MULTICULTURAL Bands, LATIN Bands, MulticultUral Dancers and performers.

Look through the list write down number of performer interested in.Check they are in your State. Click Contact above to fill out form for performer to send back a quote. The Agency does not set performers fees. Put number of performer wanted in other Information on bottom of form.(Can put several on one forml)
Be realistic with budget most charge between $250-$550 each performer (includes booking fee) dependant on time (more hours extra) and travel.


With an extensive repertoire ranging from, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Brazilian. Big Band, Covers, to world music and professional, musical taste and ability, has made the band Robs Duo a sought after group in Australia and overseas. The duo is equally well known as a versatile dance band performing songs in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French languages.
Australian born singer of Italian origin.  Nadia’s vocal career has diversified into a variety of music styles, from Opera to Musicals to Pop-Cover repertoire. Her vocal delivery and style is a unique blend of influences ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Karen Carpenter to Christine Aguilera. Her current repertoire is an exquisite compilation of the most requested songs of the last thirty years. Comprising Latin, Italian, French, Portuguese and English popular hits.
Rob lifetime of dedication to music has led him to explore all the aspect of the industry. Rob is an experienced Entertainer, Multi-instrumentalist, Arranger, Musical Director, Conductor, Band Leader, Music Programmer and Producer. Being multi-lingual he sings in Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English. Robert's expertise and experience in the music world, places him at ease with all styles of music.
Trio Female Singer/Percussion Male Singer/Bass/GuitarKeyboard
Quartet Female Singer/PercussionMale Singer/Bass/GuitarKeyboardDrums/Percussion
Song list

Listen to English



Code1RSD-Italian Duo-trio-Melbourne

Duo or Trio sing in italian and English


Code-1RSG-Oompah roving-Melbourne

German/Austrian/Tyrolese music for those Bavarian or Alpine theme events, such as Oktoberfest.
‘Exciting, toe tapping happy Music’ for the whole family to enjoy.No Vocals.


Code 1ARS-Mariachi-Melbourne

It’s Fiesta time when the Mariachi play their music. ‘i vamos a divertirnos’ it’s time to dance and have fun. They will bring you the best of Spanish music and Culture to your event.


Code 39ASG-Italian Accordion-Melbourne

Roving Italian-Spanish Accordion Player.
Calabria-Campania region.


Code 39BSG-Italian band-Melbourne

Playing a wonderful repertoire of Italian classic songs. An acoustic ensemble Acordion, bass, vocals, perfect for an intimate gathering and capturing the essence, the love, and the fun of the music of the Italian Peninsula.



Code 44ASF-African-drumming-Dance-Melbourne

Offering infectiously groovy dance music and high energy stage shows, this versatile and experienced ensemble performs beautiful, driving percussion that can be formatted to include a dance spectacular. Ideal for big events that demand a high impact performance. 5-8piece

Code 44BSF-African-drumming-fire-Melbourne

Standard Outfit: 1 fire artist, 2 drummers
Add a spectacular visual element with a fire show choreographed to the energetic rhythms of West Africa.

1 x 10min show or roving

Code 44CSF-African-drumming-Workshop-Schools Melbourne

Our single session workshops offer drumming, dancing and singing as standard, though we can easily adapt to suit your specifications. All of our facilitators are experienced and unique performers, each with their own story and style. Usually, we kick off with a short performance and introduce ourselves, getting everyone excited about the music. We move into the fun quickly with drumming, teaching African rhythms, musical games, and a great jam. We’ll get them grooving too, with some tribal dancing and singing included along the way. At the end of the session we have question time, where students can ask the facilitator about their background, culture, music and about Africa.

Code 44DSF-African-drumming-Workshop-Schools Melbourne

African Drumming will unite your group and have them drumming in harmony together in 5 minutes flat.
The ensemble nature of African Drumming is synergy in action; a live metaphor for the principles of teamwork, leadership and communication needed for groups to meet their potential. We’ll shake the rust off of team dynamics, get people connected and leave them feeling empowered and uplifted. Offering interactive workshops of all types and enlivening performances.



44BSF-Fire african-drumming


Corporate _African-Drumming


45ACG-Classical Guitarist-Melbourne

A versatile and accomplished guitarist and musician based in Melbourne. Equally comfortable on electric, acoustic or classical guitars, he plays in numerous bands and projects of diverse styles. He holds degrees from Victoria University (Bachelor of Music, 2009) and Monash University (BMus Honors, 2010, Master of Arts - Music Performance curr.); and teaches specialised and personal lessons to a variety of guitar and music Students.
As well as performing and teaching consistantly through Victoria, Caleb also works as a composer and arranger, producing original and reinterpreted creative works for clients for ensemble performance, musicals, soundtracks and other special needs.





Code 49ACG-Latin Instrumental-Melbourne

 Code 49ACG-Latin Duo -2 Guitars
 Code 49BCG-Trio- 2 Guitars & Congas
Code 49CCG-Quartet - 2 Guitars, Drums/Congas & Bass

An instrumental quartet performing Rumba, Samba, Bossa, Bolero, Cha Cha and Tango styles of Latin music. The lineup consists of flamenco and latin guitarists, bass guitarist and a magnificent percussionist.  The experience and passion possessed of these fine musicians shines brightly through their superb standard of playing. The Band distinguishes itself by engaging in dynamic improvisation, with a flair that will leave you exalted and eager to hear more ! The improvisation is integral and injects life and freshness into a piece of music each time it is performed. As the melody and improvisation unfold, a song may take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to resolve – a truly unique listening experience every time. The repertoire consists of exciting and appealing Latin tunes specially selected for instrumental performance/improvisation. Original compositions add to the musical selection on offer. Quality musicianship with feeling and soul. Don’t miss out on a chance to see this inspiring 4 piece Latin band.





Code 52AND-accordion-French-Italian-Melbourne

An accomplished accordion and sax player covering mainly Italian, and French. He regularly appears as main musician with The Wiggles.


Code 53AHG- Chinese Drummers- Melbourne

The group perform all year round for many different occasions. We cater to your needs and will work with you to deliver the best performance possible.We offer the following demonstrations:
Lion Dance and Lion Drum Team


Code-53BHG-lion dancers-Melbourne

Group of traditional lion-dragon dancers and Drummers. With 1 lion dancer comes 5 performers to work the lion and 5 musiciansGroup of traditional lion-dragon dancers and Drummers






A superb roving musical entertainer. His repertoire is huge taking any requests and singing in 15 languages. His accordion is perfect for roving as the sound floats into the distance. He has a great ability to make people laugh, dance and sing along and create general merriment. With European ballads and popular, Phil specialises in French and Italian music.  Can sing some vocals in Italian German and French but majority english music

View play list Italian

view playlist-German




60APC-French-Italian-accordionist 60PCGS-solo-german



Playing your favourite German Pieces. no Vocals

A rollicking load of fun with Traditional Schunkel ( swaying) music.
We play as a duo, trio or quartet……..
with Accordion, Tuba, Trombone,  Trumpet, Violin, Drums  and Vocals

Play list


Code-60PCY-Middle Eastern-Melbourne

An exciting six piece band from Melbourne, that brings the traditional music and dance of the Middle East to life with their own East meets West flavour. A spicy mix of quarter tone accordian, oud, ney, percussion, violin and mesmerising dance.
They can perform on the concert stage or as an acoustic roving show weaving through the crowd.
Featuring Music the Egyptian styles of Shaabi (folk), Baladi (urban folk) and Sharqi (classical) as well as music of Persia, Turkey, North Africa ,Tribal and Trance.

middle-eastern-Band -dancers

Code-60PCA-Middle Eastern Ensemble-Melbourne

With Yuval (Israeli oud player/singer/percussionist ) ,Phil (accordion, ney flute, duduk,vocals, ex-"Yalla" ) and Matt (percussion)play sublime Turkish , Arabic and Israeli music.
Yuval trained with oud master Yair Dalal and has performed with sublime Ladino singer Yasmin Levi. He moved to Australia 6 years ago and recently moved to Melbourne from Byron Bay.Yuval has played in many festivals arround Australia. Phil has recently returned from living in Turkey where he studied ney and worked as a musician in weddings, cafes and sufi ceremonies. Matt (The Reefers, Unified Gecko, Fingers of Fury) has worked extensively throughout Melbourne to great acclaim in a variety of percussive styles .He studied drumming overseas in Turkey and Iran.


Code 60PCR-Italian Duo-Melbourne

Duo playing  fisarmonica (accordion) and Mandolin and perform repertoire of many songs and  dances of Italy. They are a masterful accordionist mandolinist and singer with years of experience,  a huge repertoire and relates well to the audience.
Right click for video


Code-75ASC1-Geisha stilts-Qld

Sleek and refined, these exotic performing women exude an air of traditional skill and silent beauty, balancing and interacting with mime from high up on their stilt legs. The popular appearance of white made up faces, elegant hair and elaborate draping kimonos make up the complete image of a Japanese Geisha. Available in up to a trio, our Geisha Girls make a perfect choice for any Oriental, or Asian fusion events. Available in either a duo or trio artist team.
A clean, well lit and private dressing room space to change into costume, and store personal belongings during performances.
+ refreshments for artists (minimum bottled drinking water please) area
+ out of sight to guests to mount/dismount stilts (a sturdy table
with chairs on top at dressing room is fine for this) N.B Minimum ceiling clearance height for any indoor performance areas = 3.5m

75ASC-Geisha 75ASC-geisha

Code-86MF-Latin dancers-Melbourne

Melbournes one and only authentic Latin and Brazilian dance experience outside of South America! 
They will enhance your event offering all the vibrant colour and energetic passion of the Latin Americans with professionally choreographed floorshows and stunningly gorgeous costumes. 
We cover all bases including the sultry sexy vivid colour of the Salsa to the energetic hip swaying forbidden dance Lambada. 
As well as the flirty rhythms and fabulous feathers of the Samba and the dynamic and mesmerising acrobatic movements of Capoeria, also offering Live Samba percussion and many more unique and authentic dance styles, which will give your event that special and exclusive touch. 

86MF-latin-dancers capoeira-Melbourne

Code-91FF-Live Spanish music-Flamenco-Dancers-Melbourne

Spanish Flamenco Music and Dance comes from the soul, the heart and embodies everything that is powerful, engaging, fiery, passionate, exciting, amazing, graceful, beautiful, mesmerising percussive rhythms, dazzling footwork , swirling skirts with all the captivating colours and flavours of Spain and a touch of World Music.
This Professional Music and Dance Trio Act or more of amazingly fabulous engaging multi-skilled entertainers consist of Couple Flamenco Dancers-Percussionists teaming up with a Spanish Guitarist  working together closely or independently with other fine Renowned Musicians-Bands and contemporary Latin Dancers to create a Unique and Engaging Brilliant  Show full of Energy, Passion, Fire, Charm, Exciting Sound with Tantalizing Flavours and Colours of Southern Spain Andaluz, that will bring to life any party-fiesta, Special Theme Events
Min 2-6 Performers available.
Flamenco Dancers require a raised Wooden Stage with no bounce. We can provide

91FF-flamenco-dancers 99FF-Flamenco-guitarists

Code-91SV-Spanish Duo-Melbourne

The duo have a diverse repertoire including both original and traditional compositions with influences from Spain, South America and English popular tunes. They are also influenced by Jazz and African Rhythms.
Over the last 25 years they have entertained thousands of people around Australia through their love of music.
These multi skilled performing artists offer a dynamic show with Spanish Vibes, Latin Grooves and Upbeat Rhythms.
Ben has passion in his voice with a unique guitar style, has already produced five original albums. His love of music has earned him endorsements from ‘Cole Clark Guitars’ and ‘Elixir Strings’.
Paul is a rhythm specialist playing guitar, percussion and is also a renowned Flamenco Dancer who has performed with Opera Australia in their International production of Bizet’s Carmen.
They are a great way to entertain you and your guests at your next Function, Cultural Food & Wine Festivals, Corporate Events, Weddings, Xmas or Birthday Parties.



The Dance Company invites you to share in the phenomenon that is Ukrainian Cossack Dance!
Currently consisting of over 70 dancers, ranging in age from 3 upwards, both the School and Company, rehearse on a regular basis. Combined, members of the Company have performed both nationally & internationally, including 2008 Tour of Ukraine & Thailand, Sydney 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Festival, Mt Isa Festival, VIC Premier’s Gala Dinner, Piers Festival VIC, Pakofesta Geelong, community functions, many weddings, private parties and corporate functions.
They  presents corporate floor shows, festival entertainment and full length touring productions. Whether it be getting your audience involved, corporate workshops or just colourful, fun entertainment you are after, they  can tailor specific to your needs, presenting a professional, energetic and very entertaining show to excite and enthral a wide range of audiences.
Currently available upon request, midweek (day or night) and weekends.



Code-119ASD-Africa-drum and Dance workshop-Melbourne

The group provide a meaningful cultural experience for young people in African Dance and Drumming promoting a fun and positive atmosphere amongst the audience embracing & exploring cultural diversity at its best!

African Dance workshops encourage students to move imaginatively, respond to music and to choreographic instruction and to perform to other students, parents and the public. Discover the basics of rhythm& dance in a fun high-energy class involving authentic African dance routines which include story, song & live percussion. African Drumming & Percussion workshops teach basic rhythm, and improve on listening and co-ordination skills.

African Drumming Workshops for Kids and Schools

The workshops are simple and do not require prior knowledge of drumming or musical skills.  Everyone is given their own djembe drum and within minutes children are able to progress from simple notes to more complex beats.  The workshops also include African songs and chants and other percussion instruments.  Our workshops are very informative about African culture and children are encouraged to ask questions.

Primary School Prep - Grade 2   Children concentrate on basic co-ordination skills and learn Start and Stop, Loud and Soft and a steady beat.  Elements of story telling and call and response singing are also introduced.

Grade 3-4  Students move on to working around a steady beat and working together as independent teams with different roles.

Grade 5-6   Students progress to weaving up to 6 separate rhythms together.  Teachers are particularly appreciative of the way children with difficulties at school are drawn into the drum workshop and show high levels of concentration and focus.

High School  Students respond excellently to working as a whole class with drums.  This can be part of a music class or an element of a Personal and Group development course.  A drum circle is a superb tool for uniting groups of people and can be used to counter bullying or issues of racism.

corporateEncouraged to work as a group and not as individuals, team-building and collective responsibility is the emphasis at this key stage.  Self-confidence and respect and patience for other members of the group are some of the achievements at the youth level .






Code-121MDD-West African dance, drum Display-Melbourne

West African Dancers and drummers for workshops, Festivals and schools
An exciting Afro-inspired fluro ensemble! In daylight, this group demands attention, at night it is unmissable and under UV lighting, spectacular. Mirrors and reflectors throw light in all directions and costume colours and make-up fluresce.
We are available as a six-piece ensemble with dun duns, two djembes and three dancers. We can also provide a African acrobats and fire artists for a bigger and better show



Playing French, Italian, Klezmer, Gypsy, Jazz and Tango’s on his accordion, roaming entertainer he will bring an authentic European atmosphere full of colour and life to any event or celebration.
As a multi-instrumentalist, performer and composer. He co-founded Blue Grassy Knoll, a group that performs original soundtracks to Buster Keaton films. They have toured everywhere from a New York Broadway season to Brazil, and received numerous five star reviews in Edinburgh. He has just returned from a North American and European tour with the Spaghetti Western Orchestra and recently has also been playing cello with ARIA award winning vocalist Missy Higgins, double bass with Edinburgh favourites Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen and recording and performing with Children’s Rock Band The Mighty Buzzniks. He composes for Nuevo-Tango ensemble Bellocq and plays accordion in the club scene with Electro-Tango band Tangazo. He works regularly with Irish Cabaret singer Camille O'Sullivan and Russian criminal band Vulgagrad and has been the resident musician for the Edinburgh and Melbourne seasons of the Famous Spiegeltents internationally acclaimed show La Clique. He has played on the recordings of many of Australia's leading musicians and continues to perform and write music for dance and theatre productions.
Song list

MP 3 attached



He performs professionally as a soloist and in numerous ensembless  playing Flamenco, Classical and Jazz guitar. He also has Flamenco dancers to accompany him if required.
Note Flamenco dancers need wooden floor or stage.

128KR-Flamenco 128KR-Flamenco-dancer

Code 134RWB-German band-NSW

Clarinet, Accordion and Bass Trio with Repertoire in excess of 100 songs including Ein Prosit, The Chicken Dance, Blue Danube Waltz, Clarinet Polka, Beer Barrel Polka and many more.
Having played together for many years across many different genres including Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classical this one of a kind trio have turned their attention to a once a year market vacuum they have identified.
Each musician an experienced world traveller, now they provide excellent music to fit the positive German Gemütlichkeit (mood) during this year’s celebrations! Expect good cheer and merriment from these costumed fellows whilst bashing out many a happy tune! Dancing always happens along with their special rendition of ‘Ein Prosit,’ as in Munich, everytime this music starts everyone is expected to stand up, sing and take a drink!
Available as larger ensemble upon request.
Roving group no vocals


134RWB-german band

code 135PWI-italian Accordion-NSW

He has his two longest running residencies in Itailan restaurants. Cafe Goia and the Italian Forum have had their Spaghetti served with his accordion music for the last five years.



Together in the spirit of wandering minstrels, The Rosetski Brother Show consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other gags, accompanied by violin and piano accordion delightfully synchronised improvisations. These three cheeky bards will woo you with their charm and captivate you with their unique spontaneity, as they use their considerable talents to weave a brillant dialogue of comic wit.





Code-135PWF-French Accordion-NSW

He is a specialist for playing French cafe music. His music evokes the repertoire of the Bal Mussette orchestras. The heart of his repertoire is the romantic gypsy influenced valse-mussette or swing waltz.

code 135PWD-French Band-NSW

He is a specialist for playing French cafe music. His music evokes the repertoire of the Bal Mussette orchestras. The heart of his repertoire is the romantic gypsy influenced valse-mussette or swing waltz.
Solo-Duo or trio



Multi-135PWE- European-NSW

The group is a collective of musicians, who draw on a wealth of different musical genres. From French to Italian , from Tangos to Hungarian Csardases , they serve up a musical feast.
World music lovers from all cultural backgrounds will be inspired and impressed.


code 135PWG-Solo-German-NSW

Having  grown up in Switzerland and fluent in German, he will make you feel like you are in Munich itself. He can perform solo in Restaurants or Octoberfest events or with full band with dancers and singers.

code 135PWP-German Band-NSW

Octoberfest here in Australia has become a very popular celebration. If you want your Octoberfest to have some of that footstamping yodelling festive atmospeare you have found the right place. Up to a full five piece Band roving or as a stage show.




Code  151DE-Accordion-Melbourne

Having  played piano accordion professionally for more than twenty years. performing in a wide variety of styles including jazz, folk, rock, zydeco, bush, old time singalong,cabaret, klezmer, gypsy and world. He has toured North America, Europe, Asia and the UK many times playing music. Recently he’s been playing with Dan Warner, Barb Waters and the Mothers of Pearl, Spielazoi, Ced Le Meledo’s Bric-a-Brac, Miss Josephines Cabaret, Stella and the Night Sky, Kazband, and performing a live score in Europe, Asia and the US for that classic old Australian silent film “The Sentimental Bloke” with Jen Anderson and Dan Warner.


Code-159GB-Mexican-Mariachi -roving-Melbourne

Traditional  Mariacchi Band. Roving or stationery.Their colourful costumes coupled with their music, singing and original presentation, will suit all requirements for that special indoor or outdoors function. The music required could be Mariachi, Mexican or other Latin American styles for weddings, parties, corporate functions or festivals. This Trio, in their professional and jovial manner, will delight your guests, patrons, customers and friends.
Roving Band no sound system.

159GB-mariacchio band

Code-169SF-latin American mexican band-Melbourne

The Band create a vibrant atmosphere at events with their dynamic performances of Latin American music from a wide range of cultures.

Code-169SFB-Roving mexican band-Melbourne

Roving Mariacchi band for festivals, shopping centres etc.

169SFB-latin band

169SF-Mariacchi band.

Code-170RLD-African Drumming ensemble

We can perform as a traditional West African drum and dance ensemble.
With compelling rhythms, raw vocal harmonies, rippling balafon melodies, stunning costumes and superhuman dance moves, The band not only draws from its deep roots in West Africa but also brings new life to the ancient musical and cultural tradition with original arrangements and drum solos. It is nearly impossible not to move your feet when the band begin the surge of their playing. It is proof that music transcends the boundaries of language, aiming instead for the heart and the feet.
Our traditional ensemble performances feature 

West African master artists in full traditional costumes, playing high-energy djembe and dun dun drumming, balafon (xylophone), singing and dance, and can be interactive getting the audience up dancing and singing along. We can perform with two, three or four artists, with all options involving percussion and song, and the option of interaction with the audience

170RLD-African Drumming-performance



The Duo play continental music, beautiful ambient background music plus modern, country and latin styles .They also play traditional German, Austrian, Polish, ukranian, French and Italian.


Code-200AT-Japanese Musicians-Melbourne

Formed in 2008, and consisting of of 3 passionate musicians who bring their diverse talents together to play both traditional and original pieces using timeless instruments like the Shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute), the Taiko drums, the Chappa (Japanese small hand cymbals), and newly added the Sanshin (Japanese three strings instrument).
They have performed at many festivals and events around Melbourne, most recently at the Turkish-Japanese friendship Australia concert at BMW Edge in Federation Square, and at the opening concert of the United Nations Advance Global Health Conference in Melbourne. They have also performed at two self-produced concerts at successive Darebin Music Feasts, in 2009 and 2010. They also visit and run workshops at primary and secondary schools as part of the program of Cultural Infusion. 
The memories of their childhood experiences and Japanese mythology are the main influences on their music. Their music is a visual spectacle that thrills its audience with captivating melodies and rhythms combined with graceful dance moves. Some of the pieces you see this evening will also allow for audience interaction.
They are excited and thrilled to show off their traditional instruments and music, as well as some lovely Japanese costumes.


Code-202ZH-Chinese Harpist-guzheng-SA-Melbourne

The Chinese Harp is traditionally known as the Gu-Zheng in Mandarin, and is one of the oldest instruments in Chinese history. It is commonly linked to the Gu-Qin, but is an authentic instrument itself.Available for weddings, and corporate functions etc

Code 202ZHW-Chinese Harpist-Workshop-SA-Melbourne

We conduct holiday workshops and programs, for your special occasion or event!
We are flexible artists who tailor our delivery of workshops to your needs, but still informative, in accordance to your guests, audiences or clients.
We also deliver workshops in schools in a variety of forms, such as at Assembly, in Music or Chinese classes, and even University tutorial classes! We facilitate our workshops in accordance with teachers' syllabus focus and are a helpful resource.
Our professional services also include professional development for teachers or practitioners who are in the field of Chinese teaching / facilitators, or practitioners of Chinese Medicine or Chinese Arts. We will deliver our workshops to offer a deeper understanding of Chinese Music and its relation to you.
We began with teaching and it is our motto to learn whilst we teach, and share what we know.
Thus we uphold our teaching values and guarantee a rewarding experience for yourself or your child.

Our students range from all ages and all backgrounds. We do individual classes, in pairs & group classes, as well as classes for specific interests!
Our group classes (maximum of 4 per class) and they have been highly regarded and liked by our students. It is an educational relaxing alternative for those with a stressful lifestyle or career. Please feel free to email us to enquire about our commencement dates.
Classes for children (6 – 16 years) is also a very popular pick. We run holiday short classes as well as term classes and our students have found it entertaining whilst educational. It has been designed for learning Chinese culture through the music and its stories underlying the music pieces.

Code-202ZHJC-Chinese Caligraphy-Woprkshop-SA-Melbourne

We currently conduct Chinese calligraphy workshops & group classes due to demand.
Our group classes cater for all age groups & we tailor our classes to suit your needs! Our workshops have been rewarding & significant, a special eye-opener for students when we visit schools.
Can include Spoken language, written language, Cultural understanding through ancient texts and poetry, Social learning through interaction. Minimum 70 children. or approx $700 per session




202ZH-Chinese writing



"Luscious, exciting and virtuosic" are words that easily spring to mind regarding both the music and the musicians themselves.
Gypsy melodies, seductive tango rhythms and sensuous songs from Europe and Latin America are their staple - this is music to swoon by.
They are a dynamic and vibrant trio featuring violin, accordion and bass.
They perform with extraordinary emotional range from extreme delicacy to blazing intensity and more than a touch of humour. Their performances do come with a health warning: the velvety seduction of their 3-part harmonies on Latin, Yiddish and Hungarian love songs
The trio can roam and play or do a concert.

play list

Code-209UF-French swing band-Melbourne

Presenting the finest in Le Jazz Hot. French gypsy jazz in the infectious style of Django Reinhardt and The Hot Club of France. Elegant swing , tender jazz ballads, gypsy waltzes and hot rhythm are just a few of the trademark sounds. The band plays in a trio setting (two guitars and double bass with vocals) and adds violin, clarinet or female vocals to augment their sound as the occasion requires. Formed over three years ago the group has built a steadily growing following and reputation as one of the best.



An accomplished keyboard player but also one of Melbourne's leading exponents of the Accordion.

He has performed on accordion at numerous festivals in Melbourne including the famous Lygon Street  Festa in Melbourne, the Italia Fest at Melbourne's Crown Casino and the Italia Fest at Wrestpoint Hotel & Casino in Hobart, Tasmania.
In all he continues to entertain both as a session accordionist and keyboard player as both a solo and band performer, recording artist and entertainer. His fabulous talents on the accordion together with his lively energetic performances make it a delight to listen to.

No vocal


Code-240JD-Japanese dancers -QLD

A group of people who perform a traditional Japanese dance.  The purpose of the group is to introduce Japanese culture and also to become a bridge between Australia and Japan through cultural exchange. We perform not only a traditional Japanese dance, but also other types of Japanese dances ranging from classic dance, folk dance and modern dance Yosakai and Yosakoi Soran to let people have fun on Japanese dancing.




Code-252MN- Bollywood-Melbourne

Traditional Indian Bollywood Dancers or Traditional Indian dressed performers for trade fairs, festivals etc, in Melbourne.

252MN-Bollywood 252Mn-bollywood-dancers


Code-253EG-Belly dancer-Melbourne

She has been performing and teaching Egyptian belly dance since a young age. She has over 10 years experiece and has visited Egypt on many occasions to study the art of belly dance.
She is passionate about the dance and her style is authentic and of a very high standard. Her performances are dynamic and sure to delight her audiences.  

Available for Hens nights to teach.


Code-259VK-DJ-English and Hindu-Melbourne

We play the latest Bollywood remixes, Bhangra, R&B and Top Western Chart Busters.
We also customise each and every occasion and function according to your requirements, depending on what your needs are as well as improvising, based on the audience on the night.
We use and provide the most superior quality of equipment , including microphones, sound system to ensure the success of all the formalities of the occasion.


Code-259VKS-Hindu-Bollywood singer-Melbourne

Melbourne based Bollywood-Hindu singer.


Code-269DE-Aboringinal Dancer-didgeredoo-Vic

A traditional Aboriginal dancer and Didgeredoo Player.

269DE-Aboriginal 269DE-Aboriginal-didgeredoo


Having appeared in Bollywood films as a vocalist singing in Hindu, and a well known Indian radio broadcaster.


Code-273LT--Chinese Workshops and dance-Melbourne

can be separate shows workshops or a combination.

Code-273LT-1-Tai-Chi Martial Arts workshop:
Tai Chi originated as a martial art, but these days it is recognised more as a Chinese system of gentle exercise. It is often characterised by controlled flowing movements designed to promote general fitness and health.Kids will learning Tai-chi preparation, Tiger Fist, Push hand exercise, crane and snake exercise.
Code 273LT-2Kung Fu Funk workshop: kids will learn traditional martial art form; a type of self-defence that combines kicking, punching, grabbing, locking and several weapon-techniques. It has a graceful and dynamic hard-soft style, which emphasises agility, explosiveness and flexibility in combination with the surprise effect. We also mix hip hop modern steps let kids feel  lot of fun.
Code-273LT-3-Lion Dance workshop: In the dance component of the workshop, students will learn the teamwork, co-operation and rhythm necessary in dragon dancing. They will  learn the basic steps (running steps, crossing steps and the kicking leg exercise) and arm movements . Students will then have the opportunity to put these skills together and to perform their dance accompanied by instruments as the conclusion to the workshop.
Code-273LT-4-Flag dance workshop:
Often used in acrobatic demonstrations, the flag dance shows the power and strength of handling and synchronizing flags as an art form. This dance combines martial arts and modern music to maintain the traditional dignity of carrying flags to battle.
Code-273LT-5-Ribbon workshop: This is one of the most traditional dance of China. It’s more than 1200 years old. Kids will learn how to use silk colorful ribbon with modern Chinese music.
Code-273LT-6-Golden Hoop workshop: Na Zha was a special and strong power kid. He was born with special treasures including a golden hoop ring. We’ll learn this special dance with basic martial art movement.
Code-273LT-7-Flower fan workshop:after rice harvest festival, people so
Happy bring beautiful flower fan dance drinking and singing.
Code-273LT-8-Chinese Drum workshop;The drum workshops teaches kids basic drum rhythms, in the following styles: Chinese flower drums, Waist drums, Tai Pei Drums, Hand drums, Big Drums and Medium drums.

E.g of 50 min workshop

Chinese Drum Dance
Royal Dances: Long Sleeve Dance, Long Flower Fan Dance 
(a) Tai-Chi History Introduction (b) Tai Chi Fist and Tai-Chi Fan Dance (c)Kung Fu Panda workshop
(a) Fairies in the Moon palace One teacher will present Chinese Emperor
(b) Ribbon Dance Workshop 
(a) Martial Art Hip Hop dance (b)Martial Art workshop
3 different Chinese Cultural dance combine Contemporary style Chinese dance

273LT-chinese male-ddancers


Code-274SP-Chinese Bow-Melbourne

Chinese traditional bowed strings instrument with 1,600 years history.
My Erhu performance included 1. Traditional Chinese music. 2. Western classical music. 3. Folk music from the world, 4. Popular music. 5. Modern Chinese music.
He was born in Suzhou, China in 1949. He is a member of Chinese Musicians' Association and an advisor to Suzhou No.1 Musical Instruments Company. He graduated from Nanjing Normal University Music Department and Shanghai Conservatorie of Music. He taught erhu at Nanjing Normal University until 1989 as Associate professor. He first visited and performed in Australia in 1986. In 1987, he won the 'Prize of Excellence in Performance' at first Music and Dance Festival of Jangsu province, the hometown of erhu, and named the one of the three best young erhu soloists of the hometown of erhu.




Code-276TW-Japanese Drummers-Melbourne

A Japanese drum ensemble based in Melbourne Australia, is renowned for energetic and dynamic drumming performances.
The performances are spectacular visual displays of stamina, strength and humour, with the vibrations produced on stage energising the whole audience.



Code-276TN-Japanese Shamisen –Melbourne

An award-winning, virtuoso master of the Japanese shamisen (a 3-string, banjo-like instrument) and a traditional Japanese vocalist, who has performed all over the world. She has been playing shamisen since she was 6 years old and performs both as a soloist, as well as in collaborations. Her ability and drive to cross over between traditional and modern Japanese music has recently seen her perform with renowned world musicians as well as traditional Japanese artists.
She also performs traditional Japanese songs (Minyo) which depicts the life and feelings of 'older' Japan, centring on the themes of love, family and the close connection with nature. Noriko’s recent achievements include the ‘Head Judge’s Special Award’ at the National Japanese Shamisen Competition held in Hirosaki - Japan, a solo performance at the Sydney Opera House and a number of dynamic shows at the International WOMADelaide world music festival. She also performed on the popular Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) music quiz TV show Spicks and Specks.

solo or with drummers



Code-278AA-African Dance-acrobats-Melbourne

Specialising in traditional and contemporary African dance, music and acrobatics the company display an extensive skill set that will leave you speechless.

278AA-african 278


Code-286DC-Latin Show-Melbourne

Are you looking for something that will literally liven up and shake up your next event? Perhaps something a bit sexy and sassy with a hint of sophistication and elegance…. Then look no further than this Latin floor show with an authentic South American entertainment group inspired with the class and professionalism of modern and contemporary dance choreography.
Your journey begins in Rio de Janeiro – CARNIVAL! Slip into the excitement of the samba dome fervor as our Sequined Show Girls take the stage in traditional Brazilian Bikini’s, feathers and exuberant costumes. Then relax into Cuban time and delight in the journey throughout South and Central America, as we fuse all things LATIN to bring you one of the most highly sought after shows in Melbourne Australia.
The show opens with the 'Samba Carnival' routine. Our sexy and beautiful Showgirls are costumed in brilliantly sequined outfits with feathered headpieces, bringing the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro to your event. After the opening routine, your guests will then experience the passion, rhythm and energy of various dance styles and routines from Brazil, Cuba and South and Central America as we take them on our Latin tour
A very popular choice is to also add an interactive segment in the show, which can be added in any show format desired. Most common is a ‘dance competition’, welcoming guests the opportunity to be involved in the excitement of the show and encouraging them to participate and test their dance skills. Guaranteed to get your guests up and then rolling on the floor with laughter, it is amazing to see everyone supporting and cheering each other on!
The show then remains on a high as we conclude with finale celebrations. We then connect with your guests on a personal note, as our humble performers invite them onto the dance floor to delight in their Latin experience and resume their own celebrations with fellow guests.



The group are as experienced at concerts as at the European art form of serenading at tables and taking requests as well as creating an atmosphere in a street festival.
They specializes in Jewish music and in Middle-Eastern music. They have worked together with theatre and dance events for Russian, Armenian, Jewish, Turkish, French and Italian and other productions and communities, as well as parties and weddings.
Tunes from Russia, France, Italy, Klezmer, Jazz , Classical,and Tango. Can be a trio.



A world music festival & concert band, inspired by Eastern European Jewish traditional celebration and dance music.
The band also creates infectious and soulful fusions of klezmer with gypsy, jazz and eastern music.
Klezmer music draws on Jewish musical roots as well as Gypsy, Hungarian, Moldavian, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic modes and rhythms. The band also adds influences from their experiences in the improvised, jazz and middle-eastern areas. Ernie Gruner adds anectodes, stories and cultural or historical explanations.
Klezmer music ranges widely from fast, joyous, dance tunes with pseudo-Balkan rhythms to slow, melancholic pieces designed to make brides weep. The trio often includes Israeli dances (including horas), Chassidic ‘niguns’ (wordless singing believed to draw the singer & listeners closer to heaven) & Sephardic (Spanish/Middle-Eastern) pieces as well as music from related cultures including Polish mazurka, Hungarian czardas, Greek hasipiko, Russian Gypsy and original pieces.



From the age of 9 he began his classical music studies in Budapest, Hungary.
Joining the internationally famous Rajkó Gypsy Youth Orchestra in my teens gave me the opportunity to travel around the world and play to audiences in dozens of countries.
During the past twenty five years, he has been member of the Australian music scene, performing in hundreds of concerts and providing a special highlight to countless private parties and corporate functions. Some of his most favourite music genres include contemporary Gypsy Jazz and French Musette and also experienced in swing jazz, continental music and unique covers of American popular songs from the 1940s and 1950s. Joseph is also available as a solo artist using a backing machine which provides a complete band, in classical, swing jazz, popular and other styles of music. No vocals as solo.


They have been intoxicating Melbourne audiences on the street and in various functions, cafes and bars with their high-spirited, high-energy gypsy swing. The band consists of violin, piano accordion, guitar(s) and double bass, allowing a mixture of gypsy swing, French waltzes and chansons and the occasional tango. Gypsy Violin swing puts a smile on the face of anyone in earshot and has often inspired dancing in the street! All of the members of have a long history in the music scene in Melbourne and internationally and the band members represent a cross-section of cultures and musical influences. All together, the members of Gypsy Violin are a slick Gypsy Swing outfit that are lots of fun and can really take a corporate event, wedding reception or party to that extra level. Gypsy Violin upbeat (sometimes breakneck-speed!) music will bring a smile to the faces of guests young and old Line up(s) available: 3 piece (trio), 4 piece (quartet), 5 piece




The band are a varying ensemble of some incredible musicians and together, this inventive three-seven piece ensemble create the atmosphere of being in Turkey one moment, and South America the next, carrying the audience along with them, leaving them moved and inspired. The band draws their sound  from extensive travels and collaborations. Their music beats with a Latin heart, but is peppered with Eastern and Central European influences and languages. Their material is largely original work written by Smith, drawing on traditional and contemporary sounds from Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey and France, amongst others. They irresistibly sweep audiences along on their musical journey, with stirring laments that transfix the room, through to energetic upbeat tunes that bring the crowd to its feet in dance cheering for more. They have recently returned from a six month tour of South America, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Croatia and Serbia, where they  gained a strong and dedicated following. These travels have added new influences to their constantly evolving sound, with more gypsy and European folk sounds recognisable in new material. We are not Flamenco,  we have Spanish influences,  mainly Latin American.



Code-335SCV-Gypsy band-Melbourne

Driven by Alana's wild violin, chased by accordion and double bass, they play gypsy and traditional music learnt from Roma (gypsy) musicians during their travels in Eastern Europe.
Based in Melbourne, Australia, the band has toured to Hungary, Switzerland, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Scotland, and plays at many a wedding, party and private function.
A fun and exciting trio guarenteed to fire up a crowd.



Can play and sing in French and Italian.
She spent a year in France during which time she performed at a theatre barge on the Rhone, "Le Roman de la Belle Epoque".  She sings in French and majored in French during her Bachelor of Arts with Honours at the University of Tasmania.

french accordionist-Melbourne

Code-339EB-Bavarian-Queensland Nth

The Band was established in 1996 to entertain Original German Music and Slapdances at Oktoberfest and other Venues. We are dedicated in bringing you best traditional music, good fun, and Gemütlichkeit to any festivity. We have also can extend the band if required. 
The band plays mainly in the styles of Ernst Mosch, Slavko Avsnik, Egerland, Slovenian, Bohemia, Bavaria, and from Tirol, with an authentic sound of the best known German and Austrian Blasmusik bands. These are the bands that play regularly at various German Oktoberfests -- and we play the same loved tunes: rolling beer-drinking songs, traditional melodies, our own original compositions and lively polkas and waltzes. Oh yes we play Australian versions too. This is the type of music that gets you to clap your hands, sing along, and dance to the traditional folk tunes usually presented at German festivals -- Music that lifts the soul and defines Gemütlichkeit!
Pretend you're back in 1810, in a Bierstube or small pub, in a village surrounded by the Tyrolean Alps. Listen to your favorite beer hall tunes, dance to the Alpine folksongs, relax, clap your hands and sing along, but most of all, enjoy!
With authentic German and Austrian tunes, the band will entertain for a festival to remember. They will provide the true Oktoberfest spirit. You'll clap your hands and stomp you feet to the popular dance numbers.


Code-346TKC-Japanese Drummers-Sydney

One of Australia's most energetic, exciting and visually stunning drumming groups.

This 5-minute performance will ensure a breathtaking grand opening for your event. Three performers playing the highly virtuosic katsugi-okedo (slung drums) are free to roam both in and around the audience, and on the stage, to create a dramatic and energised atmosphere for your event. “Chi” is also an impactful way of reinvigorating the audience later on, or providing a great grand finale to end the day.

Code-346TKD-Japanese Drummers-Sydney

This epic 10-20 minute performance, tailored for larger functions in large rooms and outdoor spaces, is sure to enthral and mesmerise. The performers play a wide range of taiko instruments including the virtuosic slung drums, the bass beat of the hirado and the powerful rhythms of the odaiko grand drum. TaikOz’s highly energetic performance is sure to captivate your audience and have them talking for weeks!”




A performance company based in Melbourne,  that specialises in presenting the vibrant and colourful world of Indian dance at Bollywood events. The magnetism and beauty of the culture is universal and appealing to any age, gender and background.
For many years now, they have been thrilling audiences not only throughout Victoria (metropolitan Melbourne and rural), but also Sydney & Perth. Floor-shows may range from 10 - 15 minutes to an hour's duration which includes an interactive workshop.
With experienced performers, teachers, choreographers & musicians - having a great focus on delivering an unforgettably extravagant show.


Code-349HT-Maori performers-Melbourne

They are committed to showcasing Maori culture through song and dance.


Code-362CLS-Solo French-Spanish-English-Melbourne

Paris born he combines melancholy and joyous singing with Spanish guitar, harmonica and accordion. He sings in French, Spanish, Italian and English - Solo or with a band. He studied Spanish Guitar in Spain and USA and travelled extensively around the world to experience various musical traditions. His dynamic Flamenco and Salsa-tinged, folk-Gipsy melodies has made him a popular and fine ambassador to Mediterranean music through his average 300 performances per year. He feels as comfortable serenading around tables as performing shows on stage, solo or with band. His guided tour around Spanish romance and French sensibility, his fingerpicking and percussive drumming of the guitar make his performance a lively and colorful musical experience.  

MP3 listen french vocals
Song list

Code-362CLB-french-Spanish-English band-Melbourne

If an ambient scene in a restaurant is required the quartet are ideal for this too. They will dress accordingly to whatever the function requires. They walk around tables, sing good songs and tell bad jokes, plays a wide repertoire of French, Italian, Spanish, English folk flavoured melodies. After more than 15 years sharing songs, laughs, campervans and wine with Melbourne's best acoustic musicians roving around weddings, country fairs and marquees Céd will know exactly which ones to pick for the right context, would it be a festival or any corporate or private cultural event. Whatever the set-up is it will a vibrant and colourful tribute to European music using the French Gipsy flair (violin and accordion) or Latin grooves. (Flamenco dancers, guitarists or percussionists). The experienced and gifted instrumentalists used will compliment céd's warm and emotional singing to make the entertaining performance a joyous feast of nostalgia and romance.






Combining the best gypsy and Balkan music from Eastern Europe The Band will tantalise you with their spicy melodies and hot rhythms. Their warm senuaous and intoxicating sounds will have you mesmerised.
The band play Balkan and Gypsy classics, Klezmer and Russian dance tunes.



Available to rove your Japanese functions or Meet and greet.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Our aim is to spread the awareness of Japanese culture and history through traditional Japanese dance. We hope to bring entertainment and happiness to our audiences.Teacher, choreographer, art director and leader has fused together a variety of traditional styles to create a unique and yet authentic Japanese cultural experience.

Code-402JTD-Japanese Dancers-Qld

The Japanese dance form is different from ballet and other Western dances. The big steps and jumps of ballet and other Western dances signify the desire to escape this earth – striving to reach the heavens. Japanese dance, however, consists of movements requiring bent knees and a low centre of gravity. This emphasis on being close to the ground shows the desire of Japanese dancers to remain in contact with the earth – the constant source of their energy.
Client to supply PA


geisha-girls geisha-ladies


Code-424JA French acordion-Melbourne

French accordion player and singer, french, jazz standards only sings French rest instrumental, gypsy, italian, tangos, brazilian, latin.

song list


Code-424JB French Band-Melbourne

TAKE A TRIP through the golden age of French musette, swing jazz and chanson with the Melbourne based trio an ensemble specialising in the music of Paris from the 1920s to 50s.
BE ENCHANTED by the romantic sounds of the accordion, accompanied by a strong rhythmic pulse from the guitar, and anchored by double bass. Vocals are performed mostly in French. From the traditional waltz through to tango, gypsy swing and chanson (popular French song), this is music to inspire dancing and reminiscing.



Code-434TT-Brazilian Dancers-drummers-Melbourne

A  Brazilian-Latin group combining live music and dance, we perform styles such as Samba, Salsa, Reggaeton, Axe, Hip Hop and Capoeira. We have two objectives –each equally important to us. One – is to take you on an authentic journey of the stories behind the origin and fusion of South American cultural dance and music styles. The other – is simply to entertain you with spectacle and style in a way only we know how.
Our 45 minute show that includes up to seven performers, live percussion, choreographed dancing, singing, narration and eye catching costumes.


Code-441PG-Greek Dancers-Melbourne

We are  pleased to offer a variety in the styles of Greek dancing to reflect regional Greek varieties
We do  not modernise the dance but keeps to traditional styles of Greek dancing. There are well over 200 different types of Greek dances as they vary from one region to another.  Specialising in traditional Greek dance which dates back over 2,500 years.


Code-442PE-Greek Dancers-Melbourne

Dances from Hellenic Pontian tradition and Culture.


Code-457ST-Southern Italy-Folk-Vic

A Melbourne-based band playing traditional music from southern Italy. Their musical styles include Pizzica, Tammurriata and Stornelli, as well as Polkas from the barbershop and the occasional serenade d’amore.
From the Salento peninsular to Mt Vesuvio they will infect your blood and keep you dancing like a spider and weeping like la Madonna.


code-475RMB-Bavarian Band-NSW

A leading group of talented musicians who have played at the famous Fairfield Octoberfest Weekend Celebrations and The Löwenbräu Keller in The Rocks, Sydney.
They capture the authentic and energetic brass sounds of a Munich Octoberfest Oom Pah Pah Band.
Dressed in Traditional Lederhosen they bring to you,  Famous Drinking songs, marches, polkas, and other international favourites. Fun and gusto brought straight to you, right here in Australia.

Code-475RMK-Oktoberfest Floorshow-NSW

Now you can experience all the fun, music and dancing of a Munich OKTOBERFEST, anytime of the year, right here in Australia.
Featuring: the versatile and exciting voice of German born, Brunie (who acquired the Irish name from her Australian marriage). Showcasing Marlene Dietrich and German drinking songs.
With 6 dancers enthralling you with their hilarious slap dancing, and wood chopping routines.
Ross a brilliant international accordionist. Presenting show-stopping solos. Combining synthesizer and traditional German accordion sounds.
• The OOM - PAH - PAH, is provided by 3 superb musicians,
• Trumpet /Trombone/Tuba/Drums.







Code 475RM-Accordion-NSW

His  natural talents present him as an entertainer of the highest calibre. He has that ‘rare’ feel for Show business. A  performer with the innate ability to change to suit the mood of his audience. One minute he will take your breath away with his flashing virtuosity on the piano accordion just before you find yourself drowning in tears of laughter at his zany antics.
Switch from Minstrel to Court Jester- he is them all! He is a showman in the true sense of the word. Being totally self-contained, he can work in any place, any time and anywhere in the world. Or, if you prefer, he can bring the world to you with a musical excursion through Greece, France, Russia, Spain, Germany or even his native Italy.
His musical genius knows no boundaries and his style, ease and grace arouses wild enthusiasm from any audience lucky enough to be under his magical spell.

Code 475RMD-German Duo-NSW

Capturing the authentic and energetic sounds of a Munich Oktoberfest Oom Pah Pah Band.
The Duo dressed in Traditional Lederhosen Bring to you famous Drinking songs, marches,polkas, and other international favourites. Fun and gusto brought straight to you, right here in Australia.
Consisting of: 1. Acoustic Accordion . 2.Trumpet/vocal. 
A) German…Oom Pah Pah B) German / European…Standards C) Latin D) Middle of the road E) Light Jazz



Code 490MF-Flamenco-Latin –Guitar-Melbourne

International musician toured with Billy Connolly, Buena Vista Social Club, Michael Cawford, Natalie Cole and Shirley Bassey.
Matt is a gifted virtuoso guitarist and specializes in playing a custom 10 String Spanish guitar and Celtic String Guitar, and joins an elite membership of players such as Tommy Emmanuel
Matthew always suprises audiences with his original arrangements, modern interpretations and virtuosity on guitar. Matthew's performances can includes genres that cross from Spanish Classical and Flamenco,Celtic, European Folk, Jazz, Latin American & World Music to Bluegrass fingerstyle and electric rock.
Matthew has entertained audiences in more that 120 countries worldwide as a soloist and with orchestra and bands including extensive touring across Europe, South America, Alaska, Canada, China, Japan and South East Asia as a guest artist with Princess Cruises. Matthew has also been a finalist in the Winfield International Fingerstyle competition in Kansas, U.S.A in 2009-2012.
Matthew loves to perform for audiences and is entertaining, engaging and encourages audience participation in hilarious situations. This includes Matthew's own "guitar challenge" where he performs audience requests spontaneously in his show. Stories from his life of travel and entertaining are a special feature of his show. Matthew is an exhilarating, breathtaking and captivating performer and his shows are not to be missed.

Code 490MFD-latin-duo –2 Guitar-Melbourne

Code 490MFT-Flamenco-Latin –trio-Melbourne


flamenco-latin-guitarist flamenco-latin


Code-496CD-Chinese dancers-Sydney

With about 25 members, all of whom are professionally trained dancers and all with a great passion for dance. The Dance Group is one of the top Chinese cultural arts organizations in Sydney and often represents the community through the vision of dance, promoting this traditional art form and furthering cultural exchange. The company’s richly colourful and exciting performances  have captured the magic and richness of Chinese dance, including enthusiastic performances of Chinese Folk Dance, imaginative Classical Dance, passionate Tibetan Dance, a blend of Chinese Dai Dance, the uninhibited Spanish Dance, the erotic Arabic style of Dance and will also include the famous French Can Can Dance. This first class production, performed by a group of Chinese dancers passionate about their culture, showcases the tradition and artistry of Chinese dance so important to the Australian-Chinese Community as it continues to maintain its vibrant homeland traditions in the true spirit of cultural diversity whilst furthering cultural friendship and harmony as citizens of this great nation.


Sydney chinese dancers.

Code-497AC-Chinese Dancers -Adelaide-SA

A dance academy in Adelaide specializing in Chinese classical and folk dance. We use the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus to ensure pedagogic and systematic dance training to students of all ages and skill levels.
 We are dedicated to providing high quality dance education in a friendly environment where students can learn and appreciate Chinese dance, music, language and culture.
Can Fan Dance, Umbrella Dance, opera dance, peacock dance etc.
Note lengthy costume changes between each style of dance. Each dance approximately 5 mins.

chinese dancers in Adelaide



The band play Mexican folk music with a line up of Spanish vocals, guitar, Mexican bass, trumpet, violin and stunningly embroidered traditional uniforms. A nine piece including two trumpets, three violins and percussion is also available.


mariachi band-melbourne

Code-540SB-Brazilian dancers-Melbourne

We have a team of up to 10 Rio Carnival dancers, 4 Brazilian male dancers, capoeira artists and a full Brazilian drumming-percussion band. We cater for all events and occasions.
We specialise in performances for corporate functions, weddings, engagements, birthdays, hens nights, video clips, product launches and much more.
 We have previously performed at the annual Cuban Jazz Festivals, Citibeatz Passport to NYE, Copacabana International and the Melbourne Summer Latin Festival. We have also danced for some of Melbourne’s hottest nightclubs including LQ, Miss Collins, Alumbra Sundays, Marrakech and Block Party.



Code-546PJ-Guzheng-Chinese Harp-Melbourne

A  Chinese Guzheng player and teacher. She began learning the Guzheng at the age of nine and has studied under several Guzheng masters. She excels in both traditional and modern techniques in her interpretation of Guzheng music.


Code 549AM-italian Singer-Melbourne

Born in calabria but sings in different Italian dialects.

He writes and sings many of his own compositions.


The Duo draw on their extensive experience to bring you Gypsy Jazz, Swing, Tango, Latin, Classical, Celtic and Elizabethan tunes. They also have a broad contemporary/rock/dance repertoire.
They take the music that they love and draw you into it, note by note and chord by chord. The format of one violin and one guitar lends itself to an inspired re-telling of old tunes in a new setting.

play list


Code-553TA-Brazilian Floorshow-NSW

A Professional group of Samba dancers, Batucada  Drummers and Capoeira Boys.
Full of colour and excitement.

CAPOEIRA = Is a blend of dance and Brazilian martial arts in which performers form a circle and take turns 'sparring' with feints, kicks and slaps. Fans see it as fluid, acrobatic, athletic, dramatic and poetic. It is hot and spectacular and today capoeira is very popular across the globe with its unbelievable, breathtaking dance and acrobatic movement with the presence of music and song.
SAMBA = Hailing from the steamy streets of Brazil, the lively Samba is danced in 2/4 time with three steps to every bar. The dance utilizes fast motion, swirling twists, and outstretched arms for emotion. Samba is a form of expression of the human body letting free.

BATUCADA = Batucada is energy paced, live drumming that keeps the rhythms pounding & the dancers dancing to the samba and olodum rhythms from Brazil.




Code-555TM-Irish Dancers-Melbourne

irish Dancers for function hire.


Code-560K-Aboriginal Dancers-workshops-NSW

group of Aboriginal dancers for function hire.

Code-560KP-Preschool Program

This show consists of:
Didgeridoo Show - Traditional and contemporary solo didgeridoo performance. One performer in full traditional costume, performing traditional and contemporary didgeridoo sounds and rhythms.
Face Painting - Our Indigenous tutor will have traditional ochre paint from which they will paint the children's faces. (optional) Song and Dance - Our indigenous tutor will entertain with some traditional dance moves and encourage all children to participate.
Aboriginal Art - Our indigenous tutor will teach the children basic Aboriginal symbols which they will paint on a large canvas guided by the tutor. The painting will then be given to the school to display. Storytelling - Dreamtime stories from the past will be told with gusto and expression to enthrall the children.
This program is a fantastic, hands on, interactive show. The children have a lot of fun learning about aboriginal culture.
1 tutor - 60 to 90 min

Code-560KS-School / Education Programs

Our most popularly package ‘The Ultimate Dreamtime Experience’ is a highly interactive program designed to maximise learning opportunities for students and teachers and our diverse range caters to all social and economic backgrounds.
Package 1 - Ultimate Dreamtime Experience
The ultimate Aboriginal education and entertainment experience is a very interactive program designed to maximise the learning opportunities for both students and teachers.
Smoking Ceremony & Welcome Song & Dance Show
Didgeridoo Show and Storytelling
Artefacts, Weaponry, Bush Survival
Aboriginal Face Painting
Aboriginal Song and Dance
Aboriginal Art (On Canvas)
Boomerang Throwing
Farewell Concert with Student and Teacher participation

See other school programs

aboriginal-dancers digereedoo-player

Code-600CH-chinese dancers -singers-Melbourne

Traditional Chinese dancers and singers and kung Fu display 30 min show.


Chinese dancerschinese-singers

chinese dancingchinese-singers

Code-604LY-Guzheng Player-Melbourne

I have been playing guzheng for many years, had followed a few different teachers to learn the different style of music pieces and the playing. 
I have achieved grade 10 (the highest grading examination) performance level with certificate issued by The Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China and, I had won the first prize in Hong Kong Guzheng Performance Contest, an open to all public contest held in the city.  Through my years of guzheng playing, I participated in various musical performing occasions, festivals, corporate events and music contests. 
Here in Melbourne, I have done a few demonstrations at schools, also a member of music groups for ensembles and accompaniment.


Code 671KF-Gypsy-Flamenco-Melbourne

The band plays street Flamenco style, Rumba Flamenca with virtuosity and authenticity. Duelling flamenco guitars, fretless bass, percussion drive the Afro-Cuban rhythms; vocals, guitar and oud sing the haunting flamenco melody lines. “The words don’t matter when Ovejero sings” his voice is “mystical  pure, heart-wrenching emotion”.
The  members are from Spanish/ Romani, Turkish, Italian and Aussie backgrounds use this progressive flamenco style for their own compositions and arrangements, weaving in Latin, traditional flamenco and Moorish influences. The breath-taking energy, upbeat rhythms and soulful melodies spell gypsy fiesta every performance.


Code-672OB-Pan flute pipes-Melbourne

Throughout his travels around the world, he has been exposed to many different types of music and has consequently developed his own unique style of music. He not only performs traditional Andean music but also performs modern songs from all over the world while incorporating traditional Andean sounds and instruments.


Code-674RC-Chinese Band-Melbourne

The group are a not for profit, non-political and non-religious group. Their aim is to:
(1) Conducting and promoting Chinese traditional and folk music in Australia
(2) Through rehearsals and performances, allow overseas Chinese to enjoy music and to enhance the quality of life and health;
(3) Attempts to cross-border integration of Chinese and Western music, prompting more Western audience love and learning music.

chinese-band-in Melbourne

Code-691EF- Belly Dancer-Melbourne

This classical and elegant style of belly dance varies from Egyptian Raqs Al-Sharqi, Greek Ciftetelli (ancient and modern), Turkish mix, and Gypsy. These styles are also used to cultivate my own unique style of performance using both traditional and modern music.
Utilizing many accessories such as sword balancing, Isis wings, saiidi (stick), zill (finger cymbals), and veil to complement by belly dancing performance. She can also dance with live musicians and Dj’s which always adds a spontaneous and dynamic twist to the performance.


see also Dancers page

exciting belly dancer from Melbourne.

Code-692Z-Middle Eastern band-Melbourne

A highly sought after , Melbourne-based band specializing in Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean music. Their repertoire is uniquely entertaining with traditional and modern tunes from Turkey, Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Syria to name a few. Zourouna likes to take its listeners on a cultural journey with non-existent borders. They are  a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, family functions and all special occasions.  From 3-6 piece band.

A highly sought after , Melbourne-based band specializing in Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean music.

Code-697SK-Chinese Lion Dancers-NSW

The lion dance originated in China close to a thousand years ago. The lion is traditionally regarded as a guardian creature. It is featured in Buddist lore, being the mount of Manjusri. There are different variations of the lion dance in other Asian cultures including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore,with each region possessing their own styles.
Chinese lion dances can be broadly categorised into two styles, Northern and Southern . Northern dance was used as entertainment for the imperial court. The northern lion is usually red, orange, and yellow (sometimes with green fur for the female lion), shaggy in appearance, with a golden head. The northern dance is acrobatic and is mainly performed as entertainment.
Southern dance is more symbolic. It is usually performed as a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune. The southern lion exhibits a wide variety of colour and has a distinctive head with large eyes, a mirror on the forehead, and a single horn at center of the head. The lion dance also sybolises the myth of the Chinese new year

Lion Dance Team consists of 2 members inside Lion, 4 musiciians, 1 laughing Buddah, 2 on standby -A team of 8-10. Crackers can be provided at extra cost. 1 string 3 metres long approx $170+

The Chinese Dragon Dance, which features a team of around ten or more dancers.

Also see our Dancers pages


NSW The Chinese Dragon Dance, which features a team of around ten or more dancers.

chinese dragon

here are different variations of the lion dance in other Asian cultures including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore,with each region possessing their own styles.

Lion Dance Team consists of 2 members inside Lion, 4 musiciians, 1 laughing Buddah, 2 on standby -A team of 8-10.


Roving accordion player covers, French, Italian and German.

Roving accordion player covers, French, Italian and German.

Code 711TA -Mexican-Adelaide-SA

At functions they bring their Mexican mariachi music fun and interactive show on the road, roving through the crowds and livening up everyone with authentic and engaging Mexican mariachi music.
They can also deliver a staged performance that will knock your sombreros off. With classic Latin tunes like “Tequila,” “La Cucaracha,” “La Bamba,” and “Guantanamera,” festival-goers will think they’ve been transported to Latin America.  They don’t only do traditional tunes, though. They are able to take requests and also play mariachi versions of classics like “Proud Mary” as well as the hottest songs on the radio from smash hit artists like Bruno. They’ll even improvise lyrics to make the experience a much more enjoyable, customized time. They love interacting with the crowd so that everyone walks away satisfied and with tons of sweet Mexican mariachi memories.

At functions they bring their Mexican mariachi music fun and interactive show on the road, roving through the crowds and livening up everyone with authentic and engaging Mexican mariachi music.

Code 712CD-Acordion-French-italian-australian-NSW

My main music is French Music, Italian and Australiana and gypsy swing. I play Piano accordion, button accordion and concertina.



NSW accordion multicultural player.

Code 727HD lead light lions-Melbourne

The lion dance is performed with two performers under the lion. This performance is suitable for a stage show or roving where the lion will interact with the audience. During the performance, the lion may eat an orange or lettuce and throws it. The recipient of the food will in turn receive luck and prosperity. The performance is accompanied by musicians playing the drum, gong and cymbals. Lucky scrolls are dropped at the end of every performance.
All quotes include lion or dragon dancers in full costume, musicians (drum, gong and cymbals) and all items necessary for the performance.

Dragon Dance

Dragon dance is performed by 9 performers under the dragon chasing a pearl. Performance is suitable for larger venues, stage and outdoors. Dragon can be luminous under black UV light. Extra charges will apply if we supply the UV lighting. The performance is accompanied by musicians playing the drum, gongs and cymbals.

Chinese Lion Dancers and Dragons available.

also chinese lion Pole dancers


chinese lead light lion in Melbourne

Lions can Have led lights to light up the event.


German polkas and Waltzes

Solo or Band


german accordionist Melbourne

Code 745RF-Russian-Moldavian-Slavic-dancers-Vic

This Russian dance ensemble is a young group of enthusiasts who enjoy traditional and contemporary style of Russian dancing. The ensemble was founded in 2006 in Melbourne.
Most of the performers have no formal training in any of the main stream dance techniques, thus making them true representatives of the folk dancers.
The ensemble consists of people from diverse backgrounds and interests, drawn together by common love of Russian folk dance. Some members were born overseas and some are Australian born of Russian heritage.

This Melbourne Russian dance ensemble is a young group of enthusiasts who enjoy traditional and contemporary style of Russian dancing.

Code-788NE-Chinese Dancers-Melbourne

Many traditional dances and many costume changes.

Our dance troupe was founded around 20 years ago.  Our team contains a group of dedicated dancers, including beautiful costume, nice music and choreographers to ensure that our performances are high standard. We endeavour to carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture and contribute to Australia's multiculturalism.

chinese-dancers-melbourne Melbourne-chinese-dancers


Code-805ND-accordionist -french-italian-WA

Catering for a wide demographic of audiences, atmospheres and themes. Her repertoire ranges from the Couture to the Contemporary- reminiscing vintage classics, contemporary commercial hits, dance electronica, German Polkas, Italian favourites and exquisite renditions of a huge French repertoire ideal for ambient background music which includes Edith Piaf’s well loved repertoire.



This 4 piece busking style Oktoberfest band, teases the sounds of “um-pa-pa”, with their pick n’ mix repertoire of German Polkas, Belgian Waltzes, and array of Beer drinking favourites.
Guaranteed to have their viewers toe tapping and hand clapping up to dance. Only 2 German songs in vocals.
The rest of our repertoire is based on our demographic and audience.  If you have a young hip crowd, we play a lot of commercial cover songs in Polka Style (Umpa) if it is an older demographic or classy environment we play instrumental polkas/ marches / waltzes and german favourites.
 The band will be bouncing their way around cultural festivals and Oktoberfest do’s anywhere they may ponder.


Code-806ED-German dancers-Perth

Traditional German, Bavarian and Austrian style dancers and cow-bell players available to perform at any occasion!
The Costumes are traditional and fully imported. Most of our dances are flirtatious and tell a story. The slapping of the Thighs and shoe soles by the boys, called "Schuhplattler" are to warm up and to create the sound to music, which is played by an accordion player.
Suitable for a ball floor show or a German theme night.



A dynamic, colourful and versatile duo specialising in (but not restricted to) "Music of The Alps"
They are already wow-ing audiences far and wide with their unique and multi-talented act.
Appearing in Genuine Austrian Lederhosen and Dirndl
 Performing on:
Accordion, Clarinet, Cowbells, Saxophone, Trumpet, Singing and Yodeling to create an authentic Alpine experience ( "Gemütlichkeit" ).

A dynamic, colourful and versatile duo specialising in (but not restricted to) "Music of The Alps."

code 830CB-Ukranian Dancers-Melbourne

This Ukrainian Cabaret group has captivated many audiences, performing a traditional song and dance routine consisting of death defying sabre routines, acrobatic tumbles, breathtaking spins and leaps and the infamous cossack kicks. They performed in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony, the AFL Footy Show Live in 2003 and Renovations Rescue Channel 9 Celebrity Performance 2004. The group performs a traditional Ukrainian Cossack routine in an exciting and spectacular cabaret style, which they are well known for.


Multi 833A-Thai Dancers-Melbourne

Rabim is the main dramatic art form of Thailand.
Thai dance, like many forms of traditional Asian dance, can be divided into two major
categories that correspond roughly to the high art (classical dance) and low art
(folk dance) distinction.
Thai classical dance drama include Khon, Lakhon, and Fawn Thai. Folk dance forms include dance theatre forms like Likay, numerous regional dances (Ram), the ritual dance Ram Muay, and homage to the teacher, Wai Khru. Both Ram Muay and Wai Khru take place before all traditional Muay Thai matches. The Wai is also an annual ceremony performed byThai classical dance groups to honor
their artistic ancestors.



Multi 858A Mandolins-Melbourne

An ensemble of 25 professional and dedicated amateur musicians who perform an electric array of music for mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, classical guitars and double bass.


Multi 859A- Italian Women's Choir-Melbourne

A Melbourne-based women's choir from first, second and other generations of Italian migrants, who passionately sing, songs that explore and express their Italian history and culture.Our repetoire which ranges from the 1500's to the present day is made up of Popular, and folk Songs from all regions of Italy, that have been passed down over generations, through singing  by mothers and fathers to their children in fields, streets, factories, in protest, at public events and community celebrations. Our lively songs chart the human journey from seduction to marriage,work ,protest and from the cradle to the grave ...our songs traverse the length and breadth of Italy and have come from a 500 year period to present day.


Multi 860A Italian folk-Melbourne

A new and unique voice in the Australian music scene. Drawing from the Folk style of Banda, which is a 150 year old Italian tradition encompassing brass music, folk songs and opera. Banda adds to this mix, improvisation, reinterpretations of Italian Classic's and original compositions that celebrate the spirit of community music

Featuring Kavisha (vocals, accordion, mandolin, tambourine and guitar) Kavisha is along time exponent of Italian folk music through her choir ” La Voce Della Luna” and as a solo performer at major Australian and international music festivals.

Three of Melbourne’s most experienced and eclectic jazz musicians Gianni (trumpet) Howard (acoustic bass, sousaphone, euphonium) Ronny (drums, melodica) will play alongside Kavisha to create this wonderful Melbourne ensemble, Banda. The evening will concluded with a series of frenetic tarantellas, Mazzella chastising us for sitting in our chairs “like eggs” inviting us to dance our woes away, as she and her musical tarantati evoked a culture in which music can still heal the body, soothe the soul and put an exuberant spring in one’s step.

View Video


Multi-gypsy-Jazz 863A-Jazz-Melbourne

The aim of the band is to provide music which creates a warm, festive ambiance in which people can socialise, eat and drink.

The  collaboration of musicians who love 'jazz manouche'. Often heard in the winding cobbled European streets, jazz manouche is the legacy left behind by the famous gypsy Django Reinhardt. This smooth music creates an ambience that ignites joy in the soul.



Multi 889B-Gypsy Band-Melbourne

Flamenco, Rumba Latin sound band gypsy kings style.


Dancers 952A-melbourne

Melbournes one and only authentic Latin and Brazilian dance experience outside of South America! 
They will enhance your event offering all the vibrant colour and energetic passion of the Latin Americans with professionally choreographed floorshows and stunningly gorgeous costumes. 
We cover all bases including the sultry sexy vivid colour of the Salsa to the energetic hip swaying forbidden dance Lambada. 
As well as the flirty rhythms and fabulous feathers of the Samba and the dynamic and mesmerising acrobatic movements of Capoeria, also offering Live Samba percussion and many more unique and authentic dance styles, which will give your event that special and exclusive touch. 


see also Dancers

Multi 1014A- Italian-Melbourne

Marcello and Pauline's group (up to 4) will play Traditional and folk Italian music and songs.


Multi 1021A-Chinese-Qld

I am a professional performer and teacher of GuZheng (Chinese Harp). I also can play as 2 types of Chinese flute (DiZi and Xiao).
 I have 16 years experiences of performance and teaching in China, Hong Kong and Australia. My teachers were Jiao Jin Hai who is a grand master of GuZheng plus a professor of Music Faculty in Xiamen University in China and Kwong Yee Ping who is a famous musician in Hong Kong.



Multi 1036A-Greek-English-Melbourne

A male/female Greek and English Band that will have you dancing and singing all night long. The band is suited for Greek and non Greek functions and the members individually have been entertaining audiences for the past 25 years.  The Band is able to cover a huge variety of the traditional and modern Greek culture with a repertoire of over 1000 songs, in addition, they also has an extensive list of English songs (pop, latin, ballads and disco) to cater for any mixed functions.




Multi 1037A-Italian-Melbourne

An English and Italian cover band suited to all types of functions.

song list


Multi 1042A-brazilian-NSW

Our drummers are the best in the business and will amazing you with their exceptional timing, skill & Rhythm. We’ll bring the feathers, sequins and bikinis from Rio Carnival right to your door step with our jaw dropping, dazzling samba dancers.   Our costumes are all hand-made custom creations imported from Brazil. You’ll be mesmerized by their sensuality & skill as they dance to the infectious and energizing  Brazilian rhythm of SAMBA. Born in the streets of Brazil; this Afro-Brazilian martial art combines martial arts movements ,dance & acrobatics and an amazing display of speed, skill & agility. You will be on the edge of your seats as they fly through the air and narrowly miss each other with their powerful spinning kicks.




Multi-accordion1043A -italian-Melbourne

Roberto was born in Guardiagrele (Chieti) Abruzzo, Italy, on July 27, 1952.
He has been working in the field of music with an impressive curriculum of studies and achieve-
ments in the areas of musical research, composition and performance.
Roberto has worked as a musician, singer,composer, teacher and author of manuals for a variety of instruments.
Roberto had already achieved a rewarding musical career in Italy and Europe. He played in famous orchestras in a number of exclusive hotels, night clubs, cabarets and casinos such as San Remo, Saint Vmcent, Venezia, Campione D'Italia, Kursal (Switzerland and Montecarlo.
In Australia, Roberto has continued his musical career by participating in concerts and festivals.
Furthermore, in Australia Roberto has focused on recapturing and maintaining traditional Italian folkloric music which has slowly lost its dynamic presence in Italian culture.
He has dedicated time and effort to the study of the diatonic accordion and has successfully brought about a revival in the study and performance of this traditional instrument.
He plays the Diatonic Accordion in a revolutionary style which is unique and technically virtuosic.
He has been credited with the title "King of the Diatonic Accordion " in so far as he has bestowed dignity and nobility upon an instrument which throughout history has,
on several occasions, risked extinction from Italian tradition and culture.

Multi 6B-Turkish-Melbourne

We offer a complete, personalised, end to end, any occassion planning service to deliver you a stress free wedding or a fantastic event your guests will rave about.
Extravagant services include;
Sing your own special song to your partner – we record you in our studio & get you sounding fantastic.
Don’t settle for an average entry to your reception let us explode you into the reception leave guest spellbound and much more.



Dancers 64A-Sri Lankan-Melbourne

The group is dedicated to promoting and nurturing authentic and modern Sri Lankan dance styles. The Dance Troupe develops and presents authentic and original dance performances throughout Australia. A talented and dedicated team of young artists is introduced and the team has presented several breathtaking public performances highly regarded by the patrons.

view video

view video2

See our dancers page


Multi 108C-Latin-Melbourne

Ruth (mandolin, vocals) and Tania (guitar, vocals) play exquisite original pieces and fresh arrangements of music from around the world, particularly from Spanish and South American traditions, Italian etc.
Tania has a deep appreciation for, and understanding of world music (especially Spanish and South American styles). She uniquely combines her classical and technical discipline with her love of world music for a beautiful and evocative result. Ruth is a master mandolinist and has played mandolin professionally since a teenager. Whatever the style or tempo, Ruth will play with a great deal of musicality and with unique style, showing the (often underrated) instrument’s potential. Ruth is also a capable singer, with a gentle, sweet voice.

Listen. to spanish



Multi 111E-Gypsy -European-Melbourne

A range of swinging Jazz and latin songs, tantalizing Gypsy melodies and European cafe favorites from a blend of charming vocals, dancing tunes and infectious rhythms.

tunes from Russia, France, Italy, Klezmer and Tango.

multi 111H-Greek-Melbourne

An invigorating ensemble whose performances take the audience on an uplifting and mesmerizing journey through Greek and Sephardic traditions

A range of swinging Jazz and latin songs, tantalizing Gypsy melodies and European cafe favorites from a blend of charming vocals, dancing tunes and infectious rhythms.

tunes from Russia, France, Italy, Klezmer and Tango.

Multi 111F-serenading-European-Melbourne

The group are as experienced at concerts as at the European art form of serenading at tables and taking requests as well as creating an atmosphere in a street festival.

Ernie specializes in Jewish music and Phil specializes in Middle-Eastern music. They have worked together with theatre and dance events for Russian, Armenian, Jewish, Turkish, French and Italian and other productions and communities, as well as parties and weddings.

tunes from Russia, France, Italy, Klezmer, Jazz , Classical,and Tango.




Multi 157B African Drum and dance Band-Melbourne

Melbourne’s own ten piece African drum and dance ensemble


Multi 157D-African drummers and Dancers

Playing rhythms from Sengal and Guenia, playing a fresh contemporary and traditional rhythms bringing to life some of the vast array of drum dance and song traditions of the West African region.and feature dancers. French speaking.



Multi 204B-Hawaiian Band-Sydney

The Hawaiians is a unique band playing old time Hawaiian music. Chill out to old time island music for the modern age with the exotic sound of steel guitar, ukulele and sweet harmonies

With Ukulele and Hawaiian Guitar,The Hawaiians brings the feeling of the golden age of Hawaiian entertainment back to the present.

Enjoy exotic renditions of classic songs such as "Blue Hawaii", "On the Beach at Waikiki", "Hawaiian Wedding Song", "Sleepwalk", "La Rosita", "Ukulele Lady", "Sweet Leilani", "Beyond the Reef" "Hawaiian War Chant" and "Aloha Oe".

The Hawaiias don't stop there, with a big repertoire of jazz tunes from the same era, all played with an individual sound. Perfect for a laid back evening but quite ready to swing . a truly "Retro" experience.

The Hawaiian plays Hawaiian music from the invention of the ukulele and steel guitar. Hawaiian language and Hapa Haole (half white) music presented as a string band with voice, guitar, ukulele, steel guitar and bass.

Sydney based band The Hawaiians focuses on the Hawaiian music of the pre WWII era from the introduction of western melodic instruments. Hoola continues this Hawaiian tradition popularised after the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco when the world became aware of the newly evolved Hawaiian music and instruments. Their association has seen them do corporate work for Amex, McPhee Transport and Foxtel, among many others. They even played at the 1996 Homebake festival as well as playing a support in 2001 for the aria award winning band "The Avalanches". In 1999 they took their music to an Hawaiian music convention in Waikiki.

Song List




Multi 208P-World Percussion-Melbourne

(Stage show & roving entertainment)

World percussion is a unique musical group that combines the driving rhythms of live percussion from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. 

World Percussion live percussion professionals can be accompanied by African, Middle Eastern and Samba dancers to provide an authentic cultural experience. The combination of ethnic dance and its traditional music transports the audience into the culture and mystique of these art forms. The deep rhythm of the drums awakens the primal instincts within us all and the audience is drawn into the music with bells, calls and chanting to create a positive hive of fun and creativity.

Some of their instruments include: Djembe, Dun Dun, Darabouka, Conga, Talking drum, Tambourines, Shakers.




Multi 228C-African Band-Melbourne

8-10 piece contemporary West African dance band

Experience the high energy grooves and funky afro moves of this is world inspired Afrobeat explosion!

Master percussionist King and his band deliver a breath of fresh air into the Australian African/World music scene with their original cross genre style and dynamic stage presence. Fusing the centuries old traditions of West Africa with the contemporary sounds of  Western styles, this energetic ensemble create a vibrant blend of irresistible dance music. With elements of Afro beat, funk, reggae and jazz it’s a modern mix, underpinned by the deep roots of the traditional rhythms and melodies of Kings Mandinkan heritage. This is an audio-visual feast that no one should resist! 

King has been working with this group of Melbourne’s premier musicians for some time now playing and arranging the traditional songs of the Gambia with a contemporary feel.  The genre has been described as “afrobeat-jazz-funk-reggae-fusion” and is accompanied by a dancer during live performance to further convey the message of the music and maintain its cultural authenticity.

Listen to King


Multi 228D-roving African musicians





Multi 256A-Gypsy-Greek-classical-NSW

Our music would best be described as Classical-Gypsy-Greek alternative. We are all acoustic. We have been doing Shows for The Greek Festival Of Sydney and after May are looking at playing more festivals as well as gigging as much as possible.

There is also an element of performance to our shows with an actor performing a Dramatic Monologue between songs.

The Book Of Vilah is a story told in dialog, music and painting. The inspiration for the performance is drawn from the rich history of the island Kythera during the times of the infamous pirate 'Barbarossa' Vilah, the bastard son Barbarossa, tells his story from a Jail Cell after wrongly being imprisoned for his lover’s murder. With his mind now free he is able to explore the depths of his emotion and immortalise them on canvas. With a moving performance by Alex and original, live, music written by Valerios The Book Of Vilah embodies that of the classic tragedy in an innovative and gripping manner.


Multi 263J-Melbourne

From 4 piece to 30 piece this colourful and exciting band will liven up any event.

A group of gad about percussionists creating foot tapping, hip swiveling rhythms. A high energy cross cultural medley of percussion, circus skills and mayhem. Playing rhythms from around the globe even Rock 'n' Roll they create an atmosphere of excitement & celebration.

They are totally mobile, making them free to rove amongst the audience, encouraging participation along the way

The Roving Performance

They arrive in full flight, playing, jiving & drawing instant crowds. They will use anything as instruments: bicycles (their owners helmets), rubbish bins, prams, trucks, coffee cups and sculptures - whatever that makes a sound.

Then there are circus tricks - the pram balance, shoe juggling, umbrella manipulation just to name a few!


The Static Performance

A spectacular show, performed either in a circle or on stage, includes musical gymnastics, comedy, drumming solos, physical contortion, drumming 'duels', fire juggling & a human pyramid all involving the audience on mass.

The show is suitable for corporate functions, product launches & Festivals alike



Multi 355AA-showgirls-Melbourne

Showgirls available to meet and greet or for Latin Dance show.

Multi 355B-Hip Hop-Breakers-Melbourne

The dancers are also happy to offer a multi-cultural hip hop performance workshop. This show will feature artists of all cultural backgrounds, rapping and dancing about their culture and beliefs as youths and artists in this Australian hip hop culture. We have artists with arab, Phillipino, Greek, Egyptian, New Zealand and Sri Lankan backgrounds that will perform a small show and then conduct an open workshop with the audience. Depending on artist avalaibility,we can include guitar, break dance, hip hop and beatboxing.

view video

Multi 355HH-Latin floorshow-Melbourne

Our authentic Brazilian floor show, feathers and all, brings the cheeky sexiness of Latin America to your function, combining traditional and contemporary rhythms from Cuba and Brazil in a high energy dance spectacular!

From sexy Salsa and sensual Lambada to the acrobatic Capoeira and hip-shaking Samba. This vibrant show displays gorgeous costuming and stunning performers, and authentic music combined with choreography from the best from around the world.

Samba: The feathers, rhythm, and madness of Rio Carnival,Salsa: The most popular dance form in Latin America,Capoeira: Acrobatic dance/martial art from Brazil,Zouk-Lambada: Sensual modern form of the "forbidden dance",Cha-cha-cha: The authentic Cuban Cha-cha-cha,Mambo: Fast paced Cuban dance,Latino Hip Hop: Latin flavoured street style dance,Batucada: Live Samba percussion,Axè: Fun, sexy party music and dance from Bahia, Brazil,Conga: Cuban Carnival party,Samba-Reggae: Funky blend of Brazilian and Jamaican rhythms,Afro: Dance reflecting the strong African roots of Cuba and Brazil.

We also conduct dance classes and workshops in all of these styles. The floor show has an optional MC and an audience participation section guaranteed to have you in stitches as you watch your loved ones having the time of their lives, experiencing being a professional dancer for a night!

The recommended show length is approximately 30 minutes, however we can cater for your needs.


Multi 355JJ-Can Can-Melbourne

The show layout can consist of a 'meet and greet' with the Can Can girls and a strong opening number to your evening of the traditional Can Can.



fx-hip-hop-dancers fx-beat-boxer355BB

fx-katumba 355HH



Multi 392B- Scottish BagPiper-Melbourne

Regarding Weddings, I am happy to perform at whatever part of the ceremony you may wish and can also make suggestions as to what would be suitable if you are unsure.

The usual format is as follows:

As guests arrive, the piper plays an assortment of tunes 20 to 30 minutes prior to the ceremony

The piper then plays the Bride or Bridal Party down the aisle, known as the Processional. Often the piper leads or sometimes remains at the rear of the Church or wherever the ceremony is taking place. The tune played at this point may be chosen by the Bride and Groom or a recommendation will be given.

During the signing of the register, the piper plays a short piece of incidental music, usually of a reflective nature

Once the ceremony has concluded, the piper will play for the Newlyweds during the Recessional. As with the Processional, the piper may lead or remain out of the way at the rear of wherever the ceremony is taking place. The music played here is usually more upbeat in nature than what is used earlier in the ceremony

As the guests congratulate the Newlyweds, the piper plays an assortment of tunes for another 20 to 30 minutes

If the reception is at the same location as the ceremony, the piper will often lead the Newlyweds to their table. If this is required but the reception is sometime away or at another location, extra cost may be involved.

View play list


Multi 396A-Melbourne

Jen (guitar and vocals) and Terry (mandolin, violin, recorder and vocals) cook up a cauldron of jazzed-up euro-folk.

Bringing Continental Café music to your door, this energetic duo is inspired by the rich & varied musical traditions brought to Oz by the various emigrant waves.

Look forward to a smorgasbord of Jazz, Latin, Greek, Italian, Irish, Scottish & Gypsy musical treats in celebration of Australia's musical melting pot.

A musical feast!


Multi 460C-Aboriginal-Albury-NSW

An Aboriginal dance display group from Albury.


Multi 461A-Latin-Melbourne

The band is a multicultural collective inspired and founded in latino culture, its people and music. The result is a unique fusion of up beat and energetic sound mixed with traditional instruments and arrangements.The music styles range from Ballads to reggae, merengue, salsa and even Mambo. English and Spanish.


Multi 466B-Russian Dancers-Melbourne

The dancers delights Australian audiences with vibrant and exhilarating performances of russian dance. Our repertoire includes dances from Russia and also from the republics of the former Soviet Union. The group performs at many festivals, private functions and cultural events throughout the year.






Multi 467A-French Guitaist-singer-Melbourne

Marc is a unique musical act, that recreates the ambiance of parisian Boulevards, café life and French Romance, through the présentation of Chanson Française.
 Playing acoustic guitare, French Australien singer & musician, Marc performs, in the French Language, répertoires made popular by legendary artists such as Jacques BREL, edith PIAF, Charles AZNAVOUR, Serge GAINSBOURG, Claude NOUGARO, Michel POLNAREF, and others.

Performing either solo, or alongside other guest musicians, Marc’s  DuPOnT DuBOiS provides authentic French Nostalgia for your venue, function or spécial events.

Listen to Marc

Listen to Marc 2


multi 468A-French-Melbourne

Cathryn is also an accomplished piano-accordionist and has spent the last ten years building her improvisational skills in Perth and then in Melbourne, on both piano-accordion and viola.She has spent the last two years studying jazz and improvisation on the accordion and playing with numerous bands - thus becoming immersed in various forms of folk, jazz and rock. french a specialty



Multi 485AAA-Traditional Japanese Girls-queensland

In Traditional costume these Japanese girls will meet and greet and roam your function and give out origami Papers.

Japanese tea ceremony also available.

Tea ceremony is the ritualised preparation and serving of powdered green tea in the presence of guests. A full-length formal tea ceremony involves a meal and two servings of tea and lasts approximately four hours. What I can offer would be an abbreviated version of the tea ceremony to provide a tantalising taste of Japanese culture. This abbreviated version called "Bonryaku demae" would take 20-30 minutes, with two to three serves of tea.

I only perform tea ceremony as part of a roving act. I can do 40-45 minutes roving in the first hour and one session of an abbreviated tea ceremony in the second hour if that suits the client.

To perform the tea ceremony, I require access to drinking water and a kettle as well as a platform to sit on. This platform needs to be raised high enough for people to see what a seated person is doing.


Multi 515AA-accordion-Italian-Melbourne

Playing Italian and folk music that is sure to get your function swinging.



Multi 516AA-Bollywood-Queensland

Performers available for Bollywood Dance Performance and Bollywood Dance Workshop .Our performers will be in stunning Bollywood costumes, dazzling jewellery  and many more. We can feature all the glitz, glamour, song, dance and romance that we know as "Bollywood".

Multi 516B-Bollywood Workshop-Queensland

Organizations look for Team activities for a range of reasons. Sometimes just for a fun get together or reward, others to build a bond and at the other end of the spectrum, to attempt to break down barriers between other Teams, work colleagues, supervisors or managers.

Bollywood Team Building program is a fantastic way to harmonize different personalities within a working environment. We offer a slightly different approach which focuses on corporate dance programs to develop work teams by enhancing communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness. Corporate members will strengthen key skills as they listen, learn, persevere, perform and encourage in a relaxed fun-filled environment. It's indoor, it's flexible - our Bollywood Dance team building program can be done at a conference venue, your workplace or Dance Studio

So go on, offer your employees a Bollywood team building exercise, which has continued health, confidence and mental benefits while developing a cognitive and holistic approach to teamwork.








Code-442PE-Greek Dancers-Melbourne

Dances from Hellenic Pontian tradition and Culture.

Multi 525A-Latin-Melbourne

A 12 piece goup of authentic Latino musicians, specialising in the latest styles of Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Cha Cha, Bolero etc as well as keeping the main traditional rhythms as the main base roots.


see also Latin bands



Multi 584A-Gypsy Grooves-Melbourne

The Band combine old world charm with new world excitement. Their original take on traditional Gypsy tunes is guarenteed to get any party started and keep it going until the dancers can dance no more. Melodies twirl between the trumpet, sax and violin. Dance inspiring rhythms bound and leap between the drums, electric bass and guitar. With stage presence overflowing with vitality and fun, The Band capture hearts and minds and dancing feet wherever they go. The music is undeniably ‘gypsy’, with scorching Balkan melodies played over relentlessly tight and funky rhythms. According to Beat Magazine the sound of the band ‘reflects the unique experience of a ‘gypsy’ band raised on Melbourne dance-floors’.


view play list


Multi 627B-African Drummers-Melbourne

The African drummers provide a colourful and lively floorshow of music, dance and culture of Ghana. Very energetic display dressed in National Costumes playing royal music from all regions of Ghana. A combination of royal, Social and traditional sacred music on traditional instruments.The Traditional African drummers will liven up any event.

The African Drummers play a combination of royal, social and traditional sacred music on traditional instruments. There are a great variety of royal drums, depending upon the tribal groups. Each group has its own form of percussion orchestra of eight or more musicians and has its own particular rhythms. Each drum within the orchestra has its own pattern combining to provide very complex rhythms that are, nevertheless, easy to dance to.

The African Royal Drummers also play highlife and palmwine music for dancing and are available for dance events and parties.




Multi 641A-Russian-NSW

Russian and Slavic folk dancers put on a spectacular display.





Multi 724AA Cafe drums- Sydney-Melbourne

The group can provide your event with a wide range of performers including singers, musicians, dancers and fire performers.











Multi 723A-Flamenco-Melbourne

A Melbourne Based Duo that perform all original flamenco guitar music accompanied by the Cajon flamenco drum. For events where dancing is a must the they can perform in larger formats upto an 8 piece including flamenco dance and singing.
Orlando has been composing flamenco guitar music since he started playing flamenco. He began studying flamenco at 15, teaching himself and creating his own original style of playing within the strict flamenco compass and forms by watching and listening to Gitanos (gypsy) flamenco musicians. Obsessed with flamenco he has devoted his life to the music, creating original compositions true to the flamenco art form. Seeing flamenco as a way of life, Orlando has reached a stage of proficiency in his composition that is unparalleled in its originality and Aire within Australia and has earned the respect of musicians world wide, including Tommy Emmanuel (Aus), Ginesa Ortega (Spain), Misirli Ahmet (Turkey), Duquende (Spain), Arcangel (Spain) and even Paco De Lucia (Spain) who is recognised as the worlds best flamenco guitarist and innovator of flamenco.
Michael accompanies Orlando on guitar with his Cajon Flamenco drum and was born into a musical family. He has performed locally, with world bands including Azuca Negra, Bad Boys Batacada and Arte Kanela, over the last 26 years, as-well as performing overseas. He is considered to be Australia’s leading percussionist and has graduated in a double degree, as well as taught percussion at V.C.A.

In a review by Tommy Emmanuel, Australia’s most recognised guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel said of their sound: ‘Awesome music. Your stuff is really incredible.’



Multi-Italian 728BB Duo-Melbourne

Ellen and Bill play music from the old and new worlds, on a variety of instruments. Their repertoire includes many styles including Italian and Spanish Vocals.

Ellen and Bill have also every month for the Russian Speaking group at Temple Beth Israel, and for Russians at Kadima Centre and entertained a Russian social club at Hampton.  For these jobs I had to learn to sing in Russian (also Hebrew and Yiddish). We mainly used keybard, guitar and vocals for these gigs, and accordion could be used. We can add Gypsy violin for a trio. 

italian repertoire

jewish russian reportoire




Multi-classical 787B-Melbourne

The Band is a unique Australian ensemble, performing a rarely-heard repertoire on historically important instruments, to form a consort rich in possibilities.

An instrumental line up of winds, strings, brass and percussion, presented with voice allows for exciting sound combinations reflecting the various instrumental groupings of the period. The group follows the sixteenth century performance practice of ornamentation, diminution and embellishment.

The ensemble comprises leading early music specialists who share a passion for and commitment to music performance. Their vibrant musicianship combined with their improvisatory skills has established La Compañia's reputation with both audiences and critics for presenting innovative programs and dynamic performances.

The 5 piece ensemble consists of cornetto, shawm, sackbuts & percussion







one of Australia’s leading flamenco guitarists, his virtuosity on the guitar is second to none as well as his ability to play solo or accompany vocals, dance and other musicians. His compositions and arrangements are of the highest standards as are shown in his albums.
With his own unique style and phenomenal technique, Valentino produces some of the finest guitar playing incorporating both modern and traditional flamenco.
His musical work is mesmerizing!


Flamenco ensemble 790B

This ensemble is one  of Australia’s leading flamenco groups and undisputedly the most dynamic and energetic. Led by one of the country’s best flamenco guitarists. He has had years of experience playing in Australia and abroad and has also released two albums proving his virtuosity on the guitar. He is also complimented by the very experienced artists within this flamenco group.
This ensemble also brings the element of flamenco dance led by one of Australia’s leading dancers/choreographers Inge “La Rosa” Muhlhauser. Flamenco dance is one of the most artistic forms of dance and this is executed in true flamenco elegance by “La Rosa”.
Also adding their touch of class are some of Australia’s finest musicians and vocalists:
Stanche  is the group’s lead vocalist and is instrumental to bridging the gap between music and dance. His soulful singing is second to none as he produces his own style of flamenco vocalization.
Bass player Holly  comes from a very experienced background in Jazz and Classical and has played with many diverse bands and artists. Truly producing a rich and refined form of bass playing she has adopted the flamenco form as one of her own.
With years of experience Tristian  takes on the role of piano and percussion which he does with ease. His ability and understanding of jazz piano as well as flamenco cajon gives him the edge when it comes to producing high quality playing.
Percussionist Raju  provides the percussive flair with his wide knowledge of rhythms and various percussive techniques. He plays the cajon and djembe with very dynamic energy producing a unique feel which is embraced by the rest of the group.
Marilyn  is the vocalist who brings femininity to the voice of this group. With years of experience with various bands, she brings a jazzy feel to the group enabling the worlds of flamenco and jazz to unite and create a unique sound.
The Ensemble brings the true essence of flamenco both modern and traditional. The music and energy this group produces is truly mesmerizing and special.spanish-acoustic-duo



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