Circus Performers

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Fees also includes local travel costs, sick pay, holiday pay, insurance, overtime,commissions and income tax.
See also Roaming Performers

Code-3UF-Fire show-NSW

Incorporating trained theatrical dance and martial arts with their fire twirling and fire spinning to create a spectacular trance fire dancing show. Within the performances they use a wide range of Fire Twirling equipment made specifically for their shows.
These fire performances take you on a magical journey filled with fire, music and dance. All of our shows are theatrically costumed and for an added WOW Factor.  We can provide Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Burning Fire Installations, Lighting effects and Burning Floor Props for optional extras.

fire-show fire-breather-NSW

Code-13THA-Aerial Hoop-Melbourne

An accomplished aerialist on hoops.


Code 31AGS-Juggler-Queensland

He is an International award winning comedy juggler creating  an electric atmosphere.
With his skillfull tricks, charasmatic style and stunning finale, you will be left laughing and gasping with amazement.   Specialising in cabaret stage shows, street shows, walk-around characters,
stilt walking, fire twirling and circus workshops. Perfect for festivals, schools, public celebrations
and corporate or family events.


Code 31BGS-Street Show-Queensland

This  comedy circus show will  delight young and old alike. With his cheeky, charismatic style and skilful juggling,
he will keep you laughing and amazed as he  balances on a tube  on top of a champagne glass tower.
Great for both cabaret and family audiences. You will be  constantly on the edge of your seat or rolling around laughing.

Code 31CGS-Glo Show-Queensland

The Glow Show it's visually outstanding and very pleasing to every age group. Spin Poi, juggling up to 5 balls and more.
Darken the room and prepare yourselves for a mind blowing glowtastic experience!
High impact High energy and totally mesmerising! It's GLOW-TASTIC Show.




glo show


He can be 10 foot tall on stilts, roving through crowds or meeting and greeting guests at family, private, and themed events. Lasso tricks,balloons etc

Code-37CMW-cowboy-stage show-Melbourne

This character is master of lasso and whip cracking, from cutting cigarettes out of someone’s mouth, to twin stock whips, a very visual and loud act that on cabaret and corporate stages as well as western themed events.  A variation of the act can be performed with Fire Whips.
Specifications for stage show:Ideal Stage Size: Width - 5 m Height 5 m Length 5 m



Code 42AFW-Fire Stage Show-Melbourne

(Stage show)

For the past decade, this act has continued to wow crowds all over Australia, and despite imitators, still sets the benchmark for this form of show. 
The Fire and rhythm theme harks back to the early days of fire dance when the founding crew would organize huge beach parties, attracting pyros and drummers from all over the country. This amazing vibe and feel has been captured and brought to the general public where it's been a consistent hit ever since. And no wonder, with a combination of the finest African, Afro Cuban and Arabic drummers in concert with tribal fire dance from around the globe.
Available as a 6, 7 or 8 piece show, it is packed with a range of stunning fire effects. Pyrotechnic effects and displays can also be added that are fully designed and produced in-house for a show that packs a real punch.
1 x 20min show.




Code-42FWFD-Show-solo or Duo-Melbourne

The oldest and most dangerous of the fire arts, fire breathing and fire swallowing have been around since the dawn of civilization. Nothing quite compares to the explosive force of a fire ball streaming into the air, a force you can not only see, but feel.
If this show was a pizza, you could say it has 'The Lot'. It's available as a solo or duo show and you get the fire breathing and fire eating combined with fire dance all in the one package. The duo play, lick, eat and co-noodle with the fire to execute seemingly impossible feats. They get the audience involved while they dare each other to perform more and more dangerous stunts. The audience's reaction to these real-life human dragons is as spectacular as the stunts themselves!
Circus inspired costuming and  make up designs are combined with stunning visual effects such as Fire breathing, Fire eating, Fire Staves, Fire Poi and Fire Maces.

Check with Venue permission to have fire .

42FWFD-show 42FWFD-show

42FWFD-show-4 42FWFD-show-3

Code 42FWA-Angle Grinding Show-Melbourne

Angle Grinding creates a huge volley of sparks and light that can be aimed in all directions. Our angle grinding performers wear custom designed costumes with special plates on their arms and crotches.
They grind on these areas - dangerously close to the anatomy - for the audience's pleasure. One of our most popular crowd pleasing antics is where the performers bend over and shoot sparks out of their back-sides. The performers grind in time with the music and get into cheeky character.
Angle grinding is a great podium act, is an integral part of our freak show and makes a great addition to a fire show. Industrial, freak and tradesman/women themes available.




Code-42FWT-Teller of Fortunes-Melbourne

Ever had a Gypsy read your cards? Be entertained and entranced with forecasts of your future. With many years of experience and highly attuned skills, Fortune Telling makes for a highly entertaining and unique addition to your event. All theming is supplied so you can set your fortune tellers up anywhere and be guaranteed that they will look the part. With special decks and also readings for teens and children, Fortune Telling engages people from all ages, and from all walks of life.
Bring the magic of tarot and fortune-telling to your audience for an experience that will entertain, amaze, and get everyone talking!



Audiences are captivated as this amazingly life-like elephant wanders through any event. The true size of a young adult African Forest Elephant, being a massive 2.6m tall and 3.5m long. Her prehensile trunk extends 1.5m from her body and playfully engages with people. and flaps around her giant ears to help her stay cool and can move her tail. The look and puppetry behind our elephant evokes an emotional connection with her audience and the immediate environment. now has sound.
She can appear in her natural glory or as a festive elephant, wearing a richly decorated elephant blanket with plenty of tassels on her tusks and legs. She is accompanied by a stilt walking chaperone who provides the verbal interface for the act. Select from a vintage Zoo Keeper chaperone or a glamorous Circus Performer.
The stilt character who accompanies her can be the Circus Showgirl, Vintage Zookeeper or Circus Ringleader. Two things; we will require the client to provide an additional minder to walk at the rear of the act as we perform and encourage anyone wanting a hands on encounter to move up the front where the stilt character can act as the verbal interface for the act; also we have to perform in 40 minute sets to fit within a two hour call.


Available as chaperone for elephant or any circus themed event.

Code-72BEJ1-Giant Bear-Melbourne

The bear can illuminate at night to give a stunning iridescent glow. 2 performers in Bear accompanied by chaperone.
Detailed Description of Act-3 person act
For roving entertainment that embraces a fantasy, festive, ecological or winter wonderland theme, this act will blow you away!
It  is a vision to behold! An amazing 320cm long and 200cm tall, the Bear is a fusion of colour and vibrancy. He ambles along while his comically engaging chaperone entertains the crowd.
A psychedelic spectacle for day time performances, this act is even more breath-taking at night when the Bear illuminates to give an iridescent glow. The size and multi-colours of the Bear astounds people while his chaperone keeps them entertained. Together they create a bright air of festivity.
The Glo bears chaperone provides the verbal engagement for this very visual act. Their dialogue can be based around a theme of your choice. All our performers are highly experienced in comedy improvisation and are very interactive with audiences of all ages.
There are a range of characters available as the character based chaperone for this act:
The Bear & His Little Bo Peep - The colours and patterns of the glo Bear are sharply contrasted by the striking white costume of his Bo Peep minder. Available with or without stilts, the Not so Little Bo Peep is a vivacious and she is delightfully engaging. Client to provide an additional minder at rear.

72BEJ1-elephant 72CEJ1




Code 72EJL-Lions and tamer-Melbourne

Roll up, roll up, Two cheeky, talking lions get into all sorts of mischief while their whip cracking, stilt walking lion tamer desperately tries to control them. Who is the king of this jungle? They engage audiences with their riotous uproar. People flock for photos and stay for the laughs: So look out for the giant chariot to have a roaring good time!
Act description
A huge chariot rolls through the crowd, drawn by two gorgeous, comical lions. Riding the chariot towers the 3m tall whip cracking lion tamer. This is a comedic trio of roving performers who are visually spectacular and engage audiences with their riotous uproar. This act is extremely eye catching. The fun and antics of the performers will have all audiences chuckling for hours afterwards. Each member of this team is an experienced street performer and comedy improviser, with stage and corporate experience.
The lions can roam without chariot.

roving lions and chariot for festivals.

circus ringmaster and roving lions.


Code-113AHP-Fire show-WA

The primal power of fire, fused with skilled fire manipulation and dance, is sure to excite and enthral any audience - from large festivals to private parties and corporate events. Shows can be performed both indoors and outdoors, with, either solo or with up to four performers.
Each Fire Show incorporates several different pieces of equipment and is choreographed to music.

Code 113AHP-Fire Show – (solo)
Length: 10 minutes
Event size:small to medium
Event style: formal or informal
Location: indoor or outdoor
Best suited to: an event where you have a captive audience
Fire Equipment: 5 or 6 pieces - selected based on the nature of the event and space available

Code-113BHP-Fire Show - (multiple performers)

Length: 15 minutes
Event size: medium to large
Event style: formal or informal
Location: indoor (well ventilated space) or outdoor
Best suited to: an event where you have a captive audience
Fire Equipment: varied - selected based on the nature of the event and space available
Performers: 2 to 4
This shows give you the opportunity to have more than one fire performer on stage and are suited to large events where there is sufficient space for multiple performers.

Code-113CHP-Fire Welcome

Length: 15 minutes - 1 hour
Location: indoor or outdoor - entrance ways, gardens, reception halls
Best suited to: an event where all your guests arrive at the same time or within an allocated period of time
Fire Equipment: varied - selected based on the nature of the event and space available
Performers: 1 to 4
A Fire Welcome is designed to have a high visual impact as your guests arrive at a venue. As they step off the bus, out of their car or make their way towards the entrance to your event, they are welcomed by the sight of a fire dancer - fire eating, body tracing, fire twirling or blasting a flame projector.It can be performed in most indoor or outdoor spaces.


Length: 15 minutes - 1 hour
Event size: medium to large (100 guests or more)
Event style: informal (or an informal part of a formal event e.g. pre-dinner drinks)
Location: indoor or outdoor
Best suited to: an event where you have guests standing and mingling, spread out over a large venue or several floors
Fire Equipment: fire eating sticks, fire orb, fire fingers
Performers: 1 to 4
Roving is a mobile format of guest entertainment. It involves moving amongst your guests and entertaining them with up close displays of fire-eating, body flame trails and smaller fire acts. The size, nature and diversity of my equipment enables me to entertain your guests at their tables and in small groups, creating exciting and intimate fire experiences.

read Staging requirements

113HP 113HP-fire-show


Code-120CMFS-solo Fire Show Melbourne

Details-1 x 15 min set
The Solo Fire Spectacular is a powerful and yet graceful show that will captivate any audience. Mammoth amounts of fire an impressive range of fire skills and unusual tools such as the 3 sectional-staff, duo cross staffs, blades and fire sword all add an element of uniqueness that will provide you with a show unlike any seen before.

Code-120CMFI-duo fire show-Melbourne

Show Details: 20 minutes, 2 performers
Skills: Fire manipulation, fire hula hoop, adagio and circus skills
Through a dynamic hybrid of fire and circus skills the Dream Duo combine their talents to present a stunning fire show of synchronized skill and powerful fire artistry. Fire poi, cross staffs, fire sword, fire eating, fire hula hoop, adagio and circus skills are just part of this duos repertoire that makes this memorable show an audience favourite. Fully choreographed this highly polished show is suitable for any event.
Performance Requirements:
Minimum 5m x 5m stage space, Minimum 4.5m ceiling height
One power source preferred but not essential

Code-120CMFU-4 person Fire show Melbourne

1 x 20-25 min show
Fully choreographed and highly polished, this is a spectacular fire show that begins with a little fire and ends with more than you can imagine. Incorporating fire poi, fans, staff, hula-hoop, juggling, fire fingers, fire eating, acrobalance, circus skills and more, this is a breathtaking show that has been a feature act at events Australia wide.

120CMFI-1 120CMFI-2




Skills: Diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, contact juggling, fire eating, pocket magic, comedy, audience interaction
A talented circus performer with one big problem...he just can’t seem to get things right. No matter how hard he tries he always seems to need some little helping hands to get things back on track. The Circus Show features audience interaction, comedic routines and fun circus skills including diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, magic, and more. In The children can enjoy watching or even become the next star of the show!
The Circus Show is performed to a highly entertaining soundtrack that both children and adults will love. The Circus Show is most suitable for children between the ages of 5-16.
Freestanding backdrop is available on request. Additional charges may apply.
David has been performing for over 7 years as a children’s entertainer at shopping centres, festivals, schools and private parties to name a few.
Show Details: 35-40 minutes, 1 performer
Performance Requirements: Minimum 3m x 3m stage space Minimum 2.5m ceiling height One power source preferred but not essential.


Skills: Diabolo, plate spinning, puppetry, stilt walking, juggling, contact juggling, unicycling, balloon making, fire eating, pocket magic.
He is a very experienced children’s entertainer with a very silly streak. Though highly skilled in many circus arts, With comedy routines in diabolo, puppetry, plate spinning, contact juggling (crystals), magic, juggling and more Flash has a fun repertoire that will have everyone in stitches.

120CMF-childrens-show 120CMF-Circus-show


Code 120CMR-roving circus-Melbourne

Stepping out with top hat and tails, he is an entertainer with that old fashioned class. Presenting regal contact juggling (crystal manipulation), incredible diabolo skills, interactive plate spinning, pocket magic and if the occasion is right – spectacular fire eating. His skills can be adapted to suit any audience. He is regularly seen at corporate events making impressive first impressions when greeting guests as they arrive. He is available as a traditional gentleman or with striking circus make-up to add that extra atmosphere.
Skills: Contact Juggling (crystal manipulation), plate spinning, diabolo, fire eating, juggling, pocket magic

Stepping out with top hat and tails, he is an entertainer with that old fashioned class. Presenting regal contact juggling (crystal manipulation), incredible diabolo skills, interactive plate spinning, pocket magic and if the occasion is right – spectacular fire eating. Contact Juggling (crystal manipulation), plate spinning, diabolo, fire eating, juggling, pocket magic

Code-149BB-BMX stunts-juggler-NSW

Extreme entertainment, extreme fun! World-renowned street entertainer and astounding performer he mixes amazing bicycle stunts, incredible juggling tricks and his spontaneous, zany humour to put on a thrilling, fearless funny show.
Trained in Europe's biggest circus and largest theme park, and performing at the extreme games. He has awed audiences around the world. With experience on a variety of stages, he finds street performing his most exciting challenge yet. And it is this excitement, energy and thrill that always leaves his audiences laughing for more.
Brief desription of act The show starts with a few warm up tricks juggling knife manipulation ,standing on the seat and handlebars juggling a chainsaw.Next the funniest and fastest fire juggling routine in the world. He then slows down his performance and does a hilariours comedy sketch involving 4 volunteers he rides his bicycle standing on seat handlebars and spins around the volunteers juggling knives(all of this is combined with hilarious comedy and jokes. His grand finaly he balances on a 22ft pole on a bike. Juggles an apple a knife a fire torch swallows a sword and juggles a chainsaw.All of which is intertwined with comedy and jokes.
rove or show 1 x 50min

149BB-BMX-Show 149BB-BMX-street-show

149BB-BMX circus-show

Code-155BB-comedy circus-Melbourne

This unbelievable act combines the diverse talents of two extraordinary artists who have performed their unique blend of contemporary circus and physical comedy worldwide. Duo juggling, mind blowing body bending and a stunt that involves a contortionist folding her entire body into a
perspex box whilst clown executes a handstand on the top.
Juggling, Acrobatics, Contortion and Physical Comedy
* 3 x3 metres stage space.
* Ceiling Height 3 metres.
* Sound operator to play music on ipod.
* Dressing room with two chairs, table, mirror, water

circus-juggler contortionist


Code-157LBGP-roaming or Logo advertising-NSW

A product line of high tech twirling props based on the persistence of vision that allows to ``paint`` pictures, custom graphic, text and logos in the air in a way that audience can perceive it.
When your client or guests asks for something that people have never seen before ? a Wow Factor like no other ? you now say YES! This act steps light performance up to the next level of visual and technological amazement. As a component of a bigger show, or as a stand alone act, it, is a performance involving state of the art light equipment ?  Electrifying light and Hypnotic movement come together as the best of Sydney?s Twirlers with this state of the art ultra modern technology leave audiences all over Australia speechless. Revealing high definition graphics, we can customize and program, with precision, to display company logos / graphic text and complex imagery, creating a completely specialized performance for your event. Explosive and completely absorbing, this technological dreamscape of unlimited and unimaginable proportions will create sensory overload to blow your audience away.



157LBGP 157LBGP-rove

Code-175FAG-roving Clown-Melbourne

This is no regular ‘Corporate Clown
A unique character with a particular magic of his own, able to engage audiences of all ages with style, talent & silliness. Anything is possible when he is around.
Keep your shoes and other possessions protected, as they are likely to be juggled before your very eyes.
Riding his unicycle with the only steering being the curls on his distinguished moustache.
He can balance on his chin anything from a feather to a bicycle.
To see 10 chairs balanced upon a chin, you need to see .
The fire devil stick leaves not a hint of soot on his huge tailored suit as it dances all around him, the control has to be seen to be believed.
Be Amused, Bemused, Dazzled, Surprised, Shocked, and most of all Entertained!
A juggler, a magician, a clown, a ring master a complete circus in one body.
A unique character with a particular magic of his own, able to entertain all audiences from chlidren to grand parents & everyone inbetween.
He performs his way through audiences at corporate functions, festivals, private parties, shopping centres, wherever people are gathered.

175FAG-clown 175FAG-juggler

Code 175FAC-juggling-Chef -Melbourne

Let the chef tantalize you with his unique spicy blend of kitchen skills.
There is mouth scorching fire eating , toss juggling of an exotic coconut, tangy lemon & a razor sharp carving knife whilst balancing on a giant egg beater the uni-cycle, contortion with cups & saucers to delicate percussion on various cooking implements.
Unlike other chef's he interacts with the audience demonstrating a variety of recipes for keeping your dinner party guests amused & entertained, whilst you cook up your culinary masterpiece.
His utensils are a variety of everyday objects found in most kitchens, like a chopstick, a bowl,a glass of wine, fruit, fire torches, a unicycle, a turkey baster & a whip... just to name a few.
He has been seen at fine food & wine festivals around town, make it a point to have Flambé the chef entertain your guests at your next dinner party function, feast, festival or shopping centre.

clowning-chef juggling-chef

Code-175FAF-Spanish theme-Melbourne

He is a flayamboyant character, a man with the moves & a snappy dress sense, he ads a splash of colour, magic and circus to any event.  Entertaining audiences of all ages with interactive magic, juggling, & unicycle-tango dancing. He has been strutting his stuff at community festivals, corporate functions & large sporting events. He has performed at community festivals, libraries, horse races and other sporting events like the Australian Tennis Open & the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.  He is ideal as a roving character, Master of Ceremonies or as a feature show.

175FAF-clown interactive-clown

Code-180TBGH -Hoops-Juggler-show-NSW

Her work a blend of physical comedy and theatrical circus. Her focus is on character driven comedy and circus stunts, to remind people of the joy in laughter, and that anything is possible with enough dedication.
She works to entertain human beings, providing shows that amuse, engage and are simply great fun. She says her work is purely centred on being funny, making people laugh.
Stage or roving act with or without Glo hoops



Code-180TBF-fortune teller-NSW

A mystical woman from the East, who may or may not have an accent and may or may not tell you the truth about your future, however her contact juggling ball skills will convince you that she is no phoney at something!
A very popular character for dinners and small spaces.
Comedy and skill combined for a charming and engaging character.

Comedy and skill combined for a charming and engaging character.


Performing mind blowing contortion as he is manipulated into hilarious contortion positions, before squeezing through the tennis raquet of death.
Be amazed as he effortlessly slides 55cm of solid steel down his throat and then in awe as he swallows two swords at once.
A pure freak show of rabbit traps, walking, lying and eating broken glass, pins through the flesh, fits an entire tennis ball in his mouth and hammers nails into his sinuses.



Code-198STME-Carnivale-hoola hoops-plate spinner-Balloonologist -Melbourne

If you are thinking festival carnivale with a twist, she is your girl. Performed by experienced and qualified circus all rounder she, is a charming, bubbly, lovable and highly skilled modern day Carmen Miranda. She will make the kids giggle and squeal with delight over her pocket magic tricks and wow audiences big and small with her precision hoola hoop skills. Add plate spinning, juggling, balloons and hysterical comedy. Perfect for corporate roving, shopping centers and parties.

Code198STCS-clown Show-Melbourne

As above also available as a stage show (6 mins skilled hoops to music track or 30 min interactive kids show.

Code-198STC-clown-roving or Xmas elf

Absent are the big shoes and over sized hair and honker nose. Instead she has chosen a more friendly and feminine approach to clowning. Combining the innocence of the clown with the frantic energy of the circus, her characteris a big crowd pleaser. She uses her skills in hoops, juggling and acrobatics to keep the audience cheering, while her trained skills in traditional clowning and mime keep them laughing. Available for kids parties, adults functions, festivals, parades, you name it!  The character is very girly and silly. Also a highly skilled balloon artist as well as a face painter with artistry. Other skills  include pocket magic, spinning plates and contortion.


Also has a 20, 30 or 40 minute show.

198STME-carnivale 198STCS-clown-show



Code-239TTB-large Bubbles-Melbourne

A talented performer who can juggle all kinds of impliments and eat fire, balloonology like you've never seen stilts and large bubbles etc. Plenty of child interaction. An outstanding performer with plenty of laughs.
His Bubbles involve blowing massive bubbles up to 10metres long, bubbles inside bubbles, putting his body parts inside bubbles.


He also is a stilt walker in different guises.

CodeTTF-Fire Breather-Melbourne

Fire up your event with The fire Breather.


239TT-stilt-walker 239TT-Cowboy




Forging ahead as a unique Talent in the entertainment Industry she is unlike most contortionists and is not to be pigeon holed. She is renowed for her dazzling Swarovski encrusted costumes, ornate jewellery and signature high heels. She mezmerises audiences with her stunning style, elegance, seductive performance, artistly choreographed and seemingly impossible skills.



code-248PDW-glo wings-Qld

Available in 3 x 10 min sets of roving spread over an hour (can be booked for up to 3 hours) or a 10 minute duo feature act. 


roving glow fairy wings. roaming UV butterfly-Qld.


Spectacular light show entertainment for your event, nightclub, party or festival! Including LED and UV hula hoops, plus light up headpieces and costuming. 
Our glow dancers use LED equipment with incredible technical effects that will amaze your guests. Book as roving entertainment, meet and greet, accompaniment to larger stage acts or podium dancers  - 1 to 4 performers! 
Glow is perfect for events indoors and out and makes a great alternative to fire for restricted indoor venues. 

UV hoops-MelbourneGlo-hoops-Melbourne

Glo costumes-Melbourne

Code-248PDF-Fire show-Qld

 One of the most sought after and unique acts in Australia today. It is the cutting edge of contemporary fire and circus performance. The group mixes spectacular fire dance with circus, contemporary dance, physical theatre, acrobatics and often live music – and wraps it all up in quirky costumes and original characters. 
require 3m x 3m space.

puzzledust Fire-duo



Roving and combining her unique style and unusual flexibility in to a flowing and highly skilled routine including balls, rings and clubs, on or off stilts.  She is one of the best female jugglers in the world.


Code-293AHF-Foot juggler-Melbourne

Australia's No1 Foot Juggler, Juggling anything from Barbers Poles, Rubbish Bins, Hula Hoops and even a Table! . you will be amazed by her precision, timing and grace, all this while narrating the action in comic French gibberish. incorporating her own unmistakeable clown style to create a very unusual and visual act.
Act time 7minutes.



Code 306CCW-Acrobatic waiters-Melbourne

Skills: Acrobatics, slapstick, adagio (partner acrobatics), juggling and egg balancing
Number of performers: Act Type: Both roving and short acts over 1 hour
 Description: Our three waiters blend into your event serving drinks/entrees alongside wait staff. As the guests arrive and the clumsy acrobats make more of a scene! Crowd interaction is guaranteed.
The client/MC of the night then makes the announcement that the entertainment has had to be cancelled and calls out to the guests for any party tricks while a plan is made.
This is where the acrobats pounce. Starting out with funny 'easier' tricks the three waiter crescendo with a high energy acrobatic act.
Performance space size: Adaptable to suit venue but a stage/dancefloor with a height of more than 4m is necessary
Floor surface type: A level stable stage is needed
Assistance required during act: An MC or announcer is preferred but not essential
Sound system required: Yes



This show is when circus meets renovation rescue. We attempt to renovate but with great disaster, the ladder breaks, paint tins fall, what goes wrong, goes wrong, with apparatus and skills such a teeterboard, ladder, manipulation, aerial rope, partner acrobatics, pitching, music and comedy to tell a story of perseverance and disaster. It is full of comedy and is great for people of all ages. The whole set is used as apparatus, a broom becomes a manipulation object, watering cans become chinese meteors, hammers become juggling clubs, the crash mat is a garden bed. They take a satirical look at the reality television shows such as ‘The Block’ and ‘Renovation Rescue’. ‘Using knockabout and slapstick in the haphazard world ofa building site to entertain and amaze its audience. They look to bring back the traditional larakin aussie humor and mix it with exciting circus skills and unique apparatus. In 2011 they were awarded the Circus Oz Award for the spirit of collaboration required in the world of circus for their show. With sold out shows at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Sydney Hoopla Festival and The Spiegletent at the Docklands.
Height 4m required

306CC-balancing-act builders


His act begins with a precarious tableau: a lone performer standing on a metre high table and in a blink of the eye he jumps onto a board teetering atop a rolling metal cylinder.  With balance established, he proceeds to impress his audience with a series of increasingly difficult tricks: walking, kneeling, skipping rope and even jumping a clear 180 degrees on top of the small wobbling platform. He teases the crowd by brandishing additional boards: what will he do next? With flair, he tosses the boards to land in a neat, trembling stack beneath his feet, all the while skating from side to side upon the ever-moving cylinder. To the audience’s amazement, he then proceeds to increase the danger level, stacking further cylinders below his feet. For his grand finale, he gracefully and easily rotates upon his stack, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the perilous spectacle before them.
Length The running time for this act ranges from 6 to 7 minutes.
Space Requirements This act requires a clear floor space of at least 4M x 4M in area, with a hard level surface. The minimum venue height for the full act (as listed) is 4 metres, however some edits can be made to the routine to fit smaller venues as needed.
30 mins set up time
No moving lights or mirror balls


Code-345AZF-Tarot and Dream interpreter-Melbourne

Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Palmists, Color and Jewellery Analysists are popular at all events astonishing guests with their psychic wisdom, future predictions, elaborate costuming and exotic props. Short, accurate readings provide genuine insight and great entertainment at Celebrity Events, Product Launches and all Private Functions.



Code 353KPH- Dance Adagio  -NSW

A sensual tale between two lovers that expresses both passion and grace through lyrical dance & acrobatic lifts. This routine is both tastefully sexy and powerful, perfect for weddings or occasions when you want the feel of romance in the air.
Running time: 7 minutes, performed to "Hallelujah" by K.D.Lang
Floor Space: 4 x 4 metres Ceiling Height: Minimum 4 metres, unobstructed.

Code 353KPT-Static trapeze –NSW  -Single Point or Spinning.

The tale of a beautiful & mysterious woman who entices a solitary man to climb high into her world. Casting a spell on
him, the performers go on to showcase a captivating love story.
Running time: 5 minutes performed to "Where you belong"by The Weekend.
Floor Space: 2 x 2 metres
Ceiling Height: Minimum 6 metres, unobstructed
Rigging Points: Points need to be inspected for safety

Code 353KPJ-acrobatic juggling-NSW

A quirky, fun and high energy performance that combines hat, ball and club juggling with dance and acrobatics. An
installation/stage act that would fit into a corporate event, exhibitions, family-friendly shows or as a street performance.
Running time: 4.5 minutes, performed to "Jolie Coquine" by Caravan Palace
Floor Space: 3 x 3 metres
Ceiling Height: Minimum 4 metres, unobstructed

Code 353KPS-Contemporary adagio dance –NSW

A  mesmerising routine, set to a powerful soundtrack. It is an elegant blend of fluid contemporary dance movement entwined with highly skilled acrobatic lifts.Whether it be a gala dinner, private party, corporate
event or social gathering, your guests will be captivated!
Running time: 7 minutes, performed to "Breath of Life" by Florence and the Machine
Floor Space: 4 x 4 metres
Ceiling Height: Minimum 4 metres, unobstructed

Code 353KPB-slow moving adagio –NSW

Set to a dramatic instrumental piece of music. Both flyer and base demonstrate the skill, strength and control required to
continuously manoeuvre between counter balances and overhead lifts, all achieved while wearing a blindfold.
Running time: 7 minutes performed to "Decade" by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Floor Space: 4x4 meters
Ceiling height: Minimum 4 meters, unobstructed.


adagio -performers-sydney



static trapeze performers-Sydney


acrobatic jugglers sydney


adagio dance floor show-Sydney


Code 355ERG-German Wheel-Melbourne

The German Wheel is a giant wheel made of two hoops joined at six points and measuring over 6 feet in diameter and she performs a spectacular show encompassing many circus skills.
German Wheel usually performed on stage or any flat area indoor or outdoor. 
For straight line work need minimum 12 meters or 11 meters on a stage with a little over hang. 
For spiralling need minimum 4 meters square.
Wood surface is ideal but can work on most other surfaces but some may restrict certain skills.



This pint-sized entertainer will have you on the edge of your seat as she comedically bends and contorts her body into freakily mind-boggling positions. If you want to see something memorable and entirely out of the norm watch her squeeze herself into a tiny 16" Perspex Box balanced on a 7ft rig. This show should not be missed.



Code-381CH- Aerialist-gymnast-acrobat-SA

An  internationally acclaimed entertainer. Since competing for Australia as an International Gymnast, he has turned his eye to the world of entertainment. Craig has dazzled crowds throughout Australia and the world, including the UK, Japan, USA and Europe.

Code-381CH-1- Stationary Silk Act

Description of act: Craig will perform this act on Aerial silk/Tissue on a fixed stationary point, this act mainly consists of spectacular drops, but also incorporates flexibility and Strength elements.
Duration: The act is approximately 6 minutes in length.
Stage: Minimum 2m x 2m performance area and 4m in height.
Rigging: Act is to be performed on one point

Code-381CH-2 Flying Silk Act

Description of act: He will perform this act on Aerial silk-Tissue on a flying rig, this act will boast graceful high fly’s as well as masculine strength elements. The high flying and the beauty of the picture created with the silk will memorize audiences of all ages.
Duration: The act is approximately 6 minutes in length.
Stage: Minimum 6m x 6m performance area and 5m in height.
Rigging: Act is to be performed on a flying rig either manual as outlined in attached diagram or on a motorized winch system if provided by the venue or hiring company.

Code-381CH-3 Flying Strap Act

Description of act: He will perform this act on an Aerial strap material on a flying rig. This act will show the brut strength similar to the Gymnastic Rings. The Act will also comprise of breathtaking flights.
Duration: The act is approximately 6 minutes in length.
Stage: Minimum 3m x 3m performance area and 5m in height.
Rigging: Act is to be performed on a flying rig either manual as outlined in attached diagram or on a motorized winch system if provided by the venue or hiring company.



Code-382DCG-Glo Twirling-NSW.

Bright colourful and interesting. Can have 1-3 twirlers.

Code-382DCH-Glo Hoops-NSW.

Roving or stage show of 1 x 5min

glow-twirlers NSW



A  solo circus escape show. Performing around Australia and Europe, she has developed her show into the original, entertaining and comic show it is today. From packed audiences in Edinburgh, to the streets of Melbourne, she can entertain audiences of all ages. A show that features feats of escapology, comedy, and a cheekiness that will make the whole audience laugh.



Australia's only female chainsaw juggler.
A dangerous juggling routine. Juggling clubs, knives, and ending with the live, running chainsaw, book something completely unique with her breath taking juggling.


Code-446SG-Ball walker-Clown-NSW

You will look twice when he passes you at an event walking on top a 70cm high walking globe. This charismatic character has been know for fearlessly balancing while juggling and keeping guests entertained with his charming clowning. At the request of the client he may unicycle as an extra. A stylish, flexible and charming rover for any function.
DURATION: 45 minute roving sets.
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Flat performance surface , Sufficient room to move between guests. Roof height of 2.5m

Ball-walker-sydney adult-0clown

Code-470RR-contortion-plate spinning-juggler-Melbourne

Mind blowing body bending and a stunt that involves Roberta folding and squeezing her entire body into a small see thru box no bigger than a fish tank.
She can also Plate spin and an excellent juggler.
Includes lots of comedy.

* 3 x3 metres stage space.
* Ceiling Height 3 metres.
* Sound operator to play music on ipod.
* Dressing room with two chairs, table, mirror, water





Award winning entertainers, they combine sophisticated circus stunts with live music in a breathtaking show that has earned them the reputation of Australia’s hottest musical duo!
Fusing violin, tango and fire performance with a unique combination of circus stunts, this scorching hot pair’s exceptional show highlights their tremendous circus skills and impeccable musicianship. 
High impact shows for corporate events are their specialty.  Companies such as the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Hyundai, the Rugby League Players Association, Elders & NRMA have been wowed by their amazing talents.
The duo present shows with fire (Liqueur Flambe Show), a dedicated show that features stunts and violins but does not include fire, (Velvet Royale Show) and pre-show entertainment including Classical violin duets or fire performance for guest arrival.  Ambush openings, which begin as a violin performance then escalate into a unique violin stunt show, have surprised and enthralled audiences the world over. The musical content includes beautifully presented backing tracks and mesmerising violin solos.
Prices start from $2300+ depending on requirements.
Right click for video


Code-476CA-german wheel-Hoola hoops-tisu-Sunshine Coast-qld

An accomplished circus performer who specialises in german Wheel and hoola Hoops. Also trained in Aerial silks  and Adagio.


Code-501CR -Comedy  Clown-Magic-Melbourne

Comedy, magic and music this comical clown has the lot. A very engaging and funny performer who has no trouble winning over an audience. Hat manipulation, Juggling, Mime, Mask, Stilts, Unicycle, Puppetry, Physical Comedy, Improvisation, Magic, Plate Spinning, Traditional and Contemporary Clown. He is Australia's most loved contemporary clown. He is a multi-award winning comedian whose shows link the traditions of Vaudeville, Slapstick, Music hall and Clown. Described as 'Charlie Chaplin meets Jim Carrey', and he is in great demand locally and internationally.
Whether he is juggling, playing an impressive and ludicrous array of instruments or performing magic, he celebrates the joy of play.
Electric and improvisational, his comedic skill and playful rapport with the audience creates an orchestral anarchy that has won him the title of Best Comedy Act in many national and International festivals.

Over $800 1 hour

Corporate Comedy Clown

Code-511SCB- BMX Stunts-show-Melbourne

A fair-dinkum typical real Aussie bloke.  A crowd favourite. The kids love his BMX stunts. The Mums love his muscley hairy legs. The Dads love talking to a real bloke about power tools and the footy.
An extremely watch-able and like-able Aussie Larrikin who is phenominally good at riding a bicycle.
What he can do on his BMX bike is amazing and very different and entertaining.

skull bmx-bandit


 Code-510GD-Comedy Juggler-NSW

His obsession with tea has led him to abandon his country’s traditional poise and execute a trick "rarely seen outside of The Chinese State Circus". Watch and be amazed as he kicks cups, saucers and a spoon on to his head, whilst riding a unicycle!!! What sort of a mad man does that? Dave has "brewed up" his special blend of bumbling English comedy in every corner of the world over the last 20 years. His cheeky smile and self-depreciating sense of humour will make you love him from the outset, but his lovable antics are only the tip of this enigmatic iceberg.
His show "Tea For Two" serves you the perfect blend of high skill, improvisation and comedy. He is a juggler with a difference, obsessed with the English tradition of tea. Milk and two sugars, three metres in the air, on one wheel, balanced on a pole or kicked in the air and caught on his head? The man is funny, really funny, and he does some amazing things with tea cups and saucers, spoons, sugar cubes and a unicycle. He will leave you reaching for more of his delightfuly playfull sense of humour, and who knows, maybe a nice cup of tea!

show 10mins-35mins   Requires flat surface and ceiling height of 4mtr.

juggler circus juggler


Code-510GDK-Comedy jugglers-NSW

This is a hilarious show about the journey of an unlikely couple that will make you laugh, in both good and bad ways, as they invite you into their lives through a series of beautiful and highly skilled variety acts including acrobatics, singing, juggling, contortion and magic. They look great, they are very funny, extremely talented and they may even make you cry…ok that only works on people who weep during toilet paper commercials. They are guaranteed to give you a very good time, exciting all the senses, including the one that makes you groan. This show makes you feel part of something great and makes the world a brighter place for 45 minutes. Don’t miss it, because everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t be able to explain it. Very funny show with audience interaction




Code-516EC- Fire-drums-Melbourne

Jungle beats set the pace for a breathtaking fusion of vivacious African inspired dance moves merged seamlessly with the exhilarating art of spinning fire. This feat of endurance and stamina has to be seen to be believed in a highly energizing interplay of rhythm and movement that commands attention. 
Also available with the accompaniment of intoxicating live African drummers these talented drummers are guaranteed to get pulses thumping and feet stomping in this energetic act!
technical requirements Flat ground to perform on - 4 metres wide x 3 metres deep + 2 extra metres of non flammables + access to fire and safety equipment area. Extra 2 metres needed for drummers.

Code-516ECD-fire duo-Melbourne

Take two cheeky chix, add a drop each of jazz and Salsa, a bit of bollywood, and a good dose of cabaret. Now set fire to the lot, throw in a white rabbit, a top hat, and serve with a dollop of silly, a splash of sexy, several shakes. This flaming infusion of pizzazz, catchy showgirl tunes, a delightful array of theatrical props and highly skilled manipulation of fiery toys is so hot it will melt your eyeballs!!! You can’t help but fall in love with these sultry sirens, bursting with sass but polished like chrome.



Code 516ECF-roving-Fortune Teller-Melbourne

Have you ever wondered what the future has in store for you? Welcome to her bizarre and very hilarious world and her devastatingly cute sidekick aka apprentice Miso the gorilla who will melt your heart, and possibly your mind. Miss D will get you nice and relaxed before gazing into the crystal ball and determining what is imminent for you in the weeks ahead.
The adults love her very strange assortment of future predictions of ingrown toenails, bad hair days, and unwelcome encounters with high waisted pants, but do not despair! She is well armed with a plethora of bizarre remedies to ensure your feet are fantastic, your locks are luxurious and you never fall victim to bad fashion. A hit with people of all ages, she will delight and disturb with their crazy antics and misguided illusions…Fantastic as a roving act for festivals and large corporate or social events.

see also roaming performers



Hoop and silks
With a taste of burlesque and a twist on the vaudeville era, watch in pleasure as he not only performs a full aerial hoop number with skills such as the world class one heel hang. Providing exciting, emotive, passionate aerial acts of high technical and artistic value to the corporate and nightclub environment of Australia and abroad.

Minimum stage required 3 x 3m
Minimum ceiling height required 5m
CD Player or iPod dock and amplifier required
Spot Lighting
Flat even surface – a dance floor or carpet
1 tonne rated single or double rigging points
A qualified Circus Rigger
A full safety check under lights prior to the performance.


Code-565BB-Juggler-roving or show-Melbourne

The Juggler This guy just walks around and juggles, what more can I say?



An International performing Artist, Trained in Australia and in San Francisco. As a professional, Aerialist and fire performer She has captured audiences through out South east Asia, Central American, The United States and Australia. She Recently returned from an Aerial and fire dance contract In Langkawi, Malaysia at Pesta Magikal. Her Unique and Refined style is rooted in Modern dance, cheerleading and acrobatics. Inspired by creativity and self-expression each act can be adapted to fit any event.


As above but with Hoops





A talented fire dancer based in Melbourne


Code-584SC-Sword Swallower-NSW

Amazing world record holder for swallowing the most swords.




With his eclectic mix of talents he offers a variety of different shows and performances which range from a 45 minute stage or street show to a 6 minute world class juggling act. His ability to adapt and suite any venue or arena makes him one of the most exciting international performers at any festival.  Juggling is something he is no stranger to. For more than 9 years he has entertained people from all over Australia with his unique, quirky brand of comedy-juggling.  Juggling multiple props high in the air, dangerously manipulate fire torches under his legs and achieve tricky and perplexing combinations and moves around his entire body- Doing it all with style.


Diabolo Using a prop invented over 2000 years ago, he exhibits his mastery of this art though his fast paced, world class Diabolo act. Utilising a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles, this act is filled with high calibre entertainment, amazing feats of precision and dexterity while still maintaining the beauty and intricacy of this ancient Chinese art form. 

Code-585SP-plate spinning-WA

Spinning Plates Watch as he precariously attempts to spin more plates than you have fingers 5 feet from the ground. But watch out, these plates aren’t pretend! For over 5 minutes he will have you on the edge of your seat mesmerised and amazed with anticipation- Will he succeed, or will they fall? This act is sure to make any event a smashing one.

juggler fire-juggler



Code-587AWJ-Juggler-chinese pole-Melbourne

A multi talented circus performer and choreographer. Experienced with Juggling, Chinese pole performer  and adagio. Either a stage act or roving is available.




Both are highly accomplished circus performers, who both have a strong movement element to their work. This piece contains dizzying feats of strength and balance in a framework of lyrical movement, which gives an air of effortlessness and flight to the act. Daniel’s extreme flexibility coupled with Avan’s acrobatic and break-dance prowess, creates a unique combination not found in other adagio pairs. This act draws skills from; acrobatics, contortion, contemporary dance, ballet, and break-dance.
1 x 5-10min set


Code-587AWC-Chinese Pole-Melbourne

Chinese pole is performed on a vertical metal pole and uses strength and acrobatic skill. Using movement and isolation to create the illusion of being underwater, while simultaneously performing feats of incredible strength, precision agility, and ballistic death-defiance. Aqua is dark and moody, while at the same time graceful and beautiful, but rather than lessening it’s impact, this duality adds depth and dimension to the act, creating an experience that will give you goosebumps.
Performance requirements. Roof height: 5 meters Floor space: 5.5m x 4m


Code-606EJ-Aerialist silks-Hoops-Melbourne

A professional aerialist and dancer, trained in Aerial Silks, Aerial Ring, Spanish Web, Static Trapeze, Aerial Rope and Bungee.
Her professional training has taken her all over the globe, from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Australia to the renowned Toronto School of Circus Arts (TSCA) in Canada. In addition to her circus training she undertook 3 years of intensive full-time dance training under the instruction of Robert Sturrock. Her extensive training and performance background has allowed her to fuse dance and circus into a truly remarkable and unique experience.
She possesses a natural talent for anything aerial. This coupled with her amazing stage presence makes her a truly amazing performer.


bungee hoop video



For complete aerial acts:  Height with minimum of 29 feet / 9 meters and a stable rigging point with a capacity of 1,500 pounds.
• For ground acts:  Performance space with minimum of 15 feet by 15 feet / 5 meters by 5 meters.
• Sound system that uses a CD or iPod.
• A space for warm up 60 minutes before the show.
• Acts can be adapted and functional for different spaces, shows and special events.

Code 668SR-Aerialist-Melbourne

An experienced and professionally trained aerialist and acrobat from Australia. He has performed all over the UK some notable credits include the 2012 London Olympic Torch Relay, Glastonbury festival, Birmingham NEC and also teaching aerial straps at the national centre for circus arts (formerly circus space).
He trained at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) for 3 years specializing in aerial straps, Chinese pole and teeterboard, graduating with a bachelor in circus arts. before circus he trained in elite gymnastics for 7 years at the High Performance Centre of Gymnastics and then went on to get a diploma in theatre arts at Swinburne University.

Melbourne -aerialist



Starting out in gymnastics at age six, Tim’s love for physicality has seen him perform circus internationally and regularly around his home city, Melbourne. His recent credits include Circus Oz NICA Graduate Award; All Stars Aerial Competition; co-founding Gravity Dolls; My Life in Boxes (Gravity Dolls) at The Substation, Melba Spiegeltent and in The Lotus Palace; Melbourne Fringe’s Original New Circus Award for My Life in Boxes; the Asia Cup Opening Ceremony; Gasworks Circus Showdown with My Life in Boxes.


Code 670KB-Soul-Clairvoyant-Tarot-fortune-Palm reader-Melbourne

Well known for her accurate and insightful readings. She has been a Psychic, Tarot reader, palm reader, angel Intuitive and Numerologist for almost 15 years, and a well respected teacher in all these fields. She also provides personal development workshops.


Melbourne fortune teller

code-803JB-Comic juggler- NSW

Whether he is juggling household plastic bags in an interpretive dance piece, spinning hoops on a pole wrapped around his body, contorting his body while juggling or juggling bowling balls, cell phones, bowling pins, clubs, axes or an outrageous number of balls or even children, you are guaranteed to be entertained.
A 45 minute spectacular of belly laughs, stupid dancing, useless skills, and contorted ideas add up to a great fun show for all. A consummate entertainer and an outrageously funny individual both on and off the stage. His cheeky and super quirky persona is only surpassed by his extraordinary talent and comical timing. Whether it’s a blue chip corporate event or a family festival James gives his all and proves with every performance why he really is Australia’s Comedy Juggling Superstar.


Code-822HHP-Pop up circus-Melbourne

We bring the circus to YOU! Our circus characters will have you spinning plates, hula hooping, twirling ribbons & flower sticks, juggling, or just dancing along to our upbeat circus tunes! All ages
love our pop up space. Additional extras include: Strong man with High Striker, 2D Bigtop backdrop & decor.

Code 822HHG-UV hoola hoops– Melbourne

A neon UV circus disco with glowing poi, ribbons, plates & hoops. Learn, play, dance, & feel inspired in a colourfully lit up space.
UV/LED 5-7 minute show also available to get the party started!

hoop stage show

hoola hoop act-melbourne pop-up-circus-school-holidays


Code-822HHM-marching -hoopers-Melbourne

Option 1: The hoopers with live marching band. A roving 5 piece hula hoop army with 5 piece marching band, super bright, colourful, & interactive. Also the hoopists have a fully choreogaphred feature act, so the procession can assemble in a large space to perform the routine. The rest of the set the hoopers freestyle with their fanciest tricks and can also get the crown involved.

option 2: live marching band with miss hoopla plus 3 dancers/hoopists new orleans mardi grass style! 5 piece marching band play modern pop songs with brass instruments whilst 3 dancers dance with rainbow fans, hula hoops and get the crowd pumped and dancing.

hoopers-marching-band-melbourne marching-hoopers-melbourne

Poly 850A-fire twirler-Cairns

Felix is a professional fire twirler.


circus 839B-fire-Queensland

A diverse range of impressive fire acts available including fire eating, wearable fire costuming, flaming fans, hula hoops, fire dance & more.




circus 912A-contortion-Melbourne

Flex your mind as Teame bends his body in a wonderfully entertaining blend of circus, theatre and comedy. The true potential of the amazing human body is seldom showcased with quite so much mischievous humour. Parallels with the animal kingdom – spider, monkey, frog – draw you into a conversation on the possibilities of human achievement, inspiring you to laugh, cringe, and scream your way through a series of increasingly unbelievable movements. Absolutely amazing.


team-contortion -912

circus 918A-street show-unicyclist-NSW

Creating an atmosphere that is not only amazing but undeniably breathtaking. Tricks include everything from fire juggling to magic to balancing precariously atop a 12 foot unicycle. With comedy mixed throughout it is the perfect show for any event.
He has been unicycling for over 24 years and is currently the world champion so it’s no wonder he feels so at ease on unicycles. His skills astound the audience on numerous occasions by fearlessly jumping over a volunteer, jump roping and pedaling with his hands ... just to name a few.
Currently based in Sydney, he is willing to travel near and far to bring smiles and laughter to people all around the globe. Recently he has performed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Perth Royal Show, The World Famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and many more...
Performance includes; 5-45 minute comedy, fire juggling, magic and unicycling show ending with a grand finale 12 foot unicycle by a world champion unicyclist. The best part is that he doesn’t need a stage (lighting, technicians, scheduling, etc.), just any flat hard surface area like a street corner or parking lot. He has his own power supply with wireless mic and sound system so he can virtually work anywhere.




circus 975A-fire-glo show-SA

Trish and Dinah who specialise in synchronised choreographed poi and staff performances. With eight years experience in fire twirling and 3 years performing professionally they are growing bigger and better every day. also now available are LED shows with neon body paint. This makes a great alternative for fire in clubs and dance parties.



circus 1019A-juggler-hoops-NSW

Her work a blend of physical comedy and theatrical circus. Her focus is on character driven comedy and circus stunts, to remind people of the joy in laughter, and that anything is possible with enough dedication.
She works to entertain human beings, providing shows that amuse, engage and are simply great fun. She says her work is purely centred on being funny, making people laugh.
She also provides hula hoop, juggling, hat manipulation, comedy and stilt acts, roving or on stage.





adagio 1019C

circus fire 1029A-Adelaide

A professional fire performer, specialising in Fire sticks, fire poi, fire swords, juggling and Tribal belly Dancing.

Highly skilled performers with stunning costumes. The performers are the best Australia has to offer and have trained for countless years to master their presentation of the arcane arts. 

Unity of skill and character bring astonishing feats to your guest and dazzle their eyes with such dangers as fire eating, fire poi, fire fans and fire staves. Performances are carried out to music through your venue's sound system to enhance the experience but can also be orchestrated to music of your choice.


Fire Twirler-adelaide




circus 1053A-bounce juggler-Melbourne

Very talented bounce juggler will have you in awe of her talents.


Circus 20A-Hand Balancing-Melbourne

After being trained as a gymnast throughout most of her childhood and graduating with Honours from the National Theatre Ballet Alex carried on too work as a contemporary dancer throughout Australia and overseas. Her first introduction to circus through this medium of dance four years ago, enabled her to train firstly as an aerialist , then furthering her skills towards hand balancing and adagio. It became a complementary transition from dancer to circus performer. Not only having worked extensively across Australia with Retina Productions “Aerial Sphere – Double Trapeze” Alex continues to work with Brisbane’s contemporary circus Circa

Provocative but not overt, this hand balance act delivers a commanding and sleek performance whilst challenging the audiences view of femininity and strength.

Performed to an original score by Pentaphobe, the acts duration is 4.5mins and is suitable for a mature audience.

Technical Requirements:

 A flat even performance space, with minimum dimensions of 2.5m width x 2m depth. The act can be performed on risers for additional height as long as they are secured and stable, (the standard height being either 30 or 60cm).

A sound system and simple lighting would be required. For safety requirements it is requested that no direct down lights be used and no use of moving gobos.  


Circus 20B-Aerial tisu-Melbourne

Alex's Aerial is an act with a difference. Alex uses her own unique apparatus to give a different approach to aerial acts.

Rigger required.

alex-miz 20A

Hand Balancing


alex-miz 20C



Roaming 63D-stilts-Melbourne

Welcome to the to The Tall Club, where the talents of Jo and David combine to bring you innovative and professional entertainment of the highest caliber. Through the pooling of diverse abilities such as juggling, rope skipping, giant bubble blowing and more these characters provide a range of skillful displays and audience interaction. They also offer impressive visual displays as they roam around in their bright, beautiful and sparkling outfits. They cater to events such as parades, family days, festivals, corporate events and special occasions.

Skills: Stilt Walking, juggling, giant bubble blowing, giant flag and poi spinning, comedy, feather tickling, rope skipping, pole balancing

Roaming 63E-Pirate Bubbles-Melbourne

Beware The pirate leaves a trail of bubbles, excited children and mayhem in his wake. This eight foot tall sea-going rascal has recently been sighted raiding children’s parties and festivals alike. He is notably wanted for the crimes of inciting ‘Laughing Mayhem’, and generally disturbing the peace. This larger than life character wields a giant bubble-making sword and is a highly experienced children’s entertainer and buccaneer.

Can be of stilts as well

Roaming 63FF-Melbourne

Vern is a cuddly puppet character that loves to tickle chins and to get up to mischief. Vern is a great roving character loved by adults and children alike. Vern is an Axtell Puppet. Her stunning looks and lovable nature are always a talking point at any event she attends. Whilst Vern is admired and well liked, sadly guests often laugh at her as she is always falling for the wrong guy. Vern for Kids Vern is a lovable, cheeky and mischievous bird. Children love to pat her, stroke her beautiful feathers and tickle her under the chin – Vern is VERY ticklish. She is always well behaved when her owner is looking but the mischief she gets up to when he’s not will leave everyone laughing at her naughty pranks.

roaming 63GG-Giant puppet-Melbourne

Frederick is a seven-foot puppet that loves to dance, party and get lots of hugs. He is great for entertaining adults and children alike. Frederick may be some distant cousin of the abominable snowman...or possible not. What is known is that he is a ball of fun to be around. Able to do most things that a human performer can do Frederick is highly versatile but most people just find him visually stunning to be around. Fredrick glows vibrantly under UV lights and is great for nightclubs, festivals and just about any event you can think of. Suitable for 7 year olds and up.

stilts 63DD




Circus 127A-Foot Juggler-Melbourne

With improvised dance and circus skills, Zoe foot juggles, Blankets, barrels, umberellas to name a few.

1 x 5 min choregraphed set or stage set

view video

foot juggler foor juggler

Circus 216A-Aerialist Laura-Sydney

Laura is an experienced performer with skills in hula hoops, acro balance and aerials. Focusing on clean, crisp images and immaculate and detailed costuming, Laura's performance style is truly unique.

On a shining, spinning ring watch Laura as she twists and contorts herself gracefully into striking poses and performs seamless manoeuvres. A highly skilled performer with a fresh style, Laura is guaranteed to leave audiences spellbound. Minimum height for aerial ring: 5 metres.

Laura has been performing in the circus arts for the last five years. She has trained at Vulcana Women’s Circus (Brisbane) with a range of national and international artists and is now based in Melbourne. Laura has performed at a number of festivals, community events and corporate events including;

1x 5min set or 2 sets per hour

View Video

Circus 216B-Hula hoops-Sydney

Let yourself get lost in  Laura crazy, colourful, hooping world as she turns up the tempo. A fun, visually stunning, burlesque inspired act that is sure to delight and entertain the crowd.

view video




Circus 338A-Aerialist-Chinese pole-gymnast-Melbourne

Luke is a breath taking aerialist with amazing strength and agility.

Luke has appeared internationally and nationally.

Watch Video

Circus 396E- Circus show-Melbourne

Terrys Spectacular circus is a comedy circus show where the children will be taken on a journey through the brilliant and often chaotic world of circus. Traditional circus acts take on a new twist when Terry keeps upping the stakes on himself, setting challenges that, when accomplished, are as electrifying as they are precise.The show is a tight, highly skilled and very, very funny circus show containing: masterful juggling with some surprising objects unicycle, diabolo, and acrobatic stunts some pure contemporary clowning a towering finale featuring a tall unicycle and as always, continuous comedy!

 This show is not only suitable for children and families, it’s downright beneficial!

Circus Show requirements
A gym or multi-purpose room with a ceiling height of at least 5 metres or a splendid theatre. Outdoor spaces may be appropriate, but please consult with us first.

or School Workshop

Circus skills with Terry is a hands on, feet on, skill acquisition fest as children are inducted into the once secretive and elite world of circus.

Not only will participants safely gain new skills in balance and manipulation, they will be empowered by them and know how to improve these skills and acquire others. Most of all, though, the workshop sessions are immense fun for children and adults alike.

Learn to juggle balls, scarves and rings. Fly the Chinese spinning top, the Diabolo. Spin a plate on a stick, balance it. Balance a feather or broom stick. Balance on a rolla bolla. Control the Chinese devil sticks. Walk tall on hands free circus stilts. Learn acrobatic balances and pyramids.

Beginners to advanced.

Requirements: A Large space with a tall ceiling. Gym mats if needed for acro balances. A carpeted area for some of the activities is recommended but not essential.





Circus 405A-Rope-Plate spinning-Melbourne

Incredible rope twirling with such precision and technique. He has excelled in all forms of skilled base-he can do tricks with wine bottle balanced on a spoon also skilled at rope, plate and bowl spinning.

He also holds a spoon or ruler with his teeth and juggles balls and bottles to land precisely on the ruler.

View video


rope spinning

tully tully

Circus 430A-Fire-WA

The perfect performance to enhance the night, and with a wide range of performance styles, you can be assured of the perfect fit for your individual event. From high-energy dance beats to smooth classical numbers, we have the music and the moves to suit the mood. Our low-key and intimate roving brings you up close and personal with the sizzle and heat of the fire, while our multi-person performances awe and dazzle with some of the biggest fire props in town.








Circus 452A-stilts-fire-unicycle-SA

Stilt walkers, unicyclists and jugglers available for roving functions.

Circus 452B-stilts-fire-unicycle-SA

1x 30 min show
A 30-minute feast of riveting entertainment for all ages. Griffini juggles anything, anywhere and incorporates audience participation, unicycle stunts and other feats of utter stupidity before the great finale of riding atop a gargantuan unicycle and juggling flames of fire!
Audience: Family/Adults
Duration: 30 minutes (5-15 minute performances also available)
Space: 6m deep X 6m wide X 4m high

Circus 452C-stilts-Fire-SA

Two performers take you on a jouney of fire in this club swinging, sword flinging, flame throwing routine. Choreographed to music using staff, clubs, poi, sword, fire eating and fire guns. This is especially for those who wish to be transfixed by a fantastic fire performance
Duration: 10 minutes
Space: 8 x 30 metres
N.B. This is strictly an outdoor show
*Free style fire twirlers also available for indoor or outdoor venues


cir-el circ-el



Circus 456A-Melbourne

A visually hypnotic fire display, Kat’s unique style of combining fire with acrobatics, balance and contortion brings an energetic beauty to warm up any stage or event.

DURATION: Shows range from 5 to 30 minutes or roaming

show consising of :
fire fingers
body burning and fire eating
stalf with acrobatics
poi (fire chains) body wraps and standard spinning
fire ropes with acrobatics
and bed of broken glass
performance space required:
outdoors, no cover.
space 6 metres wide x 4 metres deep minimum.
if indoors is only available hight 8-10 mteres with ventilation
own music can be supplied, if the client wishes to choose the music, a copy will be required a week prior to the event




Circus 508A-NSW

Presenting fire artistry at its best, and bringing together sizzling dance choreographies and costuming with sensational fire dancing skill. From larger scale outdoor spectaculars to slick stage productions.

Circus 508B -UV and acrobatics-NSW

An avant garde performance, using a 3 dimensional structure of tubes and trickery of light, to create a gravity defying display of acrobatic prowess. It requires building a free standing scafolding structure on stage the day before the performance and pulling it apart a day after. It also requires a completely dark room as we using ultraviolet light

Circus 508C-Adagio-NSW

The term Acro Balance describes two or more individuals performing skillful balance tableaus using the counterweight of each other. The duo blend this art form with costume, character and theming.



dance dance508A

synapis synapis508B

dance dance-circus

Circus 543B Hula Show-Melbourne

Hula Hooper with style! Anna presents an exciting, energetic and skilful hula hoop act. 1 to 5 sparkling hoops spun, twisted, and thrown with ease finishing in a multi hoop finale. Her impressive combination of hooping with circus skill and dance is highly entertaining, dazzling to the eye and lots of fun. Annacan tailor themes to suit your event, provide workshops and audience participation.

Fire Hoop – Spinning hoops of fire. A hula act with the added spectacle of fire! 1 – 3 hoops with a big flame finale. Lots of firey fun. Solo or duo act available.

Formerly trained in gymnastics and dance she has over seven years performance experience including working with world renowned Strange Fruit (Performance Company) and touring and performing in Europe, America, Mexico, Canada, UK, Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.

anna--hoops anna


Circus 545A- Lisa Aerialist-Melbourne

A lover of physicality and performance, Lisa’s artistic roots began with 13 years of Calisthenics. Her early 20’s saw her develop a taste for contemporary movement as she assisted in developing and running Water Carriers Dance Theatre. At 24 she discovered the enchanting and challenging discipline of contemporary circus and her whole world was literally turned up side down.

Lisa completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Circus at The National Institute of Circus Arts in 2007, specializing in German Wheel and Aerial Tissu. Lisa has the reputation of a captivating artist who performs with grace and cunning intelligence. Her movement quality and ability to connect with her audience sets her apart in the industry.

lisa-bi lisa-bi


Circus 546B-Burlesque Angle Grinder-Qld

The Burlesque beauty enters with a short and classic Feather Fan routine. The fans reveal her hardcore industrial costume and the powerful Angle Grinder. This sexy act is a ballet of sparks as the dancer grinds metal plates strapped to her body performing a complex choreography including floor work and acrobatics. Be warned it's sexy and suggestive!!! Shocking and fun! Can also be performed as podium spots.

Circus 546C-Freak Sword ladder show-Qld

Sword Ladder (6mins) –

A unique re-invention of an old sideshow act! An elegant but deadly 5ft ladder is presented as the Princess of Pain prepares. In place of steps are genuine sword blades and they are sharp. To prove this ‘ The Human Chopping Block ’ is performed, a stunt where a melon is cut with a sword from the ladder on bare flesh. And now with no sceptics in the audience, the Princess of Pain prepares to climb the ladder of death barefoot! On sword number 4 she balances on one foot and presents in a difficult contortion pose. Miraculous!

For a spectacular finale two more swords are presented and are attached to rigging. Carefully Zoë places one under her head and legs and is counterweighted high into the air spinning! – Noone else in the world perfoms this stunt, a true sideshow original


angle grinder 546B



circus 547-Pole Balance-Melbourne

Note prices start from $10,000

Melbourne based group that produces and performs works for streets and the outdoors using 4 metre high flexible poles.Their unique performances combine dance, circus skills, and spectacle in a highly accessible entertaining way. An unbelievable visual performance.

The Spheres 547A

Touring party of 10, 7 performers, 3 crew. 1x 45 minute show. 1 show per day

Creation, exultation, liberation, life, the universe and everything. The Spheres take a whimsical look at physics, the miracle of birth and humanity's existential relationship to our plane . Giant, illuminated orbs of luminous beauty contain characters that gradually emerge to stand and rise above their spheres of existence. This piece is beautiful, reverent and sublime.

Watch video-The Spheres

The Field 547AA

Eight characters enact an intriguing ritual of courtship and discovery, breaking hearts and bending poles to impossible angles. The message of love, freedom, loneliness and joy are played out and take the audience on a journey of beauty and laughter.

Originally based on the image of a field of wheat swaying in the breeze, the poles extreme strength and flexibility allow the performer to bow to impossible angles, swaying back and forth in a hypnotising dance as the audience looks up in wonder.
With a world-renowned repertoire that celebrates a wide variety of themes and stories, the company has achieved near-cult status in almost every continent across the globe. Performing regularly at festivals, special events and private functions, their sublime, hypnotic beauty is truly remarkable and must be experienced to appreciate its full effect.

Watch video The Fields.

Angels 547AAA

After hundreds of years standing in complete stillness, two Angels take their first breath and discover how to fly. Angels is about youth, beauty and bravado. Filled with spectacular stunts and a gorgeous love story, it delights in the arc between two deaths, between stillness and movement

the Spheres

The field

The Angels

Circus 548A-Angle Grinder-Brisbane

Lil can do a self contained act to her own music, which runs for 5 mins. Its a sexy but tongue in cheek routine or, using the grinder to visual effect usually as part of a bigger performance. add some spark to your next event.

2 x 10min sets in 1 hr or 1 x 5min set to music




Circus 553B-Tisu-Kathryn-Melbourne

Billowing fabric hung up high in the air, Kathryn performs an array of twists and drops 8 meters from the ground. With her contortion flexibility she hangs off her arms and bends inside out, tangles her legs around her body and bends her back in half all whilst having beautiful dance lines. Kathryn will wow your audience with her grace and ability.

With a selection of stunning costumes Kathryn can tailor her act to suit your event.

Tissue Act 10minutes

View video contortion and tisu


circus 564A -sword swallower-Aerialist-Acrobat- Glow twirling-Fire eater-Melbourne

James started fire twirling at the age of 15 and after joining trick circus has increased his skills to perform Tissu, Sword Swallowing and acrobatics. James has been trained from members of Cirque du Solei, Bei-Jiong Circus and Moscow Circus.Performed to 'Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" (Revisited). James performs a stunning fire eating, fire breathing act, with the finaly of setting the stage on fire, and swallowing a 22" inch sword.

circus 564B -Aerial Hoop and Tissu-Melbourne

James is one of Melbourne's finest hoop/tissu artists with a wide variety of skills. Performed to 'Depeche mode's "Only when i lose myself". A truly Captivating performance, as he bares his soul for all too see.This act has been incredibly well recieved at both 'The CherryBomb', and 'Dream' nightclubs. This act will be the highlight of your event.

Circus 564C-Neon Sword Swallower-Fire eater-Melbourne

Double Neon Sword Swallow new world record, first sword swallower to ever swallow two completely separate 2000Volt Fragile glass neon tubes, one that glows red and one that glows blue, collectively 4000Volts of electricity bowing with the tubes inside my body and pulling the blue one out, then standing up straight to allow the audience to see the glow of the red tube through my throat and removing that one. Taking what has been the biggest and best Sword Swallowing stunt for the past 80 years and doubling it big talking build, hasn't failed to rock an audience.Fire eating sword swallowing act much the same as the previous fire eating sword swallowing routine, (as performed on Australia's got talent 2007) however swallowing a much larger sword, bowing and juggling three fire clubs at the same time as a finale' stunt

sword-swallower-melbourne Sword-swallower-circus 564A


Manx-fire-eater james-loughran564C


Circus 567A-Rollabolla-NSW

Be amazed and captivated by this daring feet of balance!

During this world class act, he stands balanced and teetering on a board above stacks of rolling metal cylinders. A single misjudgement of equilibrium and the towers could come crashing down to the ground! This is never the case though as he fearlessly creates different constructions and even does a handstand on three cylinders! At the end of the act he balances upon his most impossible stack of all, the five high of death!

A high impact, daring and stylish act exclusively by Australia’s balance specialist!

DURATION: 8 minutes

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 3- 4 metre roof height , Stage space 5 metres by 5 metres, Wooden floor preferred but carpet OK , Sound system




Circus 633A-Foot Juggler-Melbourne

Simply amazing human Juggling! We actually mean: one human being juggles the other into sommersaults and then catches them again! its fascinating to watch these two extraordinary performers. The only act in Australia that does this type of performance.


Circus 640A-Tarot-Palm-Physic-Melbourne

Aimee is a competent and talented Tarot reader, Palmist and Physic suitable for roving or seated situations.


Circus 665A-strong-lady- Brisbane

The show is made up of a series of feats of strength performed largely to music. These include tearing a book in half, bending a metal rod and breaking things as well as a competition from a man in the audience. The finale of the show is The Human carousel where 2 men are lifted and carried.

Show length up to 20mins

Space required: Stage show 4m x 2m street show 5m x 5m


circus 666A-Adagio-acrobatics-Melbourne

the team have the skills and energy that is hard to beat.

Skills-Adagio, Chinese Pole, tumbling, which can be choregraphed to fit your theme.

Needs at least 5m height

1 x 5min show


Circus 667C-fire eater-twirler-Melbourne

Prepare to be mesmerized by fire and captivated by the magical illusions of an Atmosfire Show this has to be seen to be believed. The show begins with slow hypnotic movements and builds to a spectacular fiery finale. The components of the show are by fusing martial arts, dance, circus stunts, and themed costumes.
Ideal Stage size: Width 5m Height 4 m Length 4 m
All Fire performances are covered by Public Liability insurance and follow safety procedures under the Guideline of M.F.B. and C.F.A.
Solo feature show is 10 minutes and Duo 15 minutes
Improvised atmospheric Fire performances are sets of 45 - 60 minutes

circus 667D-Jester-Melbourne

A character based on the Harlequin personality from the Commedia Dell’arte or fool / court jester. He is excellent at meeting and greeting guests, mime, juggling, imitating people and bending balloons. He can also be a 10 foot tall jumping Jester.
Meeting and Greeting Guests, pre – show, and roving through guests is sure to make your event colorful and exciting. He has appeared at many events from festivals, corporate, carnival, circus and masquerade themed events.



chris-morant-cristo misto


A high-energy performer who brings the fun and beautiful side of circus onto the stage. She plays in both the ground and the air, with fire eatingand body burning, foot juggling, and saucy burlesque. In the air, she specializes in dance trapeze: a single point, spinning trapeze style that merges dance movement and skill. Her captivating style is both unique and unforgettable, with a strong rooting in professional dance training. Tank’s experience informs both her movement, and embodiment of strong character.

Aerial - doubles trapeze, aerial hoop, tissue, straps/sling, harness & wall work

Ground – living statue, roving, hula hoop manipulation, fire twirling, roller skating

Show 687A Trapeze-At Last ” – A passionate and graceful spinning trapeze piece, set to the traditional love song “at last”. A classic act, stylish and elegant, complete with vintage costume and an (optional) burlesque element


Show 687B-Trapeze- “A Necessary End” – A more contemporary dance trapeze piece, tranquil and stunning.  There is a time to move forward, and a time to let go.  Spinning and weaving a way through the ropes, she dances with the trapeze one last time. A beautiful piece that embodies the difficult process of saying goodbye.


Show 687C- “ Military Chic” - Foot Juggling-An American GI classic pin-up style babe, shows her “love” for the USA by dancing and playing with a missile left in her care. She juggles the missile with her feet, in a dazzling display of skill and entertainment. In the end, she bursts out of her cute demeanor with a saucy and wild and patriotic flourish, complete with impressive tricks.  (Optional burlesque element)


Show 687D- “ Sizzlicious“ Fire Burlesque A burlesque act that is sure to heat up the room! Tank performs a strip tease with a twist: fire! She lights her arms and fingers on fire, then her tongue and mouth, and finally, as she burns off all her clothes, lights her chest on fire. Sexy and outrageous


circus 697A-Stage and Street show-roving-Juggler-comedy-SA

Benny is one of Australia's most unique and innovative circus and street artists.
This international award winning show combines highly skilled ladder balancing, juggling (up to 5 clubs), oddball stunts and improvised clowning. The show has a strong emphasis on physical comedy rather than verbal comedy and can be performed as a silent clown - making it a truly international show - guaranteed to please any audience, regardless of age or language.

Stage act 1- Ladder Balancing- SA 4 to 7 mins
A beautiful tale of love, a ladder and a Ben. This act explains why you should never leave a man alone in his beloved tool shed for too long.



Circus 703A-Hat Juggler-hoops-SA

Karen reinvents the tradition of the ‘gentleman juggler’ – bringing to life everyday objects, from parasols and perfume bottles to martini glasses.

Inspired by the gentlemen jugglers of bygone eras, vaudeville and the old fashioned values of elegance and manners, Karen will surprise and inspire you with her twirling parasols, hat manipulation and ability to juggle the least expected


The Powder Room stage show

This juggling piece sets the scene of a 1930s diva in her backstage dressing room. As she selects accessories from her dressing table to match her outfit, she juggles them with the style and grace of Ginger Rogers The Powder Room’ can be between 4-7 minutes long

Requirement: I require at least 2 metres wide, 3 metres length and ceiling height of 2.5 metres I can adjust act for a podium if required to a 2x2m Access to dressing room, toilets and fresh water for drinking Sound system/PA with a CD player or MP3 input and a desk operator Lighting can be discussed, stage lighting is preferable

Circus 703B-Hoops -SA

Karen loves to shimmy and shammy and show off her hula hoop prowess. Her skills as a juggler provide a different style of hooping, including balances, juggling hoops and fast hand tricks. Karen can split up to five hoops on her body and finish with the ever-popular giant stack of hoops. She has performed many different routines, her most popular being 1970s Funk Odyssey and 1950s Bathing beauty. Karen can cater a routine to your events needs, such as zombie, rock chick, Beyonce ‘Single Ladies’, 1920s sultry dame, clown, or glow hoops for nightclubs.

Acts can be made family friendly or cute and sexy

requirements:Stage act: minimum 3m round clearance and 3m high Can perform on podium 1.5 m diameter CD player/sound system required for stage Access to dressing room and drinking water

Roving hula hoop is also available


miss-ellaneous miss-elaneous


Payment Options:

  • Direct Debit
  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card ( surcharge applies) mastercard and visa only