Stage Show Duo


Elegant illusion to classical music. Light hearted conjuring to an upbeat tango. Humorous capers with audience volunteers. They create an experience on stage that is artistic, impeccably routined and irresistibly entertaining.

Doves appear out of thin air. A cooking demonstration receives a pinch of magical flavouring. Eva’s beautiful face vanishes in a burst of flame. Their  inventive magic that they have developed baffles not only their spectators, but also their peers.

Performing  to a broad range of music, from the classical serenades of Mozart played live on solo violin, to contemporary interpretations of traditional Arabian rhythms. Their routines are all meticulously timed to music with the precision of an expert choreographer.

Whether audience volunteers are floating on nothing more than ether, or being asked for help with a simple card trick, they are always treated with respect and never embarrassed. Inevitably, they become the stars of the show.

Performances can be adjusted in both duration and dimension to fit a variety of scenarios, from shows for intimate audiences to full scale stage productions. A new act or piece of magic can even be ingeniously tailored to fulfill particular requirements.