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Look through the list write down number of performer interested in. Check they are in your state. Click Contact above to fill out form for performer to send back a quote. The Agency does not set performers fees. Put number of performer wanted in other Information on bottom of form. (Can put several on the one form)

Code-10ESR-Roving Solo magician-Melbourne

Sophisticated conjuring brought up close and involving the spectators, where the inexplicable happens in their own hands. Performed silently or as a heavily accented Italian gypsy. Delightfully charming, somewhat temperamental and completely engaging. He has been a professional conjuror since he was fifteen years old.
He is recognized as Australia's most inventive and artistic magician. His training in dance brings a graceful bravado to his strong theatrical approach. Certainly, no other magician can move like him!
Also great for shopping centres. Comes fully equiped with stage setting.
Stage show Duration: 30 minutes Numbers: Up to 100 pax
Requirements: 3 metre square performance space
Or Roving amongst guests

Code-10ESS-Stage Show- Duo-Melbourne

Elegant illusion to classical music. Light hearted conjuring to an upbeat tango. Humorous capers with audience volunteers. They create an experience on stage that is artistic, impeccably routined and irresistibly entertaining.
 Doves appear out of thin air. A cooking demonstration receives a pinch of magical flavouring. Eva's beautiful face vanishes in a burst of flame. Their  inventive magic that they have developed baffles not only their spectators, but also their peers.
 Performing  to a broad range of music, from the classical serenades of Mozart played live on solo violin, to contemporary interpretations of traditional Arabian rhythms. Their routines are all meticulously timed to music with the precision of an expert choreographer.
 Whether audience volunteers are floating on nothing more than ether, or being asked for help with a simple card trick, they are always treated with respect and never embarrassed. Inevitably, they become the stars of the show.
 Performances can be adjusted in both duration and dimension to fit a variety of scenarios, from shows for intimate audiences to full scale stage productions. A new act or piece of magic can even be ingeniously tailored to fulfill particular requirements.

Code-10ESX-Christmas Magic show-Melbourne

Set against a palette of red and silver, this magic show for the festive season contains all the hallmarks of excellence you’ve come to expect from these masters of Magic.
The Christmas themed illusions are astonishing. Animals appear out of thin air, money is found invisibly lingering amongst the audience, and decorations behave in a most extraordinary manner.

10ESR-solo-rove 10ESS-stage-show

10ESD-duo 10ESX-Xmas show


Code 23CABBA-ABBA party-Melbourne

Our Abba party Children’s show is a 30 minute Abba extravaganza that is fully costumed.
Our Abba girls will sing all of your child’s favourite Abba songs including Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Honey Honey, Take A Chance On Me, S.O.S and Super Trouper as well as Happy Birthday if the special occasion is a birthday party.
Our Abba girls will happily pose for photographs with the guests after the show.
All of our Abba girls are professional singers and most work with children in their “day jobs”
All have working with children checks.
Our Abba girls are equipped with a professional sound system and use professional wireless microphones.
We will make your childs party something special, a party they will not easily forget.
View songlist

Video link

23AABBA-Abba-tribute-duo abba-party

Code33FC- Puppet story telling-Melbourne

'A giant Preying Mantis string puppet, expertly carved from cedar. Measuring approximately 90 cm high and 1.5 metres long, the beautifully sculptured form of this puppet and the gentle manipulation required, belies the complexity and skill necessary to operate. This original design with a total of 17 strings, complete with concealed wings just like a real insect, is breathtaking as an object of art and as an operational puppet.
'Spot' is a small version of the original giant Preying Mantis; a baby, with similarities and differences. At just 30 cms long with 7 strings, is agile, quick and cheeky, moving off into the audience to meet and greet a surprised and delighted public.
All members of the audience are invited on to stage during the show, for a close encounter 'of the big kind' to pat, shake limbs and receive a hug from the puppets.
Live actor, storyteller is  the Nature Spirit', is at one with nature. Able to understand the language of all living things, caretaker and friend of them all, when at rest in the forest, she is part of the forest. She is ancient and young all at the same time
She alone has the key and authority to unlock 'Tee Too' from his entrapment .' During the show, the actor shifts between the roles of acting, musician, contact ball manipulator, magician, and puppeteer. She is the bridge between the stage and the audience.
Live actor 'Tee Too' is the young rebellious warrior banished for all time to the confines of his tree until he can learn respect. During the show, the actor shifts between the roles of actor, narrator and puppeteer.
The Tree, is a stage set approximately 2 metres tall covered in small insects and bush critters partly concealed behind foliage. Around it, 'Clover' feeds and interacts with 'Gosper', 'Spot' and the audience. It is from this vantage point, the actor (playing 'Tee Too') operates the giant puppet.
Original music featuring the haunting and evocative sounds of digereedoo, the natural environment and a love melody played on flute, creates a depth of drama that will carry and uplift in any venue.
This powerful yet gentle show has toured to Singapore, Taiwan and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Refugee detention centre.) 

It has played in Australia at environment and sustainability events, festivals, shopping centres, schools, community festivals and at corporate Christmas functions and as installations providing an island of calm and peaceful ambience. 
Prestige events include Ballarat Begonia Festival The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, and Floriade in Canberra.
1 x 30min show  ages 8-10yrs+

Level Floor/Stage Space 2 x 2 Mtr
Minimum ceiling height: 1.8 Mtr 
Bump-in Time:15-min/Out:10-min,
Optional 240V Power. Please advise on application. 
Optional Sound System Please advise on application. 


Code-33FFA-Animation workshop-Melbourne

A Zoetrope was one of the  earliest animation devices developed in the 1830s. It played an important role in the development of the moving image, and is the ancestor of today's multibillion dollar film and animation industry.
Zoetropes were developed originally as small tabletop objects that were  classed as children's optical toys. 
Make-N-Take workshops, is an activity whereby Zoetropes are made (within minutes) and are fun for hours. Available in 3 different patterns, the workshop can accommodates up to 25 persons at once and can continue non-stop for the duration of the booking.
To make the Zoetrope work, you simply spin the barrel, look through the windows and see the cartoon frames jump to life.



Code 33FFSP-Shadow Puppets-workshop-Melbourne

In fun, hands on workshops, participants are taught techniques to create a shadow puppet, which they then experiment and play with on the special shadow board. They are taught important elements of performance and story telling bringing their creations to life. Taking them home, the fun just continues!!
Children 10 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian as scissors are used.
Strictly no child or pram minding.
Trestle tables X 2 Plus two chairs (We can provide if necessary but please advise on the confirmation sheet if required). 
Recycle bin Highly recommended.
240 power preferred but please advise at time of booking if not available. (Not Essential)
All puppet materials provided.





Code-33FFS-Story Telling-Melbourne

The story of a young Fairy whose wings won’t grow and is narrated by ‘Twirl’ an old friend of Gosper.
Come with Gosper on a journey of adventure, discovery and optimism in the face of challenges that threaten her chances of becoming a real flying Fairy.
The show commences with the magical and beautiful  art of contact ball manipulation to the accompaniment of  music written especially for the story by Sue.
Meet a cheeky older brother, sinister snake, a smelly swamp and a life saving owl that loves poetry.”
This show invites the audience to jump up and join in the action.
If it tells us anything, it tells us we should not give up in the face of adversity as help can come from unexpected places.
Suitable for 4/5s to 12 years olds and older kids that look adult on the outside.
More Detail about the show.
‘Gosper’, the young Fairy, must travel into unknown territories to get a special Goo from the Goo Tree. This makes her wings grow.
She will encounter various Australian animals along the way including Koala, Wombat and Possum. But when she loses the directions to the tree, find out how she manages to avoid getting stuck in the swamp or being eaten by Snake. At last with success assured she can return home safe and sound, Flying all the way.
This is a fun interactive and beautiful original story. It is told with a live actor using mime to tell the story. It is about a rite of passage showing that success against the odds, can be achieved, through persistence and determination.
This delightful adventure contains plenty of laughs, interaction, and suits the very young and young at heart. There is even Faere dust given to all the new Fairies at the end.
Tech Specs.
Flat level performance space (preferably but not imperative) on the same level as audience
PA. With Radio Head set Mic. If none available please advise at time of booking as we can provide. A surcharge will apply.
The music is on a CD but an alternative can be organised if required.
Sound check required.
Change room required.
The show is suitable for all ages, although children will need to have an attention span of at least 20 minutes. There is plenty of interaction including physical participation.
Note that while this show is not suitable for a specific toddler audience, in mixed company they too will enjoy participating with their older siblings.
Maximum audience numbers depends on the environment but typically up to 200.


Code 33FFB-Balloon show-Melbourne

About the show.
Kids are invited to turn their twisted creations into puppets as they are guided through a story that they help create. Every show is inclusive and different and the kids become puppeteers and co story tellers.
When the story reaches its natural end, generalised balloon twisting takes over.


Code 44ASF-African-drumming-Dance-Melbourne

Offering infectiously groovy dance music and high energy stage shows, this versatile and experienced ensemble performs beautiful, driving percussion that can be formatted to include a dance spectacular. Ideal for big events that demand a high impact performance. 5-8piece

Code 44BSF-African-drumming-fire-Melbourne

Standard Outfit: 1 fire artist, 2 drummers
Add a spectacular visual element with a fire show choreographed to the energetic rhythms of West Africa.

1 x 10min show or roving

Code 44CSF-African-drumming-Workshop-Schools Melbourne

Our single session workshops offer drumming, dancing and singing as standard, though we can easily adapt to suit your specifications. All of our facilitators are experienced and unique performers, each with their own story and style. Usually, we kick off with a short performance and introduce ourselves, getting everyone excited about the music. We move into the fun quickly with drumming, teaching African rhythms, musical games, and a great jam. We’ll get them grooving too, with some tribal dancing and singing included along the way. At the end of the session we have question time, where students can ask the facilitator about their background, culture, music and about Africa.

Code 44DSF-African-drumming-Workshop-Schools Melbourne

African Drumming will unite your group and have them drumming in harmony together in 5 minutes flat.
The ensemble nature of African Drumming is synergy in action; a live metaphor for the principles of teamwork, leadership and communication needed for groups to meet their potential. We’ll shake the rust off of team dynamics, get people connected and leave them feeling empowered and uplifted. Offering interactive workshops of all types and enlivening performances.



44BSF-Fire african-drumming


Corporate _African-Drumming


Code-81AHV-polynesian show-QLD

Invigorating your senses and reviving your spirit, with our soul awakening vibrant new Polynesian Show Spectacular, thats captivating audiences.
Using traditional music and dance to enhance Pacific cultural identity within our dancers and audiences abroad, by incorporating live drums and fire dancing into our Spectacular show performance.
As cultural ambassadors of the Pacific Nations, we aim to deliver excellence in the Performing Arts & Entertainment Industries, fusing traditional practices with WOW Factor routines.
Our versatile shows embrace quality high impact multicultural performances, ranging across 8 different Polynesian cultures, including Hawaiian, Cook Island, Fijian, Niuean, Tahitian, Aotearoa NZ, Samoan and Tongan. We tailor our show to fit the occasion and breathe life into your event with an unforgettable breathtaking and thrilling experience.satile shows embrace quality high impact multicultural performances, ranging across 8 different Polynesian cultures, including Hawaiian, Cook Island, Fijian, Niuean, Tahitian, Aotearoa NZ, Samoan and Tongan. We tailor our show to fit the occasion and breathe life into your event with an unforgettable breathtaking and thrilling experience.


can add workshops for Schools

School workshops
For work shops:
We can do all these Islands as work shops, as well 
1) AOTEAROA NZ we will teach - HAKA, POI, ACTION SONG.
2) SAMOA we will teach the SASA, SLAP, MAULUULU
3) COOK ISLAND - URA URA for Warriors & PRINCESS - how tow swing their hips, smile and move their hand gracefully to the beat.
4) TONGA - KAILAO for the Warriors who would like to learn
and for the Princesses they will learn the taupou dance, very graceful dance.
5) FIJI - Warriors can learn the Fijian Meke and Action Song  for the Princesses
6) HAWAII - Warriors &Princesses can learn the KAHIKO
7) TAHITI -  Princesses can learn the different movement of hips in Tahiti
Warriors who would like to learn also they will learn a Tahitian Ura as well.
Everything we'll teach will be from beginners level, full or encouragement and excitement, we will break down the reasons why each culture is so unique from the other with their own beauty and different style of dance.
Depending on which workshop they would like to join, each workshop can go for 10-15 minutes each, and we can rotate.




Code-88DFM-large Bubbles-Melbourne

Spectacularly interactive display of some of the world's biggest bubbles. Monster Bubbles is the best way to instantly create a festive atmosphere at your event. Our bubble performer will create Australia’s largest soap bubbles, filling the air with exquisite colour, form, and beauty. These joy-filled bubbles will give your guests a celebratory experience they will always remember. 
Can perform for up to 2 hours solid or multiple 30-45minute sets (e.g. 5x 30mins sets over 5 hours). 
An area of 10x10 metres. As the enormous soap bubbles will always float downwind we generally recommend that you place your Bubble Walker centrally. This is so that no matter what direction the wind blows on the day, the bubbles will stay fairly central creating the maximum visual and festive effect for your event .
We require an approximately 8x8m outdoor space, with a non-slippery surface, prefer-a-bubbly grass or bitumen.






Code-88DFA-Monster bubble Blowing Activity-Melbourne

The monster Bubble Blowing Activity allows people of all ages to easily blow the biggest bubbles of their lives! 
The activity can cater for up to 40 people simultaneously, and because we have the world's best bubble mixture, it is loved by the broadest age range imagine-a-bubble.

The monster Bubble Blowing Activity can be booked in sets of 60 minutes or more. It can also be booked in a combo with our amazing Monster Bubbles - to spread as much bubble magic as possibubble.
The activity must be on a non-slip surface (i.e grass, bitumen), preferably a space of at least 8x8 metres. Water access within 50 metres is also required for refills.
Age Appropriateness
Seriously ALL Ages .oO



Our bubbles are truly incredible and parents love getting to join their kids in the amazing bubble blowing fun. Your bubble party entertainer will also show the kids special bubble tricks like how to catch giant bubbles in their bare hands and blow bubbles inside bubbles.

Code-105WSM-Australian themed show-Melbourne

The show involves all the animals from the magical mountains and Wozza playing and singing the songs. Can involve some story telling.The shows are full of energy with Wozza enthusiastically playing guitar and singing while the animals dance. The Theme is Australian Animals with good messages on Bullying, healthy eating, self esteem, and respect for others.
1 x 30 min show + meet and greet.
Choice of 1-6 mascot characters or if on a budget can have clients dress in the suits.
Can also be a xmas show
In the shows we even dress up Breanna the tree in Xmas decorations and have other Xmas decorations for the animals g Songs from my albums plus a heap of Xmas carols too.



Code-106GBC-Circus show-Melbourne

Roll Up Roll Up
It's the greatest show around coming to your school. The show is a funny musical extravaganza all about the the circus. Show of your performance skills in magic, juggling and balancing tricks.. A must for all students learning about circus and performance skills.

This is a show with the children participating. Not a workshop.



Graeme has been running cartooning and illustration classes for five years at Forestville. Each afternoon between 4.00 pm and 5.30 pm students learn to use the right side of their brain and release their creativeness. From the old style of illustrations of Mickey Mouse and Tweety Bird, to the more modern cartooning of Anime, children are able to experiment and create styles and cartoon characters of their own.

Private classes as well as workshops and holiday programmes are also available. Not only do children benefit by expressing and building upon their creative talents, but the programmes also enhance communication and interaction skills.

Graeme has been interacting with children for many years including those with ADHD and other learning disabilities. His sense of humour, patience and wisdom provides a relaxing atmosphere for all students.



Code-119ASD-Africa-drum and Dance workshop-Melbourne

The group provide a meaningful cultural experience for young people in African Dance and Drumming promoting a fun and positive atmosphere amongst the audience embracing & exploring cultural diversity at its best!

African Dance workshops encourage students to move imaginatively, respond to music and to choreographic instruction and to perform to other students, parents and the public. Discover the basics of rhythm& dance in a fun high-energy class involving authentic African dance routines which include story, song & live percussion. African Drumming & Percussion workshops teach basic rhythm, and improve on listening and co-ordination skills.

African Drumming Workshops for Kids and Schools

The workshops are simple and do not require prior knowledge of drumming or musical skills.  Everyone is given their own djembe drum and within minutes children are able to progress from simple notes to more complex beats.  The workshops also include African songs and chants and other percussion instruments.  Our workshops are very informative about African culture and children are encouraged to ask questions.

Primary School Prep - Grade 2   Children concentrate on basic co-ordination skills and learn Start and Stop, Loud and Soft and a steady beat.  Elements of story telling and call and response singing are also introduced.

Grade 3-4  Students move on to working around a steady beat and working together as independent teams with different roles.

Grade 5-6   Students progress to weaving up to 6 separate rhythms together.  Teachers are particularly appreciative of the way children with difficulties at school are drawn into the drum workshop and show high levels of concentration and focus.

High School  Students respond excellently to working as a whole class with drums.  This can be part of a music class or an element of a Personal and Group development course.  A drum circle is a superb tool for uniting groups of people and can be used to counter bullying or issues of racism.

corporate Encouraged to work as a group and not as individuals, team-building and collective responsibility is the emphasis at this key stage.  Self-confidence and respect and patience for other members of the group are some of the achievements at the youth level .






Code-120CMP-Circus puppet show-Melbourne

Roll up, Roll up! Come and see the hilariously funny puppet show, ‘Circus In Disarray’! Be captivated by Larry the cheeky dancing Lama and awed by the talents of Ralph the plate spinning dog! Marvel at Vern, the most beautiful bird in the world and be dazzled by the powers of Ikis the crystal charming snake. Lots of fun puppets performing live circus skills!Amazing characters, bubbles, audience interaction and rogue penguins make this a fantastic show not to be missed!
He has many years of puppetry experience including working with the ‘William May Corporation’ (Producers of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe’ etc) on general performances since 2003. He also has performed over 700 children’s puppet shows at “Hocus Pocus Puppets” were he was a resident puppeteer for four years.
The Puppet Circus comes with our regal gold, red and purple puppet theatre, PA system, internal lighting and bubble machine. (Additional freestanding blue or green backdrop also available if required).

For schools and kinders and Libraries only. 1.5 hrs set up



Skills: Diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, contact juggling, fire eating, pocket magic, comedy, audience interaction
A talented circus performer with one big problem...he just can’t seem to get things right. No matter how hard he tries he always seems to need some little helping hands to get things back on track. The Circus Show features audience interaction, comedic routines and fun circus skills including diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, magic, and more. In The children can enjoy watching or even become the next star of the show!
The Circus Show is performed to a highly entertaining soundtrack that both children and adults will love. The Circus Show is most suitable for children between the ages of 5-16.
Freestanding backdrop is available on request. Additional charges may apply.
David has been performing for over 7 years as a children’s entertainer at shopping centres, festivals, schools and private parties to name a few.
Show Details: 35-40 minutes, 1 performer
Performance Requirements: Minimum 3m x 3m stage space Minimum 2.5m ceiling height One power source preferred but not essential

120CMF-childrens-show 120CMF-Circus-show


code-121MD-African Drumming Workshop-Melbourne

Energetic and engaging programs for schools that are both educational and fun. The Ensemble provides insight into traditional African culture and the importance of music both to that culture and to our own society. All teachers  have lived in Africa and studied with master drummers and dancers.
We provide African hand drums, bells, shakers and tribal dress-ups for any number of students, of any age-group. The workshops are all hands-on and teach students traditional African drumming, dance, song and body-percussion. They are interesting, accessible and active. Even the most difficult audience will be engaged!
Drumming is a great way to promote focus, self-awareness, confidence and improve communication and cohesion wihin a student group.
Our workshops are perfect for cultural days, end of year activities, as an adjunct to your music and dance curriculum, or just for something different. They can be tailored to suit your requirements.  
All you will need to supply are the chairs for the participants and a large space (outdoors in good weather is perfect), where there are no noise restrictions.
We can also provide excellent resource packages which may be used in the class room as pre or post incursion activities, or on their own.
Can cater with drums for 150


Code-122ADB-Children’s Magic show-Melbourne

Danny the crazy magician is a very colourful and animated character that is suitable for kids and adults alike.
Relying on his crazy sense of humour and wacky magic skills, Danny will involve both kids and adults in his show to ensure the whole family are in stiches.
Combining a mixture of tricks going horribly wrong, slapstick comedy, bucket loads of audience participation and some impressive illusions for good measure, Danny will have your guests begging for more. This show will undoubtedly have your friends talking about your party for a long time.
Danny can also combine his magician parties with games, juggling, balloon modelling and prizes to create a uniquely flexible show to suit your needs.


see also Face painters-magicians-clowns

122ADA-Kids magic-show



Code-129FX1-Hip Hop-Break Dancers-Melbourne

Can include dance display and workshop for Corporate, festivals or school functions.


Code-142BW-Bush band-Melbourne

 The band specialises in performing songs and dances that get their audiences involved. The band is equally happy in playing at tables in restaurants and encouraging people to sing along as it is calling bush dances for everyone to get up and have a go. Their arrangements of Australian folk song have parts especially composed so that most people can very easily join in. Typical events the band plays at are weddings, birthday parties, re-unions, work place celebrations, outdoor events, get-togethers, sports nights and in schools.

Code-142BWS-Bush Dance-Melbourne

The Band specializes in performing songs and dances that get their audience involved. The Bush Cabaret is one full day of singing, dancing and drama production. Designed for Juniors and senior classes.

Save yourself up to 100 hours* and find out why over 1200 schools have booked this acts one day production! Choose from The Bush Cabaret, The Sixties Happening, The Country Show, Surf Show and The Bush Xmas.

song list




code-143EW-Workshop-edible weeds-Melbourne

Many of the plants we now call weeds have been eaten or used for their medicinal properties over thousands of years. There are countries where some are still considered delicacies today.
Get your team out in the fresh air on a fascinating edible weed walk at your next team building corporate event.
Edible Weeds - not just Edible!
Did you know that these amazing plants are not just edible? They can have a raft of other benefits!!
Companion plants
Attract/host beneficial insects
Repel 'bad bugs' eg., slugs, aphids
Have medicinal and healing properties
Can be used as dyes
Soil breakers
Bring up nutrients from deep down in the ground through long tap roots
Can be soil indicators - how much water is in the soil, the nutrients in the soil
Provide stock fodder
Good ground covers
Green mulches
Nitrogen fixers
Melbourne is brimming with an abundance of wild edibles and so are it’s gardens. Many of Melbourne’s weeds are edible – not just edible but nutritious, tasty and free! Many also have medicinal properties. From dandelion, mallow and wild radish to acorns and violets, there is a feast of food all around us! Learn where to find these foods, how to identify them and how to prepare them in the kitchen.
Are you are a keen gardener curious to learn more about the plants around you?
Do you want to incorporate more fresh, nutritious, tasty local food into your and your family’s diet?
Do you want to cut your food bills?
Just simply interested in plants?
This class is for you!
Topics include:
Hands-on plant identification
Preparation of foods
Edible landscaping
Doris is a keen food gardener and a graduate of the Permaculture Design Course. She grew up in an Italian household where food foraging was a family activity alongside vegetable and fruit gardening.


Code 146FC-Story Telling-singing-dance-Melbourne

As a fairy she  tells original and traditional stories, filled with cheeky Pixies,
miserable Upside-down Gnomes, clumsy Fairies and Fairy floss-breathing Dragons.
Her stories are highly interactive and Children are encouraged express their
creativity and use their imagination as they are carried away in toher magical world.
*Ideal for Festivals, Libraries, Kindergartens and Schools
Melbourne’s Favourite fairies will take you on a fun filled high-energy interactive adventure!


Code-147SRX-Xmas show-Melbourne

With the use of a large rear projection screen and 'magical' sleigh, the talented Mark on double  bass, and Steph on Keyboard take the audience on a musical journey at Christmas time. They both perform "lightning "quick costume changes while the other distracts the audience with a christmas carol, to create a  seemless  flow of 'visiting guests' from various countries There is spectacular scenery and well loved songs performed from every country they visit.
There is some reindeer  suits,which three lucky audience members get to wear and do a reindeer dance to 'Rulolf".  There is more.....but to see it you will have to book the show .
Audience interaction and participating in the show
For this show 5x5 Metres of space is needed, and any windows behind the projector screen need to be darkened, and lights turned off above the screen.
Lighting for the show is provided.

147SRX-Xmas show


Together in the spirit of wandering minstrels, the show consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other gags, accompanied by violin and piano accordion delightfully synchronised improvisations. These three cheeky bards will woo you with their charm and captivate you with their unique spontaneity, as they use their considerable talents to weave a brillant dialogue of comic wit. Great for shopping centres and festivals. Roving or stage show.



Recognised as one of Melbourne's finest magicians and corporate entertainers. Blending expert sleight of hand and comedy, he leaves his audience astounded and is a guaranteed hit at any function. Renowned for his innovative performances, Luke is a modern day magician. He has a creative flair that he works into his show, making him a one of a kind entertainer.
Weaving his craft in all sorts of venues this Melbourne Magician is heavily sought after for corporate events and private parties. Performing for audiences large and small, Luke can customise his show to fit any function and audience. No matter how big or small the event he will add life to ensure it is a memorable success.
Option 1 Stage show: This is a 45 minute program that is best suited for a large audience. The show is jam packed with stunning magic, audience participation and witty comedy. Performing highly visual illusions with an engaging persona, his stage show never fails to bring down the house. Witness first hand why he is recognised as one of the most innovative Magicians in Melbourne.
Option 2 Walkaround/Close-up show: Let him break the ice at your next function by mingling with guests and performing highly visual magic and expert sleight of hand. Perfect for corporate events and private parties, walk around magic is a great conversation starter and will allow your guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

Adult show


also see Adult magicians


Childrens show video

Code-170RLS-School Workshops-Melbourne

Experience the rich and vibrant culture if West Africa through drumming. The program introduces children to the exciting and colourful world of African music. The schools program presents an insight into the exciting and colourful culture of West Africa. Suited to all ages and abilities, the workshops promote self-expression, participation and teamwork, and help to develop co-ordination and focus. They share their stories and experiences of West African music and life, outlining the cultural and historical significance of traditional music and dance. The workshops are highly structured and tailored to suit your school’s particular needs and curriculum requirements. The experience is engaging and accessible to all students, and above all, fun. Instruments provided.


Code 174GRB-Balloon Twister-Brisbane-Qld

If you are looking to add some fun, colour, interest and activity to your next event you can’t beat my big, colourful balloon twisting.
Are you planning a kids party or event. I specialise in supplying high quality balloon modelling entertainment at kids parties and corporate events. I can guarantee this, your corporate entertainment will be brighter and happier with my incredible balloon creations.
When I hand out my amazing creations at you company event it creates an instant visual impact that can be seen from across the room. It ‘will’ get people talking. They ‘will’ feel happier. They ‘will’ be laughing and smiling It is the perfect ice-breaker.
People find it fascinating to watch the balloon creations being made, “what’s it going to be?”…. I never tell until the very end when the whole balloon creation seems to come together as if by magic. Your company event will be brighter and happier with my amazing colourful balloon figures.

Code 174GRBP-Balloon Twisting Party

When I was thinking about adding kids party games as an option, the obvious choice was The Balloon Twisting Party. Can I just say that you will have a big smile on your face when you see all the amazing creations that kids can make…it is just a really joyous activity. I get so much pleasure from these Balloon Twisting Parties.
Can also add a magic show.

Also see our Facepainters/clowns page

174GRB-balloons 174GRB-Balloon-twister

174GRBP-balloon Party


Code-174GRW-Pin wheel workshop-Brisbane-Qld

There are  several different workshops available for private birthday parties, schools, OSHC, libraries and family friendly events. This Pinwheel Making Workshop is a fun, creative activity for children, kids love colouring in and making the pinwheel.


Code 174GRS-Science and Magic Workshop-Brisbane-Qld

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a fun, educational, engaging, interactive science themed show for school aged children in the greater Brisbane area
This particular show has been developed to focus on the science curriculum for children between the ages of 6 -12 year old and to encourage them to continue further studies in science and to take an interest in the amazing world they live.
Suitable for  schools, libraries, science centres, museums, universities shopping centres and community events. The show is funny, interactive, educational, inspiring and importantly, entertaining! Kids learn best when they are having fun.
This is a rare and unique ‘Science and Magic Show’ that uses magic tricks and stunts to teach Science to children. The children will see and learn how to do many awesome and totally mystifying magic tricks, stunts and illusions. All of the ‘tricks’ are extremely entertaining with lots of comedy and many tricks are highly interactive, with no skill required to replicate them. Once the children have been baffled by the ‘magic trick’, the science behind the trick is revealed and explained to the oohs and aahs of the children as they begin to understand the method
Most of the science tricks, stunts and illusions require virtually no props, just a piece of paper, a straw, a plastic bottle, not much more than that. I wanted to have a show where the children become the educators. The children can use what they have learnt then go and demonstrate and explain the ‘tricks’ to their parents, family and friends and then explain the scientific principal that make the magic work. Some of the facts they will remember for a lifetime.


Code-174BGR-Bubble show-Brisbane-Qld

This is a totally unique and awesome bubble show. Its funny, interactive, beautiful and engaging for kids and adults. The show is ideal for shopping centres, OSHC, schools, libraries, community events and private parties. The show can be customised for adult corporate events as well as family events.

Code 174GRW-Bubble Workshop-Brisbane-Qld

This is a unique interactive bubble workshop designed for vacation care and OSHC but is also suitable for community events and private parties. The 1st half of the workshop all the kids get put inside a bubble and the outdoor part of the show the kids have so much fun blowing and chasing giant bubbles. Kids and adults love it!
Right click for video

Its funny, interactive, beautiful and engaging for kids and adults This is a unique interactive bubble workshop designed for vacation care and OSHC but is also suitable for community events and private parties.


Code-174WGR-Bubble Workshop-Brisbane-Qld

This is a unique interactive bubble workshop designed for vacation care and OSHC but is also suitable for community events and private parties. The 1st half of the workshop all the kids get put inside a bubble and the outdoor part of the show the kids have so much fun blowing and chasing giant bubbles. Kids and adults love it.


Code-200AT-Japanese Musicians-Melbourne

Formed in 2008, and consisting of of 3 passionate musicians who bring their diverse talents together to play both traditional and original pieces using timeless instruments like the Shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute), the Taiko drums, the Chappa (Japanese small hand cymbals), and newly added the Sanshin (Japanese three strings instrument).
They have performed at many festivals and events around Melbourne, most recently at the Turkish-Japanese friendship Australia concert at BMW Edge in Federation Square, and at the opening concert of the United Nations Advance Global Health Conference in Melbourne. They have also performed at two self-produced concerts at successive Darebin Music Feasts, in 2009 and 2010. They also visit and run workshops at primary and secondary schools as part of the program of Cultural Infusion. 
The memories of their childhood experiences and Japanese mythology are the main influences on their music. Their music is a visual spectacle that thrills its audience with captivating melodies and rhythms combined with graceful dance moves. Some of the pieces you see this evening will also allow for audience interaction.
They are excited and thrilled to show off their traditional instruments and music, as well as some lovely Japanese costumes.


1 x 45 - 50 minutes with 2 performers
 Music demonstration (Taiko & bamboo flute or Sanshin guitar etc..)~
3 to 4 pieces of music including student participation.
Students will have the opportunity to create and participate in an ensemble piece.
Introduction to Traditional Japanese Instruments
A short multiple-choice quiz based on the history of the Instruments and materials we use.
TAIKO Workshop ~
Students will be able to try basic Taiko technique and style.
Please note that because of limited time only a small number of students will be able to play Taiko.
 Question time ~
At the end the students will have a chance to ask questions on any aspect of the program.


Code-202ZH-Chinese Harpist-guzheng-SA-Melbourne

The Chinese Harp is traditionally known as the Gu-Zheng in Mandarin, and is one of the oldest instruments in Chinese history. It is commonly linked to the Gu-Qin, but is an authentic instrument itself.Available for weddings, and corporate functions etc

Code 202ZHW-Chinese Harpist-Workshop-SA-Melbourne

We conduct holiday workshops and programs, for your special occasion or event!
We are flexible artists who tailor our delivery of workshops to your needs, but still informative, in accordance to your guests, audiences or clients.
We also deliver workshops in schools in a variety of forms, such as at Assembly, in Music or Chinese classes, and even University tutorial classes! We facilitate our workshops in accordance with teachers' syllabus focus and are a helpful resource.
Our professional services also include professional development for teachers or practitioners who are in the field of Chinese teaching / facilitators, or practitioners of Chinese Medicine or Chinese Arts. We will deliver our workshops to offer a deeper understanding of Chinese Music and its relation to you.
We began with teaching and it is our motto to learn whilst we teach, and share what we know.
Thus we uphold our teaching values and guarantee a rewarding experience for yourself or your child.

Our students range from all ages and all backgrounds. We do individual classes, in pairs & group classes, as well as classes for specific interests!
Our group classes (maximum of 4 per class) and they have been highly regarded and liked by our students. It is an educational relaxing alternative for those with a stressful lifestyle or career. Please feel free to email us to enquire about our commencement dates.
Classes for children (6 – 16 years) is also a very popular pick. We run holiday short classes as well as term classes and our students have found it entertaining whilst educational. It has been designed for learning Chinese culture through the music and its stories underlying the music pieces.

Code-202ZHJC-Chinese Caligraphy-Woprkshop-SA-Melbourne

We currently conduct Chinese calligraphy workshops & group classes due to demand.
Our group classes cater for all age groups & we tailor our classes to suit your needs! Our workshops have been rewarding & significant, a special eye-opener for students when we visit schools.
Can include Spoken language, written language, Cultural understanding through ancient texts and poetry, Social learning through interaction. Minimum 70 children. or approx $700 per session



202ZH-Chinese writing


Code 204BHC-Magic Show-Melbourne

An interactive show, using lots of volunteers, which is important because kids like to be involved. Its all fast paced, fun and designed to entertain ALL age groups. The magic is visual to appeal to all ages, and it is extremely mystifying as well, as he is a sleight of hand expert.  He also make s a balloon animal for all my special assistants who help me on stage.
He bring s a professional quality sound system and wireless microphone to ensure the guests see everything, hear everything and hear the music clearly too and work s to some modern upbeat music to enhance the magic and the show.
In the BIG SHOW option I offer several extra special effects. First, I cause a mysterious magic sphere to float around the room. This always amazes people of all ages. Also I cause lit candles to appear and disapear and a newspaper to restore from ripped pieces. After this opening, you'll hear them laugh, clap and eagerly wait for the next suprise.
He has been a full time family entertainer with 15 yrs experience, so really know s how to interract with everyone, and make s sure the entire program is family friendly with CLEAN comedy that won't offend anyone.
STANDARD SHOW 30-35 mins - This is my 'fast set up' show
BIG SHOW OPTION - 40-45 mins - featuring extra illusions including the ones already mentioned.


Code 238PHC-caricaturist-Melbourne.

As a caricaturist he is  one of the best in the business. He has a quick wit and even quicker pencil. He is able to capture lightning quick caricatures, providing a treasured keepsake and a belly laugh for your guests. He has worked for a myriad of large clients like the AFL, VISY and ESSO and many smaller and private clients.
His wonderful caricatures can fire up your corporate events, social events, school events, sportsman's nights, Christmas parties, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, weddings - actually any and all occasions. He has a flair for sport and would be great for your Grand Final or Grand Prix party. Harv works quickly on  size from A4 to A2. He is also able to introduce colour if required.
He  has his 'Working with children' card so working and talking to kids is not a problem. He can also produce highly finished and prized caricatures for your friend, colleague or loved one. He has also completed many corporate or sporting team caricatures, and more than a few teams of the century, producing a wonderful and memorable keepsake for members and supporters.
Send him a good photo and an overview of the person and he will produce the best gift money can buy. He is also available to talk to groups about caricature, illustration and as a published author can discuss publishing, writing and illustrating children's books.
He also does Sports memorabilia on Cricket Bats, balls or team Posters
12-15 drawn per hr



238PH-caricatures 238PH-wedding-caricatures

238PH-caricature-artist 238PH-caricatures.

Code 266JCC- magic and balloons  show-Melbourne

Combining the magic show & balloon twisting together is the ultimate package, it is our most popular package & for good reason, the magic show is super fun & exiting. The kids will be rolling on the floor laughing one minute & witnessing an abject fly through the air the next. This show is packed full of side splitting comedy, audience participation & loads of amazing magic & illusions. After the magic show every child will be getting the most amazing balloon creation they have ever seen.

Code 266JCR-Close Up and interactive Entertainment

Whether your event is small or large, with guests young or old, our roving entertainment options are fully customizable to suit your every need. Where mingling with your guests combines with mind blowing feats of sleight of hand, this intimate yet high impact performance will be talked about long after your event. Our vast array of options includes everything from up close and personal magic, advanced balloon creations, face painting and even stilt walking.

Code 266JCW-Circus workshop-Melbourne

If you are looking for something super fun and exciting this circus workshop is the way to go. The children learn all kinds of new and amazing skills such as; juggling, hula hooping, acrobatics, stilt walking, balloon twisting, magic tricks, plate spinning & much much more. Both the kids & adults absolutely love this workshop to the point they are having so much fun they never want to leave! This is a great program for primary schools, shopping centre, kindergartens & especially school holiday programs.



Code-267ZW-Zoo Animals-Melbourne

Looking for a fun and new activity for your child’s next birthday party? Or a school fete, festival or PR event? Well. You found it! Our ride-on toys will be the attraction. The animals are brand new to Australia and powered by the child riding it, no batteries required, and so easy to steer. Our friendly animals will bring joy to any child riding them and will create wonderful memories for you all. Currently we have six different types of animals: horses, panda bears, tigers, unicorns, giraffes and zebras. These animals have been developed for commercial use. They come in three different sizes. Age group between 3-14.
Unless raining, it doesn’t  matter if you have your birthday party indoors or outdoors. Our ride on toys work only on even and hard surfaces.  Grass, soft carpet or gravel is not suitable. We recommend a minimum area of 6 by 8 meters, depending on the number of animals you require.
Our ride on animals are so very easy to ride and steer. This is as close as you can get to riding a real pony. Just so much safer, not even helmets are required, as our animals don’t go much faster than walking speed. What we love so much about them is that they are purely muscle powered, no batteries are required, so the kids have to get active – a brilliant workout! On top of that our animals will help train your kids coordination when riding with and amongst other little riders. Their balance is also going to improve.

10m x 10m 12 animals

12m x 12m spac 15 animals


267ZW-Mobile -zoo

Code-272SHS-Bush Dance-Melbourrne

The band can play all your favourite bush songs and dances and call them as well.

For schools they talk about the instruments and prepare the children or adults for their own bush dance. They present folk dance with spirited good humor.



song list



Code 281PJC-Childrens show –Melbourne

He  is a popular childrens entertainer who has made appearances on Channel Sevens Bookplace and Foxtel’s Funhouse with six albums released to date. His music is an appealing mix of pop, reggae and calypso with childrens themes.  His songs are fun for kids and more often laced with contagious rhythms that have everyone "grooving", young and old.
His shows always lean towards audience participation  including a chance  for the children to play along using a musical instrument (tamborines, shakers etc.) from his basket of goodies.
With the help of a costumed character name Bongo he delivers a children's show with singing, dancing, which is highly interactive.
All shows run for 45 - 50  minutes and can be varied to accommodate requirements.



Code-273LT--Chinese Workshops and dance-Melbourne

can be separate shows workshops or a combination.

Code-273LT-1-Tai-Chi Martial Arts workshop:
Tai Chi originated as a martial art, but these days it is recognised more as a Chinese system of gentle exercise. It is often characterised by controlled flowing movements designed to promote general fitness and health.Kids will learning Tai-chi preparation, Tiger Fist, Push hand exercise, crane and snake exercise.
Code 273LT-2Kung Fu Funk workshop: kids will learn traditional martial art form; a type of self-defence that combines kicking, punching, grabbing, locking and several weapon-techniques. It has a graceful and dynamic hard-soft style, which emphasises agility, explosiveness and flexibility in combination with the surprise effect. We also mix hip hop modern steps let kids feel  lot of fun.
Code-273LT-3-Lion Dance workshop: In the dance component of the workshop, students will learn the teamwork, co-operation and rhythm necessary in dragon dancing. They will  learn the basic steps (running steps, crossing steps and the kicking leg exercise) and arm movements . Students will then have the opportunity to put these skills together and to perform their dance accompanied by instruments as the conclusion to the workshop.
Code-273LT-4-Flag dance workshop:
Often used in acrobatic demonstrations, the flag dance shows the power and strength of handling and synchronizing flags as an art form. This dance combines martial arts and modern music to maintain the traditional dignity of carrying flags to battle.
Code-273LT-5-Ribbon workshop: This is one of the most traditional dance of China. It’s more than 1200 years old. Kids will learn how to use silk colorful ribbon with modern Chinese music.
Code-273LT-6-Golden Hoop workshop: Na Zha was a special and strong power kid. He was born with special treasures including a golden hoop ring. We’ll learn this special dance with basic martial art movement.
Code-273LT-7-Flower fan workshop:after rice harvest festival, people so
Happy bring beautiful flower fan dance drinking and singing.
Code-273LT-8-Chinese Drum workshop;The drum workshops teaches kids basic drum rhythms, in the following styles: Chinese flower drums, Waist drums, Tai Pei Drums, Hand drums, Big Drums and Medium drums.

E.g of 50 min workshop

Chinese Drum Dance
Royal Dances: Long Sleeve Dance, Long Flower Fan Dance 
(a) Tai-Chi History Introduction (b) Tai Chi Fist and Tai-Chi Fan Dance (c)Kung Fu Panda workshop
(a) Fairies in the Moon palace One teacher will present Chinese Emperor
(b) Ribbon Dance Workshop 
(a) Martial Art Hip Hop dance (b)Martial Art workshop
3 different Chinese Cultural dance combine Contemporary style Chinese dance

273LT-chinese male-ddancers



She has been performing Polynesian dancing since she was 5years old; owned her first grass skirt as soon as she could walk and one of her earliest memories is of her mama singing to her while swaying to the sounds of the waves of the Pacific.
She is also able to run Polynesian dance workshops. Where you will learn basic hula moves through to a routine. This can run from 15-40mins.
Childrens show: Can also produce childrens show – learning Polynesian song and dance with hand actions for children. Fire dance included if venue has permitted. 1-2 females.


313FK-Poly 3

Code-387TBA-Workshop-Childrens Maths-science-drama-dance and music-Melbourne

Can Indiana Jones escape from the Egyptian pyramids before he is caught by The Mummy? Perhaps Pythagoras’ Theorem could help him work out the dimensions.
Which is faster? An arrow shot from the bow of Robin Hood or Harry Potter on his broomstick? It probably has something to do with wind resistance.
Can Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean beat Darth Vadar from Star Wars in a sword fight? If only he could work out how a laser works.
Who flies higher? Buzz Light year from Toy Story or Superman? Perhaps a special jet pack could help Buzz go faster.
These are some of the dramatic maths & science dilemmas the characters face in Adventurescope – The Maths Science Adventure Show.
A fully staged musical, Adventurescope is 50 minutes in length with a cast of 1 male & 1 female. It includes:
a low portable stage – 30 cm high, 4 meters wide, 2 meters deep
full sound system suitable for audiences up to 400 students per session
stage lighting
free standing back drop curtain
audience area marked out by the performers
debrief & question time with the performers after the show.
Suits Primary: Kinder/Prep – Grade 6
Duration: 50 min + question and answer time


Code 387MX- Rudolfs Xmas-Melbourne

A captivating way to end any primary school year! Rudolph’s Recruits is an entertaining performance incorporating original and traditional Christmas themes. Can be used to assist students in developing their own creative ideas for dance, drama and music performances during the Christmas period.

The fully staged musical includes:

  • debrief & question time with the performers after the show
  • cast of three performing 10 song and dance numbers in varying music styles: six original songs for each of the Australian animal characters, a variation of I've Been Everywhere Man, and three well known Christmas songs students can sing along to (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
  • low portable stage – 30 cm high, 4 meters wide, 2 meters deep
  • full sound system appropriate for audiences of 400 students per session
  • stage lighting
  • free standing back drop curtain & audience area marked out by the performers
  • eleven different costume characters.

Lots of audience interaction, kids enthralled whole session...Suits the silly season!” Araluen Primary School, VIC

suitable for kinder to grade 6

childrens xmas show in Melbourne.

Code 404BS-Childrens Dance  show-Adelaide-SA

They have the moves and the beats that kids have been waiting for and children 3 to 8 years of age love them.
Their young audience get to shake, shout and travel around Australia doing the Platypusmania! The children are amazed by Josh’s moonwalk, robot moves and street dancing and the girls Jaime, Talia and Elyse have the kids on their feet singing & dancing along to their cool, upbeat and catchy sing-alongs! 
Their stories are not just told through fun lyrics but very clever choreography and funky dance moves to original catchy songs with funky rhythms. Children as young as 3 to 8 years of age are kept fascinated and entertained every minute.  .  Funky Songs and Funky Dance Crazes.  All songs are original.
Minimum stage area:  Approx 4m x 3m cleared space for choreography
Tech Specs:   They perform live to recorded music on CD format or iPod Supplied by the group.
 Microphones: They can supply 4x Wireless Headsets.
Sound Equipment can be supplied at extra cost

childrens dance -show

Code-407AOS-Cartoon workshop-melbourne

He delivers cartooning workshops with an emphasis on the importance of developing personal communication skills; his colourful and lively delivery caters for a spectrum of age groups and abilities. From the school room to the board room, watch as he turns your pupils into Picassos, and your workers into Warhols  His sessions are designed to demystify drawing by demonstrating cartooning and caricature with live demonstrations and storytelling, that will inspire new ideas and ignite confidence, and even expand the talents of those who claim they "can only draw stick figures". At the completion of the cartooning workshops, the students are invited to share their artwork with the group – thereby encouraging pride in their own work and respect for work of others. Ultimately his workshops demonstrate the importance of rediscovering the confidence and strength that comes from doing what you love, and that one of the most powerful tools in your life could be the pen in your hand.

Caricature-workshop caricatures


Code-419WC-Childrens Show-Melbourne

An engaging show for children featuring puppets, participation and the interactive songs.  Children experience a 30/45 minute performance, a free colouring-in by award winning illustrator Katz Cowley is handed out following each performance.  There’s numerous AusVELS and ACARA outcomes that can be met with our performance via the domains of Health, Physical Education and The Arts. Children are engaged in movement, physical activity, dance, puppetry and music making.


Code-419WCG-Childrens Show-Melbourne

1 x 50 minutes - 4 to 6 people The Good Morning Kids Show: A place where alley cats sing and dance, mice invite you in for a cup of tea and farm animals gather together for a bush dance. This show celebrates all the things that are good in life – family, friends, nature and adventure. Children and adults alike will be delighted by fabulous songs, captivating stories and puppets as this special children’s show.
Highly interactive and engaging show for the whole family featuring Woody and his kids, with puppeteer and jazz musician.
Set up time and sound check if PA provided by venue:  60 minutes. If PA provided by us add extra 40 minutes for set up.




Code-505PR-Robots workshop-Melbourne

This workshop is specially geared for the very young and engages students through thinking, feeling, making and moving.
It is a workshop taking a simple cardboard box and turning it into a character using basic and easily achievable forms of mask and body puppetry.  Working with gluing and sticking, children collaborate with artists to follow through on their own ideas and choices. As their creations begin to emerge, each child creates their own Robot identity using their bodies to stretch, shape and test their physical limits. Then the dance of the robots begins!

Year Levels Pre-school to Year 1 or 2
Duration 90 minutes
Capacity 25 students
Set up 40 minutes prior
Venue/Location School hall or art room with clear floor space, and electricity

primary school workshop

Code-511SCB- BMX Stunts-show-Melbourne

A fair-dinkum typical real Aussie bloke.  A crowd favourite. The kids love his BMX stunts. The Mums love his muscley hairy legs. The Dads love talking to a real bloke about power tools and the footy.
An extremely watch-able and like-able Aussie Larrikin who is phenominally good at riding a bicycle.
What he can do on his BMX bike is amazing and very different and entertaining.

skull bmx-bandit


Code-560K-Aboriginal Dancers-workshops-NSW

group of Aboriginal dancers for function hire.

Code-560KP-Preschool Program

This show consists of:
Didgeridoo Show - Traditional and contemporary solo didgeridoo performance. One performer in full traditional costume, performing traditional and contemporary didgeridoo sounds and rhythms.
Face Painting - Our Indigenous tutor will have traditional ochre paint from which they will paint the children's faces. (optional) Song and Dance - Our indigenous tutor will entertain with some traditional dance moves and encourage all children to participate.
Aboriginal Art - Our indigenous tutor will teach the children basic Aboriginal symbols which they will paint on a large canvas guided by the tutor. The painting will then be given to the school to display. Storytelling - Dreamtime stories from the past will be told with gusto and expression to enthrall the children.
This program is a fantastic, hands on, interactive show. The children have a lot of fun learning about aboriginal culture.
1 tutor - 60 to 90 min

Code-560KS-School / Education Programs

Our most popularly package ‘The Ultimate Dreamtime Experience’ is a highly interactive program designed to maximise learning opportunities for students and teachers and our diverse range caters to all social and economic backgrounds.
Package 1 - Ultimate Dreamtime Experience
The ultimate Aboriginal education and entertainment experience is a very interactive program designed to maximise the learning opportunities for both students and teachers.
Smoking Ceremony & Welcome Song & Dance Show
Didgeridoo Show and Storytelling
Artefacts, Weaponry, Bush Survival
Aboriginal Face Painting
Aboriginal Song and Dance
Aboriginal Art (On Canvas)
Boomerang Throwing
Farewell Concert with Student and Teacher participation

See other school programs

aboriginal-dancers digereedoo-player

Code-576BD-karoke disco party-Melbourne

Small Functions:  (5-10yrs or mixed age groups)
Birthday parties – Christenings – Religious Ceremonies – Christmas parties, etc
We are a professional entertainment company who employ qualified entertainers. Please rest assured that you are booking an ENTERTAINER, NOT A DJ. Not only will our entertainer bring a professional sound system, disco lights, microphones and a huge range of music, they will sing, dance and interact with the children the entire time.
OUR AIM: is to make sure your child feels like ‘THE STAR’ of the show., and has the most memorable birthday party EVER! They get to choose the singers, choose the winners of the games and most importantly request songs. Our entertainer will make sure all the children stay focused and involved the entire duration of the party.
OUR STYLE: We best describe our discos as an interactive singing and dancing show. We encourage every child to channel their inner “pop/rock star” by dancing to every single song and get a chance to be a star on our microphones! We play all the coolest top 40 music specific to the age group. Our repertoire is very extensive and include everything from high 5, wiggles to pink, black eyed peas, Lady GaGa and so on..
PLUS all their favourites from High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Michael Jackson. Our structure is diverse as we teach them moves and play dancing games PLUS their favourites like Macarena, Nutbush, Grease and the Limbo!!

The entertainer will arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time to set-up and discuss any special requirements with you and the birthday child.
This also gives them a chance to warm to the birthday child and vice versa.
First 45 minutes the entertainer will teach the children numerous dances, select children to sing on the 3 microphones and play a variety of musical games. Depending on their age we play games like limbo, musical statues and our own ‘cool games’.
Next 10-15 minutes is food/drink time. During this time the entertainer will put TATTOOS on the children.
Another 45-50 minutes of nonstop high energy singing, dancing and games. We also include all their favourite structured dances such as Macarena, Grease, YMCA, Nutbush as well as lots of their own freestyle dancing.
10 minutes before we finish up we help manage the cutting of the cake and sing Happy Birthday.
To allow you time to cut and serve the cake, it’s back to the dance floor with the children for one final song.
Please note all the times above are shortened if you are having a 1.5 hour party.
We recommend at least 15 + children for your disco party. To create the perfect party atmosphere 20-25 guests is the ideal number
All entertainers have been approved by the working with children check and we also have 10 million dollars public liability insurance.
PLEASE NOTE: There are special conditions we must adhere to in order to make the parties safe and covered by insurance. If you are planning on having your party outdoors, we can NOT set up on grass. We must be on solid ground and all the children and equipment must be undercover.


Festival stage show



Code-595MT-Snot Bottom-childrens show-Melbourne

The show has been performed in circus tents, private parties, black box theatres, function centres and large scale corporate events among many others. Whether it’s roving, workshops, the full multimedia show or a more specialised appearance we can cater a performance to your   needs and budget.
He is a deeesgusting kids comedian brimming with all the yucky, gooey silly things they love: boogers, bottoms, stinks and smells.
With hilarious audio-visual effects and a cast of bizarre characters, he is guaranteed to make children and their parents groan, gasp and howl with delight.
With sold out shows and rave reviews at The Melbourne Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe, he  will transport you to a crazy, joy your world where families can laugh together.
He has starred in numerous children’s shows such as Ben Ten Live, Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends and as Bounce Back Man on ABCTV. He also regularly visits The Royal Children’s Hospital as Captain Starlight and is a previous Comedy Festival Moosehead Recipient and Adelaide Comedy Award Winner.


Code-624BM-Jack Sparrow-Brisbane-Qld

He is an entertainer, magician, crowd warmer and party host that adds fun, magic and swashbuckling laughs to any birthday party, function or event. He delights audiences young and old with his uncanny resemblance to the real Jack Sparrow, quick comedic wit and astounding sleight of hand magic tricks, creating a seamless and totally unique performance.
He  specialises in close up sleight of hand, which comprises of card magic, sponge balls, coins, rope, silks, fire and mental magic designed to entertain and amaze. With an authentic, personally hand made costume designed as a replica of the movie costume, he brings the charm, humour and charismatic nature that embodies Captain Jack Sparrow.

captain-jack-sparrow impersonator

Code-695RC-Sand art activity -Melbourne

Specialising in sand art and activities. We travel between major shopping centers, schools/kinders as well as attend birthday parties and any event to your liking! Our sand is completely non-toxic and safe. Our sand activities are interactive, educational and fun for all ages! Parents can even join in too!  Sand art is not only fun for your kids but it also is beneficial to your childs development in terms of hand and eye co ordination and creativity.

sand art for festivals and private parties. sand art childrens workshop.


Code 703AF-Animal farm-Bendigo

We have lots of cuddly animals for nursing, brushing, hand feeding and posing for pictures.
Beautiful show quality, white fairytale miniature horses and ponies for rides.
Clever trick horse shows, pony rides and face painting.
Clean and well presented animals and staff.
When only the best will do.

When visiting schools, pre-schools,  kindergartens, child care and early learning centres the emphasis is on teaching children about animals, animal behaviour and the importance of caring for animals and our environment, we like to do this in a fun and engaging way.
We introduce ourselves and the animals we have brought along and talk to the children about animal care, how to behave around animals, amongst other things, and answer any questions they may have.
Then our new little farmers have the opportunity to feed, brush and stroke all the animals.
For those that are a little shy we encourage feeding the animals through the fence and most times this leads to the child gaining the confidence to enter the pen.
Everyone can get up close and personal with all of our animals in a shady comfortable environment.
We supply a marquee, animal feed, brushes, and seats, not to mention, kind, patient and caring assistance and supervision, so that everyone has the opportunity to spend quality time with our animals, hand feeding, brushing and even holding the bunnies and guinea pigs in their laps.
We also offer optional extras like, face painting, balloon bending, and pony rides. 
All our baby animals are handled from a very young age so they are used to all the attention, and we can structure the visit to bring specific animals only, for example, just bunnies at Easter or even Santa’s reindeer at Christmas time.
Depending on the time of year we bottle feed our lambs and this activity has also proven to be very popular

We introduce ourselves and the animals we have brought along and talk to the children about animal care, how to behave around animals, amongst other things, and answer any questions they may have.

Everyone can get up close and personal with all of our animals in a shady comfortable environment.


Code 707TAW-high School-Tea leaf Reading Workshop

She is available for large corporate functions and training sessions, teaching the art of Irish Tasseomancy to everyone (including the sceptics). Learn about Tea history, tradition and culture as she tells magnificent stories of Teas past. And then practice with yourself and friends or colleagues as you all read together in a traditional Irish circle.

A Tea party could be just what you’re looking for! Enjoy cups of delicious hand blended tea in the comfort of your own home, while she teaches you Irish tea reading and peeks into your future.

Code 711MOC-Bubble activity-Adelaide-SA

His children’s show is interactive, fun, friendly, energetic, and a silly children show for children from the ages of 2-6 years. Offering  a unique educational and high energy experience that incorporates music, dance, props, percussion instruments, singing, games and much more. If you are looking for children’s entertainment in Adelaide to get your kids learning, dancing, jumping, laughing, being silly and having a great time, then this is the show. His  interaction between  with the kids is what distinguishes this kid’s show from any other and makes all the children feel included, even the shy kids! Giant bubble activity where children chase and make bubbles incorporated with a childrens activity of games if required. Outside show suitable for schools and festivals.

kids show in Adelaide. adelaide giant bubble show

Code 713JB-Garden Show-NSW


A children's show that is interactive journey for children through the garden learning to compost, mulch, grow plants, play instruments, and make art whilst creating a green environment and a groovy lifestyle!

They are bright and colourful characters taking form of the bug world. We sing and dance our way through original songs and perform nationally for corporate companies, shopping centres, clubs, RSL's, schools and festivals.
The show brings the garden and its magical world of bugs to the stage for families of all ages.
With their intimate relationship with the Earth, they share culture and wisdom of the plants and creatures, offering a new way of living that is bright and colorful for our future generations. With original recorded music and live instruments (djembe, guitar and harmonica), the whole experience is engaging and very interactive.
The show take you on a magical journey of song and dance through the garden, exploring nature. Creating awareness about the organisms found in the garden and their importance to the vitality of Earths diverse ecosystem. They explore each main characters interactions with the environment as well as the worms of the earth, cyclical process of water, roots of trees and the free energy within every being that is obtained through natural elements.
Performing in sensational costumes are
Frankie the Spider, Jessie the Gorgeous Butterfly,
 Hug Bug the Sensational Lady Bug & The Boogying Bumble Bee.


The Christmas Spectacular includes the full cast of The Jitterbugs plus Santa & Santa’s helpers plus our Jitterbugs Ballerina Fairy Princess.   It’s a cast of 10 in a spectacular Christmas themed production. Santa & Santa’s helpers also meet & greet and pics with the kids after the show and hand out your Christmas show bags for your venue if required. All shows include a production manager

childrens show all about gardening.

A children's show that is interactive journey for children through the garden learning to compost, mulch, grow plants, play instruments, and make art whilst creating a green environment and a groovy lifestyle.

Code-750AM-Animal farm -ponies-Melbourne

Our multi-award winning Animal Encounters aim to stimulate, nourish and promote a childs love for all creatures & the environment. We provide Animal Learning experiences, Animal Care Programs, Educational Pet Parties & bring our animals, marsupials & insects, birds and reptiles to the community – young and old. Can also supply pony rides.


quality melbourne animal farm and pony rides.

melbournes best animal farm and pony rides.

Code 797LM-Childrens show-Melbourne

A colourful children’s entertainment Group with live band, singing and dancing, entertaining a target audience of up to 8 year olds (not saying the adults don’t join in).
This up and coming group in the last four years have already and continue to perform for many major events such as Mc Happy Day, Children’s Hospital Appeal, Luna Park, Festivals, school and Concert events.
They are also releasing a series of new books. Two new song releases Christmas and Easter songs are now available on ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music and other music sites.
And we are also producing a Pilot Television series as a growing concern.
The Stage Show Live; 
25 minutes of continuous music and dance played live by the colourful characters that form the band.
The structure: Introduction to band and characters 10 Songs with interaction with children before most songs, eg Birthday song, who’s birthday is it? Explanation of dance moves.
After the show the colourful characters will pose for photos off stage.

Code-797LMS-small show-The B Team;
A second smaller team consisting of an emcee and 3 characters dance and sing interactively to backing tracks with children. Great for pre schools and Kinder or small parties.
Activities; An ad on option to any show is our activity centre where kids can sit down and colour in our cardboard rocket or a take home A4 poster. This activity is great for shopping centres who want to offer parents more. 
Operational Requirements;
Live Show: We can bring our own PA system or preferably plug into yours.
Stage: If the stage is outdoors a cover is required to protect electrical equipment and costumes from rain unless in a big arena.
Standard 10amp power supply is suitable.
As there are costumes a change room to fit 7 people is required.
Access to stage area by van is preferred for first show bump in and if possible an overnight storage area (change room) of 3 meters square.
All our electrical equipment is tested and tagged, and insurances in place.
Safety: All safety, working with Children checks and insurances are in place.
We have a total crew of up to 9 people including tech and performers.

B Team Show: We can bring our own PA system.
A Stage is not required as the characters dance and interact with children. If the show is outdoors suitable conditions including protection from rain or sun should be considered.
Standard 10amp power supply is suitable.
For the costumes a change room to fit 4 people is required.




A friendly, colourful, character who knows how to help people have fun. He really enjoys what he does and children & adults recognise and appreciate this. His very special talent is his ability to establish a rapport with children of all ages that they absolutely love. His character has been deliberately developed to appeal across a very broad range of age groups making him an ideal choice for almost any event
He performs roaming walkabouts, combining quality balloon modelling with a penchant for bringing mirth and good cheer wherever he goes.

Code-808BRS-stage show-Melbourne

He also performs an original and unique stage performance of up to 45 minutes duration. This is a highly entertaining blend of magic game routines, and even some storytelling, specially tailored for family groups, that leaves them crying for more! Here, a very special mention must be made of Ally Kazam, the real, live, magic bunny. Witness the amazement on the children's faces as Ally turns from a rabbit, into a balloon, and then back into a rabbit again right in front of their eyes! Everyone is amazed, not just the children.

Great-melbourne-balloon-twister melbourne-balloon-twister

Code-822HHP-Pop up circus-Melbourne

We bring the circus to YOU! Our circus characters will have you spinning plates, hula hooping, twirling ribbons & flower sticks, juggling, or just dancing along to our upbeat circus tunes! All ages
love our pop up space. Additional extras include: Strong man with High Striker, 2D Bigtop backdrop & decor.

Code 822HHG-UV POP UP CIRCUS – Melbourne

A neon UV circus disco with glowing poi, ribbons, plates & hoops. Learn, play, dance, & feel inspired in a colourfully lit up space.
UV/LED 5-7 minute show also available to get the party started!

hoop stage show

hoola hoop act-melbourne pop-up-circus-school-holidays


Children Polynesian workshop-all states

Whether it be Maori, Cook Island, Hawaiian or Tahitian we have a group to suit your function.

Traditional Maori , Tahitian and Cook Island Dancers for meet and greet or for a display of traditional dances. Teach the children to hula or Haka and a bit about their culture.

Childrens 866A-Punch and Judy-SA

I am Australia's foremost tradional Punch and Judy Professor
I also perfom with live music accompanimnet one of the few shows in the world to do so.
Mostly interested in festivals and special events if interstate
My shows are 25-40 mins and I can run workshops and talks on Punch and Judy.

Available shows.

Celebratrating the 350th anniversary of Mr Punch!!
Preston’s Historic Punch and Judy (est 1993) is Australia’s most travelled Punch and Judy Professor. He has performed in UK, Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran, USA and all around Australia. He presents a range of shows suitable for fairs, festivals, schools, events and venues:
A.Seaside Punch and Judy
The traditional seaside show suitable for children families and all those who love the old slapstick puppet show. All the favourite colourful characters and lots of audience participation. With  glorious musical accompaniment by the ‘mini-maestro’ Shivani. (11yr old musician)
B. Gothic Punch and Judy
The older Victorian  street  version of  Punch and Judy more suitable for adults. This show portrays the darker side of Mr Punch and his historic brush with the law and the powers of authority.
C. Punch and Judy Take Afghanistan
The ultimate Punch and Judy show where our heroes take a holiday in Afghanistan and meet Bin Laden and other world leaders in this ultimate spoof on war. A fast and furious two-man show presented in a three stage booth.

D.The Adventures of Mighty Milligan
A Celtic adventure puppet show presented in the Punch and Judy Ssyle. Follow Milligan from Gundagai  when he meets his mysterious Irish uncle Mulligan and opens his suitcase of Celtic dreams with devastating results.
 The origins and meanings of the Punch and Judy Show
Trace the fascinating origins of Punch the puppet and the hidden and fascinating characters and elements of this world famous puppet theatre. Presented as a talk andor also with powerpoint  historic images
F. How to do it. 
How to do the Punch and Judy show. An inside look at how the old-style Punch and Judy show works and the skills  and tricks needed to present this famous show.


Childrens 872A-Party show-NSW

Roz will make your next children's birthday party one to remember! Our Melbourne kids’ shows and birthday parties are colourful, energetic and heaps of fun. Roz and her colorful live characters will keep your kids entertained all day with live music, magic, comedy, instruments, dancing, and activities. 1 x 45min-60min. Aged 2-8yrs

Childrens 872B-school show-NSW

We perform stage shows, visit schools, and entertain at special events. We want your party or celebration to be the best it can be, so we strive to be the best in kids’ entertainment.
Performances are filled with educational segments which encourage interactive audience participation. With gentle messages through song and dance we educate children from an early age the importance of caring for their bodies.

Shows are entertainment for all the family. Will appeal to grown ups too.

1 x 30-45 mins

A fun filled music show travelling around the world, they travel through Europe, Africa, Brazil, through the rough seas, up and down and all around the globe. It’s an interactive and entertaining nonstop musical extravaganza!
Everyone will be singing, dancing and tapping their toes. The show is filled with educational segments, which encourage interactive audience participation.
From an early age children are taught the importance of caring for their bodies with gentle messages through song and dance.
Through engaging music and larger than life characters, the show encourages kids to read, dance and sing, all the while inspiring healthy eating and promotes increased knowledge while also providing entertainment and ultimately adding to the health of children from childhood into adulthood.
Lead by characters Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit with her futuristic chariot, ‘Nanna’s Carrots’ the orange vegetable takes on a whole new persona and is transformed into a celebrity food that makes it incredibly attractive to young ones.
Children are lead through a veritable list of ways to eat carrots, expanding knowledge of the food and taking away the ‘yucky’ vegetable profile it had before ‘Nanna’s Carrots’ came on to the scene.
Show 2
‘The Incredible Edible Alphabet’ uses association between the alphabet, adjectives and foods to entertain children.
For example, A is for awesome apples and B is for brilliant bread. This format means children gain a better understanding of the alphabet, learn new words but ultimately it provides positive reinforcement about healthy eating habits and encourages learning.
It incorporates puppets of main characters, music creativity, movement, balance and flexibility, letters and creative writing.




chilfrens parties 890B-melbourne

We can tailor their show around you however here is a typical Show.

Each show begins with an exciting introduction of fun and interactive storytelling. A chance for the birthday person and all the special guests to meet their favourite character in the flesh!
The magic starts when a secret wish is then taught to all the children to help locate the birthday present for our very special birthday child(this part can be tailored for non Birthday Celebrations).. A series of fun and high energy activities then ensue...

The Games..

‘The Birthday Jump’ will have everyone’ up and active. A fun, high energy game which focuses on celebrating the birthday child’s big day.
‘The Famous Bubble Off’ - A highly popular bubble-catching game.
‘The Bubble Bop’ – A fun song and dance is taught to the kids with prizes given out throughout.
‘Musical Statues’ – The classic children’s favourite, Musical Statues with a twist.
‘Pass the Magical Parcel’

All of our games are catered to suit the theme of your party. Be it a wizard party, a fairy party or a superhero party. You can expect the same content but with those extra special touches in theme with the chosen character.
The show is concluded with your choice of basic face painting or temporary tattoos. With limited time within the 1hour show it is reminded that the face painting is a very basic motif (stars, hearts, spiders, lightning bolts etc). Should you opt for the 1.5 hour show you can expect more elaborate designs and if time permits, an additional game-‘The Limbo’. Keep in mind that larger numbers mean the face painting will take longer.

Face Painting:
We have what we believe are the best Face Painters in town, they have a huge array of designs ranging from a small motif to a fully detailed face. We use non toxic paints and are as fast as we are precise. Both Boys and Girls will get a real kick out of being transformed into their favorite creature or character.

We provide professional actors with extensive experience working with children, in both education and theatre.
Our actors are skilled performers and storytellers who sing, dance, impersonate and will captivate the imaginations of your child.

We offer entertainment to cater for all events from pantomimes to birthday parties to corporate events.
Whether you are looking for something special to keep the kids busy with over the school holidays or need someone to entertain the kids whilst the adults party too!

All of our actors have police checks

lil-critterslil-critters lil-creatureslil-creatures

childrens 970A-Fairy tales-Melbourne

You all know the story of the "Three Little Pigs", right?
And who hasn't heard the tale of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff"?
And we all grew up with "Goldilocks & the Three Bears".
But what would happen if they were fractured?
All 3 of the traditional fairytales are acted out on stage using audience participation, puppetry, song, dance & pantomime. Then all three of the stories are "fractured". What if the wolf was the victim of the three little pigs stealing his land to build on? What if the troll's bridge toll was ignored by the three Billy Goats Gruff? Could there be the story of the Three Goldilocks whose house was taken over by a bear?
Anything can happen and the students get to choose. Game show wheels will spin on stage, the audience calls the shots, & just about anything goes in this hilarious reworking of traditional fairytales.
The characters all perform their own song & dance numbers. With full performer question time at the end of the show.
The show is a fully staged musical.
It is 55 minutes long with a cast of 2 - 1 male & 1 female.
It includes:
a low portable stage – 30 cm high, 4 meters wide, 2 meters deep;
full sound system with state-of-the-art "Soundcraft Spirit" sound desk, "Shure" radio headset wireless microphones, "Bose" speakers, etc, appropriate for audiences of unlimited numbers (recommended maximum of around 400 students per session);
stage lighting;
free standing back drop curtain;
audience area marked out by the performers;
7 song & dance numbers in various music styles;
a “Spinning Competition Wheel” where the students spin to decide which show to do first;
plenty of audience participation with the audience clapping, clicking & dancing along to the songs;
Various forms of puppetry;
Many different costume characters;
Full debrief & question time with the performers after the show.

highlights Marionettes, puppetry, shadow puppets.

Only available Term 1, 2, 4




Childrens1014 Italian-Melbourne

Marcello and Pauline's group (up to 4) will play Traditional and folk Italian music and songs to the children. They also explain the traditional instruments used and talk a bit about Italy.


Childrens 14R The Puppet Tour-Melbourne

'Clem', the the smallest rock star with the biggest ego  runs into difficulties with his concert when the roadies and band fail to show up. An audience volunteer is called to help out, saves the day, and becomes the real star of the show. 

The Puppet Tour is a  scaled down interactive Rock N' Roll  Puppet Show. It comes complete with digital lighting, miniature mirror ball, and a host of other special effects throughout. 

This unique show, developed over 20 years, brings intrigue, laughter and gives new meaning to 'live puppetry', proving that quality, not quantity, is what it's all about! The show can be tailored for young audiences or adult audiences and requires a volunteer aged 10 years or older.

30 min show

Technical requirements :

Minimum 30 minute load in plus sound check
Minimum 15 minute load out time
240V. power
Level space of minimum 4 X 4 meters



Children 19C Jesters and Jousters-Melbourne

Join Jake on his fabulous adventure, reliving the stories of the Knights Of Camelot, learn all about dragons , jestering and jousting, and maybe a thing or two about Medieval music and feasting.
Theres lots to learn and tons of fun on the way.
Primary level.


Childrens 70B-Melbourne

Pre Shool shows

Probably most famous for his release of ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ and “Dr Knickerbocker”, Mike Jackson is considered one of Australia’s finest family entertainers. Mike has sold over 1/4 million albums and is an ‘ABC for Kids’ recording artist. His numerous music resources are published by Music Sales and Bluegum Music and are readily available in Australia, UK, USA and Europe.

Mike concerts inspire and empower all ages to become involved in music. His workshops and resources make music, dance and magic an attainable goal for all. Shows feature well known songs and toetapping tunes played on a truckload of unusual instruments including melodeon, concertina, mini mouth organ, ocarina PLUS a collection of fascinating string games. Funny bits and lots of laughs guaranteed!

Dr Knickerbocker show Ideal for libraries this show is a joyous collection of funny song, action games,magical string figures, truckload of instruments, hilarious antic and juggling.

Bunyips, Bunnies and Brumbies Taken from Mike's Gold Disk of the same name. Kookaburras, platypuses, koalas, and wombats populate this super swag of great Australian kids songs and yarns.

Rig-A-Jig-Jig's 21st Birthday Bash Mike's hugely popular Folk Dance Kit for kids has come of age and has a special Jig Gig to celebrate - songs, dances, prizes and a whole heap of fun

For Birthday Parties Mike provides atmosphere with a background of music to suit-well known tunes on a high range of instruments and a zany floorshow of string figures and juggling.

Magic with String Mike teaches the less complicated string games and tricks, step-by-step, and presents some of the more complex and intricate figures.

Ocarina and Ukulele workshops Beginner classes for each of these easily playable and attainable instruments.

Artist in Residence Mike presents a shorter concert and a workshop to each level/school where an easy chorus song and a string game are taught. Children present these as items in a family concert (or group schools concert) with a backing band, Mike hosting the concert and leading the singing. A generic song is also taught and sung by all at the end.

Primary School Shows and Workshops

The Dr Knickerbocker Show A joyous collection of funny songs, action games, magical string figures, truckload of instruments, hilarious antics and juggling.

Anything Is Possible Mike, along with a truckload of instruments, gives a brief but exciting, inspirational guide to playing music.

Uke 'n Play Ukulele Beginner 'instant play' session for these easy instruments. Ukes and chordchart/songbooks can be provided.

You may be elligible for school instruments grant. Further info go to

Uke 'n Play Ocarina Workshops Beginner sessions on these beautifully simple instruments. Ocarinas and fingering charts can be provided.

Dance Workshops Easy and fun Bush Dances & Dances for Little Kids - taught with live music.

Flying Wombat Bush Ball An evening for the whole family. Easily understood dance calls and careful selection of dances ensure that all who attend get maximum enjoyment with a minimum of fuss. Mike solo or with Flying Wombat Band.

Listen to Mike




string games


ukulele workshop


Childrens 24D-Magic Punch And Judy Show-Melbourne

Don is a comedy entertainer a magician a puppeteer and storyteller. Don has been a full-time children's entertainer for more years than he admits to. He presents himself to the children as a ‘clown’ who performs magic, but in fact he is really a Comedian for Kids. Performing 20 shows every month, he can handle a theatre with hundreds of people, a festival crowd, on the street or a living room with ten. The Happy Birthday Show A funny magic show with plenty of participation. The magic tricks are aimed specifically to the ages of the children in the audience. The children are encouraged to make the magic work and shout out when magic wands do funny things or where eggs, handkerchiefs and invisible bouncing balls appear and disappear. After the magic the Professor introduces the children to Punch & Judy, an age old puppet show that has entertained children for over 300 years. The Punch & Judy part of the show has been brought up to date without the violence usually associated with Punch & Judy. It is a comical adventure involving sausages, a crocodile, a clown, a policeman and of course Mister Punch and his wife Judy. The children are encouraged to get involved and are asked for their help by shouting and helping Mister Punch and his friend Joey the Clown to recover the lost sausages. The Magic Punch & Judy Show is ideal for festivals, fetes and special events. Ideal because it will fit in anywhere, attracting crowds and is completely self contained.

Suitable for ages 4-7years

show length 1 x 20 min Punch and Judy 1 x 30min + magic show


Children 126B- Ecology-Qld

If you are looking for an ecology style show, this is it. Two seasoned performers Vince a Magician and balloon sculpture and one man band Tom is a show featuring Re cycling and preservation of our valuable and precious wildlife and enviroment.

Tommy tells the stories and sings the songs and Vince is the villian making balloons and magic tricks.

Childrens 126C-Magic Show-Qld

The Magic show provides a Castle backdrop which creates interest and atmosphere in shopping centre. Vince's magic combines astonishing sleight of hand with psychological subtlety, humor and a charming quick wit and easy-going style suitable for all ages and walks of life.




Childrens 125B-Magic-Newcastle-NSW

Welcome to the wonderful world of magic! The magic workshop is your chance to learn some simple magic and juggling tricks with items that you can find around the house. The workshop is a great way to have fun and develop self-confidence at the same time. The workshop program has been put together by Award Winning Magician, JD and is specially geared towards simplicity and achievement. The tricks adhere to a simple and basic format so that the participants CAN master them and leave with something to show others!! All necessary props or equipment are supplied for use during the workshop, enough for everyone to be participating at the same time. However these are everyday objects such as rubber bands, paper clips, pencils, cards etc that the participants will hopefully have at their homes. (so they don’t necessarily have to go out and outlay money to buy special magic items!!?) I also teach some basic juggling techniques.

Two presenters / instructors are in attendance so that the participants all receive ‘hands on attention’. Each person attending the magic workshop will be given an instruction booklet to take home that clearly explains the techniques being taught during the presentation.

RUNNING TIMES: The workshop runs for one hour. During which time the participants are split into two groups – one working on magic whilst the other practice their juggling skills then swap over after approx 30 minutes.


The program is best suited to children aged 6 years or older. The maximum number per session should be limited to 30 so as to allow personal interaction with each participant! An indoor or shaded outdoor space would be suitable and size depends on the number of participants.

JD IS THE MAGICIAN FOR THE MILLENNIUM- is how he was described on the evening he won the MATS Performer of the Year, Gold Medal. He received a standing ovation for his performance on that evening. JD is a professional entertainer for the young at heart, wowing his audiences with spectacular showmanship and his own unique, fresh style of magic.

see also adult magicians


Childrens 141C-Magician-Melbourne

An incredible 90 minutes of incredible magic, FUN and laughter, Magic Show with Special big Magic props, Silly stories, Juggling, Big backdrop (if indoors)

Tom uses a microphone and speaker system.

Includes Magic Show and Amazing balloon art, Live rabbit appearing, Everyone learns a magic trick, Balloon Animals for everyone, Special deluxe balloon creation made for the birthday child.



Childrens 208L-Circus fireworks and dance-Melbourne

Circus, dance & percussion workshops are also a great way for school students to develop their co-ordination, team building & motor skills. We have specially structured programs for all age groups & educational needs that are sure to add fun to the curriculum & broaden the scope of physical education.

the team has fool proof exercises for team building outcomes, motivational tasks and tricky challenges, all aimed at making your team work like a well oiled machine. We start with a fun warm up to get your body into gear, and then move onto a range of activities that are catered to your needs. Great for fitness, stress relief and filling in breaks between meetings and conferences.

also see circus shows



childrens 209B- Poet-Jennie-Melbourne

Jennie offers her services as a poet whose particular skill is in engaging people in conversation and creating a poem for them on the spot , to their specifications (rhyme, tone etc) on any topic they think up. This act is unique.  Children love her, and from one festival I was commissioned to write two poems privately.

In the past Jennie have concentrated on taking the possibility of free expression through poetry to schools, as an Artist-in-Schools, a participant in many Writers Weeks, Literacy Camps, and special projects across the state. Jennie has also ‘performed’ at festivals such as Port Fairy Folk Festival, Knox Arts and Stringybark Festivals, festivals in the Waverley, Eltham , Warrandyte and country areas.

Jennie’s focus is on weddings, back-to’s, reunions, & heritage occasions/sites.

Jennie is a published writer of poetry and prose.


childrens 223-Puppet theatre-English-French-German-Italian-Melbourne

We perform educational puppet shows in French-English, Italian-English, German-English or entirely in English.

The shows are especially crafted for school students learning a new language. The stories are based on original tales that we adapt for puppetry.
Our traditional characters and stories give the students an opportunity to enjoy and understand the diversity of cultures around the world.
Class preparation material can simply be downloaded from our site. These resourses are provided to help teachers and students to get the most out of our shows.
They also perform for private functions, festivals and special events.

The Theatre originated in Paris and has been performing in Australia since 1994. Their objective is to encourage and promote the study of French, Italian and German languages via the medium of puppetry.

Requirements 3 student desks Access to a power point, White board or dividing screen

How long does it take?
One hour to put up the theatre.
One hour show (50 minute show + 10 minute question time)
45 minutes to dismantle the theatre.
At your School, in a theatre, a hall, a gymnasium, a double class room, or on an open area. At Festivals, in libraries, at social clubs, fetes.

Our Audience
Kindergarten, Primary Schools - All Levels. , Secondary Schools - generally from year 7 to 10.

Childrens 223A-The Princess and the Toad-Melbourne

A princess inadvertently drops her golden ball in a well. The Toad, lord of the haunt, brings it back to her on the condition that she befriends him. She agrees, thinking that she will never set her eyes upon him until one day… someone knocks at the door.

Childrens 223B-Hans and The Witch Nettle-Melbourne

Based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, this is the story of little Hans who one day while wandering in the forest with his sister Greta, gets lost. The nasty witch Nettle finds him and brings him back to her house, intending to force feed him and turn him into a “fat Hans sausage”. Fortunately the good fairy of the forest comes along.

Childrens 223C-Jungle Book-Melbourne

Once upon a time Mowgli, a little Indian boy and his sister Rosa went to the rain forest to find the magical leaves that could cure their sick mother when suddenly Mowgli gets lost. Macan the tiger finds him and brings him back to his den. But then a snake appears and hypnotises Moogli… All could have gone terribly wrong but for the ingenious idea of Pipo the wise monkey and his companion Mister Frog, the best cook in the forest. In order to rescue Mowgli, he has to organize a banquet.

Childrens 223D-The Beauty and The Beast -Melbourne

Beauty's family is ruined! In order to repay his debts Beauty's father, advised by his jealous sister, decides to marry off his daughter to the neighbour: Ernest Pot-au-Feu (or) Minestrone (or) Sauerkraut. Beauty desperate and angry chooses to disobey her father. Suddenly a new character appears: Mister Lucifer, the devil himself. He befriends her and persuades her to marry his master by proxy. Only too late does Beauty realize that she has married a beast! Fortunately she meets a baron who arrives at the castel and saves her from the beast. Only then does she realise that he is Ernest's cousin!

Childrens 223E-Cinderella -Melbourne

Cinderella lives with her stepmother, Mrs Dragon and her stepsister Pearl. Both never miss an occasion to give her lots of work and sorrow. Cinderella is very unhappy until one day, with the help of her friend, Izidor the monkey she meets Prince Baltazar. The prince is giving a ball in order to choose a wife. But how could Cinderella possibly attend with so much work to do and without a proper dress? With a little help from her fairy-god mother Cinderella will succeed in meeting the prince again, but only on one condition: she has to be back before midnight…

Childrens 223F-Aladdin and The Magic Lamp-Melbourne

Since the death of his father, Aladdin and his mother have had a very difficult life, until one day a mysterious uncle appears. He advises Aladdin on how to become rich by fetching an old lamp left in a tomb. From now on Aladdin’s life is about to change… He will escape the clutches of the nasty magician Mustaphus Pocus and will encounter love in a chance meeting with Sheerazade. Invited to the palace by the Sultan, Aladdin will once again face the evil Magician, disguised this time as the Sultan’s Grand Vizir…

Childrens 223G-Puss in Boots-Melbourne

Before passing away, the father of three sons asks them to share his belongings. The oldest receives the mill, the second receives the donkey and the youngest inherits… the cat! Little does he know that this cat is about to make his fortune. Mister Puss asks only for one condition; his master has to offer him a pair of boots. From now on the life of our two friends is about to change. Mister Puss befriends the king by offering him some of his hunting booty. He then proposes to introduce his master, who he has now renamed: the Marquis de Carabas to the king and his daughter Isabella. Who thought it could be an obstacle? Certainly not Mister Puss who can resolve any problem. Mr Puss you are definitely a very clever cat!

Childrens 223H-Sindbad and the Enchanted Horse-Melbourne

In the kingdom of Abyssinia the Queen of Shiba is celebrating her birthday when suddenly a mysterious man named Amar appears with an enchanted horse. Intrigued, the queen asks her son Sindbad to ride it. He suddenly takes off with the horse before realising that he doesn’t know how to land…. The horse brings him to an unknown country and suddenly stops in front of a palace, where there live the beautiful princess Lala and her parrot Papageno…Come and discover an odyssey of love and adventures in: Sindbad and the enchanted horse!







carrousel 223F








Childrens 226A- Bush Show-Melbourne

The Bush show is a pantomime , complete with story line and villian. All the puppet characters speak and have their own unique personality. The performance is completely interactive and the children assist in many aspects of the performance. Topics covered are Anti smoking, anti littering, self esteem, protective behaviours and learning to read. During the performance we sing, dance, laugh and trick the villian. Children are invited on stage to play the music.

Keeping fit show

It is now only a matter of days until the commencement of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Why not capture this excitement and hold your very own ‘Bush Olympics’ during the upcoming September school holidays! Brought to you by the ‘Great Aussie Bush Show’ this specially scripted live performance both educates and entertains children simultaneously. With great messages like:

•Being active. Playing cooperatively with friends. Keeping fit. Being a good sport. All whilst having lots and lots of fun!! Mr. Jolly, the grumpy old Swaggie tries to spoil the fun, however Jackaroo Jack (host) and the bush buddies, Kenny Kangaroo, Cuddles Koala (life size characters), along with Penny Platypus, Cocky Cockatoo & Edna Emu (large puppets), and the children in the audience are too clever for the Swaggie… (Alternatively, you may choose your own theme)

All we require is access to 240V power and a small area of 6X4 metres to perform our show. Furthermore, we supply you with a comprehensive promotional kit, including images.

Approx $800-1000 depending on requirements





children 227A-Vocal workshop-performance skills-Melbourne

Perfect for high school students

With the emergence of the internet and mobile phones young people are slowly losing opportunities to interact with friends and acquaintances on a personal level. This can be to their detriment when applying for a part time job, attending an interview for a tertiary course or making a public speech. The art of clear, confident and meaningful public speaking will always be advantageous no matter how advanced technology becomes. A young person with these skills will always have the upper hand in the many situations that life has to offer.

Wha twe Can Offer Your Students

We are an experienced and passionate team of presenters with vast amounts of experience in vocal projection in regards to public speaking and singing. Some members of our team have a secondary teaching back ground and others have worked for many years teaching teenagers the art of singing.

We have four single day workshops available; however, all our workshops are designed specifically for individual clients. If the following ideas appeal to you or you can see how they could be altered to achieve the desired outcome for your students, we will work with you personally to design a workshop that addresses these needs.

Audition Magic!

You have a number of great vocalists at your school. They may be doing or planning to do VCE Music, group, solo or both. They may not be doing VCE music but still aspire to follow a career in singing and performing. You can see their talents but when they perform, they look uncomfortable and embarrassed. You know they will soon be attending auditions either for a band or a tertiary course and you don’t want their presentation and performance to let them down.

The team can help! Our presenters all have vast amounts of experience in auditions and performance. In just a single day we can turn shy little Casey into a performer who owns the stage. She will have experience in the use of stage equipment such as a microphone, stand and fold back wedge. Her style, confidence and charisma will make even the toughest critic realise her potential.

I Love Public Speaking

Graeme is a lovely boy. He has some really great ideas and shows many leadership qualities. Unfortunately he is quite shy, not very confident and every time he does an aural presentation in English he struggles to speak clearly and make eye contact with his audience. He’d be a great senior student leader but his poor ability to publicly present himself makes his teachers and peers think twice about nominating him. The team can help! In just a single day we can give Graeme, and all the other students like him, the tools required to confidently and purposefully speak in public. In fact, your students will be bursting at the seams to make their next public address!

It Takes Teams – The Singing Olympics

This workshop is specifically designed for a group of students (small or large) who you feel need to be unified and realise the strengths of all members of the group. The following scenario is an example of where it could be used. However, there are any number of situations this concept could be used in. You may even like to use this concept during a professional development day to unify your staff!!

You’ve picked your senior students or prefects for next year. You know they’ll do a great job but they don’t know each other very well. You really want to create a team of students who are united and prepared to work collaboratively. You want them to realise that they all need to contribute in order to be successful. At the same time you want them to learn some skills in public presentation and have a huge amount of fun!

The team can help! In just one day, we will create a team based competition that will create life long friendships, a unified team and be remembered for years to come!



Childrens 228B-African drumming Workshop-Melbourne

Enjoyed by young and old alike, these hands-on percussion workshops enable participants to experience the pulsating rhythms and instruments of West Africa for themselves! Perfect as a team building exercise, for community events and festivals, King has a wealth of teaching experience both nationally and internationally and believes that “anyone with 2 hands can pick up drumming techniques”. Drums and hand percussion provided.

From West Africa, King has arrived as Gambia’s pulsating musical ambassador. An outstanding child musician who has been performing professionally since the age of 12, King is a master of Djembe, sabar, bougarabu, sewurba drumming and dance traditions and an internationally recognised drumming teacher.

The workshops provide all students with the opportunity to participate in group tuition in an atmosphere of discovery and challenge.

As an experienced instructor, he skilfully blends demonstration with expectation to develop rhythm, tone and technique in all students regardless of age or background experience.

Drumming and Dance Workshops

For all ages and abilities based on everyday life and customs – farming activities, naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, marriages, festival, plus stories from the ancient kingdom of Mali and the story of the drums.

Cultural Combination

A taste of drumming, dancing, story telling, geography, and images of village life in The Gambia. This program can be tailored to suit your particular needs.


Interactive performance by musicians illustrating different kinds of music and dance from West Africa.

also see multicultural shows






Childrens 261A-Hoola Hoop workshop-Tasmania

Sam teaches the children how to hoola hoop and show them tricks and movements. 30-55min workshop

childrens show- 261C-Hoola-Plate spinner-clown-balloonologist-Tasmania

If you are thinking festival carnivale with a twist, Sam is your girl. Performed by experienced and qualified circus all rounder Sam, is a charming, bubbly, lovable and highly skilled modern day Carmen Miranda. She will make the kids giggle and squeal with delight over her pocket magic tricks and wow audiences big and small with her precision hoola hoop skills. Add plate spinning, juggling, balloons and hysterical comedy. Perfect for corporate roving, shopping centers and parties. Also available as a stage show (6 mins skilled hoops to music track or 30 min interactive kids show

childrens 261CC-clown-Tasmania

Absent are the big shoes and over sized hair and honker nose. Instead Sam has chosen a more friendly and feminine approach to clowning. Combining the innocence of the clown with the frantic energy of the circus,Sams characteris a big crowd pleaser. Sam uses her skills in hoops, juggling and acrobatics to keep the audience cheering, while her trained skills in traditional clowning and mime keep them laughing. Sam is available for kids parties, adults functions, festivals, parades, you name it!

The character is very girly and silly, and has a 20, 30 or 40 minute show. She also works with some other highly trained female clowns on duo and trio roves and shows.

Sam is a highly skilled balloon artist as well as a face painter with artistry. Other skills/acts include pocket magic, spinning plates and contortion.


sam-hoops-a-daisy sam-hoops-a-daisy




Childrens 294B-clown-magic-balloons-ventriloquism-Melbourne

The laughing magician is truly entertaining, and excels at balloon modelling. He can make hearts, little bears, swans,swords just to name a few.

He can do a a magical cooking show or Ventriloquism show or rove around singing with his banjo.

For a workshop can also teach magic, juggling, clowning skills.



Childrens 322A-Melbourne

An action packed concert showing how Critters makes new friends and gets to know them better.Snuggle Bug includes them in, Fancy Ant joins in with others,Spy Fly asks a lot of questions and Tidy Spider likes to observe before introducing herself. The audience is actively involved with questions and lots of songs

Discussion points are Stranger danger, Racism, Healthy eating, well being,Communication and peoples differences.



childrens 326D-French workshop-Melbourne

A Unique Musical, Linguistic & Cultural experience PERFORMED BY FRENCH NATIVE SPEAKER

Paris born Céd takes you on a journey from his childhood in Paris to Melbourne’s best Cabaret venue: A concert hall or in front of your fire place! Where ever it is it will be a small and intimate venue. Theatre lights, slides, stories, Ced’s accomplished blend of songs and use of many different instruments will always make the show a unique theatrical experience .

Workshop D éscription

French songs. Use and attention to French vocabulary.Slide presentation of France. French tongue twisters and shadow puppets to learn vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun way. Stories and anecdotes about the artist's background. Participation of students in percussion and choruses of songs. Emphasis on speaking as much French as the students can follow.

Students are encouraged to participate, ask questions and have fun .

Listen to ced

listen to ced accordian

Childrens 326DD- Orgue de Barbarie-Melbourne

For children of all ages, a cabaret show waved around the fascinating Orgue de Barbarie. Unique presentation that includes stories, marionettes, slides, fairy lights and more. Presented by French born and speaking, Ced le Meledo.


ced-organ 326DD



Childrens 349C-art of clowning-Melbourne

Trading Faces
Using a ludicrous array of costumes, props and musical instruments, His charming and eccentric comic characters create an atmosphere of fun so accessible that the audience will want to join in...and they do! Amidst the laughter and lunacy Trading Faces introduces audiences to different aspects of clowning, comedy, role-playing and improvisation. It emphasises the difference between live performance and TV and for primary even teaches a little German. A specially adapted version for Secondary schools also explores the links between the rich traditions of Comedian Declare, Vaudeville and Circus with his own contemporary clown style.

His eminence, training and experience shone through immediately.
He captivated staff & students alike.

349D TROUBADOUR-Commedia dell'Arte- Secondary schools.

Starting with the travelling Minstrels and Troubadours of the dark ages ('Chapeauography' and a traditional British penny whistle routine), we chart the artistic and geographic journey of the Clown, through the Commedia dell'Arte of the Italian Renaissance (the traditional leather mask of Arlecchino comes alive in a chaotic master/servant plate spinning banquet), the Vaudeville halls of the Australian gold rushes (a Spike Jones inspired little-big band), the resurgence of interest in Clowning during the 1970's (contemporary style character Clown) and finally we come full circle, returning to the tradition of the Troubadour with the contemporary Street Performer or Busker (a ridiculous unicycle finale using all the skills in the show at once) .

By portraying the history of the itinerant entertainer in the context of an interactive show, the desired outcome is an experience and understanding of the (in this case Western) cultural roots of comedy and theatre, of the different styles and approaches possible, of the skills involved and of the influences of world events on entertainment and vice versa. Interacting directly with the audience, Christof!! brings a sense of immediacy to the piece, allowing creative input from the audience within the structure of the scenes. The participating audience members are always the ultimate heroes of the show, the true 'stars'.

Troubadour is designed for Secondary Schools.



Childrens 355BB-Hip Hop-Breakers-Melbourne

The dancers are also happy to offer a multi-cultural hip hop performance workshop. This show will feature artists of all cultural backgrounds, rapping and dancing about their culture and beliefs as youths and artists in this Australian hip hop culture. We have artists with arab, Phillipino, Greek, Egyptian, New Zealand and Sri Lankan backgrounds that will perform a small show and then conduct an open workshop with the audience. Depending on artist avalaibility,we can include guitar, break dance, hip hop and beatboxing.

view video




Childrens 372P-show-Melbourne

40 mins of fun filled musical adventures for early Primary & Pre school children. Original songs, audience participation, games and dancing. Members of cast include Seesaw and 2 comical cave persons and sound engineer.


Childrens 396EE- Circus show-Melbourne

Terrys Spectacular circus is a comedy circus show where the children will be taken on a journey through the brilliant and often chaotic world of circus. Traditional circus acts take on a new twist when Terry keeps upping the stakes on himself, setting challenges that, when accomplished, are as electrifying as they are precise.The show is a tight, highly skilled and very, very funny circus show containing: masterful juggling with some surprising objects unicycle, diabolo, and acrobatic stunts some pure contemporary clowning a towering finale featuring a tall unicycle and as always, continuous comedy!

 This show is not only suitable for children and families, it’s downright beneficial!

Circus Show requirements
A gym or multi-purpose room with a ceiling height of at least 5 metres or a splendid theatre. Outdoor spaces may be appropriate, but please consult with us first.

or School Workshop

Circus skills with Terry is a hands on, feet on, skill acquisition fest as children are inducted into the once secretive and elite world of circus.

Not only will participants safely gain new skills in balance and manipulation, they will be empowered by them and know how to improve these skills and acquire others. Most of all, though, the workshop sessions are immense fun for children and adults alike.

Learn to juggle balls, scarves and rings. Fly the Chinese spinning top, the Diabolo. Spin a plate on a stick, balance it. Balance a feather or broom stick. Balance on a rolla bolla. Control the Chinese devil sticks. Walk tall on hands free circus stilts. Learn acrobatic balances and pyramids.

Beginners to advanced.

Requirements: A Large space with a tall ceiling. Gym mats if needed for acro balances. A carpeted area for some of the activities is recommended but not essential.





CHildrens 397B-Rod Puppetry -Melbourne

This fun workshop covers not only simple making techniques that can be achieved at home, but also manipulation skills and ways to make characters come alive. The rod puppet is created from materials that are accessible and environmentally friendly.

What happens:

  • Short introduction to the variety of puppets
    Showing different types as well as drawing on the students own experiences.
  • Making the puppet
    Step by step construction of the basic puppet and then free creative time with fascinating materials, developing character details.
  • Puppetry as a physical art form
    Warm up of body and voice, simple exercises to limber up minds and hands.
  • Presenting your puppet character
    An opportunity for the children to perform - the tutors will provide different exercises and outcomes depending on the age group of the students involved.

Max 30 per workshop Length 1.5 hours Suitable Children 5 to 12 years

We provide

Tutors (1 to 5 depending on participants) All materials

You provide

A couple of helpers or volunteers to assist the tutor if necessary Weather protected space Three trestle tables Parking close to the site

Childrens 803B-Marionettes -Melbourne

The well known and very popular Marionette Puppet can be traced back to ancient times; string operated puppets made from ivory or clay have been found in Egyptian Tombs!  In this workshop, the students are free to make all creative decisions in the design and character development of their marionette.  There is a focus on the performance aspect, with all students having the opportunity to learn manipulation techniques.   

Workshops are popular in the drama and visual art streams at schools, as part of the VELS education stream, and in Vacation Care Programs.

What happens:

  • Short introduction to the variety of puppets
    Showing different types as well as drawing on the student's own experiences.
  • Making the marionette
    Step by step construction of the marionette and then free creative time with fascinating materials, developing character details. 
  • Puppetry as a physical art form
    Warm up of body and voice, simple exercises to limber up minds and hands. 
  • Development of your marionette's character

Students can also chose to develop the characters' personality, build scenarios and refine their marionette puppetry skills.

Presenting your puppet character
An opportunity for the children to perform - the tutors will provide different exercises and outcomes depending on the age group of the students involved.

Max 30 per workshop (can run 2 or more workshops concurrently if numbers are greater than 30). Length 1.5 hours (can be tailored to the needs of the school or organisation).

We provide Tutors (1 to 5 depending on participants, All materials

You provide A couple of helpers or volunteers to assist the tutor if necessary, Weather protected space, Three trestle tables, Parking close to the site

Suitable for Children 10 years and above.Workshops can be tailored to Primary and Secondary, Adults and Teachers.  VELS teachers workshops also available.




Childrens 409C-music-Melbourne

The Music Show is a fun-filled, funny 30 minute journey around the musical world.

We’ll travel to Europe, Africa, Hawaii, through the seas, up and down and all around the globe and then come safely home again.

Jen is your vivacious host and is joined by the wonderful Terry for even more musical mayhem and circus fun.

Jen’s irresistible charm and sublime musicality and Terry’s madcap humour and super style inspire kids to join in with dance moves and actions. Everyone will be singing, dancing, tapping their toes and slapping their thighs to this fast moving show.

Show Requirements
Covered stage with PA.
Headset mic x2 (Jen can supply mic if required).
x1 instrument mic
x3 instrument DIs.
Change room



Childrens 425A-Adelaide-SA

Show suited to primary audience is children aged 3-10 years.

The show is "semi-educational" - it introduces children to a range of musical styles, shows them simple dance moves to copy and introduces them to theatre/comedy traditions.

Their aim is to celebrate childhood as a special time in everyone's life by bringing music, joy and laughter to its audience.

Listen to audio



Childrens 426A-NSW

A jam packed crazy comedy stage show with mad mixture of knockabout comedy, acrobatics, juggling tricks and music mayhem. For over a decade they have been performing their Crazy Comedy for kids in theatres, clubs, shopping centres, festivals and preschools across Australia and the world!

They have toured with big international names like “Barney” the American Dinosaur and the British Superhero Car “Brum” and in 2009 won an award for "Best Kids' Show" at Comedy@Trades for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009. In the same year they performed to sell out crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009, the largest festival in the WORLD!

Wilma and Daisy are two of the most experienced children’s entertainers in the country. Someone once described them as 'Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for kids' because the energy and humour of Wilma and Daisy was and is so infectious. Kids of all ages (even the big adult type kids) cannot help but laugh out loud and get drawn into their world . Wilma and Daisy are the best of friends. They play lots of games and no one is ever left out.

Just like 'Dean & Jerry', they are very physical in their humour. They have brought back vaudeville comedy for kids, the likes of which children have not seen for many years if at all. We all like to see people fall over, pick themselves up, dust themselves off and have a huge laugh about it!

this 5-50min crazy production has toured nationally for festivals, clubs, theatres and shopping centres.

suitable age 0-8yrs 1 x 50min show

Floor space 5 m x 3m x 2.5 mtr

Unavailable for bookings till mid 2012



Childrens 434C-Japanese Drumming workshop

Traditional Japanese drums are called Taiko or Wadaiko drums. He is an accomplished player and teacher of Wadiako and teaches students about a vibrant and attractive aspect of japanese Culture and gives them the opportunity to play this exciting instrument themselves.

View Video


Childrens 445A-Punch and Judy-Melbourne

Traditional Punch and Judy show.

Professor Whatsit’s Traditional Punch and Judy is an authentic English style puppet show that continues a tradition began in London in the 18th century and has been popular ever since.
Although most people are familiar with the name, the show is not often seen these days. This is a proper show and is still popular with children from the age of five to over a hundred years old. People laugh at the most outrageous things when it comes to puppets.The audience it entertains is not only children. It is not purely a children’s entertainment.


show 1 x 25 min long. 1 x 20min history and tradition talk if required.


chris-punch and judy


Code 387MX- Rudolfs Xmas-Melbourne

A captivating way to end any primary school year! Rudolph’s Recruits is an entertaining performance incorporating original and traditional Christmas themes. Can be used to assist students in developing their own creative ideas for dance, drama and music performances during the Christmas period.

The fully staged musical includes:

  • debrief & question time with the performers after the show
  • cast of three performing 10 song and dance numbers in varying music styles: six original songs for each of the Australian animal characters, a variation of I've Been Everywhere Man, and three well known Christmas songs students can sing along to (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
  • low portable stage – 30 cm high, 4 meters wide, 2 meters deep
  • full sound system appropriate for audiences of 400 students per session
  • stage lighting
  • free standing back drop curtain & audience area marked out by the performers
  • eleven different costume characters.

Lots of audience interaction, kids enthralled whole session...Suits the silly season!” Araluen Primary School, VIC

suitable for kinder to grade 6

childrens xmas show in Melbourne.

Childrens 512C-Fairies-Melbourne

Fairy Anastasia and Fairy Loveheart are waiting for a visit from the Fairy Godmother, however after an abrupt call on the fairy phone, are called down to planet earth to fix a problem of the missing fairy dust and who has stolen all the fairy names? Fairy Love Heart goes off in search of the culprit while Fairy Anastasia busies herself with growing magical flowers, at least she can still do that!
This wonderful show is suitable for kindergartens, shopping ceners, festivals, the outdoors, particularly in a garden setting. We provide a backdrop, smoke machine, bubble machine, wireless microphones, the music and the magic and you provide the children.



Combining sophisticated voice techniques, trained acting ability and hilarious comedy, Dean brings to life a crazy cast of characters.

A born showman, he mixes an energetic blend of comedy, ventriloqisim and audience participation to leave the children in hysterics.

With very funny puppet characters like The Magic rabbit, Granny May, Gordan the crocodile and of course Fetch.

Note price between $2800-$3300+gst





Childrens 538A- Cultural Workshop-Qld

The drumming workshop give children the unique experience of dynamic cultures of the world. With traditional instruments and energetic songs, children wont be able to sit still as they drum, sing and clap along. The children engage in the wonderful experience of cultures from exotic, far away places such as Africa, Eqypt, Tibet, The Pacific Islands and closer to home, Indigenous Australia. Our workshop help children build an appreciation of other people and cultures. And the children have fun, fun, fun! 

Childrens 538B- Cultural Workshop-Aboriginal-Qld

An Aboriginal cultural workshop with hands-on, including face and hair painting using real ochres; using emu feather headdresses; the art of fire making with traditional fire sticks; boomerang and spear throwing demonstrations; didjeridoo playing and Aboriginal storytelling.

Summary of activities:

Painting face, hair and arms using real ochres , Emu feather headdresses using ochres, beeswax, emu feathers, The Aboriginal Art of Fire Making using traditional fire sticks (takes approx 20 yrs of practice but everyone loves to try!) Boomerang and spear throwing  using a Woomera (demonstration only),Didjeridoo workshop includes circular breathing Story telling and Cultural Information with all workshops.

Childrens 538C- Cultural Workshop-Tribal-Qld

Tribal workshop . Brento has a passion for all things tribal and has an amazing ability to bring people together and get everyone smiling, I think he was must have been a big happy Village Chief in a past life. The children will experience music of far away places such as Africa, The Middle East, the Pacific Islands, Tibet and Indigenous Australiia. With lots of drums and percusssion instruments from all over the world and his own funky recycled instruments, the Tribal Music workshop is wild, high spirited and fun.






Childrens 554B- dance-Physical Theatre workshop-Tas-Vic


One: Contemporary Dance Technique

Efficiency of movement, movement pathways, strengthening and flexibility are focused on through working with posture, alignment and safe dance practices. Thorough warm ups and cool downs are included in each class. A range of contemporary dance techniques are touched on including those of modern dancers who have had major influences on current styles. Learn choreography devised by Bust a MOVE.

Two: Dance and Drama Improvisation or Clowning

Improvisational tasks and games based in movement, sound, characterisation, story telling and performance as well as solo and group skills. Build from an introductory level to complex training techniques and performance systems.

Three: Characterisation

Focus on creating characters through movement techniques. Building from simple explorations to a point where each character has a history and is able to interact with other characters and situations through improvisation, structures and subtle scripting.

Four: Physical Theatre

Technique, composition and choreography in Physical Theatre; encompasses dance, drama, circus, gymnastics and music. Participants will learn basic tumbling and acro-balance skills as well as emotion in movement and body language. They will develop their skills to create short performance pieces which make use of a range of physical styles.

Five: Gymnastics

Learn acrobatics, tumbling, acro-balance, lifts, hand stands, cartwheels and more!

Six: Composition and Performance

Processes in how to generate, refine, direct and choreograph your own performance. Beginning with a simple task, theme or build on impulsive movement. We will create a show in; an hour, day, week, month or year. Anything is possible and you will defiantly have something fabulous to perform, in time for an enthusiastic audience.

Seven: Move and Paint

Dancing and painting/drawing is not a common collaboration but Bust a MOVE have been working with this technique for several years. Begin with simple dance and drawing techniques; learn how to draw a dance and dance a drawing. The ultimate goal is to learn how to dance while you paint! The end product will be a vibrant splash of movement and colour.

Eight: The Film Clip Project

Choose a song and work as an ensemble to create a film clip. This is a fast passed and energetic way to create!

Participants can pre plan their choice of song, costume etc. and create their movement in one workshop, film it in one take and upload their work onto the Internet immediately.

Nine: Tailor Made

Create your own workshop to suit your existing class or project. Combine elements of the workshops above, choose your own theme or work with Bust a MOVE to create a workshop that will directly relate to students current assignments, general curriculum or community art project.

Ten: Artist in Residence

A 5 day Artist in Residence program. Bridget will work as a mentor, director, choreographer and collaborator, using extensive contact database and networking schedule to promote the residency and the project.

Workshop options can be adapted for people of all ages and abilities.



childrens 592B-parties-Geelong-vic

The ultimate Kids Party includes:
Entertainment by Brooke (& assistant if more than 12 children)
PA/Bubble machine/Performances/Dress Up Box/Dance/Musical Instruments/Age appropriate Music/Face painting & Balloon Twisting. Photography is also available.
Age appropriate songs
2 hour structured party featuring performance/face painting/balloon twisting/bubble machine/dress up box/musical instrument jam with all children able to participate together with individual instruments and perform with microphones to their favorite songs!
Extra to hire children’s tables & chairs (seats 12), Table cloths & bunting decoration
Suitable from 1-9yrs


Childrens 621B-Drumming workshop-NSW

Rhythm's highly motivating team building drumming spectaculars are transforming communities across Australia and New Zealand. The key to their ability to connect people and build healthy communities is through present moment awareness all through the power of the rhythm and the drum! Their workshops, performance and drum hub have been a colourful and enriching ingredient helping to create the good vibes all over Australia.

Their mission is to heal people and organizations through the transformative power of rhythm.

What they do:

  • Team Building and Development
  • Community Drumming courses & Retreats
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Entertainment
  • Drum Making Courses
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Kids drumming
  • Drum Shop
  • Health & Wellness Health & Wellness




Childrens 622A-Puppet-Music- Workshop-Melbourne

Performing Puppets and Making Music
is a 2 hour workshop involving puppet-making, games, activities, and improvisation for children 2 - 12.



Together in the spirit of wandering minstrels, the show consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other gags, accompanied by violin and piano accordion delightfully synchronised improvisations. These three cheeky bards will woo you with their charm and captivate you with their unique spontaneity, as they use their considerable talents to weave a brillant dialogue of comic wit.

Great for shopping centres and festivals.

Roving or stage show musical clowning act



Childrens 627A African Drummers-Melbourne

Very energetic display dressed in National Costumes.They share their culture dancing and music of Ghana . The drums have a lanuage of their own and are never played without giving a message.


Childrens 637A-Music-puppetry-SA

Tony is an educator and entertainer bringing music, puppetry, art and learning experiences to each of his performances.

See available shows

see available school workshops




Childrens 639A-Ventriloquist-puppets-SA

Australia's leading female Ventriloquist, Lindi presents, Snap's Kakadu Club.. featuring Snap Crocodilous the cheeky crocodile from Kakadu. Snap introduces you to his Kakadu mates, Dazey Wallabee, Fluffi-Feline, Sniffer Dog and special guest Billy Kidney for Kidney Health Australia. This performance features clever ventriloquism, songs, education themes, feel good & healthy concepts, games, dance and comedy. Snap's Kakadu Club is a family show for ages 3 - 100! Lindi is an awarding winning Australian Ventriloquist, traveling the world with her delightful & engaging original show. When performing in Dubai, Lindi was the first Australian woman to do an act of this kind in the middle east .. she became the favourite act of the Dubai Summer Surprises festival 2009! Snap's Kakadu Club is a must see as Lindi brings her Kakadu mates to life! Come and enjoy the fun with Lindi and Snap's Kakadu Club!

Lindi is Children's Ambassador for Kidney Health Australia, when booking, you are helping a brilliant cause.


Childrens 667F-circus workshop -Melbourne

Circus is awesome to watch and even better to be involved in learning some of the tricks. All workshops are task orientated behavior using positive reinforcement. Ideal for Children of all ages, workshops are fantastic to conduct after a feature show.

Spinning Poi
Staff twirling
Plate spinning
Scarf / ball juggling
Devil / flower Sticks
Open space, bigger is better


Childrens 693A Animals and Pony Ride Hire-Melbourne

The Animal farm and Pony hire cater for playgroups, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, carnivals fetes and fairs, shopping centres and BIRTHDAY PARTIES & bring to you a variety of sessions which are all educational & fun.

The Animal Farm Come to you. They are reliable and professional and pride themselves on their high quality of service. They have the largest range of farm and native animals and they clean up after their sessions.
The Animal Farm have full public liability cover and also provide animals for movies and photo shots plus
many other reasonable requests.

The Animal Farm cater for playgroups, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, carnivals fetes and fairs, shopping centres and BIRTHDAY PARTIES & bring to you a variety of sessions which are all educational & fun

Childrens 694A- African musicians and dancers-Melbourne

Renowned Drum and Dance Ensemble who play the party music of West Africa. Their high energy gigs are legendary, and their softer African melodic sets are a hit at weddings, conferences and functions. Comprising local percussionists Simons' Fraser and Lewis plus recently arrived Africans including dancer Bobo Diallo, and master drummer Mady Keita from Mali, Zazu is a unique melange of sound.

School Workshops

Kids have an innate attraction to drums and rhythm and get a real opportunity to express themselves through African Drumming classes. African drumming is fantastic for promoting listening skills and interaction, and teaches children the benefits of working as a team, risk taking and trusting one another. It stimulates coordination and creativity by motivating both halves of the brain to communicate with each other. Simultaneously, it encourages improvisation, concentration and relaxation. African Drumming also possesses powerful healing and stress relief properties. Most importantly, playing in a group gives the children a sense of belonging and community. Each instrument played is an integral part of the whole. Instantly accessible rhythms give an immediate sense of achievement that builds confidence


Childrens 695A Animal Farmand Pony Rides-Melbourne

This Animal Farm is the only one to have minature donkeys.

The Animal Farm focus is on a child's natural wonderment of animals and their behaviours. Especially ones they rarely get the chance to see other than in books these days. Children love discovering the enjoyment of patting, cuddling and learning about our wonderful friendly farm animals. And we just love answering all of the questions they may have and take the time assisting them overcome any fears that they may have.

Our enclosure is well supervised by professional and uniformed staff who are just great with the children.Each child is seated for their country experience in front of one of our fabulous Farm Hands to enhance their learning experience.We pride ourselves on the health, hygiene and friendliness of all of our animals. We also limit the number of children entering the pen at any one time for the safety of our animals. Our Animal Farm set up may seem small, however, it is full of quality farm animals just waiting to be discovered by eager children.

There are Ducks & Ducklings, Lambs/Sheep, Goats (Kids seasonal), Bantam Chickens and Chicks, miniature pony or miniature donkey-coming soon, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Adults too enjoy watching the animals from around the outside of enclosure.  Our enclosure can be arranged into a circle or rectangle and weather is not a problem (extremes excepted) as we erect shelter for the animals & children. We can set up on grass or hard surfaces, indoors or outside and we clean up any mess the animals make.  




Childrens 795B-Balloon making workshop-Brisbane

If you are looking to add some fun, colour, interest and activity to your next event… you can’t beat my big, colourful balloon twisting.
Are you planning a kids party or company event? I specialise in supplying high quality balloon modelling entertainment at corporate events. I can guarantee this, your corporate entertainment will be brighter and happier with my incredible balloon creations
When I hand out my amazing creations at you company event it creates an instant visual impact that can be seen from across the room. It ‘will’ get people talking. They ‘will’ feel happier. They ‘will’ be laughing and smiling….It is the perfect ice-breaker.
People find it fascinating to watch the balloon creations being made, “what’s it going to be?”…. I never tell until the very end when the whole balloon creation seems to come together as if by magic…. “ I see!” is a common reaction. Your company event will be brighter and happier with my amazing colourful balloon figures.


glen-rhodes glen-rhodes



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