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Have pen and paper ready to jot down performers number interested in.

All requests for fund raising events for registered Charities must attach a letter from the charity stating you have registered or permission to use their name. Fees  includes  local travel costs, sick pay, holiday pay, insurance, overtime,commissions and income tax.
As professional performers they do not offer services in lieu of any requests as this is their livelihood.

Code-57ABD-glam Photo wall-Melbourne

This Photo Wall is a completely unique, glamorous, over the top version of an open air photo booth in which guests "become" the theatrics of the evening.
We provides glamorous, tangible "walls" as extraordinary photo sets alongside an open air photo booth.  It is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events or any celebration. 
The chosen Photo Wall will become the centrepiece of the event, demanding attention and intrigue from every guest. Forget green screens and superimposed effects; it is the essence of old world glamourromance and theatrics.  

We are all about creating an exciting, real time experience. Guests will leave their inhibitions behind and become the theatrics of the evening.

So put on a peacock headdress and lounge upon a giant, diamond moon.
Side-saddle an exquisite carousel horse, twirling an oversized ostrich feather fan.
Surround yourself with climbing roses and romance on an enchanting garden swing.
These masterpiece moments will be captured in full glory by the still frame of print, digital media and Facebook.

- 4 hour duration.
- Wall of choice and accompanying props.  Including delivery, set up and pack up.
- Two Photo Wall attendants who will assist in taking photos and manage props.
- Wide angle lens accompanying state of the art web cam.
- Onsite, instant, unlimited printing of high quality, glossy prints by DEG sub dye printer.
- Uploading of images to guest-only online gallery with the option of social media.
- Studio style set up including two soft boxes streaming continuous white light.
- Image options include themed graphics/watermarks.

57ABD-Moon 57ABD-Wall-photos

57ABD-Photo-wall 57ABD-Wall-photos

Code 150ER-Race Night-Bookies-Melbourne

The Crooked  Bookies greet your guests and hand out fake betting money.
They begin to rove the function talking up the races and creating a fun atmosphere.
At a given time they announce that they are now taking bets on the first race and invite the guests to place bets with them like real bookies.
Once all bets are in the they call the first race of the evening. The race is on dvd
and is displayed up on the big screen. One of the bookies does a live call. The names of the horses have been substituted with names supplied by the client. (guest names or suppliers names etc.)
At the end of the race guests collect their winnings and place bets on the next race.
 Between the races the Bent Bookies rove the room chatting up the ladies and talking shop with the guys.
Other Highlights of the night include
Fashions on the field Male and Female.(best dressed, best hat etc)
Lucky door prize
Live auction at end of races. Guests use their winnings to bid on great prizes
supplied by client.
The Crooked  Bookies are just the thing to liven up your party or event.
Ideal for horse racing themed events. From 10 people to 1,000 people.
They  Supply the following;
Fake betting money
Bookie bags
Bookie boards with names of all horses in all races
DVD of races (up to 3 races)
Writing of race call with substituted names supplied by client
PA system with DVD player / laptop, microphones, background
music, powerful projector and screen.

Roaming 150EBR-Bookies-Melbourne

The Crooked Bookies will rove your event Creating mischief.



150EBR-Crooked bookies

Code-230MCM-Murder Mystery-Melbourne

Murder Mystery Night makes a fun night for all.
Enjoy your very own mystery entertainment in your own venue. Become a major suspect, throw in a red herring or just sit back and enjoy the fun.
"whodunnit" is a great nights entertainment that involves everyone. Let us take care of everything as we provide a host who plays the comic detective to conduct the investigation, nametags, music to suit the theme and prizes.
Best of all, we come to your venue for any number of guests.
Around a meal with drinks, a cocktail party or a simple supper, a Murder Company Whodunit is theatre restaurant at its best. There are many themes to choose from and everyone gets a part in the fun. You choose which of your guests are to be questioned by the detective and their secrets revealed and which can have a smaller role that spreads around the gossip. The whole room is involved in watching the story develop and trying to guess our secret murderer.
The Company stands out because it creates a show where the audience are the stars. When you come to one of our mystery nights you don't just watch the show, you are part of the show. Our talented team of actors create a fun, comfortable atmosphere where members of the audience are encouraged and applauded to take part in solving the crime without doing the time.
Our parties never die, just some of the guests!

around $2000

read how to organise



A Games Night is a fun competition of team against team tailored to suit your group. The emphasis is on entertainment and each round is a different format of quiz questions designed to suit different peoples abilities. This is not your usual trivia night as our Games show feature different rounds where the emphasis is on having fun and not who is the smartest.
A usual nights format is:
General Trivia. A selection of various fun questions
Music Quiz. Choose the song name and the artist

Pick your face. Celebrity and sports photographs are projected onto our screen and you have to guess who they are or who is their current partner. A good round for those that read womens magazines. Film Quiz. Short film grabs are projected onto the screen and you have to choose the name of the film
Television themes. Guess the theme from the current and past television themes

Match the word. Can you think of a good excuse for missing work starting with the letter T?
Sing the next Line. We speak a line from a popular song and you have to "sing the next line"
There are many other rounds we can include including Who wants to be a Millionaire, Karaoke challenge, Gender Bender, Race around the world and more. Talk to us about arranging a night that suits your guests.
Nothing is taken too seriously and none of the games are very hard. This is a trivia night for the intellectually challenged! We can also add a theme and include special questions on your corporation. Best done over dinner with music included usually between entree and main, (30 minutes) between main and dessert (30 minutes) and then finish after dessert (30 minutes).
Included a comic host, music and PA system.


Code-230MCR-Horse Race game-Melbourne

An interactive and entertaining horse race event for indoor or outdoor use including betting and "live" horse racing (without the horses). Available in Victoria only

How it Works
Each punter is given a starting pot of $1000 "dollars" to bet as they like on each race - only one bet on a win is taken. 
Each race features six “horses” selected from your guests. Two large dice are thrown, the first selects the horse that will be moving and the second dice selects the number of places it will move. The dice are thrown again and again until one "horse" makes it to the end of the track to be the winner. As the race progresses and horses move our comic host builds the excitement just like a real horse race.
Winnings are automatically displayed and the leading punters are indicated. During the night there are more races with different odds, quinella's and "hurdles" to overcome as horses may land on problem squares containing such instructions as "move back 3 spaces", horse racing trivia questions or a physical challenge! At the end of a possible six race program the leading punter is recognised!
There can also be a prize for the winner of each race. 
What we Supply
Large (10m x 4 m) track including fencing, dice and six "horses". Computer program that automatically calculates odds and projects winnings, race books and host/compere. A NIght at the Races can easily be placed around a sit down meal or stand up finger food either indoors or outdoors, day or night. We do not normally supply prizes but can quote for this if required.


Code-329FL-Music and Sports game show-trivia-Melbourne

With buzzers for some games. and large video screens
Requires 3 metre space behind screen

Trivia questions are all on VIDEO / DVD
1.All rounds are worth 20 points
2.Each team has the opportunity to play its "GOLD DISC" for double points in their favourite round (once only)
3.Games are  played as a team game (8 - 10 players per table)
4.Each team has the opportunity for one member of their team to play the "BEAT THE BUZZER" segment for the chance to pick up valuable bonus points
5.The program considsts of 8 rounds of visual footage covering entertainment categories
Over 450 Rounds to choose from (No two shows the same) 2.5 hours trivia can be extended to 3-4 hours with music videos.
Some people take the game seriously, but for most of us it is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
Other Themes to choose from
Television Shows
Sport & Games
Movies / Musicals
Music from 1950's / 1980's
AFL / Aussie Music
Music from 1960's / 1990's
Whats the Next Line?
Music from 1970's / 2000's
General Knowledge
VFL Stars of the 1960's
Australian History of the 20th Century
Car Models
Music from 1930's / 1940's
T.V. Cartoons and Themes

Over 450 Rounds to choose from (No two shows the same)
Each Round is worth 20 points
GOLD DISC - Each team may play their Gold Disc for double points in their favourite round (once only)
BEAT THE BUZZER - Each team selects a representative to play for bonus points on the Beat The Buzzer which is conducted in
between the major team rounds listed above.
In the event of a tie in the overall competition, the result will be determined with a Sudden Death Playoff on the Beat the Buzzer
We Provide
Experienced compere to host the evening
Experienced assistant to collect and correct all answer sheets
Professional Bose P.A. System
Big rear screen projection (Two sizes available)
Large scoreboard for easy viewing
Beat the Buzzer unit and team identification masks
Information and Stationery kit provided for each table
Fully licensed with APRA/AMCOS and PPCA to enable legal viewing of music videos in public venues
Program can be individually tailored to suit each event
Following the Game Show, Flipside provides additional music to complete your night's entertainment

2.5 hours trivia can be extended to 3-4 hours with music videos

large video screens. Require 3 m space behind screen.





Code-451RN-Race night-Melbourne

Your punters use supplied funny money to bet with him at betting board odds on the results of several video horse races projected onto large screen video. The luckiest punter/s at the end of the night win/s prizes for themselves or their syndicates. Run similarly to a real race meeting, there are usually four video horse races to bet on. The nights usually go for 3-4 hours depending upon your timetable and outcomes. We can shorten or lengthen the format to suit you. In between each race we run a fun activity such as Male Fashions on The Field, with “drag” gear supplied by us, and The Human Race, and even Horsey Horsey Bingo. We can also incorporate fundraising into your event with such proven winners as the Four Corners Game, Nearest The Pin, and True or False
Hosted by experienced host and entertainer, in his character as “C.Rook, de-registered bookmaker”
Full multimedia using the latest technology, including twin-speaker UHF PA, laptop, video projector and screen
Tried and proven format, able to be customised to client’s requirements taking time available, content, venue, audience size and age into account
No knowledge of horseracing or betting required, as bookmaker provides all information and ”late mail” required
No financial outlay by “punters” as they are each issued with betting play money and form guides
Up to four video races with novelty events in between. E.g. True or False, Fashions on The Field – Ladies and Gents, Human Horse Race
 Participants and winners in novelty events win extra betting money, and prizes supplied by client
Lucky winners bid at auction at the end of the event on prizes supplied by client
Can include fundraising if required – from mild cost recovery to full-on profit making

RACENIGHT events involve the host setting himself up as a shonky bookmaker. Your punters use supplied funny money to bet with him at betting board odds on the results of several video horse races projected onto large screen video. The luckiest punter/s at the end of the night bid/s on prizes for themselves or their syndicates with funny money won/retained.
Run like a real race meeting, there are usually four video horse races to bet on. The nights usually go for 3-4 hours depending upon your timetable and outcomes. We can shorten or lengthen the format to suit you. In between each race we run a fun activity such as Male Fashions on The Field, with “drag” gear supplied by us, and The Human Race, and even Horsey Horsey Bingo.
We can also incorporate fundraising into your event with such proven winners as the Four Corners Game, Nearest The Pin, and True or False.

race nights for fund raising events.



A trivia night is a great way to have a really fun evening while making buckets of money for your organisation. Let 1995 Sale Of The Century champ Leon Fent loose on your audience and you’ll see how he lives up to the promise of “making sure they have so much fun that they don’t realise how generous they’re being”. We ensure that you and your crowd will be scratching your heads, rolling in the aisles and generally having a puzzlingly good time.
 Full multimedia using the latest technology, including twin-speaker UHF PA, laptop, video projector and screen
Tried and proven format, able to be customised to client’s requirements taking time available, content, venue, audience size and age into account
Format includes teasing trivia and exciting, engaging games between rounds.
Prizes supplied by client for winning team and successful participants in games




Code-514FF-portable Photo Booths-melbourne

Background info

The latest New Generation Digital Photo booth which has been custom built to cater for functions & events of any size.When you hire a Photo booth for your event in Melbourne you can be assured it is:
Easy to use - with simple instructions and user friendly buttons.
Fully automatic - We can simply switch the booth on and off at the agreed times. So you won't even need an attendant.
Prints two sets of photo strips - one for your guests to take home and the other for you to keep.
Photos print quickly - within 14 seconds meaning more photos and fun to be had for all your guests.
Professional quality prints - the photo strips have a laminated coating, so they come out dry and won't get smudged.
Black and White or Colour - the photobooth can be programmed to either print in colour, black and white or both.
Personalised logo or message - your logo or message can be programmed into the booth and it will be displayed in place of the fourth photo on your photo strip.
CD of all images taken - we provide you with a CD of images after your event and you'll be able to re-live fun-times!
Strong and easy to transport - the booth is made of steel therefore designed to withstand anyone who dares! It is able to fit through a normal doorway, meaning access to almost any venue.
Safe - the booth meets all Australian Safety Standards.

Optional Extras
Extend your photobooth fun with as many additional hours as you can handle.
Photo Album -This beautiful black leather album is 31cm x 34 cm and has black pages and interleaves. It makes the perfect guestbook and keepsake of your special event! Adhesive and choice of gold, silver or white pen included.
Prop Box-Bring out the wild side in even your most reserved guest with our selection of fun props.
Magnets (per hour) -Turn your guests' memento into a keepsake by adding a magnet to the back of each photostrip. These are sure to find their way to the fridge!
Customised booth background -Want a point of difference to your photos? Change our standard white background to something that suits your theme.
Personal message or logo-Adding a personal message or logo to the last frame of your photostrip ensures your guests don't forget where they had so much fun. Provide us with the file and we will programme the booth to have your message on every strip! Free

Attendant (extra per hour) -Let a friendly face assist you and your guests to get the most out of your boothing experience. Great for helping with magnets, props and photo albums.

Photo booth hire packages include:
Delivery, set up and removal of booth.
Unlimited photos for duration of hire.
Black and White or Colour photos.
Double photo strips printed in booth in seconds.
CD of all photos in high resolution sent to you after the event.
Your choice of different backgrounds.
Your choice of 3 different software packages.
*Saturday rates apply to public holidays and 24th, 26th and 31st December
Cannot not be delivered where there are stairs



code Fund raising 769JZ-Melbourne-Vic

A great fundraiser for your function. Joe will paint the person of your choice whilst your function is going ahead. Before your function is finished the painting will be ready for auction.

The two portraits produced will be consistant with your chosen theme or subject manner. Two portraits are painted simultaneously over a 3 hour period, signed by the artist and the subject if possible, they are then ready to be auctioned on the night.

The size of the paintings including frame are 1 metre by 1/2 metre.

Cost a flat fee or percentage of auction.

A music act can also accompany the evening along with stories and MC




Flash for Cash is a simple idea to put the fun back into fundraising for your club, charity or organization. The basis of the fundraising is that your venue receives 10% of all sales, retail   dollar figures and not wholesale, to be used as the operator desires. We are a totally autonomous package, requiring nothing more than a space and a power point, everything else is supplied, and so the only thing you have to do to have us attend; is to say yes.

We have an extensive range of products that include flashing badges, novelty items, hats, t-shirts, beer, champagne, wine and shot glasses, pet collars, fibre optic lamps, sunglasses, LED Scrolling Belt Buckles and so much more; and EVERYTHING FLASHES! Great gift ideas and a special range of Christmas products. Retail prices range from $5.00 to $50.00 with most items falling between $5.00 and $10.00.

If you are looking for a product to help promote your business that has a little more Flash than others, why not speak to Maryann regarding your needs. Solar powered keyrings that flash your logo or message, scrolling name tags or belt buckles for your next trade show, or overprint your logo on a myriad of light up products.



Fundraising 116B- Magic Photos-Melbourne

Magic Photos can help make your Fundraising function a memorable and fun experience for your guests.

By attending your event with our mobile unit and taking photos of your guests, then using Chroma Key technolgy, merge those photos with customised fantasy scenes which can be branded with your corporate identity as well as any relevant promotional details, or your own message.

T he process only takes a few minutes and clients take away a valuable memory of the event.

Lots of scenes to choose from.

Photos can be presented in various sizes, within a designer sleeve, frame or on various accessories such as key rings, lockets, calenders etc if required.

Rates can be charged per photo with a % going to your fundraiser.






Fundraising 117A-Casino gaming-Melbourne

Offering a range of services including:

blackjack table hire
roulette table hire
poker tables & Texas hold 'em poker tournaments
craps table hire
full theming and props (Casino Royale, Las Vegas etc)

We bring our authentic, full-sized casino tables as well as professional croupiers to your next function. We also supply props such as red carpets and casino signs to add the finishing touches to your event.
With over 10 years' experience running similar events worldwide.Founder Ronan is a leader within Australia's fun casino event industry.
They provide fun casino party hire entertainment for all private parties including birthday parties (21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th etc), anniversaries, corporate Christmas party ideas and of course, team building corporate events.
Our format is simple.
Once your guests have arrived for the casino party the action begins. We distribute "fun money" to everyone at your event. Fun money is play money that has been customised with any image your like - logo, photo, graphic - anything you like. This 'money' is then exchanged for casino chips on the night, just like a real casino. Your guests are now ready to play at any of the casino tables.
We provide a brief overview and orientation, followed by the commencement of the casino tournament. Like any competition, the person with the most chips at the end is announced champion.

We will set up an event at virtually any venue creating the total experience by including:
Casino quality Blackjack table hire
Casino quality Roulette table and wheel hire
Casino quality Poker tables
Casino quality Craps table
Overview of the game and lessons
Several formats to choose from
Friendly and experienced croupiers
Customised fun money
Customised trophy for the winner

We also offer props and theming including red carpets, gold bollards and casino signs. Just ask us for a quote.
We guarantee action packed entertainment, with the emphasis of fun, and the best part is that no-one loses a cent. You provide the venue and guests and leave the entertainment to us.

Packs available
2 Table Packs
Recomended No. of guests 50-79
3 table packs
Recomended No. of guests 80-120



casino games



Black jack

Texas poker Night 311C -Melbourne

Building on the success of his theatre show "The Swindler", Patrick has developed a taylor-made package, the 'ALL-IN "Poker Show', especially for the Corporate Market themed on the popular "Texas Hold-em" phenomenon. 

The maximum audience size of 30 ensures everyone has a perfect view of  this mind-boggling performance. What they see is an extremely entertaining and hilarious  hour of knuckle busting card juggling, with exposure of cheating techniques and winning tips for hold-em.  Throughout  the show audience members get a chance to get involved and win real money. This gob-smacking experience will not be forgotten and will be talked about for years to come.

    •    The package comes completely self contained with easy set-up.
    •    Poker table chips, cards and seating are all provided.
    •    It includes a tournament to be played at the end of the show for all audience members (prizes available)


fundraising 676B-Drag Show-Melbourne

The Show offers you more than just a drag show, its a complete entertainment experience, with quality drag entertainment that can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget.  The 'girls' have a reputation for excellence in drag performance, and are renowned for their professional approach, ensuring your experience exceeds your expectations. Add some 'Glitz & Glam', or just some good old fashion laughter to your next event or special occasion. 

Hens Parties

Melbourne's favourite Drag Queens can turn your next house, office or venue party into a night of glitz, glam and laughter!   We generally recommend about a 30 min show (featuring a few 'camp classic' numbers, a chat with the guests, a game show plus photo's afterwards.


Looking to raise a few dollars for your favourite charity organisation or Social Club?  The girls can help.   We can organise a venue, fabulous food and beverages, and a show that is sure to please any audience!   We have a number of packages which we can tailor to your budget and requirements, all which help you to raise the money you need. 

In addition, we can also provide you with promotional materials and online ticket sales.   From a dinner show to a night of fine dining, we can organise whatever you're after, and have you well on your way to raising your goal amount!  Why not run a raffle on the night to raise a few extra dollars!   


Payment Options: