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Code 44ASF-African-drumming-Dance-Melbourne

Offering infectiously groovy dance music and high energy stage shows, this versatile and experienced ensemble performs beautiful, driving percussion that can be formatted to include a dance spectacular. Ideal for big events that demand a high impact performance. 5-8piece

Code 44BSF-African-drumming-fire-Melbourne

Standard Outfit: 1 fire artist, 2 drummers
Add a spectacular visual element with a fire show choreographed to the energetic rhythms of West Africa.

1 x 10min show or roving

Code 44CSF-African-drumming-Workshop-Schools Melbourne

Our single session workshops offer drumming, dancing and singing as standard, though we can easily adapt to suit your specifications. All of our facilitators are experienced and unique performers, each with their own story and style. Usually, we kick off with a short performance and introduce ourselves, getting everyone excited about the music. We move into the fun quickly with drumming, teaching African rhythms, musical games, and a great jam. We’ll get them grooving too, with some tribal dancing and singing included along the way. At the end of the session we have question time, where students can ask the facilitator about their background, culture, music and about Africa.

Code 44DSF-African-drumming-Workshop-Schools Melbourne

African Drumming will unite your group and have them drumming in harmony together in 5 minutes flat.
The ensemble nature of African Drumming is synergy in action; a live metaphor for the principles of teamwork, leadership and communication needed for groups to meet their potential. We’ll shake the rust off of team dynamics, get people connected and leave them feeling empowered and uplifted. Offering interactive workshops of all types and enlivening performances.



44BSF-Fire african-drumming


Corporate _African-Drumming


Code-119ASD-Africa-drum and Dance workshop-Melbourne

The group provide a meaningful cultural experience for young people in African Dance and Drumming promoting a fun and positive atmosphere amongst the audience embracing & exploring cultural diversity at its best!

African Dance workshops encourage students to move imaginatively, respond to music and to choreographic instruction and to perform to other students, parents and the public. Discover the basics of rhythm& dance in a fun high-energy class involving authentic African dance routines which include story, song & live percussion. African Drumming & Percussion workshops teach basic rhythm, and improve on listening and co-ordination skills.

African Drumming Workshops for Kids and Schools

The workshops are simple and do not require prior knowledge of drumming or musical skills.  Everyone is given their own djembe drum and within minutes children are able to progress from simple notes to more complex beats.  The workshops also include African songs and chants and other percussion instruments.  Our workshops are very informative about African culture and children are encouraged to ask questions.

Primary School Prep - Grade 2   Children concentrate on basic co-ordination skills and learn Start and Stop, Loud and Soft and a steady beat.  Elements of story telling and call and response singing are also introduced.

Grade 3-4  Students move on to working around a steady beat and working together as independent teams with different roles.

Grade 5-6   Students progress to weaving up to 6 separate rhythms together.  Teachers are particularly appreciative of the way children with difficulties at school are drawn into the drum workshop and show high levels of concentration and focus.

High School  Students respond excellently to working as a whole class with drums.  This can be part of a music class or an element of a Personal and Group development course.  A drum circle is a superb tool for uniting groups of people and can be used to counter bullying or issues of racism.

corporate Encouraged to work as a group and not as individuals, team-building and collective responsibility is the emphasis at this key stage.  Self-confidence and respect and patience for other members of the group are some of the achievements at the youth level .






code-121MD-African Drumming Workshop-Melbourne

Energetic and engaging programs for schools that are both educational and fun. The Ensemble provides insight into traditional African culture and the importance of music both to that culture and to our own society. All teachers  have lived in Africa and studied with master drummers and dancers.
We provide African hand drums, bells, shakers and tribal dress-ups for any number of students, of any age-group. The workshops are all hands-on and teach students traditional African drumming, dance, song and body-percussion. They are interesting, accessible and active. Even the most difficult audience will be engaged!
Drumming is a great way to promote focus, self-awareness, confidence and improve communication and cohesion wihin a student group.
Our workshops are perfect for cultural days, end of year activities, as an adjunct to your music and dance curriculum, or just for something different. They can be tailored to suit your requirements.  
All you will need to supply are the chairs for the participants and a large space (outdoors in good weather is perfect), where there are no noise restrictions.
We can also provide excellent resource packages which may be used in the class room as pre or post incursion activities, or on their own.
Can cater with drums for 150


Code-129FX1-Hip Hop-Break Dancers-Melbourne

Can include dance display and workshop for Corporate, festivals or school functions.


code-143EW-Workshop-edible weeds-Melbourne

Many of the plants we now call weeds have been eaten or used for their medicinal properties over thousands of years. There are countries where some are still considered delicacies today.
Get your team out in the fresh air on a fascinating edible weed walk at your next team building corporate event.
Edible Weeds - not just Edible!
Did you know that these amazing plants are not just edible? They can have a raft of other benefits!!
Companion plants
Attract/host beneficial insects
Repel 'bad bugs' eg., slugs, aphids
Have medicinal and healing properties
Can be used as dyes
Soil breakers
Bring up nutrients from deep down in the ground through long tap roots
Can be soil indicators - how much water is in the soil, the nutrients in the soil
Provide stock fodder
Good ground covers
Green mulches
Nitrogen fixers
Melbourne is brimming with an abundance of wild edibles and so are it’s gardens. Many of Melbourne’s weeds are edible – not just edible but nutritious, tasty and free! Many also have medicinal properties. From dandelion, mallow and wild radish to acorns and violets, there is a feast of food all around us! Learn where to find these foods, how to identify them and how to prepare them in the kitchen.
Are you are a keen gardener curious to learn more about the plants around you?
Do you want to incorporate more fresh, nutritious, tasty local food into your and your family’s diet?
Do you want to cut your food bills?
Just simply interested in plants?
This class is for you!
Topics include:
Hands-on plant identification
Preparation of foods
Edible landscaping
Doris is a keen food gardener and a graduate of the Permaculture Design Course. She grew up in an Italian household where food foraging was a family activity alongside vegetable and fruit gardening.


Code-170RLC-African Drumming Workshop-Melbourne

Enhance the communication, cooperation and unity of your employees with our corporate teambuilding workshops. African percussion requires all participants to listen to each other, communicate and work as a team in order to achieve the common goal. Each player has an equally important part that contributes to the overall rhythm. The workshops are energising and motivating, and promote focus, stress-relief and overall success. Our highly skilled, experienced facilitators will have your team playing in unison and connecting on a whole new level!
 Our workshops are ideal for conferences, meetings, Christmas parties, seminars, product launches, ice-breakers, conflict resolution, retreats and more.

170RLC-African workshop

Code 174GRB-Balloon Twister-Brisbane-Qld

If you are looking to add some fun, colour, interest and activity to your next event you can’t beat my big, colourful balloon twisting.
Are you planning a kids party or event. I specialise in supplying high quality balloon modelling entertainment at kids parties and corporate events. I can guarantee this, your corporate entertainment will be brighter and happier with my incredible balloon creations.
When I hand out my amazing creations at you company event it creates an instant visual impact that can be seen from across the room. It ‘will’ get people talking. They ‘will’ feel happier. They ‘will’ be laughing and smiling It is the perfect ice-breaker.
People find it fascinating to watch the balloon creations being made, “what’s it going to be?”…. I never tell until the very end when the whole balloon creation seems to come together as if by magic. Your company event will be brighter and happier with my amazing colourful balloon figures.


174GRB-balloons 174GRB-Balloon-twister

174GRBP-balloon Party

Code 670KB-Soul-Clairvoyant-Tarot-fortune-Palm reader-Melbourne

Well known for her accurate and insightful readings. She has been a Psychic, Tarot reader, palm reader, angel Intuitive and Numerologist for almost 15 years, and a well respected teacher in all these fields. She also provides personal development workshops.

Through her Corporate workshops she can bring about profound change and insight into your organisation. In this fun and relaxed workshop she combines exceptional spiritual skills with life coaching techniques to examine holistically the group dynamics of your business and assesses how individuals can interact more effectively.


Melbourne fortune teller

workshop 227B-Vocal-Melbourne

The team focus is to challenge each participant and reinforce personal responsibility through demonstrating every role, no matter how minor, contributes to the final outcome. We foster co-operation as opposed to competition by using something that everyone has - a voice. Participants will develop listening, problem solving, concentration and communication skills. We will energise all team members, even those without youth and athleticism on their side. Singing as part of a group is about unity and blending, recognizing that each individual can make a difference. A team player will recognize that everyone working together achieves the greatest result.

30 Minute Work Shop:

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Delegates are divided into four groups – three of the groups learn a different part of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” while the fourth group learns percussion. Bringing all the parts together creates a wonderful effect which has been achieved by combining the 4 components, each simple on their own but when united create fullness.

2.5 Hour Work Shops:

Song Writing Workshop

Take the theme of your conference and let your employees create a song that expresses the company’s philosophies, goals, history and future plans. Our team will give them a choice of song styles such as rock, pop, soul, etc. Working in collaboration, the group will create a chorus with melody and lyrics and then break into smaller groups to write a verse each. They then reconvene to bring it all together and record the final product. If required, there can be a music video produced.

Full Day Work Shops:

There are a variety of different full day workshops that can be adapted to suit your particular needs. Among these are:

Battle of the Musicals – teams are formed and perform songs from well known musicals.

Battle of the Choirs – teams sing choral arrangements of gospel or other well known songs.

The Singing Olympics – each team participate in a number of events throughout the day, culminating in a ‘sing off’ where each team performs the song they have prepared throughout the day



Workshop 228A-African Drumming-Melbourne

From West Africa, King has arrived as Gambia’s pulsating musical ambassador. An outstanding child musician who has been performing professionally since the age of 12, King is a master of Djembe, sabar, bougarabu, sewurba drumming and dance traditions and an internationally recognised drumming teacher.

Enjoyed by young and old alike, participants are encouraged to experience the pulsating rhythms and instruments of West Africa for themselves! Perfect as a team building exercise, for community events and festivals.

Dancers can be added if required.

Drumming and Dance Workshops

For all ages and abilities based on everyday life and customs – farming activities, naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, marriages, festival, plus stories from the ancient kingdom of Mali and the story of the drums.

Cultural Combination

A taste of drumming, dancing, story telling, geography, and images of village life in The Gambia. This program can be tailored to suit your particular needs.


Interactive performance by musicians illustrating different kinds of music and dance from West Africa.




Workshop-232C-team Building-Melbourne

Try something a little different with your next event or conference and jump on the Zumba craze sweeping the world!! We have a very affordable, cost effective, interactive experience that will bring a bit of fun and spontaneity to your next event or conference. It works as a circuit breaker during a conference or a party starter during an event. Can be booked as one Zumba instructor or Zumba Instructor plus Zumba Dancers.

Take a break during a long day of meetings and presentations and surprise and energise your guests.

A 15-20min Zumba class to get the blood flowing and brain stimulated.


Code-118GBW-cartoon & Illustration workshop-NSW

Graeme has been running cartooning and illustration classes for five years at Forestville. Each afternoon between 4.00 pm and 5.30 pm students learn to use the right side of their brain and release their creativeness. From the old style of illustrations of Mickey Mouse and Tweety Bird, to the more modern cartooning of Anime, children are able to experiment and create styles and cartoon characters of their own.

Private classes as well as workshops and holiday programmes are also available. Not only do children benefit by expressing and building upon their creative talents, but the programmes also enhance communication and interaction skills.

Graeme has been interacting with children for many years including those with ADHD and other learning disabilities. His sense of humour, patience and wisdom provides a relaxing atmosphere for all students.


Adults can benefit enormously by the classes offered. Graeme and his team (dependent upon class numbers) will encourage each employee to express themselves both artistically and emotionally, opening up pathways otherwise forgotten or blocked. Each staff member is also given the opportunity of inventing a cartoon character of their own creating very humorous situations.


With Graeme having worked for major newspapers in New Zealand, he is able to offer the services of creating comic strips for magazines, advertisements, newspapers and even the Internet (website promotion).




Code-436KGW-The Hypnotist-Melbourne

Stage Hypnotist's are a lot like Magicians. They want to keep their secrets just that-secret
However, due to an overwhelming response from C.E.O.'s and Sales Managers right through to Parents wanting to get their children to behave, he has developed a 'Step by Step' seminar which will reveal what Hypnosis really is "The Art of Suggestion".
Whether your goal is to bring your team together in a creative, lively experience, or to make a compelling first impression on your clients or guests, 'The Secrets of the Hypnotist Revealed' seminar will exceed your expectations at every level.
He will provide your organisation with-
 Ice-melting, barrier-dissolving, team-building humour and insight
Energy, enthusiasm and excitement that will last long after the event is over.
Tailor-made programme to fit your message and theme of event
Promote creative thinking, listening and communication skills

He will also show you -
Self Hypnosis techniques to take better control of yourself and your own actions.
Learn how to use Hypnosis to stay focused on goals and aspirations
 Simple techniques to relax and control stress and tension, so that you and your colleagues can perform at their fullest potential.
He never oversteps the boundaries of corporate good taste. The audience laughs with the participants, and never at them. Kevin's corporate event entertainment is full of class, elegance and style.
He can tailor-make each corporate entertainment event to suit your individual business needs. If you wish to use a particular 'theme', he can incorporate this into the event. If you have a 'goal' or a 'message' for the people attending the entertainment, he can not only 'entertain' your audience, but also 'support the corporate message'. His performances are edu-taining. Or perhaps the business event is purely to show appreciation for exceptional work-place performances, or even a Mid Year party or Christmas Celebration event.


corporate hypnosis workshop


Workshop 355BBB-Hip Hop workshop-Melbourne

The group are happy to offer a multi-cultural hip hop performance workshop.

This show will feature artists of all cultural backgrounds, rapping and dancing about their culture and beliefs as youths and artists in this Australian hip hop culture. We have artists with arab, Phillipino, Greek, Egyptian, New Zealand and Sri Lankan backgrounds that will perform a small show and then conduct an open workshop with the audience. Depending on artist avalaibility,we can include guitar, break dance, hip hop and beatboxing.

view video


Workshop 516B-Bollywood-Queensland

Performers available for Bollywood Dance Performance and Bollywood Dance Workshop .Our performers will be in stunning Bollywood costumes, dazzling jewellery  and many more. We can feature all the glitz, glamour, song, dance and romance that we know as "Bollywood".

Organizations look for Team activities for a range of reasons. Sometimes just for a fun get together or reward, others to build a bond and at the other end of the spectrum, to attempt to break down barriers between other Teams, work colleagues, supervisors or managers.

Bollywood Team Building program is a fantastic way to harmonize different personalities within a working environment. We offer a slightly different approach which focuses on corporate dance programs to develop work teams by enhancing communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness. Corporate members will strengthen key skills as they listen, learn, persevere, perform and encourage in a relaxed fun-filled environment. It's indoor, it's flexible - our Bollywood Dance team building program can be done at a conference venue, your workplace or Dance Studio

So go on, offer your employees a Bollywood team building exercise, which has continued health, confidence and mental benefits while developing a cognitive and holistic approach to teamwork.






Workshop 621A-Rhythms-Drumming workshop-NSW

Rhythm's highly motivating team building drumming spectaculars are transforming communities across Australia and New Zealand. The key to their ability to connect people and build healthy communities is through present moment awareness all through the power of the rhythm and the drum! Their workshops, performance and drum hub have been a colourful and enriching ingredient helping to create the good vibes all over Australia.

Their mission is to heal people and organizations through the transformative power of rhythm.

What they do:

  • Team Building and Development
  • Community Drumming courses & Retreats
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Entertainment
  • Drum Making Courses
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Kids drumming
  • Drum Shop
  • Health & Wellness Health & Wellness

View Video





Corporate 627B African Drummers-Melbourne

Very energetic display dressed in National Costumes.They share their culture dancing and music of Ghana . The drums have a lanuage of their own and are never played without giving a message. Workshops available.


Multi 724AA Cafe drums- Sydney-Melbourne

The group can provide your event with a wide range of performers including singers, musicians, dancers and fire performers.











Corporate 795B-Balloon making workshop-Brisbane

If you are looking to add some fun, colour, interest and activity to your next event… you can’t beat my big, colourful balloon twisting.
Are you planning a company event? I specialise in supplying high quality balloon modelling entertainment at corporate events. I can guarantee this, your corporate entertainment will be brighter and happier with my incredible balloon creations
When I hand out my amazing creations at you company event it creates an instant visual impact that can be seen from across the room. It ‘will’ get people talking. They ‘will’ feel happier. They ‘will’ be laughing and smiling….It is the perfect ice-breaker.
People find it fascinating to watch the balloon creations being made, “what’s it going to be?”…. I never tell until the very end when the whole balloon creation seems to come together as if by magic…. “ I see!” is a common reaction. Your company event will be brighter and happier with my amazing colourful balloon figures.

Workshop consists of teams trying to make the most flowers then giving them to a hospital or Charity. Lots of fun.






1015A-circus workshop-Melbourne

Can be an 8 week course or 1 workshop

Workshops are a fantastic way to get fit, improve yourconfidence and coordination, learn new skills, make new friends and have a great time!

We currently offers a numberof workshops in circus and dance, combined with elements of theatre with a strong emphasis on performance and production (this means you are encouraged to create and direct your very own show!)

Workshops offered include fire arts such as staves and poi, creative fire workshops with more unusual fire toys (hoops, fingers and wands – let your imagination run wild! ) circus arts; including hula hoop, acrobalance, juggling and diablo, hip-hop dance, African dance,creative movement and yoga.
All workshops are suitable for kids and adults at all fitness and skill levels.

All of our teachers have extensive experience in teaching children and adults of all ages, as well as a sound performing background in fire dance and circus arts. Our talented and professional instructors are trained in Jazz, Modern, Classical, Flamenco, African, Samba, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Bellydancing and have over 10 years of fire training



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