ADULT Magicians and Illusionists

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Code-10ESR-Roving Adult Solo magician-Melbourne

Sophisticated conjuring brought up close and involving the spectators, where the inexplicable happens in their own hands. Performed silently or as a heavily accented Italian gypsy. Delightfully charming, somewhat temperamental and completely engaging. He has been a professional conjuror since he was fifteen years old.
He is recognized as Australia's most inventive and artistic magician. His training in dance brings a graceful bravado to his strong theatrical approach. Certainly, no other magician can move like him!
Also great for shopping centres. Comes fully equiped with stage setting.
Stage show Duration: 30 minutes Numbers: Up to 100 pax
Requirements: 3 metre square performance space
Or Roving amongst guests

Code-10ESS-Stage Show- Duo-Melbourne

Elegant illusion to classical music. Light hearted conjuring to an upbeat tango. Humorous capers with audience volunteers. They create an experience on stage that is artistic, impeccably routined and irresistibly entertaining.
 Doves appear out of thin air. A cooking demonstration receives a pinch of magical flavouring. Eva's beautiful face vanishes in a burst of flame. Their  inventive magic that they have developed baffles not only their spectators, but also their peers.
 Performing  to a broad range of music, from the classical serenades of Mozart played live on solo violin, to contemporary interpretations of traditional Arabian rhythms. Their routines are all meticulously timed to music with the precision of an expert choreographer.
 Whether audience volunteers are floating on nothing more than ether, or being asked for help with a simple card trick, they are always treated with respect and never embarrassed. Inevitably, they become the stars of the show.
 Performances can be adjusted in both duration and dimension to fit a variety of scenarios, from shows for intimate audiences to full scale stage productions. A new act or piece of magic can even be ingeniously tailored to fulfill particular requirements.

Code-10ESX-Christmas Magic show-Melbourne

Set against a palette of red and silver, this magic show for the festive season contains all the hallmarks of excellence you’ve come to expect from these masters of Magic.
The Christmas themed illusions are astonishing. Animals appear out of thin air, money is found invisibly lingering amongst the audience, and decorations behave in a most extraordinary manner.




10ESX-Xmas show


Code 19AAL-Mentalist-NSW

Is it truly possible to read someones mind? After watching Anthony’s show you will be convinced that mind reading is the only logical explanation. On stage he will have you suspended in disbelief and you will try desperately to dissect his ability, to unlock his secrets. So are you willing to let Anthony into your mind? You can be certain that watching Anthony in action is a once in a lifetime experience. Let him twist the very core of what you believe to be real. Watch him perform a game of Russian Roulette and let him show you why he’s the best in Australia. Anthony is currently performing in the international hit production of the Illusionists. Chosen over all the other mentalists in the world, Anthony is a phenomenon not to be missed. Anthony encompasses humour and wit along with feats beyond the realm of what we believe to be possible in this world. But there’s one thing you can be sure of – Anthony knows what your thinking.


equipment show

19aAL-Mind reader


smaller show

Code 37CMS-Roving magician-Melbourne

A master of card tricks and street hustles. He will leave you feeling amazed and clasping your wallet. Combining hat manipulation with comedy close up magic, he is ideal for roving through cocktail and dinner parties. He has appeared at many restaurants, and corporate events. Gangster and Vegas are his favourite themes

Combining hat manipulation with comedy close up magic, he is ideal for roving through cocktail and dinner parties.


He is an incredible sleight of hand magician, which, combined with his irresistible charm and sense of humour, makes for the perfect ice breaker at any event.
Whether it be reading minds or vanishing an object right out of someone’s hands, he directly involves the spectators keeping the laughter and amazement flowing throughout his performance.
Whether it’s a pre-dinner drinks, table 2 table, weddings, parties, or trade shows, he will blow your guests away with his mind boggling close up routines which are suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Code -122ADA-Comedy Stage show

His hilarious comedy stage spectacular showcases the perfect blend of comedy routines, audience participation and unbelievable sleight of hand ensuring your guests will remember your event for years to come.


Code-124BM-Comedy Magic show-Melbourne

Internationally he is known for his remarkable ability to engage an audience and bring laughter to any room just by standing alone onstage. He is the  perfect entertainment for any event, large or small anywhere in the world. This show is one of our most popular, as on stage alone and with various members from the audience invited to join him, he will entertain and fool you in a way that most illusionists cant.
 He will have your audience laughing the moment he greets them with witty one liners and some seriously out of this world magic that will have you blown away and just wondering how on earth it could be achieved without any assistant or special staging.
 You will be left dumfounded as a borrowed mobile/cell phone is absorbed inside of a balloon then to vanish and appear inside of a sealed can of baked beans held by an audience member from the beginning of the show.
 A piece of paper scrunched into a ball will become animated as it bounces all over his arms and head before being folded into a paper rose it will effortless float in front of him bursting into flames and becoming a real rose.
 Several people will be involved as a padlocked box, hanging high above the stage, will be lowered and opened by a spectator to reveal a gasping audience a impossible prediction made by just seconds before
 Shot Through the Deck is one of the hottest effect in the show. A spectator selects a card then using a pistol, attempts to shoot the chosen card out of the deck with hilarious and surprising results
 A drawing on a sketch pad will come to life and reveal a chosen card as the ink moves and changes shape to form the picture
  And the grand finale will leave everyone amazed and rolling on the floor laughing as they jump to the feet at an impossible conclusion to the show which will leave them in hysterical disbelief as a lady from the audience colours in a drawing of a man any way she wants while he  is blindfolded only for him to impossible end up wearing the same outfit and colours as created and chosen by the lady!
  The show has no heavy road cases and props-making it the quick and easy choice for interstate and overseas clients after a 1st class international artist’s show with the minimum of expense and trouble with maximum impact.


Code-124BMA-Roving Magician-Melbourne

Magic Up Close is a great way to get your event off to an energetic start by creating some buzz and getting the laughter flowing. He gets right next to you and your guests. Lots of magicians can do "tricks" however he will engage and entertain like no other.  His close up magic has been a huge success for casinos, Luxury brand watch launches, functions, corporate and more. Not just because he is an expert at the art of magic, but because he is a 1st class entertainer that entertains in such a refined and polished way. Magic so strong it's sure to make a great talking point for a long time after your event.


Code-125RV-Magic Stage Show-Melbourne

As a professional magician he  infuses magic's rich traditions with the edgy realism of street magic to create a highly entertaining and compelling brand of performance. With over twelve years professional experience, including ten years entertaining at Star City Casino in Sydney, He is the quintessential close up and stage magician now a regular magician for Crown Casino.
As a Duo (2 magicians) they can entertain with shows from 10 to 30 minutes, from a heart stopping Razorblade eating routine to the sublime Ancient Mystery of the Linking Rings. For a classic and more intimate stand up performance, he elegantly presents the "Parlour" magic act, which involve interactions of mindreading and displays of some of the most mind blowing magic effects with cards, borrowed objects and dangerous physical exhibitions involving knives, needles and razorblades. Or choose one of our both unique 30 minute shows with character, illusion and theatre.


Code-125RVA-solo-roving Magician Melbourne

His close up magic creates an interactive, intimate, astonishing and personal form of entertainment, ideal for all social occasions. From conjuring, to tricks of the mind, to sleight of hand, illusions and suggestions, it is an exciting, captivating and memorable experience.
In 2008 he was engaged by Coca Cola to create and perform customised magic to market and promote "Coke Zero" for a national touring campaign. He is now one of the most sought after close up magicians in Australia and is a regular consultant for magic, entertainment and marketing solutions.

125RV 125RV



Roving fortune telling with a light hearted and entertainment based approach. Magic with a levitating voodoo doll, blue lights that appear and  impromptu snow storms. She was a regular close up magician for The Star Casino and has performed for 100’s of corporate events and throughout Asia. Now retired from traditional close up magic her roving appearances are now reserved for events seeking a highly visual and theatrical based performance. Depending on the event the character can adapt from an installation to a interactive and speaking performer. A typical event would see a silent mime style of magic as a welcome meet and greet followed by interactive magic and fortune telling during pre-dinner drinks or after entree. Costuming is handmade and a one off ; the dress is very heavy and suits the mystical, slow paced and calm nature of the Nordic Witch character.




His stage and roving acts are packed with comedy, music, amazing sleight-of-hand, and audience participation.
In his 30 to 45 minute show he performs incredible feats in a captivating style, designed to intrigue, amuse and fully entertain your guests.
In his roving act, he strolls among your guests performing magic that is close enough to touch. He creates stories and visual illusions with cards, cups, coins and balls, and his energetic friendly style brings it all to life.
Whether your function is a private party, a corporate, formal or public event, he show will be the perfect addition.


Code-152TSM-Adult Magician-Melbourne

Professional sleight of hand artist/ magician. Specialising in close up magic with over 6,000 hours of close up magic entertainment experience. Conversant in 5 languages, PLC insured and member of the Australian Institute of Magic and the Australian Society of Magicians. Previously served as secretary for the latter. Also features annually at the Melbourne Magic Festival Close-up Gala's sold out show. Winner of Australian Society of Magicians Magic to Music Competition. Awarded the Order of The Phoenix by the Australian Insitute of Magic. Has worked to customise magic for clients including making the birthday cake magically appear at a 90th birthday party as a grand finale of his stage act. Tom has performed at thousands of both corporate and private events. His aim is to create fun and memorable moments which feature a sense of wonder and astonishment.
His performance includes an array of astonishing small miracles such as borrowing a ring and causing it to vanish and reappear in a surprising location. He also uses cards which a spectator holds and the cards turn into glass right in their hands. He also uses a variety of other small objects which vanish or transform. Displaying a $5 note slowly it changes into $50,
Possibly the most incredible sleight of hand artist you will ever see.
$20,00,000 Public Liability Cover, Working with Children Check




Recognised as one of Melbourne's finest magicians and corporate entertainers. Blending expert sleight of hand and comedy, he leaves his audience astounded and is a guaranteed hit at any function. Renowned for his innovative performances, he is a modern day magician. He has a creative flair that he works into his show, making him a one of a kind entertainer.
Weaving his craft in all sorts of venues this Melbourne Magician is heavily sought after for corporate events and private parties. Performing for audiences large and small, he can customise his show to fit any function and audience. No matter how big or small the event he will add life to ensure it is a memorable success.
Option 1 Stage show: This is a 45 minute program that is best suited for a large audience. The show is jam packed with stunning magic, audience participation and witty comedy. Performing highly visual illusions with an engaging persona, his stage show never fails to bring down the house. Witness first hand why he is recognised as one of the most innovative Magicians in Melbourne.
Option 2 Walkaround/Close-up show: Let him break the ice at your next function by mingling with guests and performing highly visual magic and expert sleight of hand. Perfect for corporate events and private parties, walk around magic is a great conversation starter and will allow your guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

Adult show


Childrens show video

Code-174GRA-Roving magician-Brisbane

Having  been a corporate and children's magician for 15 years and will add some extra sparkle to your event. The perfect ‘ice breaker’ or after dinner entertainment.  His  Fun, Interactive and Entertaining style of “Close-Up” Roving Magic has helped create 'Exciting and Successful Events' for top corporation and private individuals in Brisbane. His  Magic is highly interactive and guaranteed to amaze and entertain your guests. So whether it is a small gathering of 10 or a banquet for 1000.



This is the perfect entertainment and a great ice-breaker for your event. Ben mingles with the guests, entertaining small groups at a time. Your guests will be mesemerized watching a close-up master magician in his element.
There is nothing up his sleeve, no mirrors or trapdoors, just a clever fellow who entertains, astounds and captivates audiences all over the world.

Code-204BHS-stage show-Melbourne

This is an 30min after-dinner style show that features skilful and amazing magic with comedy and audience participation. It is a polished show that gets the audience hooked every time.



Bringing  a stylish, tantalizing touch of excitement to any event. Business dinners, Product launches (tailor-made to make your product the star of the show, Trade shows -exhibitions (make your stand a sales magnet Training sessions -seminars (stimulating and relevant) Unique in the world of magic and corporate entertainment, he knows how to take a brief from you, or your agency, and design a stylish, professional presentation that will enchant your customers and clients.
His MAGIC will also personalise the experience for important guests who may find themselves magically in possession of items bearing their own name or perhaps, your company logo.
His clients have dubbed him The Gentleman Magician’ acknowledging that his special skill is not only in the creation of startling, seemingly impossible events – but also in his ability to interact charmingly and intelligently with those most important people - your guests.
He can design a tailor-made stage show; or walk amongst your guests and make magic happen before their very eyes, and sometimes, in their own hands. They will also be surprised at what he seems to know about them.


Code-213SC-Adult Roving Magician-Melbourne

A refreshingly modern and original magician with his slight of hand magic.
Experienced in performing for anything from five people through to five thousand, He specialises in uniquely customising each show to your specific event and venue. His work falls into three broad categories:
Close-up: performing intimately for a small group of people. Exponentially more astonishing because of its close proximity to the audience, as well as its enhanced interactivity. For audiences up to 30 people.

Code-213SCS-Adult Magic-show-Melbourne

Stand-up: bigger performance, designed to engage and amaze larger crowds. For audiences between 30 and 250 people.
Stage: A mix of material designed to play for larger crowds and venues. Depending on venue, may incorporate video projection technology and crew. For large audiences (250 people or more).




An  expert at performing amazing close-up magic and illusions right before your eyes. His style of close-up magic is a blend of the visually and mentally impossible performed under the noses of the audience.
The versatility of his magic makes it the ideal entertainment for any party, whether it is a relaxed family retirement or birthday party or a work Christmas party.



Combining dazzling magical skills with verbal and visual comedy and friendly, good-humoured audience interaction, he delivers an entertainment experience distinctly his own- sophisticated enough for an adult audience yet accessible for a group of kids.
Recreated Houdini’s near fatal Milk Can Escape for Melbourne Central.
First magician to perform live for the population of Nauru - seasonextended and was watched by the whole population.
Your guests will be spellbound as he uses only common items like playing cards, coins, keys, finger rings (many times borrowed from the audience), causes objects to appear and disappear in the spectator's own hands.He finds signed, selected cards under impossible circumstances and even defies the laws of science, like when a borrowed wedding ring seems to melt through a solid piece of rope.You will agree this guy is magic.


Code-320LP-adult magician-NSW

Close Up
His close up shows are ideal for cocktail parties, pre or post dinner drinks, product launches, weddings, corporate events, private parties and almost anywhere that entertainment is required. Liam performs close up magic to small groups of guests. As he moves around your event and will have your guests actively involved in tricks, laughing, chatting and being amazed.
It is a very intimate performance style and is the perfect ice-breaker. His close up performances are interactive, high energy and naturally create talk and excitement.

Code-320LPS-adult magician-NSW

His  stand-up show is perfect for audiences seated in front of a stage. He can entertain your guests with hilarious, mind blowing and unique magic. His stand up performances can last from 10 minutes to one hour. His shows can be anything from a stand alone magic show to a quick session to keep your guests entertained between speakers. The show is always fast-paced, interactive and funny.



I'm a magician who has performed professionally in over 10 countries, for many well known individuals and groups. I specialise in sleight of hand magic for small groups, and audiences up to, and over 100+ people, which is perfect for nearly any event big or small. I employ a comedic element to my show, which can be adapted to any type of audience and making the performance not just amazing, but hilarious. I have a large repertoire of tricks, and illusions, that enables me to perform for hours on end.
I have a the inherit ability to 'think on my feet' which allows me to adjust my performance to any audience or group, to give the perfect show, tailor made just for them.


Code-367JJ-adult Magician-NSW

One of Australia's premier magical entertainers. Sydney based his work takes him all over the Australia and Internationally. His work is in such high demand, due to his clean, mind blowing magical performances and hilarious comedy interactions. Sensitive to his audiences his shows are designed to work for any size and culture, from large arena events to simple luncheons for 30. He will have your audiences completely entertained.
With many magic awards under his belt, he is in great demand as entertainer travelling the world on the cruise ships.



 THE MAGICIAN FOR THE MILLENNIUM- is how he was described on the evening he won the MATS Performer of the Year, Gold Medal. He received a standing ovation for his performance on that evening. He is a professional entertainer for the young at heart, wowing his audiences with spectacular showmanship and his own unique, fresh style of magic.
He may be young but his charisma, charm and versatility mean that he is set to make an indelible mark on the Australian entertainment scene. When he performed as a featured guest artist at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Bruce Kalver of the Society of American Magicians said, "His warm personality as well as his sense of humour was gushing throughout his act. His polite manner and professionalism show us that this man will be going places!"
He has performed alongside some of the biggest and most respected names in magic, both national and international artists who have all been unanimous in their praise of and support for him. They have recogonised and encouraged his remarkable talent.
The VERSATILITY and SHOWMANSHIP of his performance constantly benefits from the introduction of ever new material, which he designs and rehearses to meet your specific needs, for all ages and all occasions.


Code-416PB-Comedy Magic-Brisbane-Qld

As a Comedy Magician he offers the perfect early evening entertainment, combining close-up magic and interaction to help welcome guests and allow everyone to get to know each other better. These are illusions performed right up close, allowing guests to take with them a memory of the evening they will never forget.

Code-416PBS-Comedy Magic-Brisbane

His comedy magic show is a combination of stand-up comedy, magic and plenty of audience participation.



The ultimate combination of Magician-Comedian.
His captivating stage performance which encompasses a unique blend of magic and comedy and his incredible close up miracles can only be described as brilliant.

Illusions/magic comedy stage show

His brilliant charismatic personality and his appealing presence on stage is what separate him from other musicians. Audience participation, witty one liners, hypnosis and hilarious visual gags are essential ingredients that make him one of the most diverse magic comedy acts of today.

Close up

Witness the unbelievable and experience the impossible as interactive magic is performed in your hands and inches away from your eyes. Objects will disappear, float, burn and end up in the most impossible places. Predictions will be made and minds will be read.



This is where he will move amongst your guests performing mind blowing magic.
This is normally done in a stand up cocktail situation or on and around the tables at an event.
This provides your guests with an amazing vibe of excitement and leaves them with a lasting impression for years to come.

Code-536JN-stand up show-Qld

This is a more formal show involving amazing magic, baffling mind reading, comical audience participation routines and a big magical surprise at the end.
This act is ideal for conferences, annual dinners or awards ceremonies where something special is needed to bring the evening to a spellbinding conclusion.

Code-536JNF-family Duo show - mime and magic-Qld

This is a comedy magic act utilising 2 of the oldest art forms (magic and mime). The illusionist and the mime artist make an excellent but strange team combining their skills to make the stage come to life and engaging everyone’s imagination.

Code-536JNW-magic team building workshop-Qld

Learning a new skill is a great way to build confidence and learning together strengthens the whole team.
After signing a secrecy agreement, delegates learn easy to perform magic which they can show their friends.
 Also they will get a lesson into some elegant slight of hand skills using a deck of cards, including shuffling, ribbon spreading and a breakdown explanation to the infamous card spring.
To finish the workshop a magic show will be held showcasing those who took to the illusions the best!
run time - 90 minutes




Code-575MB-corporate Magic-Melbourne

An exciting performance style that is spectaculary entertaining. They are an inovative professional illusion act with a depth and style that is totally unique, making them highly sought after in Australia and Asia.
Their performance spectrum ranges from full illusion production shows to three minute guest spots, from Grand Illusion to close up Magic.


Code -613JB-adult magician-NSW

He will deceive/hustle/trick/rob you but you'll love it. If you need a magician who will keep your guests awake at night for hours wondering how he did it, then this magician  is for you. He will also make you the star of the show by giving you mystical powers. Everyone will remember that you seemed to randomly choose the 4 aces, that you managed to correctly guess the colour of all 52 cards and that you managed to bend a coin with your brain. He  can perform in the round with people watching from every angle and can have you inspect all his props. His act involves sleight of hand tricks with rope, coins, balls, cups, pencils, cards, drink cans, spoons, nails and eggs.

Code-631BM-stand up comedy Magician-NSW

Look no further and enjoy the entertainment of both worlds, Magician as well as a Comedian his award winning comedy magic presentations is one of the most unbelievable exciting and funniest shows you will ever see.
You'll never know what he will do next. Combining snappy one liners, sleight of hand magic with the most hilarious audience interaction and hilarious "off the wall" magic stunts ever seen. He has tailor-made his shows to be comedic, fast paced, interactive and most of all spellbinding. His comedy magic show has earned him four entertainment awards for Best Comedy and Specialty act has recentyl been nominated for the A.C.E. Award for Outstanding Versatile Performer/Entertainer of the year.

state if want roving or stand up show

Code-631BMG- Grand Illusion show -NSW

Seven times A.C.E. Award winner
Witness some of the most spectacular illusions ever seen. A presentation that has worn seven entertainment awards as being the most dynamic and breath taking productions staged in Australia. Combinations of state-of-the-art lighting effects, powerful music and dance, beautiful exotic birds, gorgeous assistants, cutting edge magician magic, futuristic hi-tec illusions, mind-blowing circus acts and the most incredible dare devil stunts ever seen. See him produce showgirls from nowhere, slnce a person into three parts, the sawing in half, shrinking a human body to six inches high, the removable head illusion, the sword box, the vanishing, breathtaking fire eating/fire twirling stunts, electrifying dance numbers, appearing animals and much more exciting and spectacular effects that will have an audience on the edge of their seats.
Duration 30-120min depending on required scale and production.

corporaye magician Sydney

adult-roving magician-nSW

grand illusion magician

Code-623MD-Comedy Magic-Qld

A magician who  gets the crowd involved, fills the room with laughter, amazement and gets the energy going.
You have come to the right person!
Forget the traditional “Hey I am magician, pick a card, put it back, now I will find your card!”. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, get into the action and be prepared to bring the house down!
He is funny, he is flirtatious, he is engaging and brings you an unbelievable show filled with incredible magic and mentalism that will keep you and your guests on the edge of your seats.

roving or stand up stage show

A magician who gets the crowd involved, fills the room with laughter, amazement and gets the energy going.

Code-648AD-Adult magician-Brisbane Qld

Quality Brisbane magician. Quality Brisbane magician. Looking for a Magician? He is not just your average magician.
After studying the art of magic from the great magicians of the modern era, he has refined his ability to bring you an engaging encounter, performing tricks that are so powerful they leave the audience saying...
“The only way that’s possible is if that’s actually MAGIC!”
Roving or stage show available.


Code 653VS-Adult Magician -Melbourne

Performances can run from 15 to 45 minutes.
All that is required is space for the performer and for guests to be standing or seated around.
 He blends an easy charm with extraordinary ability.
 Every performance is made to inspire surprise, awe and laughter.  

Code 653VS-Adult Roving Magician-Melbourne

Roving/Stroling/Walkaround entertainment is perfect for breaking the ice amongst guests at functions. Incredible slight of hand and very suave and polished.
This involves the performer meeting, mingling and performing for only a few guests at a time and working their way through the crowd over an hour.


Code 654DC-Comedy magic-Melbourne

An internationally award-winning magician and comedian, who relies on world-class sleight-of-hand, his cheeky wit and a unique ability to connect with all people, in all situations, to win over his audiences.
 His award winning comedy magic features at events of all shapes and sizes throughout Australia.
His magic is regularly featured at work parties, award nights, sales meetings, conventions and other corporate events all around Australia. Show your clients and employees how special they are by addding a unique touch that they will never forget. 


Sit down, be amazed, wet yourself lauging.
​His comedy magic show combines his unique, modern, stand-up comedy magic with his stunning award-winning close-up magic, often via overhead projection, making it perfect for larger audiences.
 This warm and vibrant act is guaranteed to leave audiences baffled, astonished, but overall, entertained like never before.
​The show is appropriate for groups of any number, whether it be 10 or 1000 people. Break the ice, get the juices flowing, witness miracles inches from your eyes.

654DCR- Close up Roving

His award-winning close-up magic provides a truly rare and memorable experience for everyone. He will unobtrusively mingle with your guests, entertaining them with astonishing modern illusions and comedy. His world-class sleight of hand and hilarious interaction is sure to be the talk of your event.


Code 654DCD-roving Ipad Magic-Melbourne

Our team creates original and technological magic presentations to highlight your products, logo, partners, actions or goodies, in an innovative and surprising way.
 The combination of world-class sleight of hand magic and technology allows us to convey any promotional message you desire. We don’t just surprise your customers – we make sure they never forget you!
Not looking to communicate a message? No problem – our digital magic can be customised to simply suit the theme of your event, for example an iPad used as a mind reading‘ radiology device’ at a medical convention, or an interactive‘ black hole’ at a science exhibition. The possibilities are endless!
Our digital magic is appropriate for all intimate environments; cocktail parties, receptions and dinners, with the magician roving from group to group (or table to table), performing short interactive shows (5-10 minutes).
Our performances can also make the perfect addition to your stand at an exhibition or trade show. Here, the magician will be sure to attract the largest crowd in the room, drastically increasing your brand's visibility.  Imagine the magician approaching your future clients by magically presenting your product or services on an iPad, then offering a magic gift to finish!
 Digital performances can also be tailored so suit larger groups, even from a stage. Imagine several iPads, creating a giant screen, presenting your new products in a magical and innovative fashion at a customer meeting.
Digital magic enables direct, entertaining and customisable communication and can be adapted to suit any event: close up or on stage.


The combination of world-class sleight of hand magic and technology allows us to convey any promotional message you desire. We don’t just surprise your customers – we make sure they never forget you!

ur digital magic is appropriate for all intimate environments; cocktail parties, receptions and dinners, with the magician roving from group to group (or table to table), performing short interactive shows (5-10 minutes).


Code-662GD-Comedy magic-floorshow-Trio-Melbournee

Three Amazing magicians in their own right have joined forces to bring you a 75 min spectacular comedy magic show that will leave in in awe and wonder. With hit shows at festivals and sell out performances plus over 30 Television appearances they extend beyond the usual expectations of their artform, this unique trio shatter the mould to create one powerhouse magical unit.

over Duo over $3800 Trio over $6500


Code 811AD-Roving magician-Sydney

The Roving Magic Show, also known as Close Up Magic, will have spectators witnessing magic from only two feet away! An intimate style of entertainment, this is the ideal icebreaker for any event!
He will walk through the audience either table to table or group to group, displaying various sleight of hand skills.  These include cards, coins, borrowed objects, appearances, vanishes and levitation! All the magic occurs within two feet from your eyes.
He always remains one trick ahead of his rival. His unique style of trickery encapsulates fire, mind reading, levitation's, disappearances, interactive audience participation and illusions. He is renowned for his flawless performances, leaving audiences mesmerised and needs to be seen to be believed.

Code-811ADC-Comedy magic stage show

His Comedy Magic Stage Show has power and pizzazz that enthrals all audience members.
In this performance, you experience sleight of hand magic, comedy gags and one liners, audience participation, fire, mind reading, mentalism, productions, levitations, disappearances and transpositions of objects right before your eyes.
His Comedy Magic Show has something for everyone because people love to laugh and be amazed. Everyone says this is the best show they have seen in a long time.

Code-811ADL-Comedy Illussion show

His Illusion Stage Show is the closest you get to Las Vegas here in Australia.
This show option has all the big illusions, all the comedy magic and all the wow factor that your event will ever need.
The show features his assistant appearing and disappearing whilst having fire spikes plunged through her, cutting a lady in half with a modern twist on a classic, an escape out of hand cuffs and chains or magically produce your VIP. These are just a few of the spectacular feats of illusion that you can have live at your function.
This show is a "Vegas" style show with show assistants, glamorous show dancers and of course the magician displaying world class illusions.
This show requires a stage with good lighting for the maximum result.





code 812ST-mentalist-magician-sydney

He is one of Australia's best know magicians. He is the only performer in Australia to be awarded Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle. Aside from performing magic professionally for over 35 years, he has invented dozens of tricks, effects and techniques which feature in the acts of magicians, not only in Australia, but all around the world.


Code 829JB-magician-NSW

From Close-up to Stage, this modern day Merlin performs with an elegant, whimsical style that appeals to all ages. From empty hands, objects appear, disappear and transform. This is the Art of Wonder at its finest.
Based in Australia, he is a Grandmaster Magician. He has performed thousands of shows in over 40 countries, from The Magic Castle in Hollywood to The Magic Circle in London. Along the way, he has appeared on countless TV shows, seen by millions of viewers.

NSW master magician

Magic 1012A BenMagic-Comedy-Brisbane

Loads of comedy superior magic and audience participation. A very entertaining magic show.

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Matt H 1013A Comedy Magic-Gold Coast

A night of Magic and Illusion. Whatever the size of your audience, Matt will add some hilarious magic personalised to your group or event. Using audience volunteers in a presentation combining one liners, hilarious visual gags and his witty classy style, your guests will be splitting their sides with laughter.

Matt also has a La Vegas Style Illusion show with some of the most mind boggling Las vegas style illussions ever seen. Suitable for events of 300-500 people



Magic-adult 838A-SA

London based magician James , hails from Edinburgh, Scotland but now resides in Central London. Highly respected amongst his fellow magicians and until recently an award winning member of London's famous Magic Circle, James is available to hire for all corporate events/functions, private parties, weddings or any other event where you need the very best in entertainment or to simply gather a crowd.

James performance has been described as a magical mix of astute topical observation, strong magic combined with a great delivery and hilarious comedy. Whether performing as a close up magician, cabaret magician or stage illusionist, his quirky style and alluring personality never fails to win the heart of his audience.

A full time professional magician for over 14 years, his skills as a corporate magician and entertainer are regularly sought after by some of the worlds largest blue chip companies and corporations such as Ford Motor Company L'Oreal, Warner Lambert, Phillip Morris, Reemtsma and Hyatt Regency Casino to name but a few and as a result he has travelled the world many times.

James is also well known as one of the UK's finest Street Performers, often seen wowing the crowds in the hustle and bustle of London's Covent Garden and in street festivals around the world. His street show features one of the oldest trick in the world, The Cups and Balls, a real test of a magicians sleight of hand capability which James James has mastered to a level far beyond that of the average Magician.



Witness some of the most incredible magic in exsistence today that truly needs to be seen, to be believed! Featuring incredible high-energy performances, mind blowing magic, world-class sleight of hand, witty and light-hearted comedy, audience participation and spectacular grand illusions that are unlike anything you have ever seen before!
See why They are considered by many as one of the worlds top illusionists, who have been awarded “Magicians Of The Year” by the “Magicians Society” and have entertained and captivated world-wide audiences on television and on tours across the world!



Adult Magic 350A-Melbourne

Award Winning Magic from one of Australia’s highly regarded talents, Duck's unique performance captivates audiences worldwide with stand-out reviews, full houses and countless ovations! His portrayal of the ‘classic magician’ reminds one of the elegance of an era lost and yet his up-beat, sharp and often hilarious routines keep audiences on the edge of their seats and very much in the present! This modern, energetic act is one of the few art forms that encompasses all - music, dance, comedy, dramatics & illusion.

His skill comes from 25 years appearing at Casinos, Resort Hotels, Corporate functions, high profile private events and too many 5 star Cruise Ships to mention!

‘Of all the great magicians around the world, Duck is one of the few that allows one to truly believe in the magic before them, to relax to what they are witnessing, for his character conveys that of a true magical being!’ - The New Dehli Age India.

‘Duck is outstanding - entertaining and mystifying with his incredible & creative Magic. He is brilliant, using comedy & spectacle, bringing excitement & laughter to guests and leaving them spellbound by his illusions! He has worked for us for many years and we have every intention of continuing!’

- Robert Hamer General Manager Hyatt Asia Pacific.

duck-cameron duck-cameron



Adult Magic 241A-comedy-Magic-Sydney

Magician, comedian, illusionist - Phil has an international reputation as one of Australia's most polished and professional comedy entertainers. Amongst his string of prestigious awards, Phil now has 7 consecutive Mo Awards for being the Best Specialty Act in Australia. As he assaults your funny bone, his energy, comedy and surprise will have your audience in the palm of his hand. First class Sydney based.

Phil is the original that others try to emulate. He's a showman, raconteur, comic and multi award winner. In all, he has received 19 Australian National Awards for his service to show business. So whether you have 30 people or 3000 people attending your next event, one thing is for sure - the 'WOW' factor is guaranteed!!

Phil is one of Corporate Australia's most nationally recognised comedy entertainers having performed over 5000 corporate events world wide.

“One of the very best live performers Australia has to offer.” Prime Minister, K.Rudd

The National 'MO' Awards recognise Excellence in Live Entertainment and Phil has been named 'The Australian Specialty Act of the Year” on seven separate occasions!

With his enthralling on-stage personality and powerful presentation, Phil has redefined the meaning of corporate entertainer, combining the skill & thrill of magic with the art of comedy. Along with a healthy dose of hilarious audience interaction, Phil combines impressive sleight-of-hand and clean comedy to create a first class corporate show. He will leave you with the sense of having experienced something truly extraordinary and memorable.

"One of the funniest shows I have seen in a very, very long time! The linchpin was Phil , whose mingling of magic, prestidigitation and comedy had tears streaming down peoples' eyes. He assaulted our collective funny bone… I laughed for so long and so hard that by the end of it, it was almost a relief to stop laughing.” Courier Mail

"The highlight of the evening was the performance by multi-award winning comedy magician Phil, who managed to keep even those who claimed to hate magicians riveted to their seats." Sydney Morning Herald

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Adult Magic 311B -comedy magic-Melbourne

Patrick is a born entertainer originally from Northern Ireland now residing in Melbourne, Australia.  He has many bows to his string, however, the main areas he specializes in are Magic and Comedy. What makes Patrick special is his authentic outlook on life and his passion to use his talent to make a difference and leave his audiences with lasting happy memories. He has got what people call THE X FACTOR It's obvious when you see him perform.


People who experience CLOSE-UP MAGIC performed by PATRICK will be left with a memory that will haunt their souls for a very long time, teasing their minds and having them questioning the laws of Science. This is a strong, personal, funny and exciting style of magic. It happens right in front of you and often in your own hands.

No Large boxes, no bright Lights just Real Magic that is bewildering and extremely entertaining. They will remember the magic long after your event is over.For Brilliant Comedy with a magical twist, Patrick is established as the consummate corporate entertainer. Gob smacking Comedy

Stage Show

From the moment he walks out on stage he captivates his audiences with quick one liners and an opening stunt that just floors the spectators - He swallows a four foot long inflated balloon... which never reappears. As things progress he steals peoples watches, links three borrowed finger rings form audience members, turns $5 notes into $100 notes, makes things jump from a lady spectators hand into a man's trousers (no embarrassment to anyone), spectators have their minds read and as a closer, a signed money bill borrowed form a member of the audience is found inside a can of baked beans that the person himself has been holding during the entire show.



Adult Magic 333A-NSW

Shayne is Australia’s leading comedy magician, from close up magic, children’s parties, adult functions, school, shopping centres, stage illusion shows and entertaining some of the worlds top corporations.A full time professional Magician with thousands of performances in Australia and overseas to his credit, don’t settle for second best. See why 90 percent of his work is generated by repeat bookings, referrals and word of mouth

Shayne is your one stop performer for any type and size of occassion, with magic, comedy and juggling.  Priding himself as the best value for money performer in the country, whatever your needs and budget - talk to us now!


Magic 453A-comedy-magic-NSW

Stand up comedy magic stage show
Close up walk around
Table Magic
Trade Shows
Special Events
Strolling Magic
Mind Reading

If requested, Harry can tailor an act to revolve around a specific product or service, should time to study the products be available.

He can also baffle a corporate audience with mind reading, again all revolving around the customer's product.


magic 498A-Sydney

Rod is one of Australia's wittiest magicians Rod has over 35 years experience in the international entertainment industry.
In that time he has performed his comedy/magic show for Royalty, Heads Of State, Overseas Visitors , Conference Groups,Service Groups

Rod makes people STOP! with his whimsical wizardry and unique style of magic.

Rod makes 'em LOOK! by integrating fun-filled magic visuals to promote the products and services of your company

Rod always makes 'em LISTEN! Rod's ability to connect with people and instantly win over a crowd guarantees success for your project.



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