Roving Christmas and easter Entertainment

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Look through the list write down number of performer interested in. Check they are in your state.
Click Contact above to fill out form for performer to send back a quote.  Put code of performer wanted in performers ID section.  (Can put several on the one form)
The Agency does not set performers fees.  Entertainment is one of the most important parts of your function as it can make or break your day.
Fees also includes local travel costs, sick pay, holiday pay, insurance, overtime,commissions and income tax.
As professional performers they do not offer services in lieu of any requests as for most this is their only livelihood. Be Realistic with your budget.
Performers charge per hour call. 1 hr =1 x 60min set 2 hr call 2 x 45 min set 3hr call 3 x 45 min set.


Code-72EJEB- Fat Bunnie-Melbourne

You wouldn't want to pull these rabbits out of a hat! Check out our rascally rabbits - they're the Easter Bunny's official food tasters, which explains why there is more of them to love! Available as a solo or duo; have two bunnies in waistcoats or a boy and girl bunny. With all the jokes and personality the Fat Bunnies are renowned for; they will make your next Easter event fun filled and delicious.



Code-84EKEB-Easter Bunny-Melbourne

Celebrate Easter with the roving Easter bunny around Melbourne. Comes with minder. Client supply eggs.


Code-106BCE-Roving Easter Bunny-Melbourne

The Easter Bunny is fun for all occasions during Easter time. Great for handing out eggs and promotional material for shopping centres and retail outlets, as he can get around on his nifty segway.
He can also visit special functions like parties and community events and can run easter egg hunts, egg & spoon races, hopping races, sing songs and have photos with the children.

Roving easter bunny-melbourne

Code-179LCE-Easter Bunny-Melbourne

Quality Easter Bunny with closed face. Must have minder.

Minder supplied if required extra cost.

easter-bunny leon-easter-bunny-hire

Code-701TS-Easter- Face Painter-Melbourne

Teresa uses quality non toxic paints.

Easter theme face painter

Easter 588A- Easter show-Melbourne

The easter Bunny Character will distribute clients eggs, tell kokes,sing little snippets of silly songs or a small show will provide an unforgettable Easter celebration for your gathering. Arriving in a superb quality and ultra-huggable rabbit costume, the Easter Bunny bounces in to your function with Easter eggs a plenty. But giving out the Easter eggs is only part of this Bunny's job.

A heart-warming performance is involved, including singing of 2 rabbit songs, handing out of Easter eggs and thrilling dialogue with each child. The Easter Bunny has original sections of scripted show to perform, including discussing the work he does delivering eggs & why he does it each year, plus a fantastic Easter egg hunt!!!

A fascinating journey into the life and fun of the Easter Bunny. If you thought all Easter Bunnies were the same, now experience how professional performers make the difference.

Over $800


Easter-Face painter 893B-Melbourne

face painting for all ages.




Christmas Entertainment


With the up and coming Christmas Season, and we know how important it is to attract clientele, we have created the perfect Christmas roving entertainment.

A very entertaining Christmas group ideal for spreading the Christmas cheer around Shopping Centres, Clubs and just about any Christmas Events, by performing live and unamplified Christmas music.
Their mobility makes them unique and able to move freely around any venues.


Code-10ESX- Xmas magic show-Melbourne

Option 1 Show Only 1 x 30mins

Set against a palette of red and silver, this magic show for the festive season contains all the hallmarks of excellence you’ve come to expect from these masters of Magic.
The Christmas themed illusions are astonishing.
An extravaganza for the festive season filled with Noel inspired illusions that are truly amazing. Torn wrapping paper mysteriously mends itself, scarlet flowers blossom in the blink of an eye, and ornaments misbehave in a most curious manner.
We bring along a self contained backdrop with dressing room, a crisp quality sound system, and rudimentary stage lighting You’ll also be supplied with beautiful high resolution images and a cleverly crafted media release for advertising.
Requires 4 x 4 metres space size

Option 2 code 10ESS

Santa Appears extra 20mins added to show
The Christmas Magic Show culminating with the astonishing production of Santa! That’s right - Santa magically appears out of thin air, right in the middle of your centre!
Requires 4 x 4 metres space size



10ESX-Xmas show


Code-13THX-Orb Xmas Angel-Melbourne

Angel in a The angel moves elegantly through the crowd inside the giant orb, stopping to show off her skills on pointe before moving on. Her beautiful dancing will add elegance and style to your event. This roaming act is performed by roaming between the guests when they are up and mingling. Smooth surface required.
Sets x 10 mins on 20min break due to heat


Code-32AST-Stilt Elf-Melbourne

Roving stilt elf or Santa


Code 33FFR- Reindeer and Elves-Melbourne

Taking the Reindeer out training for the big night, these two cheeky elves are experienced animal wranglers.
Give your company's Christmas cocktails, shopping centre strip, or pre-christmas festival that extra zing as these two rove and take Christmas orders directly to Santa
Life sized’- ish 'Reindeer' puppets have audiences in hysterics and confusion as these little fellows exercise 2 of Santas' 'slay' team in preparation for the 'big night'! The 'Reindeer' have cute faces with eyes that blink and mouths that chew, they also have realistic waging tails and 4 independent articulated walking legs. What's not to love of these gentle interactive inquisitive souls!?
Musical Elves with Flute and percussion which can be shared out among audience if appropriate, playing favourite Christmas carols.
Your choice of costume. I.E. choose between the beautiful Green dress as in the image or send out as the cute and cheeky 'fix-it elf' Steve accompanies as a fix-it pixie manning the toy percussion department.
Suddenly everyone can be in a band and sound good too!.
An idea might be to have 1 elf on a 'reindeer' with the other playing the flute with Christmas carols to usher in Santa's arrival.



Code-33FFXA- Giant Angel-Melbourne

The Christmas Angel is graceful, beautiful, charming and spectacular. Spreading Angel Dust and performing clear ball manipulation she will lift your spirits and prepare you for the season ahead.
With gorgeous giant blue wings and a smile that will fill your heart. She can serenade you with Christmas carols if you would like the addition of a solo flute (weather depending).
This act ensures maximum visibility without the risk of stilts. Ground based, means up close and personal for group photos anywhere.
Her wings measure up to 3.5 meters high and wide which can also close up in crowded venues.

giant angel



Roving elf, balloonoligist and pocket magic


Xmas-elf chris-m-elf

code 38DA2-Xmas show

Tis the season for the show  to bring you the funniest and most colourful Christmas Show you can imagine.
Let the Sleigh Bells ring, and Deck The Halls with Drags Aloud and their uniquely funny send-ups of those old Christmas favourites, plus a few naughty but nice requests for Santa. With a fantastic ABBA inspired finale the Drags Aloud Christmas Special is something different for Christmas and something to laugh about long after your celebrations are done. Show duration 30 minutes.
Couple the Christmas Special show with some of the 'drag magic' and you have the perfect nights entertainment. Humorous, colourful, professional and wildly entertaining, these Award winning and internationally regarded artists will bring you memorable moments and laughter aplenty. (Show duration 30 minutes).
Both shows give you a full hour of Australia's most renowned drag queens on stage and we can configure the shows to your requirements. Bring along your imagination and you'll have a delightful and unforgettable experience.

video of general show




Code-45CGX-Carols by guitar-Melbourne

This holiday season, enjoy your favourite festive songs performed in jazz and classical solo guitar interpretations. Driven to highlight the beauty, nostalgia and timelessness of Christmas carols, he has personally created elegant and sophisticated arrangements of his favourite tunes. Performed solo with almost 2 hours of material.

With or without vocals



Code 57BBD1-Xmas Living Table-Melbourne

Cheeky, sexy and fun, the costumed artistes are a stunning and quirky way to circulate sweet canapés or drinks to your guests.
Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists. 

Code 57DBD2-Xmas roving-Melbourne

without table


57BBD1-Xmas-table 57DBD2

Code-57BBD3-Xmas-Living table-Snowflake-Melbourne

This delicate snow flake has fallen straight from the christmas night sky and brings with her frivolous christmas fun.  Her snow white outfit is embellished with lace, pearls, silk and bows.  A giant feathered christmas tree balances with ease on her head and is topped by a diamonte encrusted christmas star shining bright.
A novel way of displaying and distributing canapes and beverages. .

Code-57BBD4-Xmas-Living table-Snowflake-Melbourne

Without table

57DBD3 57BBD3-snowflake

Code60XPC-Xmas solo Musician-Melbourne

Playing all your Xmas favourites as they roam your event.

Code60PCX-Xmas Duo- Musician-Melbourne

musicians only no santa Accordion and fiddle


Xmas-musicians christmas-musicians

Code 69FVX-Snowman-Qld

This stunning snowman melts the heart of everyone he meets. With his comical movements and cute expression he awakens the inner child of even the coolest customer.
A real eye catcher for any Christmas event or to give an amusing accent to the Australian winter period.
Add a hand held fan and he is even the perfect visual metaphor for a Global Warming conference.
Comes as an installation with floor, fence, mailbox and lantern. The snowman is not a roving act but an installation act performing in and coming with a décor He 'roves' from dressing room to his installation if floor is clean (not in grass or sand).
It's not a show to watch, it's more a living decoration (like with living statues or any 'meet & greet' act). 
Comes with 2 people (one actor and one dresser/minder)
The acts is 2 x 45 min sets within a 3 hour call.

69XFV-Angel living statue-Qld

An angelic living statue or roving character.

angel-living statue or roving. angel living statue.

Code 69AFV1 The whites-qld

A stylish roving act or installation which utilises the universal language of mime. This happy 1950’s couple visit your event with open eyes, amazed by the colourful world around them. Solo or Duo



Code-72EJCC-Stilt Candy Canes-Melbourne

Measuring over 3 metres tall these candy canes make an All-Day Sucker seem tiny. These chatty, cheeky Candy Canes will draw people in to your X-Mas event and leave them with a sugar high!
The Candy Canes also distribute lolly candy canes to the audience (optional) or you may prefer to have customised rock candy commissioned with your company name or logo.
The Candy Canes can perform both indoors and outdoors; from shopping centers to parks and gardens. If you want your event to stand out, these canes are your candy-men.

candy-canes candy-canes

Code-72EJFE-Fat elves-Melbourne

Giant fat Xmas elves for Melbourne functions.


Code-72EJFS-Fat Santas-Melbourne

These giant fat Mr and Mrs Claus will rove and bring xmas cheer to any function.

Roving fat Santa Claus

Code-72EJBE-Bouncing Elves-Melbourne & NSW

Elves on bouncing stilts.

Their powerskip stilts enable these giant bouncing characters to reach impressive heights of 1 metre off the ground.
Sizing up a Christmas crowd is a big job, so Santa has sent out his biggest helpers Horace and Boris to take notes. How do you measure up - Naughty or Nice? They'll be bouncing around deciding who deserves a visit from the boss man.


bouncit elves


These tall Xmas characters add brightness to any Xmas event.


Towering above the people these angelic angels are sure to stand out in a crowd
Up to 4 available.


75SCC-xmas stilt candy-canes 75SCB-Christmas-angel


Roving ground level Elves that will delight children with their balloon twisting and interaction.
Or can be Santas helpers. Up to 4 available.

Code-75SCXD-Roller-skating balloon-Elves-QLD

Roller Skating Elves, great for festivals and shopping centres twisting balloons to the delight of the children

balloon making elves. 75SCD-Roller skating-Xmas -elves


Great for bringing Xmas cheer to your event. Needs a chaperone.


Code-84EKB-Xmas Rolling Baubles-Melbourne

These roving baubles on roller skate, with their bright glittery colours and smiley faces bring Christmas Cheer to your clients. Can be on or of skates.

roliing Xmas baubles

CODE-84EKXA-Xmas Angel-Melbourne

Fairy Lights, baubles, glitter, the Angles glide into your Christmas event granting wishes and spreading the Christmas cheer. Perfect for Christmas parades and anywhere you need a touch of Christmas cheer.


CODE-84EKSE-stilt Elf-Melbourne

Stilt roaming Xmas elf. Can do balloons and spread Xmas cheer.

Code-84EKXE-Elf-On ground-Melbourne

Roaming Xmas elf. Can do balloons and spread Xmas cheer.


stilt-xmas-elf ground-level-elf

CODE-84EKXR- Xmas-A-Roo (Duo)

Jill has just ridden in from the bush on her favorite friend Roo! This all-Australian duo will literally bounce around your event on aerodynamically sprung stilts creating an authentic Aussie bush Xmas feeling. This duo is a stilt and puppeteering act in one!
Come and pat the Joey or give let Roo give you a kiss. This is Australia’s favourite giant size native.



Code-84EKXT-Roving Xmas tree-Melbourne

Available to walk around shopping centres . with lead lights for night work


roving Xmas tree for festivals and shopping Centres.

Code-105WS-Australian themed Xmas show-Melbourne

The show involves all the animals from the magical mountains and Wozza playing and singing the songs. Can involve some story telling.The shows are full of energy with Wozza enthusiastically playing guitar and singing while the animals dance. The Theme is Australian Animals with good messages on Bullying, healthy eating, self esteem, and respect for others.
1 x 30 min show + meet and greet.
Choice of 1-5 mascot characters or if on a budget can have clients dress in the suits.
Can also be a xmas show
In the shows we even dress up Breanna the tree in Xmas decorations and have other Xmas decorations for the animals g Songs from my albums plus a heap of Xmas carols too.




Roving Santa: Santa roves at parties & functions, can sit for photos, but this again is an interactive, performance Santa, that actually looks and sounds like Santa should, not an old guy in a red suit.
Can also do a main stage singing .
He will cruise your function bringing good cheer to your clients. Has flashing lights for night functions.
A Visit from Santa for private or community functions, Kinders & primary schools, normally goes for around 30 min. santa arrives on Segway, Sings Jingle bells and Rudolph with the kids, hands out presents and takes photos or has a chat to the children.

Santa's Sing-a-long Show: I arrive early and set up a professional PA system on a trolley decorated with a small tree and lights. Santa arrives on Segway, sings song with the kids including old favorites and new songs, including: Santa's Wrapping Song, Santa Surf's Up, Christmas HO-Down and Santa's Conga Line. Songs for 30 min, presents, photos & a chat 30 min- 60 min total.

106BC-santa 106BC-segway



Code-106BBC-Roving Reindeer-Melbourne

Roving Reindeer and Toy soldiers for Christmas events.


Code-106DBC-Santa Throne hire-Melbourne

The trees and gift boxes have lights, Throne on the rostra and with the other theming is extra and delivered and set to within 50 km CBD Melbourne. Also comes with synthetic grass if needed.
Delivered as seen.


Code-106FBC-Xmas Elf-MC-Melbourne

Brad will MC your event or rove your function bringing Xmas cheer.
Can also do balloons.



If you thought Christmas was fun before, wait till you have a circus elf around! This Santa’s little helper has a whole bundle of circus tricks up his sleeve. Spreading cheer, good will, fun, mischief and mayhem, he  is the most wanted Xmas elf in town. With comedy routines in tinsel diabolo, bauble juggling, Christmas ballooning, elf magic and more. He has a fun repertoire that is sure to give a very merry Christmas to one and all. Perfect  for shopping centres, Christmas parties, festivals, schools, and corporate events. Can also do 1 x 45 min childrens show.

roving-xmas-elf circus-xmas-elf

Code-120CMXF-Xmas fire show-Melbourne

Dressed as Xmas Elves and with plenty of tinsel, these elves will give you a firey Christmas show.

xmas-fire-show xmas-fire-show

Code-122ADS- Santa Brett-Melbourne

Brett is a quality dressed Santa with wwc cert and public liability. Brett is a childrens entertainer as well.


Code-145DH-Santa and helper-Qld

Available for photo opportunities and roving giving out lollies etc.

145DH-santa 145DH-santa-helper

Code-147SRX-Xmas show-Melbourne

With the use of a large rear projection screen and 'magical' sleigh, the talented Mark on double  bass, and Steph on Keyboard take the audience on a musical journey at Christmas time. They both perform "lightning "quick costume changes while the other distracts the audience with a christmas carol, to create a  seemless  flow of 'visiting guests' from various countries There is spectacular scenery and well loved songs performed from every country they visit.
There is some reindeer  suits,which three lucky audience members get to wear and do a reindeer dance to 'Rulolf".  There is more.....but to see it you will have to book the show .
Audience interaction and participating in the show
For this show 5x5 Metres of space is needed, and any windows behind the projector screen need to be darkened, and lights turned off above the screen.
Lighting for the show is provided.

147SRX-Xmas show

Code 150ETE-Tall Elves-Melbourne

The children will loves these big interactive Elves roaming your function. Sure to stand out in the crowd.

Code-150EFE- Fat Elf-Melbourne

These naughty and funny elves will roam amongst the crowd creating laughter and song


Xmas-elf fat-elves

Code150EXS-Santa Matthew-Melbourne

Matthew can be a straight Santa or add a bit of Christmas cheer on the comical side.



Code-179LCST-Santa Throne Hire-Melbourne

Santa  throne. Two styles to choose from
 A Collaspible  2 in pic
 B one piece extra for cartage-not pictured large throne
Comes with Xmas trees and decorations. Delivered and set up, pick up.

santa extra

179LCT-Santa -throne-hireA


Code-179LCS-Santa hire-Melbourne

Can have santa on own or with his helper Mrs Claus.


Code-179LCTT-Roving Singing Xmas tree-Melbourne

This colourful xmas tree will rove your event singing xmas carols to bring good cheer.



Code-179LCE-Xmas Elves-Melbourne

These happy elves will aid Santa or roam around creating Xmas cheer.

They can even MC your Xmas function


Code-179LCP-Promo-tomobiles-Xmas spruikers-Melbourne

Each PROMO-TOMOBILE is equipped with a battery operated, multi-function PA system that plays bright, appropriate ‘toe-tapping’ music. But also allows:  Advertising theme music, Operator spruiking , Individual organisation promotional messaging.
Promo-tomobiles fully understand the value of providing innovation and fun when promoting within shopping centres and will work wi th Centre Management to provide extras such as activities and give-a-ways.
Promo-tomobiles provide a promotional package that is colourful, engaging and fun, but has the serious core function of effectively meeting Retailer’s or Centre Management’s promotional needs.
PROMO-TOMOBILES achieve that outcome, by our ability to cost effectively theme them to seasonal special events such as:
Operators Can Be Dressed to Suit Theme

Xmas spruikers


Experienced ex Myer santa. WWC checked.

Code-194MLE -elf helper-Melbourne


194ML-santa hire 194MLE-elf

Code-195SA-Short people Hire-Melbourne

Specialising in Short Performers. Yes that’s right, An agency that can  provide you with a range of professional characters that you only see in the movies.
Characters such as : Oompa Loompas, Dwarfs, Leprechauns, Elves, Mini Me, Yoda, Teddy Bears, Pixies, Short Santa and much, much more.
Some of our performances have included, Melbourne Central Xmas Elves providing two weeks of entertainment around Melbourne Central During Xmas.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Parties with Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas, Snow White and Dwarf Parties, Short Santa and Big Elf Parties (for Xmas with a twist) and Doctor Evil and Mini Me.
Let our short performers provide an amazing atmosphere at your next big private or corporate function.

If they can hire a costume they can wear it.

195SA-Dwarfs 195SA-Dwarfs


Code-198STC-clown-roving or Xmas elf-Melbourne

Absent are the big shoes and over sized hair and honker nose. Instead she has chosen a more friendly and feminine approach to clowning. Combining the innocence of the clown with the frantic energy of the circus, her characteris a big crowd pleaser. She uses her skills in hoops, juggling and acrobatics to keep the audience cheering, while her trained skills in traditional clowning and mime keep them laughing. Available for kids parties, adults functions, festivals, parades, you name it!  The character is very girly and silly. Also a highly skilled balloon artist as well as a face painter with artistry. Other skills  include pocket magic, spinning plates and contortion.


Also has a 20, 30 or 40 minute show.



Code-221SHX -Xmas-musicians-Melbourne

These funky girls will follow an unsuspecting shopper, serenade a dinner or play a fanfare from a park bench. They can rove around food courts, shopping centres, corporate dinners, drinks and more.



Santa will pose for photos or rove your event bringing Happy Christmas Cheer. has Public liability and WWC.

santa-tim santa-tim-3


The Angels walk the earth, their heavenly privilege of flight denied, they keep trying to gain their lost place in Nirvana.
Able to bridge the expanse between beauty and humour They can work sculpturally to animate a large space or as a comic characters that can interact and create scenarios.
Trapped in the flightless world of human existence and hopelessly tempted by earthly distraction these mischievous characters try to regain their lost place in Nirvana. Their absurd attempts are beautifully innocent and tragically funny. Poetic, humorous and interactive.
Right click for video

Code-244BTAG-Glow Angels-Melbourne

Can be illuminated for great effect at night or Christmas


glowing angels

Code 244BWM-The Three Wise Men-Melbourne

The Three Wise Men will roam your Christmas event but they are not as angelic as you think.

With a star as their guide, three sages from another time arrive with grace and majesty, bearing gifts in gilt boxes for a messiah they cannot find. Dressed in satin robes with ornate crowns and Byzantine beards they walk above the crowd upon elevated gold shoes. Performing amusing rituals, bestowing gifts, sings songs and sharing the secret contents of their boxes. A visually stunning parade accompanied by a gentle harmony of bells, creating a sense of occasion and an atmosphere of times past and places far away.

A visually stunning parade accompanied by a gentle harmony of bells, creating a sense of occasion and an atmosphere of times past and places far away.

Code-282ATB-living Statue-Melbourne

Santa looks so real as a statue passers by get a shock to see him move, they even try to sit on his present. Santa comes to life every now and then and interacts with the crowd.

282ATC-Santa-human-statue 282ATS-Living santa-statue


She is a loveable trickster who can juggle, spin plates, circus skills, do magic and likes to dance as well.
She has been performing professionally for eight years. She is accomplished in clowning, improvisation, physical comedy, character comedy and character acting, stilt walking and living statue. Her range of skills also includes: acrobalance, juggling, balloon sculpting, pocket magic and lasso. 

Code-265RLX-Xmas clown-melbourne



Code-343TRX-talking xmas robot-Melbourne

The Xmas Robot has found the dress up box and can’t stop singing Xmas karaoke. He is all dressed up for Xmas! And he SINGS all your favourite Xmas songs.
Very interactive.
He also has Xmas backing tracks ready to go, so he can sing carols-xmas songs as he roams.
Can Solo walk. ride on scooter or puss shopping trolley.
WISH your clients & customers a very merry Xmas.

Over $1000

343TRX-robot 343TRX-Robot


Code-406NS- Naughty Elf-Melbourne

Santa's favourite elf. He is very cheeky with a heart as big as Western Australia. Magic and comedy fill the stockings when he comes to your event. He becomes a pied piper with the children, who state openly that “he's cool”. Also  corporate magician with an endless bag of tricks and comedy.


Code 406SMX- Santa Simon-Melbourne

Simon is an actor, magician, clown, and balloonologist so certainly has the ability to perform as a good sitting Santa or for meet and greet functions.




Code-481JA- Xmas Barbershop-Melbourne

4 part harmony quartet singing all your favourites from Xmas songs , Classical, pop, sing along to Broadway.




Code 482CC-Barbershop-Melbourne

A ladies Barbershop quartet with 4 part harmonies.
Available for Morning melodies, functions, weddings and Xmas parties.



Code-483FD-Christmas Carol Singers-Melbourne

Book a group of Carol singers to roam your event or shopping centre. The singers dress the part and are all professional Choir singers.




Code-501CGS-Santa Chris-Melbourne

Chris is generally an experienced comedy clownand childrens performer . Has wwc and public liability.



Code-511SHXB-BMX Santa-Melbourne

Kids Love Santa, Kids love bikes, Kids love BMX Santa especially when he does wheelies and other cool tricks.


Has wwc and Public Liability. Excellent looking Santa.

santa-BMX santa for hire-melbourne

Code-651MM-childrens Xmas show-Melbourne

Melbourne's newest childrens show, encouraging singing and dancing with educational themes. with Panda character.

show 50mins long

651MM-childrens -xmas-show

Code-630CH-Xmas Choir-Large-Melbourne

A contemporary choral organisation that endeavours to promote a relaxed atmosphere while presenting performances and concerts of the highest standard.
Since inception in 1984, they have  assisted hundreds of people in their appreciation and contribution to quality choral performances. Initially targeting young adults, the organisation has grown to encompass those between the ages of 15 years and 80 years, the emphasis being on youthful singing.
In recent times they have  partnered The RSL, Carry On, Legacy and the City of Melbourne in the organisation of the ANZAC Day Concert which is held in the city of Melbourne.
During the Christmas season, they are in hot demand across many carols events and performances.



Code-660AG-Girls Choir-Melbourne

They have been carolling for many years and has developed a dynamic repertoire of music, which includes many old favourites as well as some vibrant arrangements of more modern works. With their angelic voices and spectacular presentation, the girls are always a favourite around Christmas time.
We can offer you a group of girls from 16 to 30 in number who perform traditional and modern carols (our minimum group size is 16 ). The girls do not require special staging or a piano, they sing the carols from memory, and wear beautiful costumes to add to their presentation.



Code-694CT-Xmas singer-Melbourne

An excellent front woman and singer with a voice that will blow you away. Sings manyxmas songs plus many other different styles.




Many others available


Code 713JB-Garden or Xmas Show-NSW


A children's show that is interactive journey for children through the garden learning to compost, mulch, grow plants, play instruments, and make art whilst creating a green environment and a groovy lifestyle!

They are bright and colourful characters taking form of the bug world. We sing and dance our way through original songs and perform nationally for corporate companies, shopping centres, clubs, RSL's, schools and festivals.
The show brings the garden and its magical world of bugs to the stage for families of all ages.
With their intimate relationship with the Earth, they share culture and wisdom of the plants and creatures, offering a new way of living that is bright and colorful for our future generations. With original recorded music and live instruments (djembe, guitar and harmonica), the whole experience is engaging and very interactive.
The show take you on a magical journey of song and dance through the garden, exploring nature. Creating awareness about the organisms found in the garden and their importance to the vitality of Earths diverse ecosystem. They explore each main characters interactions with the environment as well as the worms of the earth, cyclical process of water, roots of trees and the free energy within every being that is obtained through natural elements.
Performing in sensational costumes are
Frankie the Spider, Jessie the Gorgeous Butterfly,
 Hug Bug the Sensational Lady Bug & The Boogying Bumble Bee.


The Christmas Spectacular includes the full cast of The Jitterbugs plus Santa & Santa’s helpers plus our Jitterbugs Ballerina Fairy Princess.   It’s a cast of 10 in a spectacular Christmas themed production. Santa & Santa’s helpers also meet & greet and pics with the kids after the show and hand out your Christmas show bags for your venue if required. All shows include a production manager

childrens show all about gardening.

A children's show that is interactive journey for children through the garden learning to compost, mulch, grow plants, play instruments, and make art whilst creating a green environment and a groovy lifestyle.

code 753AG-Choir-Melbourne

All girls choir for functions and Xmas events around melbourne.



all girls choir available for functions and Xmas .

Xmas 969F -st Nicholas-stilts-melbourne

Xmas 969G -St Nicholas -melbourne

Xmas 969F -Mrs Santa-melbourne

969d tatyan stilts969F

tatyan mrs-claus969GTatyan-santa969F

roving 1020A xmas-acappella-melbourne

Recognised as Melbourne’s finest a cappella group for some time now, having spent the last ten years dazzling audiences all over the country. They came second in the 2009 TCMC International A Cappella competition, and have a popular fanbase both at home, the USA, Europe and Asia.
Smooth harmonies and soulful voices meet raucous entertainment and terrible comedy when the lads hit the stage. There's never been a style of music that these boys haven't conquered. They’re the Melbourne boys with a sparkle in their voices and a twinkle in their eyes.
Xmas show available also. Over $5000


xmas angel-fairy-1019E-NSW

A popular Christmas Character for Parades, Festivals, Shopping Centres and Parties. Place your wish list with her before she flies back to the north pole.


xmas 1031A-santa-Melbourne

Hire the Santa to:
Liven up your Christmas Event
Give out gifts
Talk to the children/adults
Give a speech
Roam your event spreading cheer, goodwill and be extra Jolly
The SANTA can't wait to make your event the best ever with a visit from THE SANTA - Melbourne's liveliest and funniest .
No matter how big or small your event is, THE SANTA can work with you to make it even more exciting and magical with a visit from the big man himself.


Xmas 14S-Elves-Melbourne

With these two helper elves on the look out for everything they may be able to fix. Everything from smiles to underarms, strollers and stragglers usually getting the treatment from these two pixies polishing their pre xmas skills.

These two elves will elevate your spirits as they get everyone spick N span and in the Christmas mood. With a tool box of wondrous gadgets they can get the scroogiest hardened sad sack to smile

Musical Elves with Flute and percussion which can be shared out among audience if appropriate, playing favourite Christmas carols.

Your choice of costume. I.E. choose between the beautiful Green dress as in the image or send out as the cute and cheeky 'fix-it elf' Steve accompanies as a fix-it pixie manning the toy percussion department.

Suddenly everyone can be in a band and sound good too!.

An idea might be to have 1 elf on a 'reindeer' with the other playing the flute with Christmas carols to usher in Santa's arrival.



Xmas 16K-Santa throne for Hire-Melbourne

This unique portable Santa Throne was Designed and Built, along with other Santa promotional items to fit in the boot of a small car for transport from the North Pole to Santas locations around the world.

Assembled by Santas Helpers in only a few minutes using 4 anchor screws, the 7 pieces all under 12kg in weight, give a seating capacity of over 210kg. that should accommodate most well padded Santas.

see details

Only available with the Santa too





Xmas 116C- Magic Photos-Melbourne

Magic Photos can help make your Xmas party corporate function or product launch a memorable and fun experience for your guests.

By attending your event with our mobile unit and taking photos of your guests, then using Chroma Key technolgy, merge those photos with customised fantasy scenes which can be branded with your corporate identity as well as any relevant promotional details, or your own message.

T he process only takes a few minutes and clients take away a valuable memory of the event.

Lots of scenes to choose from.

Photos can be presented in various sizes, within a designer sleeve, frame or on various accessories such as key rings, lockets, calenders etc if required.

magic-clicks magic-clicks


Xmas 254A-Choir-Melbourne

YVM can either roam your event in small groups or perform a full concert.

Ages from 12-18years.

yvm yvm

Xmas 261D Sam christmas Hoola-Melbourne

A bit of merry fun with Sam teaching the children how to hula hoop and the tricks of the trade.

Performed by experienced and qualified circus all rounder Sam, is a charming, bubbly, lovable and highly skilled modern day Carmen Miranda. She will make the kids giggle and squeal with delight over her pocket magic tricks and wow audiences big and small with her precision hoola hoop skills. Add plate spinning, juggling, balloons and hysterical comedy. Perfect for corporate roving, shopping centers and parties. Also available as a stage show (6 mins skilled hoops to music track or 30 min interactive kids show

Xmas 261E-Melbourne

The Angels are a roving or statue duo, perfect for functions and festive celebrations. Sam and Rachel have ten years experience each in the entertainment industry. They can stand as still as statues, all white and ethereal, or rove a room in slow motion, graceful as angels. Poses can be held for long periods, and both are experienced with interacting as a statue with a passing crowd. As a central piece, the girls pose motionless, sublime smiles and soft hands. Or as a clowning duo for christmas parties, the angels will make you giggle with their pocket magic tricks, witty one-liners and circus mayhem.



Xmas 280C The Heavenly Angel or snow queen-stilt Walker-Melbourne

Perfect for any function, these amazing ethereal Angels will delight every crowd. Fantastic as a winter themed event or Christmas party.
Parading gracefully these very tall, star-spangled stilt Angels will amaze you and create a beautiful ambience that will enhance the spirit of Christmas or themed events.
Perfect for corporate functions to meet and greet guests, or roving through shopping centres or festivals.
What a magnificent sight to see. The angels will shine and sparkle as every child's Christmas dream is made a reality (and even us adults too!).
Enjoy the elegance, charm, and the wonders of Christmas with these beautiful, Heavenly Angels on Stilts.
They can be solo or duo, male or female.

Xmas 280DD-Stilt Fairy-Elf-Melbourne

Fairey blows amazing amount of bubbles and has magical glitter to put onto little faces and is very interactive. Can also tell stories.

Xmas 208M-Angel-Melbourne

This heavenly angel will grace your event with excellence.


nova-angel 280C

xmas-fairy280DD -stilt fairy-elf280K



Xmas 294C-Melbourne

Norm will generally rove your event, or can do balloons and a bit of magic. has wwc



Code 387MX-xmas show-Melbourne

An entertaining performance incorporating original and traditional Christmas themes. Can be used to assist students in developing their own creative ideas for dance, drama and music performances during the Christmas period.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is advertising for new sleigh pullers, but he forgot to put the word “reindeer” on the advertisement. All sorts of Aussie animals have come along to audition, but who can do the job? Rudolph can’t pull the sleigh on his own and Santa will be arriving soon… What can Rudolph do?
The fully staged musical includes:  debrief & question time with the performers after the show
cast of three performing 10 song and dance numbers in varying music styles: six original songs for each of the Australian animal characters, a variation of I've Been Everywhere Man, and three well known Christmas songs students can sing along to (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
stage lighting
free standing back drop curtain & audience area marked out by the performers
Lots of audience interaction, kids enthralled whole session
Suitable for: Prep to Grade 6

childrens xmas show for prep age

Xmas 396D-Melbourne

Two very talented performers will bring on the Xmas cheer with their reinditions of all your favourite Xmas carols and jingles. A zany Christmas comic duo. There will be fine fiddling, great guitar, masterful mandolin and stupendous singing of Christmas carols and other festive favourites.



Xmas 409B Tall Musical Xmas Tree-Melbourne

This Tall Christmas Tree is a superb stilt-walking Christmas tree. Available for walkabout gigs, this clever tree can also rove with her ukulele and gorgeous voice, cooking up a cauldron of Christmas carol delights.

She’ll bring out the happy side of Christmas in us all.  She’s got a bag of little tricks to entertain the kids and is famous for her reindeer balloons. If you like she can even help you work out what to buy your family for Christmas.


Seniors 439A-60's band-melbourne

Three of Melbourne’s most sought after female vocalists have joined forces to create this extravaganza of vocal harmonies, stunning costumes, outrageous wigs and meticulously choreographed dance movements that will transport you back in time to that unforgettable era, the 60’s.
With songs like ‘It’s my party’, ‘Stop in the name of love’, and many more.


song list

Seniors 439B Xmas show.

all your favourite xmas songs and 60's songs

backing tracks







Xmas 506A-Christmas Choir-Melbourne

Acappella group of up to 8-100 choralists to roam or meet and greet your guests for your Xmas Function. Professional performing group.

Listen to audio (100 piece choir)


Xmas 508A-Carollers -NSW

Arguably the finest providers for professional and quality Christmas Carollers. Originally established in London, over the years they have built an impressive list of A List Clients whom have relied upon their creative integrity and skilful delivery to project an intimate, exciting and festive experience.

Groups consist of 4 (2 x Boys, 2 x Girls) upwards and all material is performed in complete 4 PART HARMONY!

By addressing to the needs of each client the choir ensure that each engagement is not only executed with the desired “punch”, but also with creative integrity and professionalism. So if it is a Private Function, Corporate Event, Hotel or Shopping Centre Entertainment, trust in us! With tailored performances to suit you individual needs, stylish attire, original musical arrangements and professional delivery, they guarantee to not only captivate but also reignite the true spirit of Christmas




Xmas Choir 616A-melbourne

A group of friendly and committed people bonded by the love of singing and receiving support from members of the local Lions Club. Membership is now 70 singers.



Xmas 624B-Xmas polkadeers-NSW

They are jolly and fun.



 Mrs Claus is a Christmas author, speaker, MC, magician, story-teller and roving performer.  She is the first Australian woman to receiver her Diploma of Santa Clausology from The University of Santa Claus.   She is considered on the worlds  must-know top 10 Christmas experts as publishe in "The Ultimate Christmas" book by renowned Jeanne Bice  Bernadette is also the co-author of "Simply Christmas" with English author Christopher Byrnes and co-author of "The Greatness in You" with best selling author Michele Blood & the Mystical Success Club.

We sing together with kids Christmas songs eg.  Australian version of Jingle B

We can rove the streets or an event, MC, story telling and perform general Christmas fun with wrapping paper, smiley balls and bells.




Xmas 670B-roving penguins-Melbourne

These parading penguins will interact with the audience and delight with their penguin antics! penguins doing low-level acrobatics while they rove.  Book one or more penguins to make your event truly unique and entertaining.

There are endless uses for the parading penguins!   Are you looking for great photo opportunities?  A jovial atmosphere?  Characters that will interact with and entertain your guests?  If your event needs that extra little something, these penguins will be the abstract element that makes your event stand out from the rest. 

The Penguins have been spotted at awards nights, escorting recipients on and off stage, and can often be found handing out showbags and flyers.   But these flightless feathered friends are most accustomed to general roving at parties, openings, and promotional events.


Xmas 760C-accapella -Melbourne

Accapella carol singers in 3 part harmony.


Santa Daniel-Melbourne

Daniel is a childrens and adult entertainer with wwc.

Xmas 895D Michievious Elves-Melbourne

These elves are more likely to make the naughty list then the nice. With friendly faces and a love of fun they have an inability to stay upright and like to climb and tumble on whatever they can find. With a mixture of acrobalance, tumbling and contortion these elves will entertain all ages.

Elves are available to help out Santa, or to perform and rove around your event on their own.



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