Roving-roaming Performers for festivals and events, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Queensland, Perth.

May take a few minutes to download due to videos
Look through the list write down number of performer interested in. Check they are in your state. Click Contact above to fill out form for performer to send back a quote. The Agency does not set performers fees. Put number of performer wanted in other Information on bottom of form. (Can put several requests on the one form) Be realistic with budget so we do not waste performers time.

Code 1RSJ-Jockeys-roving musicians-Melbourne

Blinkers are off.
The bagmen are collecting the wagers and checking the odds.
The Boys have their silks on and are lined up at the barrier ready to commence the entertainment at today’s race meeting. 
From the birdcage to the member’s room, the entertainment will be flowing and the heart beat will be racing.  It’s Race Day!



A fun and colourful roaming stilts character guarenteed to brighten up any event. This unique giant caterpillar on her own toadstool is loved by children and adults alike.

No stairs or esculators. Slow moving.


Code-13THO-roving Orb Ballerina-Melbourne

The ballerina moves elegantly through the crowd inside the giant orb, stopping to show off her skills on pointe before moving on. Her beautiful dancing will add elegance and style to your event. This roaming act is performed by roaming between the guests when they are up and mingling.  Smooth surface required. Sets x 10 mins on 20min break due to heat

Code13THB-Stage Act 1 x 5 min set

A carefully crafted and elegant 5minute dance act performed on stage inside the giant orb. The performance combines beautiful ballet technique with grace and flexibility and will leave your guests inspired and enchanted.
The ballerina moves elegantly through the crowd inside the giant orb, stopping to show off her skills on pointe before moving on. Her beautiful dancing will add elegance and style to your event. This roaming act is performed by roaming between the guests when they are up and mingling.  Smooth surface required. or as a ballerina without Bubble

Code-13THC-roving Creature

Can also be a mythical sea creature.
Sets x 10 mins on 20min break due to heat.

13THO 13THB-Ballerina


Code 14TJZ-Zombies-Melbourne

Available for roving events or as a dance set.


Code 32STF-King louie-Marie Antoinette-Melbourne

Great for French Themed Functions.

Code 32STC-Latin-stilts-Melbourne

A fruity Latin stilt duo, brimming with colour and energy.

32AST-French-stilt-walker 32StC-latin

Code 32STP-pierrot-French-Melbourne

ideal for French themed functions.



The Victorian Equestrians is a fun Duo with Victorian style, elegance and period charm.
 The duo can be comprised of the couple in red & black on stilts, or one character on stilts and one as a half man, half horse on the ground.  Both combinations are a great fun.
 This Equestrian act is very unique and would be a very lively, theatrical act with elegance harking back to a time when racing was really in our blood.
 Just a note the horse is not on stilts.  It works really well with the quirky character being led around by it's larger than life trainer. 
 These are fun and unique characters for any racing event.

horses-races racing-characters

CODE 33AFF-French Mime-Melbourne

Clever, Cute, classy and wonderfully distracting they are fabulous icebreakers for all occasions.
Choose traditional white face as per image, or dressed to suit your theme (The skills will fit in any costume).
Trained in London.

33AFF-French Mime artist. Mime-artists

Code-32STG-gatsby stilt walkers-Melbourne

The great gatsby stilt walkers suitable for those 1920's themed parties.






CODE 33BFF-Giant butterflies-Melbourne

Flitter and Flutter’, the 2 Giant Butterflies, are the original gentle giants. In Corporate environments, they add glamour and class.
In Festivals, they dance, pose, sip nectar, give out beautiful butterfly stamps, and make friends with all ages and cultures. These spectacular creatures are absolute camera magnets and heart warmers.
Two different colored ‘wing sets’ are available.
‘Harlequins’ (Rainbow and Blue) or the ‘Red and Golds’. They are perfect for multicultural events or Asian Festivals where Red and Gold are considered ‘good luck’ colors.
The Giant Butterflies measure approx 4 meters in height. For rooms with low ceilings, the tall wings can be removed yet retain the fabulous impact.
Giant Butterflies enjoy maximum visibility without the risk of stilts. Ground based, means up-close and personal for group photos anywhere. Also comes with a Catcher for a comical performance and chaperone.

33BFF-Giant butterfly

33bFF-Harlequin butterfly


Code-33FFH-The Dogs-puppetry-clowning-Melbourne

Using mime, clowning and puppetry in a seemless orchestra of skill and experience, this couple can be hilariously quiet or loud and interactive, which ever is most appropriate. They will surprise and delight the most hardend of souls, melting hearts and distracting attention from their odd socks. This engaging and quirky couple will do their very best to fit in and wonder what all the attention is about? Go on holidays, go for a walk, go anywhere, but don’t forget to take the pooch!
Meet ‘Herman’ and his new wife ‘Devinia’ with their two amazing ‘Dogs’, ‘Knuckles’ and ‘Squeegee’ Herman and Devinia’ (typical pet owners)’ will delight in sharing with you, the tips and tricks for how best, to love and travel with ‘Mans Best Friend’.
Knuckles’ is a beautifully handcrafted puppet made from Red Cedar. Squeegee’ is a pure bred ‘SABCO’ (South Australian Brush Company)
Wherever quirky comic roving improvisation is required. Their interactive banter can of course be adapted for specific themes.




The giant colorful fish, likes to make a splash wherever she goes. She’ will pose for photos and blow bubbles for 'Wilber' (The Fisherman with his rubbery oversized hook). She’ll even help you to catch her. Your audience will certainly know they've arrived, when they meet this pair.
The fish measures 2.4 meters long and 2.8 meters high. Her eyes, fins and mouth animate creating a smile that is both heart- warming and utterly engaging. Interactive fishing games.



Can wear aussie clothes
Two pint-sized riders sit aboard ‘Life sized’- ish Camel puppets.
These Camels can be cheeky, even if they don’t spit. They’ll nibble flowers, nudge the unwary and be lead along just like a real horse.
Kids love to lead them, adults love to photograph them; everyone loves to play with them.
The realism of the camels comes from their cute faces with huge eyes that blink, mouths that chew, tails that wag and 4 independent articulated walking legs.
The cleverness of this act contributes to the total confusion of the public and the believability of the act. A wonderful testimony to the skill of one of Australia’s most creative puppet builder. The result is sheer delight and of course, plenty of posing for the camera.
Change room space requires 4 X 4 meters cleared.


Code 33FFP-Giant Fauna Pot Plant-Melbourne

Combining state of the art animatronics with puppetry of a massive scale to produce an ‘Interactive Plant-like’ creature. 12 channels of remote controlled action provides 3 large ‘Bud-Heads’ with human-like features including sleepy eyes that follow viewers as the heads raise or lower to a striking position, allowing the massive jaw-like petals to open (wide enough to fit the over a human head).
As this creation is controlled by a live actor, subtile motions and interactivity are personalised allowing for photo opportunities and ‘feeding on demand’.
Up to 6m tall this creation can adapt to different environments and locations. It is powered by 240v lead/mains or can utilise a silent generator for semi-roaming and is easy to relocate at various precincts throughout large venues/locations.


Code -33FFD-Aeroplanes-flying DRs-Melbourne

A Tribute to the ' Flying Doctors' these Flying Doctors' roam in their Biplanes conducting on the spot 'health checks' with a variety of fun props and plenty of hilarious repartee. They  remain for the most part within the plane but have been known to land for special occasions. These two Dr Flynns (The founder of the Service) will ensure that 'ya funny bones don't fall off, they'll tighten any loose bits for you and oil the squeekiest of clientel.
Got a family fun day, medical conference, sporting event or something else altogether? Let The Flying Doctors administer a little nontoxic, highly contagious fun as they administer directly to all your distraction needs!!
The Flying Doctors in their Bi -planes are a tribute to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Without a medical certificate between them, they provide on the spot, comic health checks. They'll make sure your funny bone is firmly attached, as they are a proven 'runway' hit wherever they land.
The planes come complete with spinning propellers, flapping wings, landing gear and a range of fun medical equipment not to mention the crazy antics of these two Dr Flynns. Just ask for a complimentary Joy Ride!



Comic illusionary and interactive roaming characters, performing routines of aquatic skills on dry land. In custom-built canoes, this is the most fun you can have in a boat with out water!
Cleverly maintaining the real rocking motion of a boat on water, ‘The crew create the fabulous illusion of really floating.
They will 'paddle ' through any venue inside and out, or throw you a line and go fishing, while enjoying the gentle sway of make believe water. With select 'equipment', audiences can join in and try their hand at 'dry' water skiing, swimming races or fishing.


Code 37ACM-Stilt-Mime-Melbourne

Chris uses mime, magic, mask and dance to tell his story.
He  is an old school magician; he is a romantic at heart, fusing mime, magic, masks, and dance to tell his story. Combining hat manipulation with comedy close up magic, he is ideal for roving through cocktail and dinner parties. He has appeared at many restaurants, Children’s birthdays and corporate events.

On or of Stilts or with Mask for Masquerade theme.

37ACM-french mime artist 37ACM-Mime-Clown

Code 37CMJ-jester-Melbourne

A character based on the Harlequin personality from the Commedia Dell’arte or fool / court jester. He is excellent at meeting and greeting guests, mime, juggling, imitating people and bending balloons. He can also be a 10 foot tall jumping Jester.
Meeting and Greeting Guests, pre – show, and roving through guests is sure to make your event colorful and exciting. He has appeared at many events from festivals, corporate, carnival, circus and masquerade themed events.



He can be 10 foot tall on stilts, roving through crowds or meeting and greeting guests at family, private, and themed events. Lasso tricks,balloons etc

Code-37CMW-cowboy-stage show-Melbourne

This character is master of lasso and whip cracking, from cutting cigarettes out of someone’s mouth, to twin stock whips, a very visual and loud act that on cabaret and corporate stages as well as western themed events.  A variation of the act can be performed with Fire Whips.
Specifications for stage show:Ideal Stage Size: Width - 5 m Height 5 m Length 5 m



Code-37CMH-Mad Hatter-Melbourne

Magic, juggling and balloon-bending available on request. Great for Alice in Wonderland Themes.


Code 42FWA-Angle Grinding Show-Melbourne

Angle Grinding creates a huge volley of sparks and light that can be aimed in all directions. Our angle grinding performers wear custom designed costumes with special plates on their arms and crotches.
They grind on these areas - dangerously close to the anatomy - for the audience's pleasure. One of our most popular crowd pleasing antics is where the performers bend over and shoot sparks out of their back-sides. The performers grind in time with the music and get into cheeky character.
Angle grinding is a great podium act, is an integral part of our freak show and makes a great addition to a fire show. Industrial, freak and tradesman/women themes available.

5-10min sets

angle-grinding-show angle-grinding-show

Code-42FWT-Teller of Fortunes-Melbourne

Ever had a Gypsy read your cards? Be entertained and entranced with forecasts of your future. With many years of experience and highly attuned skills, Fortune Telling makes for a highly entertaining and unique addition to your event. All theming is supplied so you can set your fortune tellers up anywhere and be guaranteed that they will look the part. With special decks and also readings for teens and children, Fortune Telling engages people from all ages, and from all walks of life.
Bring the magic of tarot and fortune-telling to your audience for an experience that will entertain, amaze, and get everyone talking!


Code-42FWFD-Show-solo or Duo-Melbourne

The oldest and most dangerous of the fire arts, fire breathing and fire swallowing have been around since the dawn of civilization. Nothing quite compares to the explosive force of a fire ball streaming into the air, a force you can not only see, but feel.
If this show was a pizza, you could say it has 'The Lot'. It's available as a solo or duo show and you get the fire breathing and fire eating combined with fire dance all in the one package. The duo play, lick, eat and co-noodle with the fire to execute seemingly impossible feats. They get the audience involved while they dare each other to perform more and more dangerous stunts. The audience's reaction to these real-life human dragons is as spectacular as the stunts themselves!
Circus inspired costuming and  make up designs are combined with stunning visual effects such as Fire breathing, Fire eating, Fire Staves, Fire Poi and Fire Maces.

Check with Venue permission to have fire .

42FWFD-show 42FWFD-show

42FWFD-show-4 42FWFD-show-3

Code-47TF-portable Photo Booths-melbourne

Background info

The latest New Generation Digital Photo booth which has been custom built to cater for functions & events of any size.When you hire a Photo booth for your event in Melbourne you can be assured it is:
Easy to use - with simple instructions and user friendly buttons.
We can simply switch the booth on and off at the agreed times.
Prints two sets of photo strips - one for your guests to take home and the other for you to keep.
Photos print quickly - within 14 seconds meaning more photos and fun to be had for all your guests.
Professional quality prints - the photo strips have a laminated coating, so they come out dry and won't get smudged.
Black and White or Colour - the photobooth can be programmed to either print in colour, black and white or both.
Personalised logo or message - your logo or message can be programmed into the booth and it will be displayed in place of the fourth photo on your photo strip.
CD of all images taken - we provide you with a CD of images after your event and you'll be able to re-live fun-times!
Strong and easy to transport - the booth is made of steel therefore designed to withstand anyone who dares! It is able to fit through a normal doorway, meaning access to almost any venue.
Safe - the booth meets all Australian Safety Standards.

Optional Extras
Extend your photobooth fun with as many additional hours as you can handle.
Photo Album -This beautiful black leather album is 31cm x 34 cm and has black pages and interleaves. It makes the perfect guestbook and keepsake of your special event! Adhesive and choice of gold, silver or white pen included.
Prop Box-Bring out the wild side in even your most reserved guest with our selection of fun props.
Magnets (per hour) -Turn your guests' memento into a keepsake by adding a magnet to the back of each photostrip. These are sure to find their way to the fridge!
Customised booth background -Want a point of difference to your photos? Change our standard white background to something that suits your theme.
Personal message or logo-Adding a personal message or logo to the last frame of your photostrip ensures your guests don't forget where they had so much fun. Provide us with the file and we will programme the booth to have your message on every strip! Free

Attendant (extra per hour) -Let a friendly face assist you and your guests to get the most out of your boothing experience. Great for helping with magnets, props and photo albums.

Photo booth hire packages include:
Delivery, set up and removal of booth.
Unlimited photos for duration of hire.
Black and White or Colour photos.
Double photo strips printed in booth in seconds.
CD of all photos in high resolution sent to you after the event.
Your choice of different backgrounds.
Your choice of 3 different software packages.
*Saturday rates apply to public holidays and 24th, 26th and 31st December
Cannot not be delivered where there are stairs



Code 57ABD-glam Photo wall-Melbourne

This Photo Wall is a completely unique, glamorous, over the top version of an open air photo booth in which guests "become" the theatrics of the evening.
We provides glamorous, tangible "walls" as extraordinary photo sets alongside an open air photo booth.  It is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events or any celebration. 
The chosen Photo Wall will become the centrepiece of the event, demanding attention and intrigue from every guest. Forget green screens and superimposed effects; it is the essence of old world glamourromance and theatrics.  

A range of colours either oblong wall of flowers or archway for weddings or entrance ways.
We utilises high quality artificial flowers, moss and foliage.  Your desired flower wall is created in the knowledge that we will use these materials again - hence the huge reduction in price.
They are constructed to your desired dimensions and colour range. 
We recommend 2 - 3 metres in height and 2-3 metres in width.
Can be used on their own or used as part of a photo booth if you wish to hire the photographer or open air booth as a separate piece.
Cost includes delivery/pickup

A variety of props available add extra cost to add excitement to the event. Moon glass, swing, horse
Each item

or champagne glass with model

Code 57BCGM-champagne glass-Model Melbourne

This famous diamonte encrusted champagne glass is a vision of glamour, indulgence and fun.  It is usually filled with light weight goose feathers, but can be filled with anything you like from branded baubles to warm water.  The silver stem and ring surrounding the glass flute is encrusted with sparkling diamontes.  This frames the goddess like model lounging, protentiously posing and playfully interacting with those around her who are all keen to take photos.  From her height she blows bubbles, tosses feathers in the air above and pours champagne, charming awe-struck guests.  The model wears a dazzling, themed costume of choice.
The giant glass stands approximately 1.5 metres tall and 1 metre in diameter.

Not available for public to sit in but can be used for background in photos.

floral photo wall-melbourne real floral photo walls photo wall with real flowers for weddings

57ABD-Moon 57ABD-Wall-photos

57ABD-Photo-wall 57ABD-Wall-photos

champagne glass champagne glass-model

Code 57BBD-roving-tables-Melbourne

Our costumes are spectacular, our performers – simply stunning and we are here to make your event or party something that is out of this world.
Cheeky, sexy and fun, the costumed artistes are a stunning and quirky way to circulate sweet canapés or drinks to your guests.
Range of costumes include:1 Flossy Darling, 2 candy , 3 peacock, Knickerbocker Darling,6 Flutterby, Bravo Bouquet, Liquorice Allsorts, Bravo Burlesque,5 Topiary Tart.
Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists. 
Created from the finest of materials and delicious hand dyed plumes with more than a generous sprinkling of Swarovksi crystals.  Guests will mingle with a plethora of stunning creatures from our ever growing menagerie.
Perhaps the Appetiser Darling Tray Artiste range of acts is more suited to your event style.  Cheeky, sexy and fun, this range of living table acts are a novel way of displaying and distributing food and drinks.   These burlesque inspired walk about characters can tempt guests with sweet candy and cake delights or simply serve drinks.  They are the perfect conversation starter.

Heaps more-Download complete performers list of options

right click more table options


57BBD-pink-table 57BBD-Candy

57BBD-peacock-table 57BBD-garden



Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists.  They will indulge in delicious eye candy treats; unique and spectacular.  We have a long list of whimsical creations, so take your time to explore them all.


Created from the finest of materials and delicious hand dyed plumes with more than a generous sprinkling of Swarovksi crystals, these stilt walking birds are perfectly divine for the most sophisticated of events. Guests will mingle with a plethora of stunning creatures from our ever growing menagerie.


Glistening and sparkling stilt performer. Scatter these stilt walking, feather dusting candelabras throughout the room to create a glamorous, yet quirky space. Their tea candles will light up any room with beauty and charm, reminiscent of times gone by or modern extravagance.  An oversized candelabra styled head piece is draped with crystals and highlighted with artificial tea candles that really light up.


They can’t  wait to sread their vibrance throughout your next event. Pinker than pink, these posing, preening, tall standing creations are perfectly divine for the most sophisticated event.

Code-57CBD4-stilts-White Swan-Melbourne



57CBD1-stilts-peacock 57CBD2-chandalier

57CBD3-flamingo 57CBD4-white-swan


Code-57DBD-glam ladies-Melbourne

As the first of its kind in the corporate entertainment industry, providing a unique and extensive range of roving acts for corporate events. Our costumes are spectacular, our performers – simply stunning and we are here to make your event or party something that is out of this world.
Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is these unique artists. They will indulge in delicious eye candy treats; unique and spectacular. We have a long list of whimsical creations, so take your time to explore them all.


From the depths of the ocean comes this glistening gold beauty of the sea. She has swum many nautical miles to bring something special to your event. Brushing her long golden locks, blowing bubbles, flipping her shimmering tail and greeting guests, this always gorgeous mermaid will be in the talk of the party.
Her flawless skin is sprinkled with gold dust while her precious head piece and top are encrusted with shells, pearls and star fish. Mermaid can also be adapted to swim in water. Slight variations in costume will apply.  she is available in both gold and blue.





57DBD-mermaid 57DBD10-geisha

57DBD3-snowflake 57DBD2-xmas

57DBD26-Bouquet 57DBD2%_fairy

Code-57DBD-5-Burlesque Angel-Melbourne

Add glitz and glamour to your event with this roving burlesque Angel.


bulresque roving angel

Code-64AKS-Bronze-Living Statue-Melbourne

18th century

The Lady, loosely based on Marie Antoinette, is a resplendent eighteenth century living statue. Initially a static piece, lifelessly frozen in time, the Lady gradually emerges from stillness to bring to life all of the grace and beauty of another era. While rather regal in countenance the Lady can initially appear a little shy and yet has been known to flirt as outrageously as a girl without a chaperone for the first time.
This silent and stunning performance is perfect for a variety of events from festivals to weddings, meet and greet to roving, the Lady transfixes and delights both young and old with her majesty and magic.

64AKS-Living-statue 64AKS-living-statue

Code-64KSG-Geisha Girls-Melbourne

These delightful Japanese characters will rove any Japanese themed event in Melbourne
Although not of Japanese origin they will certainly bring color to your event.
Can be on or of Stilts.

Code-64KSG2-Geisha and Samari stilts-Melbourne

Stilt Samari and Geisha

geisha-girls-melbourne stilt-geisha-samari


Are they statues? Are they musicians? Astoundingly they are both, combining visual splendour and musical mastery. These accomplished golden musicians appear as statues, stunningly still then suddenly they come to life to delight your ears with beautiful melodies. A visual and aural feast they are a unique addition to any event, entrancing all.


Code-69AFV1- Statue -Roaming-QLD

This stylish roving act or installation utilises the universal language of mime. This happy 1950’s couple visit your event with open eyes, amazed by the colourful world around them.
Also available as solo act.

This act is also available:
-with a complete 60’s living room set
-in other colours
-as shopping themed act
-as Christmas themed act
-tailored to your event. Talk to us; we have plenty of ideas!
Other Info
Most acts perform for either 2 x 45 minutes or 3 x 30 minute sets.


Code-69FVS-living Statue-Qld

First the sound of cogwheels emanates from this toy-like 19 th Century photographer. As he slowly comes to life, he turns his camera to a member of the audience and prepares to take a picture.
Two little doors open and out of the camera box pops a little whistling bird reminiscent of the old expression ‘look at the birdie’.
Then as a crowning moment, a spectacular little light and smoke flash comes from above the hand held flash as though the picture is being taken.
As the audience exclaim, the photographer freezes again.


Code-69FV2-Bollywood Stilt walkers-Brisbane

Bollywood Stilt walkers for festivals and multicultural events.


bollywood stilt walkers in brisbane.

Code 69WFV-Stilt Waiters-Qld

These waiters serve your petit-four, napkin, chocolates, flowers, program or sample in a spectacular, unique and
‘high level’ manner.
A giant helium balloon supports a tray; an elegant way of making an impression on your guests.
Can also carry sample bags to give out your product.
Can be with or without balloon.


These waiters serve your petit-four, napkin, chocolates, flowers, program or sample in a spectacular, unique and A giant helium balloon supports a tray; an elegant way of making an impression on your guests.

Code-69FVO-oriental Stilts-Qld

These tall ladies bring a touch of the Orient to your function.


These tall ladies bring a touch of the Orient to your function.Stilt walkers Qld



Suitable for the freak theme is a Spooky Statue-mime performer. He is available as a meet and greet living human statue complete with an elaborate podium base. He is mostly silent but does grunt and groan from time to time and interacts with guest by shaking hands, hand signals etc. His unimpressed facial expression is that of a jaded, old freaky man set in stone.
Or as a roving stilt character.

code-69FVGS-spooky stilt walker

This creepy but delightful gentleman on stilts welcomes ‘his guests’ with a grotesque smile or an eerie handshake. His movements are elegant and fluid, and despite his sinister looks he produces plenty of laughs as well as gasps.



A very stylish and ultra mobile act by a very friendly robot-girl riding her self balancing scoot (mini segway).

69XFV-Angel living statue-Qld

An angelic living statue or roving character.

angel-living statue or roving. angel living statue.

code 69FVX-Snowman-Qld

This stunning snowman melts the heart of everyone he meets. With his comical movements and cute expression he awakens the inner child of even the coolest customer.
A real eye catcher for any Christmas event or to give an amusing accent to the Australian winter period.
Add a hand held fan and he is even the perfect visual metaphor for a Global Warming conference.
Comes as an installation with floor, fence, mailbox and lantern. The snowman is not a roving act but an installation act performing in and coming with a décor He 'roves' from dressing room to his installation if floor is clean (not in grass or sand).
It's not a show to watch, it's more a living decoration (like with living statues or any 'meet & greet' act). 
Comes with 2 people (one actor and one dresser/minder)
The acts is 2 x 45 min sets within a 3 hour call.


Code 69FVG-living guest book-Qld

When guests sign the register this animated bronze statue comes to life. His playful interactions encourage thoughtful comments and make what is usually an overlooked part of the event a highlight

When guests sign the register this animated bronze statue comes to life. living statue guest-book

Code-69FV3-bubbles on stilts-Qld

This giant cloud man is followed by reams of never ending bubbles (4000 every minute) and a stream of ecstatic children.  Perfect for roving through festivals or stealing the show in a street parade, the far reaching effects of the bubbles dramatically increase the range and visibility of this act, making it great value.

This giant cloud man is followed by reams of never ending bubbles and a stream of ecstatic children.Perfect for roving through festivals or stealing the show in a street parade, the far reaching effects of the bubbles dramatically increase the range and visibility of this act, making it great value.

Code 69FVF-Fire performer-Brisbane

The loveable  Fire eater-Breather  is like a living, breathing cartoon character!
The performer’s high level skills in classical mime and fire-eating make this act exceptionally entertaining and captivating.
Join Mr Flame as he takes a magical meal in Zang’s chicken restaurant, arguably the ‘hottest’ cafe in town. From the moment the guest enters the venue things start to heat up. Quite literally!
Can also be a 10min stage act.

roving fire performer with a twist

Code 69FVD The Living Doll Statue-Qld

A cute and friendly pantomime act which will surprise and delight spectators.
Always a gentleman, the Doll shakes peoples hands, poses for photographs and often plays friendly tricks on the awestruck audience.
With perfect staccato movements, a magnificent rubber look and the ability to never blink his eyes, the audience is left looking for the man with the remote control.

A cute and friendly pantomime act which will surprise and delight spectators.

Code 69FVB-butler Mime-living statues-Qld

Almost indistinguishable from a real bronze bust, this Old English butler presents a bottle of fine champagne. But watch out! Now and then the cork will suddenly pop out of the bottle straight into the air. Then even for such a proper butler it’s hard to resist sneaking a sip.  The Butler is both stylish and hilarious, and a perfect act for example an entrance area, close to the bar area, or for a food and wine festival.

The Butler is both stylish and hilarious, and a perfect act for example an entrance area, close to the bar area, or for a food and wine festival.

Code-72AEJ1 -Jockeys-Melbourne

Ideal for race nights, Race meetings. Fun loving and interactive.


The biggest patriots you’ll ever see, the Giant Aussies have perhaps eaten one too many meat pies! The Giant Aussies are true blue, fair dinkum and love to have a joke. I’d like to say they’re all heart, but there’s so much of them!
Always full of fun and photo moments… these two are like super models, or super-sized models. For Australia Day or any other day, go the Giant Aussies. Oi, oi, oi!

72AEJ1-jockeys 72AEJ2-roaming-patriotic


Code-72AEJ3-Chinese Cai Shen-Melbourne

Giant roving Chinese character



Audiences are captivated as this amazingly life-like elephant wanders through any event. The true size of a young adult African Forest Elephant, being a massive 2.6m tall and 3.5m long. Her prehensile trunk extends 1.5m from her body and playfully engages with people. and flaps around her giant ears to help her stay cool and can move her tail. The look and puppetry behind our elephant evokes an emotional connection with her audience and the immediate environment. now has sound.
She can appear in her natural glory or as a festive elephant, wearing a richly decorated elephant blanket with plenty of tassels on her tusks and legs. She is accompanied by a stilt walking chaperone who provides the verbal interface for the act. Select from a vintage Zoo Keeper chaperone or a glamorous Circus Performer.
The stilt character who accompanies her can be the Circus Showgirl, Vintage Zookeeper or Circus Ringleader. Two things; we will require the client to provide an additional minder to walk at the rear of the act as we perform and encourage anyone wanting a hands on encounter to move up the front where the stilt character can act as the verbal interface for the act; also we have to perform in 40 minute sets to fit within a two hour call.

Code-72BEJ2-Giant Bear-Melbourne

The bear can illuminate at night to give a stunning iridescent glow. 2 performers in Bear accompanied by chaperone.
Detailed Description of Act-3 person act
For roving entertainment that embraces a fantasy, festive, ecological or winter wonderland theme, this act will blow you away!
It  is a vision to behold! An amazing 320cm long and 200cm tall, the Bear is a fusion of colour and vibrancy. He ambles along while his comically engaging chaperone entertains the crowd.
A psychedelic spectacle for day time performances, this act is even more breath-taking at night when the Bear illuminates to give an iridescent glow. The size and multi-colours of the Bear astounds people while his chaperone keeps them entertained. Together they create a bright air of festivity.
The Glo bears chaperone provides the verbal engagement for this very visual act. Their dialogue can be based around a theme of your choice. All our performers are highly experienced in comedy improvisation and are very interactive with audiences of all ages.
There are a range of characters available as the character based chaperone for this act:
The Bear & His Little Bo Peep - The colours and patterns of the glo Bear are sharply contrasted by the striking white costume of his Bo Peep minder. Available with or without stilts, the Not so Little Bo Peep is a vivacious and she is delightfully engaging. Client to provide an additional minder at rear.





Code-72EJTB-Giant bears-Melbourne

Every teddy bear loves a good picnic, and none more than these two! The Giant Teddies prove that bigger is better – they have big personalities and even bigger appetites. The only thing that growls on these bears are their stomachs. When it comes to family days, craft markets and children’s’ events these are your bear essentials.



Great for any circus themed event.


Code-72EJWN-water Nymphs-Melbourne

These stilt walking water nymphs will delight he children with large bubbles.
Two beautiful, majestic water-creatures shimmer, gleam and bring a touch of the exotic to your event. With bubble machines built into their costumes, masses of bubbles float around them wherever they go.
Available with a wand option where they create massive bubbles up to a meter in size. 

Can be on or of stilts.



Code-72EJSP-police on stilts-Melbourne

Police themed comic and highly interactive stilt walking trio. Available: Solo, Duo and Trio. Theme: English Bobbies or Ye Olde Australian Police.
A comedy trio of stilt walkers, our boys in blue will tickle you pink! These olde world, oafish officers are thoroughly engaging entertainers. It's roving entertainment that keeps people laughing.
The act is available in two variations; as the London Bobbies or Ye Olde Stilt Police who are Australian through and through. A trio of distinct characters, their hierarchy is made up of the Commissioner, his Sergeant and the probationary Constable who is always in trouble. From corporate entertainment to festivals and public events these roving entertainers engage any audience.  They  are a fantastic act to book for a corporate function. They work a crowd, making sure that all are paying attention and ushering people from one venue to the next. They monitor good, clean, wholesome fun with their crime scene tape at the ready, and the Stilt Police are not afraid to wrap people up in it. An act that keeps people laughing with their comical interaction - our boys in blue will tickle you pink! The perfect roving entertainment to lift the energy and maintain the momentum at your next corporate event.



Code-72EJG-Garden gnomes-Melbourne

The Gnomes have become known as global adventurers, but these Giant Gnomes are all about festivals. They like to meet and greet, and mingle with festival-goers – and when their pointly little ears hear music they love nothing more than to shake their groove thing; and it’s a whole lot of booty to shake. This act always gets people laughing. Fabulous festival entertainment for spring, environmental, flower or children themed events.


Code-72EJF-Funky Disco dancers-Melbourne and NSW

These colourful Funky Disco Stiltwalkers will bring life to any party.



In full bloom and regalia these flowers are festival entertainers who are sprouting with colour and energy. These ornamentals move through the festival encouraging people to stop and smell the roses. Always hopeful that people will take them home and cultivate them, they  love to chat – they’re no wallflower!
They  are available in up to a quartet of performers, and true to the biology of flowers there are both male and female floral combinations. The elaborate nature of the Long Stems makes them the perfect stilt artists for festivals; these stilt performers stand out in the crowd and draw people in with their stunning visual look and high level verbal interaction.


stiltwalking flowers, big bright and beautiful


This 5.5 meter beauty is the same height as a real adult giraffe. She glides gracefully and confidently through the world, accompanied by a charismatic ranger, who entertains with everything you could ever possibly need to know about giraffes.
roving 1 x 80min straight if not too hot or 1 x 60min with 1 hr break in between sets as takes a while to get in and out of. Gemma Giraffe is 5.5 meters tall and cannot bend under overhead obstacles.
Surface requirements:
Gemma Giraffe cannot perform on excessively slippery, muddy, sandy surfaces or near water. Please inform the performers before the performance if there will be confetti, bubble or smoke machines, or fireworks / flares in operation near the performance area. Elevators, escalators, lifts and stairs are not possible.
Note for inside must have over 6 metre height, cannot climb stairs, all and  neck does not bend
Roving 1 x 80min straight if not too hot or 1 x 60min with 1 hr break in between sets as takes a while to get in and out of.  The Giraffe is 5.5 meters tall and cannot bend under overhead obstacles.


Code-72EJCC-Stilt Candy Canes-Melbourne

Measuring over 3 metres tall these candy canes make an All-Day Sucker seem tiny. These chatty, cheeky Candy Canes will draw people in to your X-Mas event and leave them with a sugar high!
The Candy Canes also distribute lolly candy canes to the audience (optional) or you may prefer to have customised rock candy commissioned with your company name or logo.
The Candy Canes can perform both indoors and outdoors; from shopping centers to parks and gardens. If you want your event to stand out, these canes are your candy-men.

candy-canes candy-canes

Code-72EJEB- Fat Bunnie-Melbourne

You wouldn't want to pull these rabbits out of a hat! Check out our rascally rabbits - they're the Easter Bunny's official food tasters, which explains why there is more of them to love! Available as a solo or duo; have two bunnies in waistcoats or a boy and girl bunny. With all the jokes and personality the Fat Bunnies are renowned for; they will make your next Easter event fun filled and delicious.



Code 72EE-Android Lady -Melbourne-NSW

Tall walking Android interacting with audience. Shining high at 4 meters, the  Android is a scientific masterpiece and performs with her inventor. Decked out entirely in chrome, and built in a complex arrangement of hundreds of moving parts, she will dazzle you. With her dexterous hands and electronically twinkling eyes, she investigates this strange planet Earth, and all of it’s even stranger occupants.
Duo act accompanied by a Mad Inventor character who is the verbal interface for the act.


Code 72EJL-Lions and tamer-Melbourne

Roll up, roll up, Two cheeky, talking lions get into all sorts of mischief while their whip cracking, stilt walking lion tamer desperately tries to control them. Who is the king of this jungle? They engage audiences with their riotous uproar. People flock for photos and stay for the laughs: So look out for the giant chariot to have a roaring good time!
Act description
A huge chariot rolls through the crowd, drawn by two gorgeous, comical lions. Riding the chariot towers the 3m tall whip cracking lion tamer. This is a comedic trio of roving performers who are visually spectacular and engage audiences with their riotous uproar. This act is extremely eye catching. The fun and antics of the performers will have all audiences chuckling for hours afterwards. Each member of this team is an experienced street performer and comedy improviser, with stage and corporate experience.
The lions can roam without chariot.

roving lions and chariot for festivals. roving circus lions for jungle themes.circus ringmaster and roving lions.

Code 72EBP Bo Peep -Melbourne

Towering blonde beauties who round up people! Perfect for fairs, festivals and family days.
Longer Description:
The Not so Little Bo Peeps are towering, blonde beauties and if they can't find sheep, they're happy to herd people. By hook or by crook! These fabulous ladies weave their way through a crowd and they'll take any sheep they can get, so beware if you're wild and woolly or on the lamb!! A splendid vision in white, the Not so Little Bo Peeps are comically engaging. So prepare to grin sheepishly and book them before they get the flock out of here!
All our performers are fantastic stilt walkers, and are also highly experienced in comedy and comedy improv. We are interactive with audiences of all ages and are visually and verbally engaging.
For a brilliant character based act the Not so Little Bo Peeps are a whole lot of woman!

little bo peep stilt walkers-Melbourne

Code-75ASC1-Geisha stilts-Qld

Sleek and refined, these exotic performing women exude an air of traditional skill and silent beauty, balancing and interacting with mime from high up on their stilt legs. The popular appearance of white made up faces, elegant hair and elaborate draping kimonos make up the complete image of a Japanese Geisha. Available in up to a trio, our Geisha Girls make a perfect choice for any Oriental, or Asian fusion events. Available in either a duo or trio artist team.
A clean, well lit and private dressing room space to change into costume, and store personal belongings during performances.
+ refreshments for artists (minimum bottled drinking water please) area
+ out of sight to guests to mount/dismount stilts (a sturdy table with chairs on top at dressing room is fine for this) N.B Minimum ceiling clearance height for any indoor performance areas = 3.5m

75ASC-Stilt-geishas 75ASC1-stilt-geisha

Code-75SC-Stilt walkers-QLD

Elaborate costumes for many themes.

Code-76SC2-Butterflies-Stilt walkers-QLD


Code-75SC3-Birds of paradise-Stilt walkers-QLD


Code-75SC5-Egyptian Goddess-Stilt walkers-QLD


Code-75SC6-Mermaid-Stilt walkers-QLD


Code-75SC7-Rainbow girls-Stilt walkers-QLD


Code-75SC8-Sun and Moon-Stilt walkers-QLD

sun and moon stilts

Code-82EB-Stilt Butterflies-Melbourne-NSW-VIC

Delicate, shimmering and inspiring the stilt-walking BUTTERFLIES fill the summer sky with dream-like wings and visions of grandeur. The BUTTERFLIES float above and through your audience, who will be reaching for their cameras. UV reactive under neon lighting. BUTTERFLIES can perform under 3 meter ceilings. Full height with wings up - 4.5 meters.




These gliding, angelic snow queens are ideal for leading the bridal party to the reception or for a highlight for your wedding photos.

An ethereal vision, the entirely white stilt-walking Snow Queens are astonishingly eye-catching. Mesmorizing as they float through the world, they appear to be moments away from taking flight. Snow Queens virtually glow under lighting. Snow Queens can perform under 3.5 meter ceilings. Full height with wings up - 4.5 meters.

can also be with glow.

82ATP6-snow glowing ballerinas.



Like stretched, animated mirror balls, the stilt-walking SILVERS are serpentine, metallic, space-age and feminine. These sensually slinky characters are sublimely sequined from their pointed alien heads to their distant toes. An absolute crowd puller. Incredible under lights, both indoors and out. SILVERS are 3.5 meters tall.




In a lush, surreal garden the stilt-walking FLOWERS ooze glitter and girlish charm. Funny, posey and very charming the FLOWERS bring smiles and giggles to the people. Beautiful, gorgeous & colourful. Take them anywhere and everywhere! UV reactive under neon lighting. Flowers are 3 meters tall.


Code 82ES-Sun-Melbourne-NSW-VIC

The sun Gods add a fiery touch to your event. Bright colours .

Shining down from above the crowd the stilt-walking Suns bring a warmth and a glow to the atmosphere. No better way to break the ice.
SUNS can perform under 3 meter ceilings.
Full height with wings up - 4.5 meters.


Code 82EM-Mantis-Melbourne-NSW

It stretches sinuously and seems to want to play. Fascinating and approachable the Mantis is a pure crowd stopper.


Code-82ESB-Stilt Bugs-NSW-Vic

Eco friendly, dazzling new stilt act. Solar panels embedded into the costumes soak up the sun by day and glow at night. Off-the-grid the they are part of our new green-energy future. Daytime  &  evening roving, a sensational entertainment option.
Up to x 2 available


stilt walking-bugs


Code-82ED-Stilt Dragons-NSW

Curious and sweet these baby dragons are testing out their wings for the first time.  They are brave and fun and only slightly harmless.  Great for Chinese New Year, carnivals, parades and family days or themed events.
Up to x 2 available


Code-82SBE-stilt glow Ballerinas-NSW

Pearly white dancers twirl like ballerinas. Tall and other-worldly they create a graceful dance amongst  the crowds. Great at corporate formal events, ‘white ’ parties, Xmas, mid-winter and wherever else takes your fancy. also with glow lights.
Up to x 4 available.

stilt-ballerinas roving glowing ballerinas.

Code-82EA-Giant stilt Fuffys-NSW

These sweet  and giant, bright fluffy toys  are great for adults and children aged 5 and up! Highly skilled, they bend your mind with their cool moves on stilts. Parades, festivals, shopping centres and family audiences. They look incredible under neon lighting.
Up to x 3 available. (Sydney)



This dynamic duo perform a choreographed combat dance to suspenseful music creating an atmospheric entertaining and electric presentation to your event.
Roving Insect like and spooky, this pair rove your event taking combat in stick and sword fights, but you better watch out you never know where they'll pop up!



They can perform an intricate choreographed 8- minute fan dance to elegant music. Majestic and magnificent, sweet and coquettish this spectacular is a perfect show opener for any kind of event. Standing 10 feet tall this dance is defiantly not to be missed!
Roving If a show is not what you want then let the Geisha Girls rove through your event engaging and delighting your audience with enough eyelash batting to woo any heart!


Code-84EK4-Chinese dolls-Melbourne

Standing tall, these China Dolls are elegant, sweet and beautiful. They are perfect for your multicultural event where you would like to add atmosphere, colour, dance and style.
They  can roam through your event, interacting with the crowd and creating that special atmosphere. Or they can be used for a meet and greet, welcoming your guests to the event and preparing them for a special evening.


Code-84EKSB-Spring Blossoms Stilts-Melbourne

The Spring Blossoms stilt walkers will bring a feast of colour and spell-binding beauty to your event.


Code-84EKF-Frilled Neck Lizards-Melbourne

Imagine 2 dynamic dancing lizards intricately body painted, energetic and vibrant dancing to the sounds of Australian music. If you want to make an impact then the Frilled Neck Lizards will explode your event with a stilt dance show that is set to frill your audience! This show is perfect for any occasion where you want to leave an alluring memory in the minds of your guests.
Roving The Frilled neck Lizards will pop up at your event, moving through the crowd with awe and wonder. These curious animals love to engage with all they come in to contact with…Watch out!!



Code 84EKJ-Kangeroo-Melbourne

Jill has just ridden in from the bush on her favorite friend Roo! This all-Australian duo will literally bounce around your event on aerodynamically sprung stilts creating an authentic Aussie bush feeling. This duo is a stilt and puppeteering act in one!
Come and pat the Joey or give let Roo give you a kiss. This is Australia’s favorite giant size native. (also available with Christmas theme Elf& Roo)


Code -84EKD- Disco Roller Girl-Melbourne

Want to get the party started? Invite Disco Roller Girl- She’ll have the whole room spinning in seconds. Straight from the disco diner she comes to your event serving up large portions of fun!

Can be a roving character-clowning interacting-balloons dancing or 2 person actual roller skating show 1 x 5min-7min roller disco show.



Code-88DFM-large Bubbles-Melbourne

Spectacularly interactive display of some of the world's biggest bubbles. Monster Bubbles is the best way to instantly create a festive atmosphere at your event. Our bubble performer will create Australia’s largest soap bubbles, filling the air with exquisite colour, form, and beauty. These joy-filled bubbles will give your guests a celebratory experience they will always remember. 
Can perform for up to 2 hours solid or multiple 30-45minute sets (e.g. 5x 30mins sets over 5 hours). 
An area of 10x10 metres. As the enormous soap bubbles will always float downwind we generally recommend that you place your Bubble Walker centrally. This is so that no matter what direction the wind blows on the day, the bubbles will stay fairly central creating the maximum visual and festive effect for your event .
We require an approximately 8x8m outdoor space, with a non-slippery surface, prefer-a-bubbly grass or bitumen.






Code-88DFA-Monster bubble Blowing Activity-Melbourne

The monster Bubble Blowing Activity allows people of all ages to easily blow the biggest bubbles of their lives! 
The activity can cater for up to 40 people simultaneously, and because we have the world's best bubble mixture, it is loved by the broadest age range imagine-a-bubble.

The monster Bubble Blowing Activity can be booked in sets of 60 minutes or more. It can also be booked in a combo with our amazing Monster Bubbles - to spread as much bubble magic as possibubble.
The activity must be on a non-slip surface (i.e grass, bitumen), preferably a space of at least 8x8 metres. Water access within 50 metres is also required for refills.
Age Appropriateness
Seriously ALL Ages .oO



Our bubbles are truly incredible and parents love getting to join their kids in the amazing bubble blowing fun. Your bubble party entertainer will also show the kids special bubble tricks like how to catch giant bubbles in their bare hands and blow bubbles inside bubbles.

Code-105BCW-Comedy waiter-Melbourne

Bruno has the ability to fit in with any type of affair and help to break the ice and get people talking to each other. Bruno gets invited to all sorts of functions from Weddings and Engagement parties to corporate cocktail functions and meetings.
With a thick Italian accent and haughty manner, Bruno is the best person to be in charge if your main objectives are hilarity and mayhem. If you feel your function could do with a little culture, Bruno can bring along his song accompaniment CD to sing some well-known opera numbers and lead a sing-a-long of some favorite Dean Martin Hits. An accomplished entertainer skilled in improvisation, singing, audience participation and silver service flambé.


Code-105WSZ-Aussie animals-Melbourne

These Aussie icons will rove your event with a guitar singing minder with songs for the kids.



Creativity meets no boundaries when he is around. This quirky entertainer deftly twists balloons into animals, hats, flowers and more. From simple fast creations, to sophisticated balloon art, he is sure you meet the needs of any audienceHe is regularly seen ballooning around shopping centres, corporate events, festivals, Bar Mitzvahs and other special events.


Code-120ACM-Plate Spinner-Melbourne

Roving Plate spinner with a variety of costumes to suit many themes.




Skills: Diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, contact juggling, fire eating, pocket magic, comedy, audience interaction
A talented circus performer with one big problem...he just can’t seem to get things right. No matter how hard he tries he always seems to need some little helping hands to get things back on track. The Circus Show features audience interaction, comedic routines and fun circus skills including diabolo, plate spinning, juggling, magic, and more. In The children can enjoy watching or even become the next star of the show!
The Circus Show is performed to a highly entertaining soundtrack that both children and adults will love. The Circus Show is most suitable for children between the ages of 5-16.
Freestanding backdrop is available on request. Additional charges may apply.
David has been performing for over 7 years as a children’s entertainer at shopping centres, festivals, schools and private parties to name a few.
Show Details: 35-40 minutes, 1 performer
Performance Requirements: Minimum 3m x 3m stage space Minimum 2.5m ceiling height One power source preferred but not essential.


120CMF-childrens-show 120CMF-Circus-show


Code 120CMR-roving circus-Melbourne

Stepping out with top hat and tails, he is an entertainer with that old fashioned class. Presenting regal contact juggling (crystal manipulation), incredible diabolo skills, interactive plate spinning, pocket magic and if the occasion is right – spectacular fire eating. His skills can be adapted to suit any audience. He is regularly seen at corporate events making impressive first impressions when greeting guests as they arrive. He is available as a traditional gentleman or with striking circus make-up to add that extra atmosphere.
Skills: Contact Juggling (crystal manipulation), plate spinning, diabolo, fire eating, juggling, pocket magic

Stepping out with top hat and tails, he is an entertainer with that old fashioned class. Presenting regal contact juggling (crystal manipulation), incredible diabolo skills, interactive plate spinning, pocket magic and if the occasion is right – spectacular fire eating. Contact Juggling (crystal manipulation), plate spinning, diabolo, fire eating, juggling, pocket magic


Roving fortune telling with a light hearted and entertainment based approach. Magic with a levitating voodoo doll, blue lights that appear and  impromptu snow storms. She was a regular close up magician for The Star Casino and has performed for 100’s of corporate events and throughout Asia. Now retired from traditional close up magic her roving appearances are now reserved for events seeking a highly visual and theatrical based performance. Depending on the event the character can adapt from an installation to a interactive and speaking performer. A typical event would see a silent mime style of magic as a welcome meet and greet followed by interactive magic and fortune telling during pre-dinner drinks or after entree. Costuming is handmade and a one off ; the dress is very heavy and suits the mystical, slow paced and calm nature of the Nordic Witch character.



Code-125RVF-French Mime-magic-Melbourne

His close up magic creates an interactive, intimate, astonishing and personal form of entertainment, ideal for all social occasions. From conjuring, to tricks of the mind, to sleight of hand, illusions and suggestions, it is an exciting, captivating and memorable experience.



News Crew are a comic and interactive duo that impersonate an American News Crew. In the style of reporting television shows such as ‘Entertainment Tonight’, News Crew can turn up to an event with an industry standard camera with lights and a fabulous blonde all American host ‘Stephanie’. 
Stephanie will interview guests arriving on the red carpet and then the crew can also roam around the room during pre-dinner drinks. The act is based on comedy so your host Stephanie will charm all the girls and all the boys with her flirtatious, adorable, flamboyant and (sometimes) outrageous behaviour. Even though the camera is just for display purposes guests will be enthralled and believe that this indeed is a real film crew from New York who cover the most prestigious events in Australia. 
Stephanie can ask guests about their fabulous outfits, the work they do, who’s who at the party, their expectations for the night and she can also ask them to dance. This of course will be captured by the cameraman who will dance around with them to get the perfect shot. Stephanie has been known to do outrageous things for her ‘TV show” such as dance on stage with bands, steal food from waiters (whilst flirting and interviewing them of course) swagger and swoon around guests to get the ‘perfect shot’. 
News Crew can provoke some amazing responses from people as even the most shy of patrons will joke and ham it up for the camera. We’ve seen CEO’s don hats and impersonate movie characters, others have danced the tango with Stephanie and even asked for her hand in marriage!


Code-129FXPB-Bunnies show-Melbourne

This show is quirky, sexy, and delicious all at the same time. Although Playboy Bunnies are renowed for being what fantasies are made of, you better believe these bunnies are real, curvy women. This sassy Jazz show is 10mins in length and displays gorgeous, talented, sensual women. Can stay for photos.
Client to provide sound system.

or can rove any event.


Code-150SW-singing Waiters-Melbourne

The Singing Waiters dress just like the other real waiters and begin the night by welcoming guests and helping to serve the food and drink.
The guests begin to realize that all is not as it should be, as the waiters become clumsy, flirty and one even appears to be inebriated.
Then just as the dinner plates are being cleared, one of the waiters goes on stage and announces that the band hasn’t turned up, but not to worry because some of the waiters are prepared to give it a go.
He then invites three other waiters on to the stage and they burst into song.
Using no instruments apart from their voices, the Singing Waiters engage the audience with their beautiful harmonies, comedy and lousy choreography.
The Singing Waiters perform hits from the 50’s to the 90’s and are ideal for audiences of all ages.
The singing waiters DO NOT SING OPERA.
We are sometimes confused with the 3 waiters. We sing Acapella. Using only our voices. No Instruments. No Backing Tracks

150SW-singing waiters


These are giant figures that will roam around your event and interact with the audience. Lots of other characters available. Tennis, cricket, life guards, AFL footballers in your colors,basketball. Athlete, super heroes, security, etc Fully Sculptured muscular legs with feet and huge muscled torso approx 8' 6" tall. The performers are actors and comedians, so as well as looking terrific they are able to engage the audience with their witty repartee and sporting highlight.



code 150EM1 Netball
code 150EM2 tennis
code 150EM3 cricket
code 150EM4 superheroes
code 150EM5 xmas elves
code 150EM6 football
code 150E 7 AFL
code 150EM9 security
code 150EM10 Grand prix
code 150EM11 Athletes
code 150EM12 lifeguards
code 150EM13 Santa

code 150EE-Elvis



150EM-muscles 150EM-muscles150EM-muscles


150EM-muscles 150EM-muscles

Code 150EJ-Giant Jockeys-Melbourne

Short and tall jockeys available to rove your Race event and interact with your guests.



Code 150EP-Papparazzi-Melbourne

Make your guests feel like famous celebrities on the way into your venue. Great for Hollywood Themed events or Fancy Dress. Imagine this. You arrive at a function and notice a commotion at the front entrance. You get closer and suddenly you are surrounded by  Screaming fans . Who seem to recognize you as a famous actor Autograph hunters . begging you for an autograph.  Paparazzi . Photographers(camera supplied by client)taking your photo Reporters. Asking personal and strange questions  Passers by stop to see what the commotion isYou finally make it inside and think “Wow!!This is going to be a terrific night.


Code 150ER-Race Night-Bookies-Melbourne

The Crooked  Bookies greet your guests and hand out fake betting money.
They begin to rove the function talking up the races and creating a fun atmosphere.
At a given time they announce that they are now taking bets on the first race and invite the guests to place bets with them like real bookies.
Once all bets are in the they call the first race of the evening. The race is on dvd
and is displayed up on the big screen. One of the bookies does a live call. The names of the horses have been substituted with names supplied by the client. (guest names or suppliers names etc.)
At the end of the race guests collect their winnings and place bets on the next race.
 Between the races the Bent Bookies rove the room chatting up the ladies and talking shop with the guys.
Other Highlights of the night include
Fashions on the field Male and Female.(best dressed, best hat etc)
Lucky door prize
Live auction at end of races. Guests use their winnings to bid on great prizes
supplied by client.
The Crooked  Bookies are just the thing to liven up your party or event.
Ideal for horse racing themed events. From 10 people to 1,000 people.
They  Supply the following;
Fake betting money
Bookie bags
Bookie boards with names of all horses in all races
DVD of races (up to 3 races)
Writing of race call with substituted names supplied by client
PA system with DVD player / laptop, microphones, background
music, powerful projector and screen.

Roaming 150EBR-Bookies-Melbourne

The Crooked Bookies will rove your event Creating mischief.



150EBR-Crooked bookies


Roaming 150EU-AwFuL Umpires Comedy-Roaming-Melbourne

They are a bunch of failed or retired Umpires still desperate to re -live AFL glory.They are funny and interactive. They still can't help reporting people for infringments, like melee's, holding the man, in the back etc.



A very funny and interactive pair of roving entertainers, who delight the audience with their crazy antics. As roving australiana performers, they greet guests, pose for photos with their deadly snakes and crockodiles and tell the guests their stories of conquest.


Code-152TSS-instant Sillouettes-Melbourne

Paper cut portraits cut freehand in less than 2 minutes.



He is 2.5mtr fat featherless bird, and his human friend/pet, Gladys, in a non verbal roving act. Not having any of his own, he has  been collecting feathers over the years. And now, with his suitcase full, the pair have left the irradiated wasteland of their home, and are on the lookout for someone to do a feather transplant for him.
Operated from the inside, his  wings, head, beak, and claws are articulated for movement, and there is a sound system so he can "sing".
He  likes to think he sings very well...
He is a visually enthralling, funny and poignant act, perfect for all ages. Suitable for festivals, events, corporate functions, it can be performed as either a slow roving piece or a more static installation.

Duo act over $1200 1 hr call

roving bird


Harnessed and ridden by a pair of woodland imps, the giant hairy snails slime their way along streets, malls and parklands to the amazement of onlookers and passers-by alike. The snails come with their own musical score, have lots of moving body parts, and leave a watery snail trail.
Bewildered to find themselves in our world, and by our strange ways, these mythical creatures are nevertheless always friendly, like to be patted (the snails that is!) and love a photo opportunity. They’re also hoping to find someone to show them the way home. A visually spectacular non verbal roving show, appealing to all ages, and suitable for any outdoor event, or large indoor setting.

Over $1200 1 hr call


Code 154KB-Crazy Farmyard-Melbourne

A square cow quacking for biscuits, a squirting pig, a one eyed blue cat, dancing carrots, and a giant roaming poo, is a petting zoo with a difference..
This strange but endearing assortment of electronic animals will keep young and old enchanted and highly amused.  Set up to be partly observational and partly interactive, there’s fish birds to feed and Deloras will sing for you if you pat her enough.
There’s also a pair of keepers to oversee the animals, answer your questions, and keep the poo from following you home.
It is performed as an installation of up to 3 hours, broken up into three x 60 minute sets, with a 30 minute break in between.
Over $2000


animals beasts


Step into another era as the Golden Marquisa comes to life in a time out of place. Gracious, flirtatious, and cheeky,  combining stillness and comedy with 17th century artistry to silently interact and entrance audiences of all ages. At festivals, events and corporate functions, this visually striking character creates a wake of comic situations as she tries to gain the attentions she thinks she deserves. Able to be performed by one or two performers and as either a roving act, livng statue, or busking show.


Code-157LBM-Mime artist-NSW

Originating  from France, where he studied at the Annie Fratellini Circus School in Paris. He performed with a troupe called "Les Cracheurs De Reves", specialising in themed soirees and seen at such prestigious events as the Cannes Film Festival. Since arriving here in Australia in 1995 he has been performing both solo and in group collaborations as a juggler, clown, mime, unicyclist, comic waiter, physical comedian, stilt-walker and fire artist.
He is an expert juggler and can juggle clubs, fire torches and fire balls, knives, crystal balls, hats, bouncing balls, cups, plates, umbrellas, tennis racquets or anything else you care to think .

157LBM-mime-artist-NSW 157LBM-french

Code-157LBS-Living statues-NSW

Living statues for festivals, shopping centres and corporate functions.


Code-157LBGP-roaming or Logo advertising-NSW

A product line of high tech twirling props based on the persistence of vision that allows to ``paint`` pictures, custom graphic, text and logos in the air in a way that audience can perceive it.
When your client or guests asks for something that people have never seen before ? a Wow Factor like no other ? you now say YES! This act steps light performance up to the next level of visual and technological amazement. As a component of a bigger show, or as a stand alone act, it, is a performance involving state of the art light equipment ?  Electrifying light and Hypnotic movement come together as the best of Sydney?s Twirlers with this state of the art ultra modern technology leave audiences all over Australia speechless. Revealing high definition graphics, we can customize and program, with precision, to display company logos / graphic text and complex imagery, creating a completely specialized performance for your event. Explosive and completely absorbing, this technological dreamscape of unlimited and unimaginable proportions will create sensory overload to blow your audience away.



157LBGP 157LBGP-rove


Children and adults alike will be amazed by what these robots can do and will draw a crowd like no other.
 The coolest robots in Australia are here to make your next event 'Out Of This World. Choose from 1,2 or all 3 of our robots for Roving, Street Entertainment, Product Promotion.
Our Robots will walk, talk, dance, play music and attract everyone's attention while interacting with both children and adults alike.
Add your logo, decals, stickers, business name or your message to our Robots for added effect or even have your message broadcast over the our own PA system. They even have their own built in MP3 player so can be used as a mobile DJ.


Hold on tight, because our we are going to rock you into the future. This is 30 mins of fast paced, high energy robot rocking that has never been seen before. Together with a mix of robot jamming, dancing, LED lights and sound fx this will be one show you won't forget. Featuring music by LMFAO, Luciana, Katy Perry, Daft Punk + more and even our own theme tune.  So get ready to rock, dance and boogie with Australia's first robot band.


171SBR-1-robots 171SBR-robots 2

Code-173MCS- Vegas and Showgirl  Dancers-Melbourne

Available for meet and greet functions or 1 x 30min dance display with costume changes.(not all show girl costumes) Also Elvis impersonator to add the Vegas touch. optional extra.  Up to 4 girls available. Choice of colours.


vegas-showgirls showgirl-dancers

show-girls showgirls


Code-175FAG-roving Clown-Melbourne

This is no regular ‘Corporate Clown
A unique character with a particular magic of his own, able to engage audiences of all ages with style, talent & silliness. Anything is possible when he is around.
Keep your shoes and other possessions protected, as they are likely to be juggled before your very eyes.
Riding his unicycle with the only steering being the curls on his distinguished moustache.
He can balance on his chin anything from a feather to a bicycle.
To see 10 chairs balanced upon a chin, you need to see .
The fire devil stick leaves not a hint of soot on his huge tailored suit as it dances all around him, the control has to be seen to be believed.
Be Amused, Bemused, Dazzled, Surprised, Shocked, and most of all Entertained!
A juggler, a magician, a clown, a ring master a complete circus in one body.
A unique character with a particular magic of his own, able to entertain all audiences from chlidren to grand parents & everyone inbetween.
He performs his way through audiences at corporate functions, festivals, private parties, shopping centres, wherever people are gathered.

175FAG-clown 175FAG-juggler

circus 175FAC-juggling-Chef -Melbourne

Let the chef tantalize you with his unique spicy blend of kitchen skills.
There is mouth scorching fire eating , toss juggling of an exotic coconut, tangy lemon & a razor sharp carving knife whilst balancing on a giant egg beater the uni-cycle, contortion with cups & saucers to delicate percussion on various cooking implements.
Unlike other chef's he interacts with the audience demonstrating a variety of recipes for keeping your dinner party guests amused & entertained, whilst you cook up your culinary masterpiece.
His utensils are a variety of everyday objects found in most kitchens, like a chopstick, a bowl,a glass of wine, fruit, fire torches, a unicycle, a turkey baster & a whip... just to name a few.
He has been seen at fine food & wine festivals around town, make it a point to have Flambé the chef entertain your guests at your next dinner party function, feast, festival or shopping centre.

clowning-chef juggling-chef

Code-175FAF-Spanish theme-Melbourne

He is a flayamboyant character, a man with the moves & a snappy dress sense, he ads a splash of colour, magic and circus to any event.  Entertaining audiences of all ages with interactive magic, juggling, & unicycle-tango dancing. He has been strutting his stuff at community festivals, corporate functions & large sporting events. He has performed at community festivals, libraries, horse races and other sporting events like the Australian Tennis Open & the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.  He is ideal as a roving character, Master of Ceremonies or as a feature show.

175FAF-clown interactive-clown

Code-179ST-Sawlty Towers-comedy-Melbourne

A night of Absolute Disaster and Mayhem!
Based on the hilarious characters created in "Fawlty Towers” - this Fully Themed Comic Event incorporates audience participation and team work - when they take over as the “staff” or “crew” of your function venue. Roving performances, gags and tricks will have your guests in hysterics as they are confronted with the madness of Basil and Sybil and their staff.
Will meet and greet , serve food, and interact for up to 2 hrs.


Code-180TBF-fortune teller-NSW

A mystical woman from the East, who may or may not have an accent and may or may not tell you the truth about your future, however her contact juggling ball skills will convince you that she is no phoney at something!
A very popular character for dinners and small spaces.
Comedy and skill combined for a charming and engaging character.

Comedy and skill combined for a charming and engaging character.

Code-180TBD-Dragon Fly-Glow-NSW

Invite the biggest, meanest, cutest dragonfly around and tell the others to Buzz off. She is a hit at every event, big beautiful and a little bit mischievous

Invite the biggest, meanest, cutest dragonfly around and tell the others to Buzz off.


Great for adding colour to an Event or a carnival themed day.

Great for adding colour to an Event or a carnival theme day.

Code-193FE-Fire engine-Ballarat

The mini Fire Engine,  is electric powered so no smelly fumes and runs exceptionally quite, he would make a great addition to any event such as School fairs, Festivals, Markets, Xmas & B'day parties, Shopping Centers, Kinder & Daycare open days, really the little fire Engine would fit into any event that has young children to be entertained.
It is able to safely carry up to about 18 children he mostly suits children in the age bracket of between 3 and 8 years old. James is able to operate both indoors and outdoors, he requires a flat surface ideally bitumen, concrete or grass. For bookings any longer than 5 hours we would  need a 30 minute break to recharge the batteries so access to a power outlet is necessary.

193FE-fire engine


Code-195SA-Short people Hire-Melbourne

Specialising in Short Performers. Yes that’s right, An agency that can  provide you with a range of professional characters that you only see in the movies.
Characters such as : Oompa Loompas, Dwarfs, Leprechauns, Elves, Mini Me, Yoda, Teddy Bears, Pixies, Short Santa and much, much more.
Some of our performances have included, Melbourne Central Xmas Elves providing two weeks of entertainment around Melbourne Central During Xmas.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Parties with Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas, Snow White and Dwarf Parties, Short Santa and Big Elf Parties (for Xmas with a twist) and Doctor Evil and Mini Me.
Let our short performers provide an amazing atmosphere at your next big private or corporate function.

If they can hire a costume they can wear it.

195SA-Dwarfs 195SA-Dwarfs


Code-198STME-Carnivale-hoola hoops-plate spinner-Balloonologist -Melbourne

If you are thinking festival carnivale with a twist, she is your girl. Performed by experienced and qualified circus all rounder she, is a charming, bubbly, lovable and highly skilled modern day Carmen Miranda. She will make the kids giggle and squeal with delight over her pocket magic tricks and wow audiences big and small with her precision hoola hoop skills. Add plate spinning, juggling, balloons and hysterical comedy. Perfect for corporate roving, shopping centers and parties.

Code198STCS-clown Show-Melbourne

As above also available as a stage show (6 mins skilled hoops to music track or 30 min interactive kids show.

Code-198STC-clown-roving or Xmas elf

Absent are the big shoes and over sized hair and honker nose. Instead she has chosen a more friendly and feminine approach to clowning. Combining the innocence of the clown with the frantic energy of the circus, her characteris a big crowd pleaser. She uses her skills in hoops, juggling and acrobatics to keep the audience cheering, while her trained skills in traditional clowning and mime keep them laughing. Available for kids parties, adults functions, festivals, parades, you name it!  The character is very girly and silly. Also a highly skilled balloon artist as well as a face painter with artistry. Other skills  include pocket magic, spinning plates and contortion.

198STME-carnivale 198STCS-clown-show

198STC 198STX

Code-239TTB-large Bubbles-Melbourne

A talented performer who can juggle all kinds of impliments and eat fire, balloonology like you've never seen stilts and large bubbles etc. Plenty of child interaction. An outstanding performer with plenty of laughs.
His Bubbles involve blowing massive bubbles up to 10metres long, bubbles inside bubbles, putting his body parts inside bubbles.


He also is a stilt walker in different guises.

Code239TTF-Fire Breather-Melbourne

Fire up your event with The fire Breather



239TT-stilt-walker 239TT-Cowboy


Code 239TTG-Captured-Melbourne

Roaming Gorilla

Code 243NMC-Race Day-Melbourne

Spring Racing – A Grand Day Out
With Spring racing fever in the air what a fantastic way to be entertained. Amazing stilt performers dressed to impress. Great for parades or that special marquee at the races. Please enquire about our many stiltwalking costumes for the spring racing season.
Larger than life, these glamorous giants bring a touch of class to any event with a ceiling high enough to accommodate them. Commissioned for the 2007 Melbourne Cup opening event they are a versatile bunch able to break the ice or take centre stage with graceful and amusing synchronised dances. If it’s colour and movement your after with a touch of elegance, look no further.

cup day stilt walkers


Code 243NG-A Touch of Gold-Melbourne

These beautifully designed gold costumes are always admired. they are mystical, unique and create a perfect ambience for your evening. We can provide you with gold statues and gold stiltwalkers for your touch of gold themed events. any masquerade ball or gala is perfect for any of our impeccable professional performing artists.


Code 243NSB-Soleil style Stilt Walkers-Melbourne

Enjoy the circus theme by adding a touch of cirque du soleil to your event. Be truly surprised by these wonderful very tall stilt characters that will fly about, shine and dazzle.
Their superb costuming will thrill all your guests and you will not see anything more striking and spectacular on stilts. They are perfect for any cirque du soleil themed event.  Can be solo, or duo, male or female.


Code 243NSGD –Elegantly Dressed-Melbourne

Gloriously dressed in their Racing Finest, these two ‘High’ Society Stiltwalkers will not only stand out in the crowd but look stunning as well. Available for Race functions, fashion parades  etc.

243NSGD--Black-n-white elegant-stilt-walkers

Code 243NSCC-Carnivale- stilt Walkers-Melbourne

There is nothing more stunning and colourful than our carnivale stiltwalkers dancing through the crowds 
we can provide up to 4 stiltwalkers in these amazing costumes – book now for your festival – the more the merrier cha cha cha. Can be 3 ladies or add 1 male.


Cha-cah-ladies carnavale-stiltwalkers

Code 243NC-Chinese –stilts-Melbourne

Great for any Asian Function these characters will brighten up your event.



Code-243NV-Venetians stilt walkers-Melbourne

The King and Queen of Venice are adorned with jewels, and parade with elegance, magnetism, charm and grace.


Code-243NSS-Stilt Swans-Melbourne

They are Graceful and very Elegant when they make their way around your event or function, loved and adored by children and adults.



Code 243NSF- King Louis and Marie Antoinette stilt walkers-Melbourne

This very regal couple will enchant any formal evening and will dance gracefully around any ballroom. Enjoy the elegance and style of these beautiful stilt dancers. You can enjoy an exquisite way to meet your guests on arrival at any function.

ground level or stilts


Code243NM-Mermaid and King Neptune-Melbourne

The underwater Kingdom is ruled by the imposing King Neptune and his Mermaid Queen. They spend their days wandering through the watery depths of their ocean playground.
If a storm has tossed a ship around in the ocean and perhaps the crowds have lost their way on the seas, we can help return them to their destination. An underwater fantasy begins and the stories unfold. King Neptune and his Mermaid will create an underwater fantasy world that will inspire and delight.
Comical and imaginative, these two sea creatures are a wonderful addition to any ocean themed party or event.




Patriotic stilts walkers for Australianna events. Dressed in Green and Gold and Aussie flag colors.


Code-243NSF-Fire Stilt Walkers-Melbourne

Are you having a RED THEME or FIRE and ICE theme. We have amazing costumes and characters available for you. The super talented Roller Girls and our Stiltwalkers will complete your roving entertainment and really wow your guests


Bringing a bit of colur to those OOmpah events.


Code-243NB-Aussie Bush Sprites-Melbourne

This stiltwalking duo has been designed by one of Melbourne’s top fashion designer created for flower and garden shows, opening ceremony’s  or australiana themes
artistic in their design – all garden lovers will fall in love with them and be inspired to create around them.



Code-244BTG-Garden Characters-Melbourne

Straight out of the surreal landscape of Alice in Wonderland comes these amazing Characters. 
Into the same world in which playing cards come to life, exists a rare and curious trio of moving garden landscapes. Ruled by status and etiquette each character has it's own personality reflected by their garden setting.  
LADY ROSE is the perfect hostess for a tea party. Complete with trellises, bouquets of flowers, garden walls, climbing ivy and butterflies. Everything in its proper place,  two sugars or one? 
THE DUKE is covered with hedges, topiary gardens, fountains and pathways and a top hat with a working fountain, he is indeed charming in both appearance and personality. But be warned ladies, the fountain may have more pressure than you’d expect! 
THE HANDMAID She is the untamed dame. The gardener that likes to let nature take its course. Vines, vegetables, compost and garden tools. The rough cut diamond, is that a mouse on your skirt my lady? They can perform as a stylized travelling ensemble or installation, creating graceful dances and amusing scenarios. They can orchestrate an interactive tea ceremony or conduct an installation based performance with evolving events, humour and song.


Code-244BTZ-Roaming Zebras-Melbourne

Are you sick of things looking a little grey? Feel like getting some sharp contrast in your life? Invite the Zebra’s to your next event and see things in absolute black and white. Where the African savannah collides with Coco Chanel. Watch these aristocratic Zebra’s prance, preen, graze and dance. With booty to blow your mind, and some dance moves to make Beyonce’ blush. Critically endangered on the African plains, experience the majesty of these rare and remarkable creatures.



Leading exponents of eccentric street cabaret these multicultural brothers sing and play music with gusto and verve while dancing the rhythms of the world in their talent tapping gumboots. Humour them, as they perform strange rituals to their sacred gumboots. A mixture of musical mix of body percussion, south African gumboot dancing and stand up comedy.

244BTG-gumboots 244BTG-gumboots-2

Code-244BTBF-Faith Boat-Melbourne

Take a dreamily absurd and comically surreal voyage in the Faith Boat with Mr Curly at the helm. Ask the direction finding duck for directions, get caught in Mr Curly’s net of possibilities or be embraced by an angel. Inspired by the poetry and art of Michael Leunig, this is a quintessentially Australian act.  An ode to one of the Melbourne’s cultural hero’s that will delight all.
The Faith Boat captures the world and whimsy of Michael Leunigs' characters. It operates as a travelling story through image, music and mask, gentle audience interaction (the Angel can be quite mobile) and humorous scenarios that can be watched by a crowd.

244BTBF-faith Boat


Larger than life, brighter than bright with muscle tone to blow your mind. These are athletes with a difference. Track and field, weight lifting or table tennis, no sport too difficult. Dynamic and colourful these genetically enhanced athletes will challenge anyone to any feat of speed, strength or stupidity.



The Angels walk the earth, their heavenly privilege of flight denied, they keep trying to gain their lost place in Nirvana.
Able to bridge the expanse between beauty and humour They can work sculpturally to animate a large space or as a comic characters that can interact and create scenarios.
Trapped in the flightless world of human existence and hopelessly tempted by earthly distraction these mischievous characters try to regain their lost place in Nirvana. Their absurd attempts are beautifully innocent and tragically funny. Poetic, humorous and interactive.
Right click for video

Code-244BTAG-Glow Angels-Melbourne

Can be illuminated for great effect at night or Christmas


glowing angels

Code 244BT-FOP-Melbourne

Full of the refineries of ornate 17th century France, bent on the fun and frivolities of a bawdy soiree. These parading peacocks make your champagne and chandeliers complete. He bows with a flourish of his handkerchief, she glances mysteriously over her He bows with a flourish of his handkerchief, she glances mysteriously over her Fan.
Splendiferous in frills and high white wigs, they seduce their audience into spontaneous acts of flirtation and random acts of dance.
Refined, yet naughty. Enough suppressed sexuality to burn a hole in your napkin.

roving or living statues


Code 244BTCG-The Game-Melbourne

A place where the world of fairytales meets the world of board games, where one must play to discover what the rules are - but beware the Queen, for it is with her that all power resides. With the pomp and ceremony of ridiculous rituals and eccentric dance, characters from an over-sized chessboard come to life. A bossy Queen, a stupid knight and a pawn with a touch of cunning, conduct an interactive, absurd and humorous game for all ages, where no one knows what the rules are, and not everyone’s a winner.
The Game is a predominantly non-verbal performance that uses archetypal characters. Using symbols and gesture, The Curious Game challenges the audience to become participants and interpret the Queen’s signs without discussion, by thinking Laterally and acting physically.
The Game is physical, visually engaging and highly interactive. Each performance is a unique experience influenced by the participating audience and their ability to be creative and trust their own instincts.

Performance length: 35 minutes
The act incorporates three performers, a Queen, a Knight and a Pawn who use a giant checkerboard as the basis for a game that demands creativity of it’s participants. A game like no other where lateral thinking and split second guessing may prove to be an advantage.
Ideally for children but can be adapted for Adults.  Great for shopping centres and festivals

Physical restrictions
The checkerboard dimensions are 9 metres x 9 metres, so performance area required would need to be a minimum of 11 x 11 metres (to fit in audience around board). The performance area needs to be a flat area, not gravel. The production may be performed outdoors or indoors. Please note: if performed under a marquee, there should be no central pole.

Roaming 244BTP  The Procession-Melbourne

Straight from Alice’s Wonderland, with all the pomp and ceremony of ridiculous rituals and eccentric dance, come a band of lovable misfits that will truly alter your take on all things normal. You see, the Queen is always right, the Knight is too loyal to question and the Pawn must serve all, so between them they think your world is the odd one! Mind what you say, make sure you show respect, prepare yourself for a giggle as this meddling trio try to make you conform to their bizarre order of things. Fun for all ages from the very young to the very old.



born in a taxi






code-248PDW-glo wings-Qld

Available in 3 x 10 min sets of roving spread over an hour (can be booked for up to 3 hours) or a 10 minute duo feature act. 


roving glow fairy wings. roaming UV butterfly-Qld.

Code-267ZW-Zoo Animals-Melbourne

Looking for a fun and new activity for your child’s next birthday party? Or a school fete, festival or PR event? Well. You found it! Our ride-on toys will be the attraction. The animals are brand new to Australia and powered by the child riding it, no batteries required, and so easy to steer. Our friendly animals will bring joy to any child riding them and will create wonderful memories for you all. Currently we have six different types of animals: horses, panda bears, tigers, unicorns, giraffes and zebras. These animals have been developed for commercial use. They come in three different sizes. Age group between 3-14.
Unless raining, it doesn’t  matter if you have your birthday party indoors or outdoors. Our ride on toys work only on even and hard surfaces.  Grass, soft carpet or gravel is not suitable. We recommend a minimum area of 6 by 8 meters, depending on the number of animals you require.
Our ride on animals are so very easy to ride and steer. This is as close as you can get to riding a real pony. Just so much safer, not even helmets are required, as our animals don’t go much faster than walking speed. What we love so much about them is that they are purely muscle powered, no batteries are required, so the kids have to get active – a brilliant workout! On top of that our animals will help train your kids coordination when riding with and amongst other little riders. Their balance is also going to improve.

10m x 10m 12 animals

12m x 12m spac 15 animals


267ZW-Mobile -zoo

code-282ATB-Living Statue-Melbourne

The stone like living statue stands alone beside his plinth, silent and motionless. suddenly he winks. Then a slow wave. A cheeky smile appears on his face and quirky music fills the air. This twenty minute show includes stone props, slow motion, magic and crowd participation.

282ATA 282ATA-Human-statue


Standing  silent and mysterious. They keep you guessing are they stone or are they alive, moving slowly, rounding up a crowd? 
Intriguing, bold and quintessentially Australian these blokes are great for any Event.

282ATC-living-staues 282ATC-Human-statues

Code-289AP-Short people-Melbourne

An actor and performer if he can fit into the costume he can perform it.




Roving and combining her unique style and unusual flexibility in to a flowing and highly skilled routine including balls, rings and clubs, on or off stilts.  She is one of the best female jugglers in the world.


Code-337DBP-Roaming Penguins-Melbourne

These parading penguins will interact with the audience and delight with their penguin antics! penguins doing low-level acrobatics while they rove. Book one or more penguins to make your event truly unique and entertaining.
There are endless uses for the parading penguins! Are you looking for great photo opportunities? A jovial atmosphere? Characters that will interact with and entertain your guests? If your event needs that extra little something, these penguins will be the abstract element that makes your event stand out from the rest. 
The Penguins have been spotted at awards nights, escorting recipients on and off stage, and can often be found handing out showbags and flyers. But these flightless feathered friends are most accustomed to general roving at parties, openings, and promotional event. 2 minimum call out.


Code-343TR-Talking Robot-Melbourne

He is a stand-out character act: quirky, charming & programmed to delight any crowd.
As one of Australia’s premier character acts, he takes interactive character performance to a whole new level. The act stands apart from other ‘big suits’ and highly visual acts - for one thing, he talks. And talks! People love chatting with him, enchanted by his quirky, offbeat view of the human world. He is committed to delivering performances that excite the imagination and encourage participation. A chance encounter with him is a truly unique experience that your audience will not forget. This lovable, playful character is remarkably popular with kids and adults alike.
He has been a featured performer at hundreds of events in Australia and overseas in the past 10 years. The work is highly developed and adaptable to a wide range of environments: f rom trade fairs and product launches to shopping centres , festivals and major public events . Alongside roving performance, he is also available as a novelty MC and can tailor-make performance to suit any environment or theme.

Code 343TRD-Tubby and baby

He is out for a walk with his baby, ‘L’il T’, who rides in a restored 1960’s nanny’s pram. The pair had better find a ‘Recharging Centre’ before L’il T goes flat! This option is adorable and very accessible, particularly for families with young children.

Code-343TRS on-board his Electro-Scooter

He creates a huge impact as he rides aboard the Electro-Scooter, stopping regularly to chat with the crowd. This option gives him a massive range, suitable for the largest venues.
He is on a shopping mission, always on the look out for a bargain - perhaps some rechargeable batteries for when he’s feeling flat or a new toaster (a delicious morning tea treat!). He chats with shoppers and store holders as he goes, and keeps the show moving along so that everyone can carry on with their mission – TO SHOP!
Right click for video


talking robot


Code-345AZF-Tarot and Dream interpreter-Melbourne

Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Palmists, Color and Jewellery Analysists are popular at all events astonishing guests with their psychic wisdom, future predictions, elaborate costuming and exotic props. Short, accurate readings provide genuine insight and great entertainment at Celebrity Events, Product Launches and all Private Functions.


Code-382ADC-Birds Of Paradise-NSW

This is a high-impact stilt walking act. The Birds of Paradise are beautiful to watch, moving effortlessly and gracefully. These flamboyant and marvellous creatures will mesmerise any audience and bring elegance and colour to any event.

Normal or with lead night for evening

These flamboyant and marvellous creatures will mesmerise any audience and bring elegance and colour to any event. glo-stiltwalkers.

Code-382BDC-Lead Light Stiltwalkers-NSW

A mysterious and ethereal walkabout act. These dancers will illuminate the night with their glowing costumes and twirling.
Available on the ground or on stilts.

These dancers will illuminate the night with their glowing costumes and twirling.

Code-382EDC-1920's Stiltwalkers-NSW

Great for that 1920's function for meet and greet or to set the scene.

Great for that 1920's function for meet and greet or to set the scene.


An unusual and impressive four-legged stilt act of tricks and slinky walkabout inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology.  Available either as a solo, duo or trio – with our Cleopatra character taking her giant pets for a stroll. Children love having a turn holding the leash and adults too seem delighted by the animalistic behaviour of the cheeky felines.  A purr-fect stilt act with exotic flavours.
Can be illuminated or not.

egyptian spinx stilt walkers.NSW


Unique illuminated costumes that emulate crystal chandeliers. These characters can be performed on stilts or at regular height. Stilt walkers or ground characters can serve champagne from a height or simply meet and greet with guests. Visually stunning performers, they appear as crystal chandeliers – unique costumed characters covered in thousands of sparkling crystals and infused with LED lighting throughout.

glow stilt walkers for night time events.

Code 382DCH-Halloween spiders-NSW

Dangerously beautiful and Indigenous to Australia the Red Back Spiders parade for all to see. Although they can be seriously harmful to humans, these red back spiders have been tamed and will only bite if attacked. They love human interaction and are attracted to lights and human gatherings. Great for Halloween events.

red back spiders stilt walkers for Halloween events. red back spiders stilt walkers.

Code 382DCD-Halloween devils -NSW

 You won’t find stilt walkers more athletic or agile than the Dare Devils. These horny, futuristic, stilt roaming characters attired in red and silver leathers are tough girls and boys on a mission. Performance can also incorporate fire dancing on stilts or ground. Halloween event


These horny, futuristic, stilt roaming characters attired in red and silver leathers are tough girls and boys on a mission. Performance can also incorporate fire dancing on stilts or ground. Halloween event.

Code-406SMP-Solo Papparrazzi-Melbourne

He will interview your guests, and pretend to take photos with his giant camera .Everyone is famous! With more scoops than Norgen vaas, this hungry journo' uncovers the celebrity in everybody. Mistaking the general public for well known personalities, all get the famous treatment. Relentless in the pursuit of truth and wastes no time embellishing it. They'll find themselves the director of the latest blockbuster, or the latest bad boy scandel. With a flash from his oversized magic camera, he'll have you looking remarkably like Brad and Angelina.



Code-420PJR-bouncing Roos-NSW

Giant kangaroos on amazing  bouncing stilts. Jumping up to a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, they are a phenomenal sight. Their characters are a crossover of outback macho and inner city punk savvy — always Roo'd but never offensive. A favourite at festivals around the world.


giant roving kangeroos

Code-420PJL-Giant lifeguards-NSW

Roaming Giant lifeguards bring a bit of fin and frolic to your event.

Roaming Giant lifeguards bring a bit of fin and frolic to your event.


General height stilits or extremely high stilts  the choice is yours.
Bright and colourful and sure to stand out. When he is not stilit walking he is a very funny clown, Juggling balls, clubs, rings and fire. However he jumbles his words and claims that although he is stupid, he is not a complete idiot and merely misunderstood.


stilt-walker-adelaide Adelaide-stilt-walker

Code-471MT- Irish Jester-Brisbane

He is a larrikin, a cheeky court Jester with a quick Irish accent and an even quicker wit.
With a few tricks up sleeve involving a hoop and a poi, He is far more the entertainer than master of skill. He's as visually loud as he is jovial and is perfect for all events requiring meet and greet, roving, floor shows and comic waiting.He can boost your atmosphere, liven your event and help to put smiles on the faces of your patrons or colleagues.
Available as a solo or duo act.


Code-505PE-Parading Emus-Melbourne

This is a cheeky interactive roving performance where children are drawn to a gaggle of extraordinary birds.
These glamourous Emus stalk through the space, here a nibble, there a squabble – children are delighted to see a disco of colour. As the Emus wander and investigate their behaviour changes from curious animal to chic superstar stage show. Completely unpredictable, they  delight adults and children alike.
This performance is funny and whimsical, shimmying between naturalistic and larger than life caricature.



Code 516ECF-roving-Fortune Teller-Melbourne

Have you ever wondered what the future has in store for you? Welcome to her bizarre and very hilarious world and her devastatingly cute sidekick aka apprentice Miso the gorilla who will melt your heart, and possibly your mind. Miss D will get you nice and relaxed before gazing into the crystal ball and determining what is imminent for you in the weeks ahead.
The adults love her very strange assortment of future predictions of ingrown toenails, bad hair days, and unwelcome encounters with high waisted pants, but do not despair! She is well armed with a plethora of bizarre remedies to ensure your feet are fantastic, your locks are luxurious and you never fall victim to bad fashion. A hit with people of all ages, she will delight and disturb with their crazy antics and misguided illusions…Fantastic as a roving act for festivals and large corporate or social events.

see also circus performers


Code-550SF-Stilt Flamingoes-Vic

These brightly coloured birds will bring splendor to any event.

flamingo stilt-flamingos

Code-550SP-Pink Stilts-Melbourne-VIC

Saturated in the hottest of the pinks and shimmering metallic, these professional dancers are trained in the art of wings and stilts. These gorgeous women will glide, twirl and dazzle their way through and above their admirers.
Can also be accompanied by a Hot Pink winged dancer on the ground, creating an artistic blending of levels.

Height : 5 meters tall

Code 550SE-Elephants-Melbourne

The elephants are mesmerizing as they defy gravity, gently wandering around on their exceptionally long spindly legs.  Crowds stop in their tracks to connect with these graceful, gentle, gorgeous creatures. They are surrounded by an atmosphere of surreal elegance.
Heights : Elephants are 3.5 meters tall.


Code 550SI-Insect-Melbourne

Wonderfully shimmery and scuttling, beautifully creeping and crawling. It  is a dynamic, moving sculpture sure to fascinate people of all space ages. When she prowls amongst your guests,  they will be transported to another dimension.


Code-550WS-White Swans-Melbourne

Great for white or Xmas events these roving swans will float gracefully around your function.


roving-white-swan white-roving-swans

Code-565BB-Juggler-roving or show-Melbourne

The Juggler This guy just walks around and juggles, what more can I say?



A larger than life comedy music duo. Performing on stilts in fab flower flavoured costumes, their highly engaging comedy skits and fun music are sure to make a splash at your next event.





With his eclectic mix of talents he offers a variety of different shows and performances which range from a 45 minute stage or street show to a 6 minute world class juggling act. His ability to adapt and suite any venue or arena makes him one of the most exciting international performers at any festival.  Juggling is something he is no stranger to. For more than 9 years he has entertained people from all over Australia with his unique, quirky brand of comedy-juggling.  Juggling multiple props high in the air, dangerously manipulate fire torches under his legs and achieve tricky and perplexing combinations and moves around his entire body- Doing it all with style.


Diabolo Using a prop invented over 2000 years ago, he exhibits his mastery of this art though his fast paced, world class Diabolo act. Utilising a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles, this act is filled with high calibre entertainment, amazing feats of precision and dexterity while still maintaining the beauty and intricacy of this ancient Chinese art form. 

Code-585SP-plate spinning-WA

Spinning Plates Watch as he precariously attempts to spin more plates than you have fingers 5 feet from the ground. But watch out, these plates aren’t pretend! For over 5 minutes he will have you on the edge of your seat mesmerised and amazed with anticipation- Will he succeed, or will they fall? This act is sure to make any event a smashing one.

juggler fire-juggler



Code-623BSJ-Jelly fish-illuminated-Melbourne

A bloom of illuminated jellyfish against a night sky, floating through Central Geelong, transporting you to the deep blue and the life aquatic. These creatures of luminous beauty will be gliding along Moorabool Street and the waterfront changing colour as they encounter each other and the world around them

illuminated jelly fish for roving functions

Code 623BSF-Glow fish-Melbourne

During daylight the three illuminated fish are beautiful and sparkling, each fish with a signature colour. The scales and tails of the fish shimmer in the sunlight as they swim through the sky.
Evening performances
After dark, the three Illuminated fish puppets transform, glowing luminescent colours as they swim. Their colours shift and change: the light affecting the colours of the fish scales and tail, and bouncing off the coral coronets of the Sea Shepherds – the puppeteers.

After dark, the three Illuminated fish puppets transform, glowing luminescent colours as they swim.

During daylight the three illuminated fish are beautiful and sparkling, each fish with a signature colour.


One of the most natural talents in Australia. Spontaneous, engaging, hilarious and magical. Well known for winning over kids previously scared of clowns. His unique blend of physical comedy, imagination exercises, balloonimals, song, dance and magic, will live in your guest’s memory for years.
Simon, is also a magician, poet, singer, dancer, balloonologist, fire-eater and stiltwalker.

Pirate- magic-658MJP -Melbourne

Kids can't wait to join his obstacle course treasure hunt.
He relives his stupefying, death defying tale of escaping beheading at the Governor's behest and unfortunately forced into piracy, that's right, he's innocent.
Pirate games break up the hour, and the birthday boy shoots the pop gun and magically the target bursts.
Of course in accordance with the code, all take the pirate oath and share secrets from all corners of the flat world me hearties.

see also face painters clowns


or pirate

pirate for hire balloons

Code 670KB-Soul-Clairvoyant-Tarot-fortune-Palm reader-Melbourne

Well known for her accurate and insightful readings. She has been a Psychic, Tarot reader, palm reader, angel Intuitive and Numerologist for almost 15 years, and a well respected teacher in all these fields. She also provides personal development workshops.


Melbourne fortune teller

Code-675LSP-Peep show-Melbourne

Peep through the hole and see the tiniest puppet show on earth.
Each pep exactly 1 min long.
Great show and its unique. No one else does this type of show.





Mini-peepbox Peep box-puppets

Code-675LSG-Greek Lady-Living statue-Melbourne

Is she real? More often than not, people walk straight past without noticing that the eyes really do follow you. And the head. And sometimes the arms.
This hard, yet comicly loveable character embodies the graceful form of subtlty. Interaction with passersby is silent and unduly expressive. Watch her create a relationship with mere eybrow raise or wink. This particular piece of marble also featured on the Today Show and won the pitch prize for best performance at the Melbourne Buskers Competition in 2005.
Perfect for weddings and functions.

Can be with or without pillar.


Greek living statue


Code-675LST-Tennis-Living statue-Melbourne

Can do other sports as well like Netball/cricket etc.


Code 675LSL-Statue o f Liberty-Melbourne

Statue of Liberty –living statue great for American Themed events

Living statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty -living statue -melbourne.

Code 680DS-Singing cooking Chef-Melbourne

Singing Chef extraordinaire and popular Sri Lankan television host of he is one of Sri Lanka’s most loved chefs and shows off his unique culinary fused singing skills with his feisty Sri Lankan personality right here in Australia where he now calls home. 
Born in Sri Lanka, he is a qualified chef, who also possess a special talent for singing - which earned him his nick name “the singing chef” 
Having received his formal training in the art of hospitality and culinary in Sri Lanka, he then migrated to Melbourne, Australia where he now works and performs as a chef and entertainer and has made a successful transition from Sri Lankan to Australian audience. 
He does cookery songs ( in English ) chicken fried rice / ice cream kothu  with the preparation and entertain the crowd. Then he will entertain  the crowd few of other reggae/ pop songs- ub 40 , bob marly/ billy ray cyrus/lobo etc.

Ideal for shopping centres.

He does cookery songs ( in English ) chicken fried rice / ice cream kothu with the preparation and entertain the crowd.

Code 703AF-Animal farm-Bendigo

We have lots of cuddly animals for nursing, brushing, hand feeding and posing for pictures.
Beautiful show quality, white fairytale miniature horses and ponies for rides.
Clever trick horse shows, pony rides and face painting.
Clean and well presented animals and staff.
When only the best will do.

When visiting schools, pre-schools,  kindergartens, child care and early learning centres the emphasis is on teaching children about animals, animal behaviour and the importance of caring for animals and our environment, we like to do this in a fun and engaging way.
We introduce ourselves and the animals we have brought along and talk to the children about animal care, how to behave around animals, amongst other things, and answer any questions they may have.
Then our new little farmers have the opportunity to feed, brush and stroke all the animals.
For those that are a little shy we encourage feeding the animals through the fence and most times this leads to the child gaining the confidence to enter the pen.
Everyone can get up close and personal with all of our animals in a shady comfortable environment.
We supply a marquee, animal feed, brushes, and seats, not to mention, kind, patient and caring assistance and supervision, so that everyone has the opportunity to spend quality time with our animals, hand feeding, brushing and even holding the bunnies and guinea pigs in their laps.
We also offer optional extras like, face painting, balloon bending, and pony rides. 
All our baby animals are handled from a very young age so they are used to all the attention, and we can structure the visit to bring specific animals only, for example, just bunnies at Easter or even Santa’s reindeer at Christmas time.
Depending on the time of year we bottle feed our lambs and this activity has also proven to be very popular.

We introduce ourselves and the animals we have brought along and talk to the children about animal care, how to behave around animals, amongst other things, and answer any questions they may have.

Everyone can get up close and personal with all of our animals in a shady comfortable environment.


Code-707TA-Tea Leaf Reading-Melbourne

A Melbourne based Tasseomancist (Tea Leaf Reader) with a love of all things Tea. She conducts Tea Parties all over the Melbourne Metro area. Are you hosting a hens do, birthday bash or baby shower? Or perhaps you’d just like to do something new and exciting? A Tea party could be just what you’re looking for! Enjoy cups of delicious hand blended tea in the comfort of your own home, while she teaches you Irish tea reading and peeks into your future.

Code 707TAW-Tea leaf Reading Workshop

She is available for large corporate functions and training sessions, teaching the art of Irish Tasseomancy to everyone (including the sceptics). Learn about Tea history, tradition and culture as she tells magnificent stories of Teas past. And then practice with yourself and friends or colleagues as you all read together in a traditional Irish circle.

A Tea party could be just what you’re looking for! Enjoy cups of delicious hand blended tea in the comfort of your own home, while she teaches you Irish tea reading and peeks into your future.

Code 711MO-Bubble activity-Adelaide-SA

Giant bubble activity where children chase and make bubbles incorporated with a childrens activity of games if required. Outside show suitable for schools and festivals.

kids show in Adelaide. adelaide giant bubble show

Code 783RA-master organ-Melbourne

A Belgium built travelling Concert Organ. It was built in the workshops of Verbeeck’s Organ Works (Est 1884) in Antwerp and is the only travelling Concert Organ in Australia. It has entertained extensively at all levels from local functions to “Yarralumla” – the residence of the Governor General of Australia. 
The organ has the equivalent sound of a 20-piece band and operates on air pressure generated by a bellows and regulated by a reservoir. The music is played by way of traditional punched cardboard books that are read by the keyframe, which activates valves that in turn cause the organ to play. The organ has some 442 pipes together with drums, cymbals, bells, woodblocks and animated figures. The organ also has a large library of music and can play all day without repeating selections. The music appeals to all age groups and covers all types from Strauss to Walt Disney including marches, waltzes, musical theatre, children’s and popular music. The music evokes a carnival atmosphere and is often referred to as the ‘happiest music on earth”.
size height 4.2 m depth 3m length 7m
Needs power point or can be generator powered



Code 789TSC- dragon Queen-living statue or rove-Melbourne

A living fantasy statue from a different dimension, Become amazed by this stunning spectacular visual show. She is a fantasy creature, a living statue act she interacts with the flow and mood of the audience, combined with different styles of pantomime and ‘silent’ expressions,
A great visual act she can either stay still in one spot ore rove around

Or quote 789TSC- dragon Queen-show-Melbourne

 Meet Dragon-Queen with Zazoria a fantasy character; he has a lot of mysticism about him. He has grace, firmness, and strength as well as insight.
One day during his spontaneous travels he stumbles across to the Queen’s palace, knocks on her door and enters unwelcomed to discover the emotionless Queen. He becomes besotted by her presence and decides to try to wake her up. He grinds at her silver metal heart, with sparking flames to wake her lust for life again. She wakes up from her emotionless state and discovers life and beauty yet again.
This dynamic duo can be presented on stage ore as a roving act, with ore with out metal grinding.

dragon-queen 11

Mystical -dragon-showC

Code-789TSO- Living Statue-Oria -Melbourne

A living statue, this performance is full of bright colour and happiness. This character interacts with the audience, whether as a still-life act or roving act. She combines various styles of pantomime and expression and dance to create a colourful and visual atmosphere. This is an exciting and visual show, which the audience is sure to remember.The costuming and detail is excellent.

code-789TSL- Living Statue-Melbourne

Miss Sylvia is a 1800-century white lady in masquerading style, become mesmerized by this amazingly beautiful act. Miss Sylvia a living white statue, which interacts with the flow and the mood of the audience. She gracefully dances around in flowing moves, or just stands in one spot, over three meters tall. A living statue beautiful and humble


living-statue-sylvia-Melbourne melbourne-living-statue-melbourne

Code-822HHM-marching -hoopers-Melbourne

Option 1: The hoopers with live marching band. A roving 5 piece hula hoop army with 5 piece marching band, super bright, colourful, & interactive. Also the hoopists have a fully choreogaphred feature act, so the procession can assemble in a large space to perform the routine. The rest of the set the hoopers freestyle with their fanciest tricks and can also get the crown involved.

option 2: live marching band with miss hoopla plus 3 dancers/hoopists new orleans mardi grass style! 5 piece marching band play modern pop songs with brass instruments whilst 3 dancers dance with rainbow fans, hula hoops and get the crowd pumped and dancing.

hoopers-marching-band-melbourne marching-hoopers-melbourne

Roaming 839A-stilts-Queensland

A range of colourful and delightful stilt walkers for any occasion.

This talented boutique circus troupe, specialise in the spectacular with clever niche acts. Themed entertainment options from this exceptionally entertaining team include meet and greet artists, stilt walking, fantastic roving characters, living human statues & dazzling features-making your event a hit from the moment guests arrive!

Uniquely styled acts are available to complement all the popular event themes, and an exclusive costume design department are ready to take on your unique ideas!


1. Burlesque Beauties (Stilt Walkers-available in up to a trio)
Get sassy in style with our sophisticated Burlesque stilt walking beauties. Whips, Feathers and cigars on high!
Imagine 9 ft tall burlesque beauties flanked either side of your event entrance, wandering amongst your guests, parading out the front or wowing your guests with some whip-crackin action!


3. Rio Showgirls (Stilt walkers-available in up to a 6 piece)
Exotic Rio Carnival Showgirls on stilts! Feathers, frills, sequins and dazzling smiles! These long legged beauties, available in up to a six piece of complementing carnival colours, rove amongst your guests, and can be seen high above the crowd on their larger than life stilt legs. Exquisite costuming, full feathered headdresses and sparkling sequins make these Rio Carnival Showgirls a truly unique and memorable act for all events Vegas or Carnival!

4. Circus Dollys (available as a mixed group of stilt walkers, clowns, hula hoopisst, mime, jugglers & more)
Cheeky, fun and mysterious, our fabulous Circus Dollys are available in up to a 6 piece of stilt walking & roving ground characters. Costuming and accessories, all red, black and white appeal to children and adults alike, and their silent communications make them understood through emotion captivating expressions and mime. Cute and quirky from head to toe, these delightful characters make an ideal choice for timeless cirque themed or family events.

5. Golden Isis Goddesses (Stilt Walkers)
Glamorously gorgeous in glitzing golden gowns, these exquisite costume characters are an exceptional and sophisticated choice.
Available in a variety of costume selections, see Golden Goddesses (photos 5 & 9)

6. Egyptian Temple Keepers (living statues, meet and greet, roving characters)

7. Garden of Eden (stilt walking duo) Exquisite wearable art costumes Garden of Eden are a delightful visual duo. Temptresses elegantly rove, teasing and tantalising with their rosy red aples


10. Earth Indian (stilt walking duo)

11. Ceremonial plumage, tribal adornment and detailed costumery. Wisdom held in hand-stitched snake skins, carved bone & feather headdresses. 

12. Caribbean Carnival (Stilt walking duo)
Our fantastic Latin carnival creations! Delivering Carribean delights with a strong Latin Carnival flavour. Meet our two Spanish speaking lovelies, with a taste for exotic tropical living! Latin Fiesta on stilts with these two sassy senoritas and their balanced baskets of tropical delights! Exquisitely designed costuming matched with friendly personalities, capturing the tropics in a sexy Latin style. ‘Carribean Carnival’ present an ideal option for Latin, tropical, or carnival themed events.

13. Venetian Jesters (Stilt walkers, meet & greet or roving mime-available in up to a trio)
Cirque styled jesters. Visually delightful and unique, captivating mime characters. Let a touch of the Venetian Cirque Jester open the magic within you. Exquisite costuming, fully masked and silent character act, available as a solo or duo and as a choice of ground characters, stilt walking characters, or living human statues.

14.Christmas Characters (Stilt Walkers or ground juggling or balloon elves-available in up to a 5 piece)
Brighten up your Christmas event with our festive entertainers. Available as Stilt walking candy cane girls, hula hoopists, jugglers or Christmas balloon elves.


sacr-circus3 sacr-circus4

sacr-circus5 sacr-circus6



sacr-circus10 sac-cir11



Roaming 839D-statue-colonial-Queensland

Colonial living statue.

Roaming 839E-statue-Egyptian-Queensland


Roaming 839E-statue-Spooky-Queensland

Suitable for the freak theme is a Spooky Statue-mime performer. He is available as a meet and greet living human statue complete with an elaborate podium base. He is mostly silent but does grunt and groan from time to time and interacts with guest by shaking hands, hand signals etc. His unimpressed facial expression is that of a jaded, old freaky man set in stone. can also rove.




Roaming 910A-Melbourne

The King of jesters ready to entertain



Angels, two metre high wings, silver, bubbles, glitter, stillness, and clowning, are woven together to create the magic of “Angelic”. With an original music score and slow surreal movement, this silent being from another dimension plays with the humans that surround, enticing audiences of all ages into becoming part of a unique world.
A strikingly beautful and very funny addition for any festival, event or corporate function, Angelic is highly adaptable and can be performed as a living statue, a roving character, or a busking act.



Roaming 14C Giant Angel-Melbourne

These Angels have a huge wing span of 4 x 4 metres when fully opened.


Roaming 14E Ships Of The Desert-Melbourne

roaming camel characters.


Roaming 14H-Fixit Elfs-Melbourne

With these two helper elves on the look out for everything they may be able to fix. Everything from smiles to underarms, strollers and stragglers usually getting the treatment from these two pixies polishing their pre xmas skills

Roaming 14T-Robot

giant-angel 14C





Roaming 63C-Contact Juggler-Melbourne

Stepping out with top hat and tails, David is an entertainer with that old fashioned class. Presenting regal contact juggling (crystal manipulation), incredible diabolo skills, interactive plate spinning, pocket magic and if the occasion is right – spectacular fire eating. Davids skills can be adapted to suit any audience. He is regularly seen at corporate events making impressive first impressions when greeting guests as they arrive. David is available as a traditional gentleman or with striking circus make-up to add that extra atmosphere.

Skills: Contact Juggling (crystal manipulation), plate spinning, diabolo, fire eating, juggling, pocket magic.

view Video

Roaming 63D-stilts-Melbourne

Welcome to the to The Tall Club, where the talents of Jo and David combine to bring you innovative and professional entertainment of the highest caliber. Through the pooling of diverse abilities such as juggling, rope skipping, giant bubble blowing and more these characters provide a range of skillful displays and audience interaction. They also offer impressive visual displays as they roam around in their bright, beautiful and sparkling outfits. They cater to events such as parades, family days, festivals, corporate events and special occasions.

Skills: Stilt Walking, juggling, giant bubble blowing, giant flag and poi spinning, comedy, feather tickling, rope skipping, pole balancing

Roaming 63E-Pirate Bubbles-Melbourne

Beware The pirate leaves a trail of bubbles, excited children and mayhem in his wake. This eight foot tall sea-going rascal has recently been sighted raiding children’s parties and festivals alike. He is notably wanted for the crimes of inciting ‘Laughing Mayhem’, and generally disturbing the peace. This larger than life character wields a giant bubble-making sword and is a highly experienced children’s entertainer and buccaneer.

Can be of stilts as well

Roaming 63F-Melbourne

Vern is a cuddly puppet character that loves to tickle chins and to get up to mischief. Vern is a great roving character loved by adults and children alike. Vern is an Axtell Puppet. Her stunning looks and lovable nature are always a talking point at any event she attends. Whilst Vern is admired and well liked, sadly guests often laugh at her as she is always falling for the wrong guy. Vern for Kids Vern is a lovable, cheeky and mischievous bird. Children love to pat her, stroke her beautiful feathers and tickle her under the chin – Vern is VERY ticklish. She is always well behaved when her owner is looking but the mischief she gets up to when he’s not will leave everyone laughing at her naughty pranks.

roaming 63G-Giant puppet-Melbourne

Frederick is a seven-foot puppet that loves to dance, party and get lots of hugs. He is great for entertaining adults and children alike. Frederick may be some distant cousin of the abominable snowman...or possible not. What is known is that he is a ball of fun to be around. Able to do most things that a human performer can do Frederick is highly versatile but most people just find him visually stunning to be around. Fredrick glows vibrantly under UV lights and is great for nightclubs, festivals and just about any event you can think of. Suitable for 7 year olds and up.


63C either corporate look, masquerade or circus

stilts 63D



roaming 214AC-Fat Guys-Melbourne

Need a Fat-tastic act for your next function? You need the fat Guys

As tall as a truck and as wide as a small family, this hilarious act needs to be seen to be believed. This over-inflated duo are ready to expand your event in any of their many disguises including Elvis, Hawaiians, Coaches, Security or Christmas characters. Other specialty costumes are also available.

WARNING, these guys have feelings. Mention hide’n’seek or tease them with a donut at your own peril. So lock up your lunch and loosen your belts... FAT IS BACK!

The most unforgettable waistline challenged individuals you’ll ever meet. Standing 9’ tall 5’ wide and squeezing in just under 1 tonne. They deliver the laughs where the skinny guys give up. Different characters AFL, Santa , Jockeys, Fitness Coach, security guards







Roaming 236E-juggler-stilts-bubbles-Melbourne

Roving and combining her unique style and unusual flexibility in to a flowing and highly skilled routine including balls, rings and clubs, on or off stilts or Hazel can juggle up to seven objects at once she is one of the best female jugglers in the world.





hazel hazel


Roaming 239-stilt Characters-Melbourne

Roaming 239A-Angels

Fairy Lights, baubles, glitter, the Angles glide into your function event granting wishes and spreading the angelic cheer. Perfect for white functions, heavenly events, parades and anywhere you need a touch of heaven

Roaming 239F-Professor and his Puppet Show and Roving

Introducing the professor and his favorite Puppet Pavlova! This duo performs an act of human puppetry fresh from a fairy tale. Perfect for the children and equally cheeky for the adults! At outdoor events this duo draws a crowd and can perform a 10-minute show or simply rove drawing new crowds. Entertaining, interactive and comical this duo will bring a unique edge to your event.

roaming 239N-ballerinas-melbounre

Standing 8 foot tall these stilt ballerina's are a cute roving entertainment act perfect for many occasions. Whether it's a family event, festival, corporate event or fair the stilt ballerina's are captivating and cute! The costumes are made from exquisite sequins with sparkling and eye catching details, the makeup and wigs inspired by black swan and the pointe shoes perfect as the ballerina's dance their way in perfect synchronicity through the crowd.

roaming 239N-bathing beauties-melboure

Standing 8 foot tall these stilt bathing beauties will fit any water themed event.








Roaming 261B- Cigar girls- Usherettes-Melbourne

Ideal for meet and Greet or to pass out Corporate brochures. Great for Vegas nights as well.

Roaming 261E-Living Statue-Melbourne

The Gold lady living statue is a real eye catcher. The odd slightest movement always manages to surprise passers by.

Roaming 261EE-Roman-Living Statue-Melbourne

Roaming 261F-Casino-Living Statue-Melbourne



medussa-sam261E sam-starr261EE


Roaming 261D-Hoola-Plate spinner-clown-balloonologist-Melbourne

If you are thinking festival carnivale with a twist, Sam is your girl. Performed by experienced and qualified circus all rounder Sam, is a charming, bubbly, lovable and highly skilled modern day Carmen Miranda. She will make the kids giggle and squeal with delight over her pocket magic tricks and wow audiences big and small with her precision hoola hoop skills. Add plate spinning, juggling, balloons and hysterical comedy. Perfect for corporate roving, shopping centers and parties. Also available as a stage show (6 mins skilled hoops to music track or 30 min interactive kids show

Roaming 261EE-angels-Melbourne

The Angels are a roving or statue duo, perfect for functions and festive celebrations. Sam and Rachel have ten years experience each in the entertainment industry. They can stand as still as statues, all white and ethereal, or rove a room in slow motion, graceful as angels. Poses can be held for long periods, and both are experienced with interacting as a statue with a passing crowd. As a central piece, the girls pose motionless, sublime smiles and soft hands. Or as a clowning duo for christmas parties, the angels will make you giggle with their pocket magic tricks, witty one-liners and circus mayhem.

Roaming 261G-Cybergirl and Cyberboy -Melbourne

Cybergirl is Sam's first creation. She is an interactive mime robot, complete with lights and mechanical sounds which are secretly activated by Sam. With her convincing robotic moves combined with synchronized sound effects the ever present question is, “Is she a real robot?”. Cybergirl is available as a statue, roving charater or as a robotic waiter. Also available “Cyberboy”, Cybergirls one true love. Performed by Sam’s partner Sean, this gorgeous cyber pair can rove, statue and even do stage spots.



Roaming 280CC The Heavenly Angel or snow queen-stilt Walker-Melbourne

Perfect for any function, these amazing ethereal Angels will delight every crowd. Fantastic as a winter themed event or Christmas party.

Parading gracefully these very tall, star-spangled stilt Angels will amaze you and create a beautiful ambience that will enhance the spirit of Christmas or themed events.
Perfect for corporate functions to meet and greet guests, or roving through shopping centres or festivals.

They can be solo or duo, male or female.

Roaming 280D Stilt Fairy-elf-Melbourne

Fairey blows amazing amount of bubbles and has magical glitter to put onto little faces and is very interactive....story teller.

heavenly-angel nov-stilt fairy-elf


roaming 323B- Mini Bikes-Qld

Specialising in shows for sporting events, festivals and functions, they delight and amaze.

Where a roving performance is more suited they adapt their show to play to the intimate setting.
The members of the team are highly talented circus performers and James and Scoot are also award winning street performers. The team is adaptable and professional, and continually receive enormous responses from their audiences.

With members having success performing all over the world including Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Greece, Ireland, China and the Netherlands, the team’s combined experience is phenomenal.

Scoot, one of the stunt team’s members is even a Guinness world record holder, breaking a world record on the Australian Guinness world record TV series in 2005.
The show

Think Crusty Demon’s meets Krusty the Clown. A funny and highly skilled show with fire jumps, precision riding and witty routines. Suitable for all ages.


Events may have an audience spread out over a large area and roving may be more suitable. The team can cover large distances on the Mini Stunt Bikes during a set allowing more spectators to enjoy the pedalling pandemonium. The team can also perform on Unicycles (tall and small) and juggle just about anything (including fire).



mini-bikes mini-bikes


roaming 675LS-stilts-Marie Lucille-Melbourne

Originating from the French Renaissance, the tall Marie Lucille has a clear distaste for everything except for cakes, opera and saucy young men.

Roaming 675LS-stilts-Duchess of Decay-Melbourne

Her Royal Highnesses, The Duchesses of Decay have sung opera with the Victorian Police Band, promenaded with other flamboyant Queens in the Pride March, rallied with the "commoners" of Natimuk, been cordially invited to the Queen Victoria Market social events amongst other extravagent events.

Uniquely decadent and decaying before your very eyes, each royal has her story (if you're tall enough to hear it).

Insect, Fruit and Vine, they entertain and embelish as well as inspire wonder, beauty and a keen respect for the earth.




Roaming 395B-Lizards-Melbourne

Visually striking and highly interactive, the extraordinary Madame Penelope and her exotic Australian Pets add spice and humour wherever they go.

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Roaming 395DD-The Samaris-Melbourne

A roaming dancing interactive group of Samaris to lighten up your event

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Roaming 395EE-Gold Emperors-Melbourne

Bringing the Imperial court to you. The Ultimate in majestic elegance, able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary through ceremony, humour, ritual and dance. Perfect as a welcoming tableau or as a sculptural statues that come to life.

Roaming 395N-Melbourne

Straight from Alice’s Wonderland, with all the pomp and ceremony of ridiculous rituals and eccentric dance, come a band of lovable misfits that will truly alter your take on all things normal. You see, the Queen is always right, the Knight is too loyal to question and the Pawn must serve all, so between them they think your world is the odd one! Mind what you say, make sure you show respect, prepare yourself for a giggle as this meddling trio try to make you conform to their bizarre order of things. Fun for all ages from the very young to the very old. While they particularly suit the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme, the act will work for whatever the event may be.





roaming 395F Living Statue-Melbourne

Living statues add a bit of mystery to your event and sometimes surprise by standers when they suddenly move.


Roaming 395K Living Table Platters-Melbourne

Let these living table pieces adorn your table and have guests talking about it for ages.


Roaming 395P Androids-Melbourne

As technological advancement reaches ever increasing heights allow the Androids to offer a welcome relief to the world of B Grade science fiction. With artificial arms and flashing eyes these chaotic characters are proof that the future has a sense of humour.


Roaming 395R High Rollers-Melbourne

The High Rollers are care free big spenders out for the night on the town. Colourful, flirtatious and down right funky, these boys get down. With effortless panache and a touch of pizzazz they'll get fingers clicking and shoes tapping.


Roaming 395V Living Art-masterpieces-Melbourne

Interact or just gaze at legends of the art world. Surprisingly alive masterpieces, from statues to paintings. Specialising in Art with a sense of Humour.

The way Living Art works best is to do one long set for 90 mins. It doesn't work to come and go, the painting is set up as a frozen image which gradually comes to life and ends up moving around and interacting. The paintings work better raised on podiums. Would be great if that could be provided. 


living-art cleopatra-italian



Roaming 395W The Gold People-Melbourne

Copying each others movements The Gold People are an eye catcher for any event. They will follow people around and mimic their actions.

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Roaming-412B-Melbourne-tarot card, clairvoyant, psychometry and clairaudient readings

Psychic all my life. Studied tarot card reading at Holmesglen college in 1999. Have been doing readings for 20 years. Had a tarot card reading business in Japan for 5 years and for 15+ years in Melbourne.


Roaming 437A Living Statue-Melbourne

The painter statue that will have you in stitches!

The Painter has been delighting and surprising audiences around Australia with her mischievous antics for the past four years. She will often be found sneakily pretending to paint those who pass by her mistaking her for a statue. With her cheeky but friendly demeanour she is a favourite with adults and children alike.



Roaming 485AA-Traditional Japanese Girls-Qld

In Traditional costume these Japanese girls will meet and greet and roam your function and give out origami Papers.

Japanese tea ceremony also available.

Tea ceremony is the ritualised preparation and serving of powdered green tea in the presence of guests. A full-length formal tea ceremony involves a meal and two servings of tea and lasts approximately four hours. What I can offer would be an abbreviated version of the tea ceremony to provide a tantalising taste of Japanese culture. This abbreviated version called "Bonryaku demae" would take 20-30 minutes, with two to three serves of tea.

I only perform tea ceremony as part of a roving act. I can do 40-45 minutes roving in the first hour and one session of an abbreviated tea ceremony in the second hour if that suits the client.

To perform the tea ceremony, I require access to drinking water and a kettle as well as a platform to sit on. This platform needs to be raised high enough for people to see what a seated person is doing.


Roaming 549A-Dwarf Hire-Melbourne

Character Work

Half Strip Show

Jelly Wrestling

Santas Elf

Kids Party

Nightclub Promotions


Roaming 567BB -Ball Walker-NSW

You will look twice when he passes you at an event walking on top a 70cm high walking globe. This charismatic character has been know for fearlessly balancing while juggling and keeping guests entertained with his charming clown. At the request of the client he may unicycle as an extra. A stylish, flexible and charming rover for any function.

DURATION: 45 minute roving sets.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Flat performance surface , Sufficient room to move between guests. Roof height of 2.5m


Roaming-585CCC-Genies and Mythical Goddess-Melbourne

These colourful and Mythical characters will roam or dance a choreographed item for your event to add a bit of mystery and intrigue. With their striking face and body paint and exotic costuming these fantasy characters create quite a stir amongst the crowd moving from flirtatious static poses to flamboyant dancing, encouraging your guests to break the ice and mingle. Perfect for meet/greet and roving, they can even adorn your guests with garlands of flowers and bindi’s.




Roaming 631C-Juggler-Melbourne

Avan can just about juggle anything.


roaming 667C-fire eater-twirler-Melbourne

Prepare to be mesmerized by fire and captivated by the magical illusions of an Atmosfire Show this has to be seen to be believed. The show begins with slow hypnotic movements and builds to a spectacular fiery finale. The components of the show are by fusing martial arts, dance, circus stunts, and themed costumes.
Ideal Stage size: Width 5m Height 4 m Length 4 m
All Fire performances are covered by Public Liability insurance and follow safety procedures under the Guideline of M.F.B. and C.F.A.
Solo feature show is 10 minutes and Duo 15 minutes
Improvised atmospheric Fire performances are sets of 45 - 60 minutes




roaming 668A-Charlie Chaplin-Brisbane

The Charlie Chaplin roving & silent comedy show provides slap stick entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.  Authentic in his performance, Mark closely reflects Chaplin's mannerisms with intricate detail.  Have a photo with Charlie and enjoy his fast paced gags based on the silent era of cinema, before the 'talkies'.



Roaming 725-Stilts-Qld

The tall form of Stilts is a familiar sight at both indoor & outdoor festivals and functions, strutting, loping and dancing through the crowd. Much more than simply “walkers”, these Stilt Performers look to the Australian environment as inspiration for much of their work and specialise in creating eye catching roving performances that have delighted audiences both throughout Australia and overseas. These characters and costumes stimulate the imagination, inspire joy and offer an engaging, playful and interactive experience.

The Characters outlined below are available separately or in combination. While they most frequently appear as a duo, selected acts are also available as solo characters and in groups of 3, 4 or 5.

Roaming725A stilts-Qld

Effervescent, exquisite, Maam steps lightly with beauty and grace. Enveloped in her cloud of bubbles Maam leaves a trail of enraptured, smiling faces. Watch the bubbles burst their surprises in the sunshine or notice the magic of floating balls in the half light of evening.

Roaming Stilts-qld 725E

Goofy mischief-makers, energetic, colourful and out for a good time. Always the innocent bystanders (not!) – playing pranks and looking for playmates, they are definitely fun filled and dynamic. Up-end your expectations

Roaming Stilts-725F-Qld

Set your spirit free, and take to the sky with this epicurean delight. Enveloped in blue, this flight of fantasy will dip soar and swirl. Fancy free, distinct, joyful. A must to enliven any festival or event

Roaming Stilts-725G-Qld

These out of this world characters in striking block red and over two and half metres tall perform an extraordinary dance of fast paced ribbon twirling. With an energy that shows up all but the most vital of ground based dance styles, this act is particularly suited to parades and events with a live music component. Give them a beat, and these guys will just go off!


Strangers in a strange land, stalking and creeping on their long insect like legs. Where are they from? Why are they here? Beautiful and intriguing, they communicate with a haunting language of gaunt postures, spindly shapes and piercing gazes. Searching, enquiring - seeking the familiar in an unfamiliar landscape.

roaming-stilts 725H-Qld

Under those demure veiled faces lies a mischievous sense of humour. A cheekiness that is reflected in their costuming, movement and style, as well as in their interactions with their audience. These girls are not just a pretty sight. Take a breath, reach deep into the mouth of their proffered handbag, choose a card and read your ‘thought for the day’! Fabulous at Festivals roving amongst the crowd. Completely Classy as they mingle at a conference. Perfectly Placed at any dinner or gala ball.







Roaming 725-Stilts-Clint-Brisbane

Clint has worked professionally in Australia and Japan as an actor, physical theatre performer, stilt performer and clown.

Stilts 725B-Qld

Gracefully arising above the ground, the public looks astonished when this Black & Red, long leggeded creature flutters along, seducing and persuading its audience with delight. As this majestic creature strides through the crowd using its unusal shapped head to look serenely around all are left in cheer admiration and wonder. ENTE represents the dark side in all of us and is perfect for Night Clubs, Casino’s, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Corporate Events, Parades, Shopping Centres, Product Launches and many other special events.

Stilts 725C-Qld

Twisted Hatter is the life of the party! Dressed in a pink/purple flamed flamboyant fantasy lyric suit with matching Top Hat, Twisted Hatter can burn up any dance floor! With his alluring array of dance moves, physical comedy and an inexhaustible & mischievous sense of humour, this character brings out the outrageous in people. He is Funky! He is Sexy! He is Fluro! Twisted Hatter is a unique Stilt Roaming Character perfect for Night Clubs, Casino’s, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Corporate Events, Parades, Shopping Centres, Product Launches, Theme Parks and many other special events.

Stilts 725D-Qld

Having just arrived to earth from another planet, Mr Moody walks on by in original slow motion and it is sure that he still has a long journey ahead. His approach is friendly and prudent, but he surely is curious. Suddenly he freezes to a hault, and tracking his fancy he procedes in a stunning slow motion whilst changing to extreme movement. At times audiences will discover that in a mysterious way, the faceless Mr Moody is curiously watching them - attempting to understand how they function. Visually Stunning and Beautifully Naive, Mr Moody is perfect for Casinos, Night Clubs, Festivals, Corporate Events, Shopping Centres, Product Launches and much much more!




Roaming 744A Living Statue-The Fairy- Daylesford-Vic

So much like a statue, and always draws a crowd. linda has performed this act in Europe and France.

She will blow kisses and give out the occassional flower.

the-urban-fairy the-urban-fairy

roaming 752A-Daylesord -vic

Eric offers a classic roving character for your next event.

The perfect roving entertaiment that is suited to your needs, be it roving from table to table or meet and greet when your guests arrive.

With style and an endless supply of quick juggling tricks, combined with playful interaction, Eric classic roving character is a great addition to your event.


Roaming-fairy 792 D-Melbourne

Take an unusual trip into another world with the hilarious and bizarre fairy antics of Tangle du Stardust. Roped in to deliver Christmas presents by Santa following a reindeer strike, and trying to maintain her faerie duties for Sparkle Inc, she is here to make your dreams come true… though often they manifest as more of a wacky nightmare…This befuddled disarray of soot, hiking boots, an oddly stunning dress with full artillery belt, and torn wings struggling with an oversized Santa sack is a sight to behold. With a snooty transglobal accent, this chaotic attention seeking bundle of mystery and cheeky tricks will delight humans of all ages with magic, mayhem, a malfunctioning wand, a cheeky sidekick, and a special faerie wish that will leave you waiting for more...and waiting...


38 Moveable Animals and Pony Ride Hire-Melbourne

Moveable Animal farm and Pony hire cater for playgroups, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, carnivals fetes and fairs, shopping centres and BIRTHDAY PARTIES & bring to you a variety of sessions which are all educational & fun.

Moveable Animal Farm Come to you. They are reliable and professional and pride themselves on their high quality of service. They have the largest range of farm and native animals and they clean up after their sessions.
Moveable Animal Farm have full public liability cover and also provide animals for movies and photo shots plus
many other reasonable requests.

Moveable Animal Farm cater for playgroups, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, carnivals fetes and fairs, shopping centres and BIRTHDAY PARTIES & bring to you a variety of sessions which are all educational & fun

The Wizz-magician-Qld

Vince's magic combines astonishing sleight of hand with psychological subtlety, humor and a charming quick wit and easy-going style suitable for all ages and walks of life.

Roving or show


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