 10 (the highest grading examination) performance level with certificate issued by The Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China and, I had won the first prize in Hong Kong Guzheng Performance Contest, an open to all public contest held in the city.  Through my years of guzheng playing, I participated in various musical performing occasions, festivals, corporate events and music contests. 
Here in Melbourne, I have done a few demonstrations at schools, also a member of music groups for ensembles and accompaniment.


see also our Multicultural page


Code-788NE-Chinese Dancers-Melbourne

Many traditional dances and many costume changes.

Our dance troupe was founded around 20 years ago.  Our team contains a group of dedicated dancers, including beautiful costume, nice music and choreographers to ensure that our performances are high standard. We endeavour to carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture and contribute to Australia's multiculturalism.

chinese-dancers-melbourne Melbourne-chinese-dancers


Country and Western


Code-129FB-Country Dancers-Melbourne

The show opens with "These boot were made for walkin'", then into "5, 6, 7, boot scooten baby", followed by "cotton eye Joe". The dancers will get people up and dancing during the second song. the show runs approx 6-10 minutes with interaction.

Also see our Country bands






Vive la France, vive la belle vie, au d’oeuvres, croissant.
Taste the flavour of France, the inspiration of Paris or a romantic walk through the gardens of Versailles.  Alternative instruments combinations are feasible to complement the finest atmosphere like the finest champagne.



Code 32AST-King louie-Marie Antoinette-Melbourne

Stilt Walkers great for French Themed Functions. Quality costumes.


Code 32BST-pierrot-French-Melbourne

ideal for French themed functions.


CODE 33AFF-French Mime-Melbourne

Clever, Cute, classy and wonderfully distracting they are fabulous icebreakers for all occasions.
Choose traditional white face as per image, or dressed to suit your theme (The skills will fit in any costume).
Trained in London.

33AFF-French Mime artist. Mime-artists

Code 37ACM-Stilt-Mime-Melbourne

Chris uses mime, magic, mask and dance to tell his story.
He  is an old school magician; he is a romantic at heart, fusing mime, magic, masks, and dance to tell his story. Combining hat manipulation with comedy close up magic, he is ideal for roving through cocktail and dinner parties. He has appeared at many restaurants, Children’s birthdays and corporate events.

On or of Stilts or with Mask for Masquerade theme.

37ACM-stilt-mime-artist 37ACM-Mime-Clown

Code-57DBD7-Sexy Antoinette-Melbourne

Roaming and interactive crowd pleaser for French themes.



A superb roving musical entertainer. His repertoire is huge taking any requests and singing in 15 languages. His accordion is perfect for roving as the sound floats into the distance. He has a great ability to make people laugh, dance and sing along and create general merriment. With European ballads and popular, Phil specialises in French and Italian music.  Can sing some vocals in Italian and French but majority music only.
View play list




Code-125RVF-French Mime-magic-Melbourne

His close up magic creates an interactive, intimate, astonishing and personal form of entertainment, ideal for all social occasions. From conjuring, to tricks of the mind, to sleight of hand, illusions and suggestions, it is an exciting, captivating and memorable experience.


Code-129FCC-CanCan dancers-Melbourne

Our Moulin Rouge Can Can Dancers perform complete with traditional Can Can Skirts in the famous red, blue and white colours.
Professional, saucy, stunning and astounding, our Can Can dancers will ensure your party is truly unforgettable. You have the choice of the traditional Can Can or the Can Can sound track from the movie ‘Moulin Rouge’. You choose. We provide a cast of up to 4 Can Can dancers in matching, traditional costumes.


Code-362CLS-Solo French-Spanish-English-Melbourne

Paris born he combines melancholy and joyous singing with Spanish guitar, harmonica and accordion. He sings in French, Spanish, Italian and English - Solo or with a band. He studied Spanish Guitar in Spain and USA and travelled extensively around the world to experience various musical traditions. His dynamic Flamenco and Salsa-tinged, folk-Gipsy melodies has made him a popular and fine ambassador to Mediterranean music through his average 300 performances per year. He feels as comfortable serenading around tables as performing shows on stage, solo or with band. His guided tour around Spanish romance and French sensibility, his fingerpicking and percussive drumming of the guitar make his performance a lively and colorful musical experience.  

MP3 listen french vocals
Song list

Code-362CLB-french-Spanish-English band-Melbourne

Ifan ambient scene in a restaurant is required the quartet are ideal for this too. They will dress accordingly to whatever the function requires. They walk around tables, sing good songs and tell bad jokes, plays a wide repertoire of French, Italian, Spanish, English folk flavoured melodies. After more than 15 years sharing songs, laughs, campervans and wine with Melbourne's best acoustic musicians roving around weddings, country fairs and marquees Céd will know exactly which ones to pick for the right context, would it be a festival or any corporate or private cultural event. Whatever the set-up is it will a vibrant and colourful tribute to European music using the French Gipsy flair (violin and accordion) or Latin grooves. (Flamenco dancers, guitarists or percussionists). The experienced and gifted instrumentalists used will compliment céd's warm and emotional singing to make the entertaining performance a joyous feast of nostalgia and romance.





Code-424JA French acordion-Melbourne

French accordion player and singer, french, jazz standards only sings French rest instrumental, gypsy, italian, tangos, brazilian, latin.

song list


Code-424JB French Band-Melbourne

TAKE A TRIP through the golden age of French musette, swing jazz and chanson with the Melbourne based trio an ensemble specialising in the music of Paris from the 1920s to 50s.
BE ENCHANTED by the romantic sounds of the accordion, accompanied by a strong rhythmic pulse from the guitar, and anchored by double bass. Vocals are performed mostly in French. From the traditional waltz through to tango, gypsy swing and chanson (popular French song), this is music to inspire dancing and reminiscing.



Roaming 243NSF- King Louis and Marie Antoinette stilt walkers-Melbourne

This very regal couple will enchant any formal evening and will dance gracefully around any ballroom. Enjoy the elegance and style of these beautiful stilt dancers. You can enjoy an exquisite way to meet your guests on arrival at any function.

ground level or stilts


Code-805ND-accordionist -french-italian-WA

Catering for a wide demographic of audiences, atmospheres and themes. Her repertoire ranges from the Couture to the Contemporary- reminiscing vintage classics, contemporary commercial hits, dance electronica, German Polkas, Italian favourites and exquisite renditions of a huge French repertoire ideal for ambient background music which includes Edith Piaf’s well loved repertoire.




Code 243NG-A Touch of Gold-Melbourne

These beautifully designed gold costumes are always admired. they are mystical, unique and create a perfect ambience for your evening. We can provide you with gold statues and gold stiltwalkers for your touch of gold themed events. any masquerade ball or gala is perfect for any of our impeccable professional performing artists.



Are they statues? Are they musicians? Astoundingly they are both, combining visual splendour and musical mastery. These accomplished golden musicians appear as statues, stunningly still then suddenly they come to life to delight your ears with beautiful melodies. A visual and aural feast they are a unique addition to any event, entrancing all.





Suitable for the freak theme is a Spooky Statue-mime performer. He is available as a meet and greet living human statue complete with an elaborate podium base. He is mostly silent but does grunt and groan from time to time and interacts with guest by shaking hands, hand signals etc. His unimpressed facial expression is that of a jaded, old freaky man set in stone.
Or as a roving stilt character.

code-69FVGS-spooky stilt walker

This creepy but delightful gentleman on stilts welcomes ‘his guests’ with a grotesque smile or an eerie handshake. His movements are elegant and fluid, and despite his sinister looks he produces plenty of laughs as well as gasps.


Code 14TJZ-Zombies-Melbourne

Available for roving events or as a dance set.


Code 382DCH-Halloween spiders-NSW

Dangerously beautiful and Indigenous to Australia the Red Back Spiders parade for all to see. Although they can be seriously harmful to humans, these red back spiders have been tamed and will only bite if attacked. They love human interaction and are attracted to lights and human gatherings. Great for Halloween events.

red back spiders stilt walkers for Halloween events. red back spiders stilt walkers.

Code 382DCD-Halloween devils -NSW

 You won’t find stilt walkers more athletic or agile than the Dare Devils. These horny, futuristic, stilt roaming characters attired in red and silver leathers are tough girls and boys on a mission. Performance can also incorporate fire dancing on stilts or ground. Halloween event


These horny, futuristic, stilt roaming characters attired in red and silver leathers are tough girls and boys on a mission. Performance can also incorporate fire dancing on stilts or ground. Halloween event.



Code 40AAM-liza Minelli Impersonator -Melbourne

Vibrant and Vivacious, Aurora has been entertaining audiences as Liza Minelli for a decade. Her uncanny likeness and sound will take you back to the days of the "Rat Pack".
1 x 60min set with backing Tracks. Red Carpet events

Also Xmas show


Code 40BAM-liza Minelli-Rod Stewart-Impersonators-Melbourne

Vibrant and Vivacious, Aurora has been entertaining audiences as Liza Minelli for a decade. Her uncanny likeness and sound will take you back to the days of the "Rat Pack".
Playing the part of Rod Stewart is Billy whose career spans over 20years and nearly as many countries. Billy will have you reliving your youth and bringing new memories to the present.
Red carpet Events.




Code 40EAM-Sinatra and Minelli-Melbourne

Two of the world’s biggest stars, Liza and Frank, come together in this glittering tribute to their songs, their movies and their stories. As individuals they ruled the entertainment world, but together, they charmed the stars from the sky. ‘Minatra & Sinnelli’ is simply the perfect blend of fabulous music and great fun that will leave your audience yelling for more.  


Code 40FAM-Silver Screen ladies-Melbourne

The quick wit of Mae West, the feminine wilds of Marilyn Monroe, with the grace of Peggy Lee and dulcet tones of Doris Day all blended to create the “Silver screen Ladies.”  A very entertaining show full of visual and vocal diversity.


Code 27AHDZ-Sinatra-Tribute show-Melbourne

Dedicated  to recreating the style of entertainment that was made famous by Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and the other great crooners of the 60’s and 70’s. With the incomparable Hans on vocals and a scintilating 8-17 piece orchestra, and promises a night of entertainment guaranteed to please everyone.
Hans performs a fabulous tribute to the great FranK Sinatra.
With authentic backing tracks to give the full band sound or with full 8-17 piece big band backing.
This is a very classy show.

27AHDZ-Sinatra Tribute show 27AHDZ-Sinatra-tribute show

Code-129FXPB-Bunnies show-Melbourne

This show is quirky, sexy, and delicious all at the same time. Although Playboy Bunnies are renowed for being what fantasies are made of, you better believe these bunnies are real, curvy women. This sassy Jazz show is 10mins in length and displays gorgeous, talented, sensual women. Can stay for photos.
Client to provide sound system.

or can rove any event.


Code-288AM-Marlyn Munroe- Melbourne

Performing as the glamorous and alluring ‘Marilyn Monroe’ in fun-loving performances all over Australia, recreating the 1960s blonde bombshell leaving an impression for all to remember.
Marilyn Monroe is available for birthdays, corporate functions, event dinners, business exhibitions, parties, restaurant openings, formals, balls and charity events.
She not only speaks, acts and moves like Miss Marilyn Monroe, but she also sings just like her too. In fact she has the biggest repertoire of Marilyn Monroe songs for your event than any other Marilyn impersonator in Australia.
She comes with own portable PA system and backing tracks and can even pop out of a cake and sing Happy Birthday for  a little extra.



Code-502CAM-Marilyn Munroe-Singer-Impersonator-Melbourne

One of melbourne's sought after marilyn Munroe singer and Impersonator available for Red carpet events and private functions.

502Cam-marilyn-munroe-Impersonator Marilyn Munroe Impersonator




A traditional roaming style group with an extensive choice of costumes ranging from Centurions to Emperors to Slave and embarks on a musical journey of classic Italian tunes and familiar melodies. This outfit is indisputably Australia’s most authentic and unique group in today’s market place, offering a colourful and sophisticated ambience to your event without becoming intrusive at any time. Their appearance is testament to their authenticity and adds the perfect touch to a classic dinner party, cocktail event or music festival.


Code 39ASG-Italian Accordion-Melbourne

Roving Italian-Spanish Accordion Player.

Calabria-Campania region.


Japanese Theme


Code-57DBD10-Roving Geisha-Melbourne.

Exquistly dressed in a richly coloured kimono.


Code-64KSG-Geisha Girls-Melbourne

These delightful Japanese characters will rove any Japanese themed event in Melbourne
Although not of Japanese origin they will certainly bring color to your event.
Can be on or of Stilts.

Code-64KSG2-Geisha and Samari stilts-Melbourne

Stilt Samari and Geisha

geisha-girls-melbourne stilt-geisha-samari

Code-75ASC1-Geisha stilts-Qld

Sleek and refined, these exotic performing women exude an air of traditional skill and silent beauty, balancing and interacting with mime from high up on their stilt legs. The popular appearance of white made up faces, elegant hair and elaborate draping kimonos make up the complete image of a Japanese Geisha. Available in up to a trio, our Geisha Girls make a perfect choice for any Oriental, or Asian fusion events. Available in either a duo or trio artist team.
A clean, well lit and private dressing room space to change into costume, and store personal belongings during performances.
+ refreshments for artists (minimum bottled drinking water please) area
+ out of sight to guests to mount/dismount stilts (a sturdy table
with chairs on top at dressing room is fine for this) N.B Minimum ceiling clearance height for any indoor performance areas = 3.5m

75ASC-Stilt-geishas 75ASC1-stilt-geisha


This dynamic duo perform a choreographed combat dance to suspenseful music creating an atmospheric entertaining and electric presentation to your event.
Roving Insect like and spooky, this pair rove your event taking combat in stick and sword fights, but you better watch out you never know where they'll pop up!



They can perform an intricate choreographed 8- minute fan dance to elegant music. Majestic and magnificent, sweet and coquettish this spectacular is a perfect show opener for any kind of event. Standing 10 feet tall this dance is defiantly not to be missed!
Roving If a show is not what you want then let the Geisha Girls rove through your event engaging and delighting your audience with enough eyelash batting to woo any heart!


Code-200AT-Japanese Musicians-Melbourne

Formed in 2008, and consisting of of 3 passionate musicians who bring their diverse talents together to play both traditional and original pieces using timeless instruments like the Shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute), the Taiko drums, the Chappa (Japanese small hand cymbals), and newly added the Sanshin (Japanese three strings instrument).
They have performed at many festivals and events around Melbourne, most recently at the Turkish-Japanese friendship Australia concert at BMW Edge in Federation Square, and at the opening concert of the United Nations Advance Global Health Conference in Melbourne. They have also performed at two self-produced concerts at successive Darebin Music Feasts, in 2009 and 2010. They also visit and run workshops at primary and secondary schools as part of the program of Cultural Infusion. 
The memories of their childhood experiences and Japanese mythology are the main influences on their music. Their music is a visual spectacle that thrills its audience with captivating melodies and rhythms combined with graceful dance moves. Some of the pieces you see this evening will also allow for audience interaction.
They are excited and thrilled to show off their traditional instruments and music, as well as some lovely Japanese costumes.


Code-346TKC-Japanese Drummers-Sydney

One of Australia's most energetic, exciting and visually stunning drumming groups.

This 5-minute performance will ensure a breathtaking grand opening for your event. Three performers playing the highly virtuosic katsugi-okedo (slung drums) are free to roam both in and around the audience, and on the stage, to create a dramatic and energised atmosphere for your event. “Chi” is also an impactful way of reinvigorating the audience later on, or providing a great grand finale to end the day.

Code-346TKD-Japanese Drummers-Sydney

This epic 10-20 minute performance, tailored for larger functions in large rooms and outdoor spaces, is sure to enthral and mesmerise. The performers play a wide range of taiko instruments including the virtuosic slung drums, the bass beat of the hirado and the powerful rhythms of the odaiko grand drum. TaikOz’s highly energetic performance is sure to captivate your audience and have them talking for weeks!”




Available to rove your Japanese functions or Meet and greet.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Our aim is to spread the awareness of Japanese culture and history through traditional Japanese dance. We hope to bring entertainment and happiness to our audiences.Teacher, choreographer, art director and leader has fused together a variety of traditional styles to create a unique and yet authentic Japanese cultural experience.

Code-402JTD-Japanese Dancers-Qld

The Japanese dance form is different from ballet and other Western dances. The big steps and jumps of ballet and other Western dances signify the desire to escape this earth – striving to reach the heavens. Japanese dance, however, consists of movements requiring bent knees and a low centre of gravity. This emphasis on being close to the ground shows the desire of Japanese dancers to remain in contact with the earth – the constant source of their energy.
Client to supply PA


geisha-girls geisha-ladies





Let us serenade you on the Canal Grande and take to your favourite musical destination, with an amazing selection of classics favourites. The romantic Gondoliers will serenade you like a Gondola on the waves of Venice’s canals, reminiscent of beautiful Venice nights and Venice’s Carnevale.



Code 37ACM-Stilt-Mime-Melbourne

Chris uses mime, magic, mask and dance to tell his story.
He  is an old school magician; he is a romantic at heart, fusing mime, magic, masks, and dance to tell his story. Combining hat manipulation with comedy close up magic, he is ideal for roving through cocktail and dinner parties. He has appeared at many restaurants, Children’s birthdays and corporate events.

On or of Stilts or with Mask for Masquerade theme.

37ACM-mime-stilts 37ACM-Mime-Clown


Roving fortune telling with a light hearted and entertainment based approach. Magic with a levitating voodoo doll, blue lights that appear and  impromptu snow storms. She was a regular close up magician for The Star Casino and has performed for 100’s of corporate events and throughout Asia. Now retired from traditional close up magic her roving appearances are now reserved for events seeking a highly visual and theatrical based performance. Depending on the event the character can adapt from an installation to a interactive and speaking performer. A typical event would see a silent mime style of magic as a welcome meet and greet followed by interactive magic and fortune telling during pre-dinner drinks or after entree. Costuming is handmade and a one off ; the dress is very heavy and suits the mystical, slow paced and calm nature of the Nordic Witch character.



Code 243NSB-soleil-stilt walkers-Melbourne

Enjoy the circus theme by adding a touch of cirque du soleil to your event. Be truly surprised by these wonderful very tall stilt characters that will fly about, shine and dazzle.
Their superb costuming will thrill all your guests and you will not see anything more striking and spectacular on stilts. They are perfect for any cirque du soleil themed event.
Can be solo, duo, male or female.

243NS 243NS



Code 1ARS-Mariachi-Melbourne

It’s Fiesta time when the Mariachi play their music. ‘i vamos a divertirnos’ it’s time to dance and have fun. They will bring you the best of Spanish music and Culture to your event.



The band play Mexican folk music with a line up of Spanish vocals, guitar, Mexican bass, trumpet, violin and stunningly embroidered traditional uniforms. A nine piece including two trumpets, three violins and percussion is also available.


mariachi band-melbourne



Code-806ED-German dancers-Perth

Traditional German, Bavarian and Austrian style dancers and cow-bell players available to perform at any occasion!
The Costumes are traditional and fully imported. Most of our dances are flirtatious and tell a story. The slapping of the Thighs and shoe soles by the boys, called "Schuhplattler" are to warm up and to create the sound to music, which is played by an accordion player.
Suitable for a ball floor show or a German theme night.



German polkas and Waltzes

Solo or Band


german accordionist Melbourne

code-475RMB-Bavarian Band-NSW

A leading group of talented musicians who have played at the famous Fairfield Octoberfest Weekend Celebrations and The Löwenbräu Keller in The Rocks, Sydney.
They capture the authentic and energetic brass sounds of a Munich Octoberfest Oom Pah Pah Band.
Dressed in Traditional Lederhosen they bring to you,  Famous Drinking songs, marches, polkas, and other international favourites. Fun and gusto brought straight to you, right here in Australia.

Code-475RMK-Oktoberfest Floorshow-NSW

Now you can experience all the fun, music and dancing of a Munich OKTOBERFEST, anytime of the year, right here in Australia.
Featuring: the versatile and exciting voice of German born, Brunie (who acquired the Irish name from her Australian marriage). Showcasing Marlene Dietrich and German drinking songs.
With 6 dancers enthralling you with their hilarious slap dancing, and wood chopping routines.
Ross a brilliant international accordionist. Presenting show-stopping solos. Combining synthesizer and traditional German accordion sounds.
• The OOM - PAH - PAH, is provided by 3 superb musicians,
• Trumpet /Trombone/Tuba/Drums.








This 4 piece busking style Oktoberfest band, teases the sounds of “um-pa-pa”, with their pick n’ mix repertoire of German Polkas, Belgian Waltzes, and array of Beer drinking favourites.
Guaranteed to have their viewers toe tapping and hand clapping up to dance. Only 2 German songs in vocals.
The rest of our repertoire is based on our demographic and audience.  If you have a young hip crowd, we play a lot of commercial cover songs in Polka Style (Umpa) if it is an older demographic or classy environment we play instrumental polkas/ marches / waltzes and german favourites.
 The band will be bouncing their way around cultural festivals and Oktoberfest do’s anywhere they may ponder.





Ideal for race nights, Race meetings. Fun loving and interactive.



Code 243NSGD-High Society stilt Walkers-Melbourne

Gloriously dressed in their Racing Finest, these two ‘High’ Society Stiltwalkers will not only stand out in the crowd but look stunning as well. Available for Race functions, fashion parades  etc.



These are giant figures that will roam around your event and interact with the audience. Lots of other characters available. Tennis, cricket, life guards, AFL footballers in your colors,basketball. Athlete, super heroes, security, etc Fully Sculptured muscular legs with feet and huge muscled torso approx 8' 6" tall. The performers are actors and comedians, so as well as looking terrific they are able to engage the audience with their witty repartee and sporting highlight.



Code 150ER-Race Night-Bookies-Melbourne

The Crooked  Bookies greet your guests and hand out fake betting money.
They begin to rove the function talking up the races and creating a fun atmosphere.
At a given time they announce that they are now taking bets on the first race and invite the guests to place bets with them like real bookies.
Once all bets are in the they call the first race of the evening. The race is on dvd
and is displayed up on the big screen. One of the bookies does a live call. The names of the horses have been substituted with names supplied by the client. (guest names or suppliers names etc.)
At the end of the race guests collect their winnings and place bets on the next race.
 Between the races the Bent Bookies rove the room chatting up the ladies and talking shop with the guys.
Other Highlights of the night include
Fashions on the field Male and Female.(best dressed, best hat etc)
Lucky door prize
Live auction at end of races. Guests use their winnings to bid on great prizes
supplied by client.
The Crooked  Bookies are just the thing to liven up your party or event.
Ideal for horse racing themed events. From 10 people to 1,000 people.
They  Supply the following;
Fake betting money
Bookie bags
Bookie boards with names of all horses in all races
DVD of races (up to 3 races)
Writing of race call with substituted names supplied by client
PA system with DVD player / laptop, microphones, background
music, powerful projector and screen.

Roaming 150EBR-Bookies-Melbourne

The Crooked Bookies will rove your event Creating mischief.



150EBR-Crooked bookies



The Victorian Equestrians is a fun Duo with Victorian style, elegance and period charm.
 The duo can be comprised of the couple in red & black on stilts, or one character on stilts and one as a half man, half horse on the ground.  Both combinations are a great fun.
 This Equestrian act is very unique and would be a very lively, theatrical act with elegance harking back to a time when racing was really in our blood.
 Just a note the horse is not on stilts.  It works really well with the quirky character being led around by it's larger than life trainer. 
 These are fun and unique characters for any racing event.

horses-races racing-characters

Code 1RSJ-Jockeys-roving musicians-Melbourne

Blinkers are off.
The bagmen are collecting the wagers and checking the odds.
The Boys have their silks on and are lined up at the barrier ready to commence the entertainment at today’s race meeting. 
From the birdcage to the member’s room, the entertainment will be flowing and the heart beat will be racing.  It’s Race Day!





Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists.  They will indulge in delicious eye candy treats; unique and spectacular.  We have a long list of whimsical creations, so take your time to explore them all.






Like stretched, animated mirror balls, the stilt-walking SILVERS are serpentine, metallic, space-age and feminine. These sensually slinky characters are sublimely sequined from their pointed alien heads to their distant toes. An absolute crowd puller. Incredible under lights, both indoors and out. SILVERS are 3.5 meters tall.




Code-67ADM-Elvis Tribute Show-melbourne

Many Elvis Tribute Artists claim to be the best, but there are very few in Australia that have the proof to back it up.
This show is one of Australia’s top award winning Elvis Presley Tribute Acts.
In January 2012,he  won the first ever Elvis Presley Enterprises endorsed Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest held here in Australia,
His  rapid rise over 6 years to the elite level is no surprise to those who have had the pleasure of witnessing this act. The absolute total dedication to entertaining a crowd and the remarkable connection with the audience is sometimes on a level that cannot be described.
It is this dedication that has made this entertaining full time act sought after for cruise ships, casinos, weddings and for large corporate events throughout Australia and abroad.
An exciting entertainer and a grand showman on all levels, with a great sense of humour and most importantly a voice that captures a great likeness to Elvis Presley. 
Many have said: “He has a very impressive stage presence and a great resemblance to the king.”
So if you’re after a confident and experienced Elvis Tribute Act and a first class showman with an outstanding Elvis voice, and most of all a very convincing Elvis look, then this is the act for your function.

This Elvis Tribute Act act offers packages for larger corporate shows complete with live band, Vegas dancers, all sound and lighting or it can be tailored for smaller venues and private functions with a selection of either a live band or the option of using professional backing tracks.

song list




Code- 116BJ-Tribute To Frank Sinatra-Melbourne.

His Frank Sinatra tribute Show is a charismatic and passionate performance assures a delightful experience for any audience. Solo with backing tracks or band.
He  recreates the classic Las Vegas tribute show keeping the music and magic of the “Greats” alive in our hearts from Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and many other wonderful entertainers. The Las Vegas Spectacular can include the Frank Sinatra Tribute which is a showcase to 'Ol' Blue Eyes' himself.
In the Las Vegas Spectacular, he captures the vocal nuances of all artists represented and his captivating stage presence, great costumes and unique production makes for an enjoyable evening for any audience.


Code-129FXPB-Bunnies show-Melbourne

This show is quirky, sexy, and delicious all at the same time. Although Playboy Bunnies are renowed for being what fantasies are made of, you better believe these bunnies are real, curvy women. This sassy Jazz show is 10mins in length and displays gorgeous, talented, sensual women. Can stay for photos.
Client to provide sound system.

or can rove any event.


Code-152TSM-Adult Magician-melbourne

Professional sleight of hand artist/ magician. Specialising in close up magic with over 6,000 hours of close up magic entertainment experience. Conversant in 5 languages, PLC insured and member of the Australian Institute of Magic and the Australian Society of Magicians. Previously served as secretary for the latter. Also features annually at the Melbourne Magic Festival Close-up Gala's sold out show. Winner of Australian Society of Magicians Magic to Music Competition. Awarded the Order of The Phoenix by the Australian Insitute of Magic. Has worked to customise magic for clients including making the birthday cake magically appear at a 90th birthday party as a grand finale of his stage act. Tom has performed at thousands of both corporate and private events. His aim is to create fun and memorable moments which feature a sense of wonder and astonishment.
His performance includes an array of astonishing small miracles such as borrowing a ring and causing it to vanish and reappear in a surprising location. He also uses cards which a spectator holds and the cards turn into glass right in their hands. He also uses a variety of other small objects which vanish or transform. Displaying a $5 note slowly it changes into $50,
Possibly the most incredible sleight of hand artist you will ever see.
$20,00,000 Public Liability Cover, Working with Children Check



Code-173MCS- Vegas and Showgirl  Dancers-Melbourne

Available for meet and greet functions or 1 x 30min dance display with costume changes.(not all show girl costumes) Also Elvis impersonator to add the Vegas touch. optional extra.  Up to 4 girls available. Choice of colours.


vegas-showgirls showgirl-dancers

show-girls showgirls


Water Theme


Code-57DBD-glam ladies-Melbourne

As the first of its kind in the corporate entertainment industry, providing a unique and extensive range of roving acts for corporate events. Our costumes are spectacular, our performers – simply stunning and we are here to make your event or party something that is out of this world.
Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists. They will indulge in delicious eye candy treats; unique and spectacular. We have a long list of whimsical creations, so take your time to explore them all.


From the depths of the ocean comes this glistening gold beauty of the sea. She has swum many nautical miles to bring something special to your event. Brushing her long golden locks, blowing bubbles, flipping her shimmering tail and greeting guests, this always gorgeous mermaid will be in the talk of the party.
Her flawless skin is sprinkled with gold dust while her precious head piece and top are encrusted with shells, pearls and star fish. Mermaid can also be adapted to swim in water. Slight variations in costume will apply.  she is available in both gold and blue.


Code-72EJWN-water Nymphs-Melbourne

These stilt walking water nymphs will delight he children with large bubbles.
Two beautiful, majestic water-creatures shimmer, gleam and bring a touch of the exotic to your event. With bubble machines built into their costumes, masses of bubbles float around them wherever they go.
Available with a wand option where they create massive bubbles up to a meter in size. 

Can be on or of stilts.




The giant colorful fish, likes to make a splash wherever she goes. She’ will pose for photos and blow bubbles for 'Wilber' (The Fisherman with his rubbery oversized hook). She’ll even help you to catch her. Your audience will certainly know they've arrived, when they meet this pair.
The fish measures 2.4 meters long and 2.8 meters high. Her eyes, fins and mouth animate creating a smile that is both heart- warming and utterly engaging. Interactive fishing games.


White or Winter Theme



Our costumes are spectacular, our performers – simply stunning and we are here to make your event or party something that is out of this world.
Cheeky, sexy and fun, the costumed artistes are a stunning and quirky way to circulate sweet canapés or drinks to your guests.
Range of costumes include:1 Flossy Darling, 2 candy , 3 peacock, Knickerbocker Darling,6 Flutterby, Bravo Bouquet, Liquorice Allsorts, Bravo Burlesque,5 Topiary Tart.
Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists. 
Created from the finest of materials and delicious hand dyed plumes with more than a generous sprinkling of Swarovksi crystals.  Guests will mingle with a plethora of stunning creatures from our ever growing menagerie.
Perhaps the Appetiser Darling Tray Artiste range of acts is more suited to your event style.  Cheeky, sexy and fun, this range of living table acts are a novel way of displaying and distributing food and drinks.   These burlesque inspired walk about characters can tempt guests with sweet candy and cake delights or simply serve drinks.  They are the perfect conversation starter.



Code-57BBD3-Living table-Snowflake-Melbourne

This delicate snow flake has fallen straight from the christmas night sky and brings with her frivolous christmas fun.  Her snow white outfit is embellished with lace, pearls, silk and bows.  A giant feathered christmas tree balances with ease on her head and is topped by a diamonte encrusted christmas star shining bright.
A novel way of displaying and distributing canapes and beverages. .


Without table

57DBD3 57BBD3-snowflake

Code-57CBD4-stilts-White Swan-Melbourne

Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists.  They will indulge in delicious eye candy treats; unique and spectacular.  We have a long list of whimsical creations, so take your time to explore them all.




Code-69AFV1- Statue -Roaming-QLD

This stylish roving act or installation utilises the universal language of mime. This happy 1950’s couple visit your event with open eyes, amazed by the colourful world around them.
Also available as solo act.

This act is also available:
-with a complete 60’s living room set
-in other colours
-as shopping themed act
-as Christmas themed act
-tailored to your event. Talk to us; we have plenty of ideas!
Other Info
Most acts perform for either 2 x 45 minutes or 3 x 30 minute sets.



These gliding, angelic snow queens are ideal for leading the bridal party to the reception or for a highlight for your wedding photos.

An ethereal vision, the entirely white stilt-walking Snow Queens are astonishingly eye-catching. Mesmorizing as they float through the world, they appear to be moments away from taking flight. Snow Queens virtually glow under lighting. Snow Queens can perform under 3.5 meter ceilings. Full height with wings up - 4.5 meters.

can also be with glow.



Code-337DBP-Roaming Penguins-Melbourne

These parading penguins will interact with the audience and delight with their penguin antics! penguins doing low-level acrobatics while they rove. Book one or more penguins to make your event truly unique and entertaining.
There are endless uses for the parading penguins! Are you looking for great photo opportunities? A jovial atmosphere? Characters that will interact with and entertain your guests? If your event needs that extra little something, these penguins will be the abstract element that makes your event stand out from the rest. 
The Penguins have been spotted at awards nights, escorting recipients on and off stage, and can often be found handing out showbags and flyers. But these flightless feathered friends are most accustomed to general roving at parties, openings, and promotional event. 2 minimum call out.


Code-82SBE-stilt Ballerinas-NSW

Pearly white dancers twirl like ballerinas. Tall and other-worldly they create a graceful dance amongst  the crowds. Great at corporate formal events, ‘white ’ parties, Xmas, mid-winter and wherever else takes your fancy. also with glow lights.
Up to x 4 available. (Sydney)


stilt-ballerinas roving glowing ballerinas.

Code-541WS-White Swans-Melbourne

Great for white or Xmas events these roving swans will float gracefully around your function.


roving-white-swan white-roving-swans

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