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Comedy waiter – Melbourne (Code-105BCW)

Bruno has the ability to fit in with any type of affair and help to break the ice and get people talking to each other. Bruno gets invited to all sorts of functions from Weddings and Engagement parties to corporate cocktail functions and meetings.

With a thick Italian accent and haughty manner, Bruno is the best person to be in charge if your main objectives are hilarity and mayhem. If you feel your function could do with a little culture, Bruno can bring along his song accompaniment CD to sing some well-known opera numbers and lead a sing-a-long of some favorite Dean Martin Hits. An accomplished entertainer skilled in improvisation, singing, audience participation and silver service flambé.

Singing Waiters – Melbourne (Code-150SW)

The Singing Waiters dress just like the other real waiters and begin the night by welcoming guests and helping to serve the food and drink.

The guests begin to realize that all is not as it should be, as the waiters become clumsy, flirty and one even appears to be inebriated.

Then just as the dinner plates are being cleared, one of the waiters goes on stage and announces that the band hasn’t turned up, but not to worry because some of the waiters are prepared to give it a go.

He then invites three other waiters on to the stage and they burst into song.

Using no instruments apart from their voices, the Singing Waiters engage the audience with their beautiful harmonies, comedy and lousy choreography.

The Singing Waiters perform hits from the 50’s to the 90’s and are ideal for audiences of all ages.

The singing waiters DO NOT SING OPERA.

We are sometimes confused with the 3 waiters. We sing Acapella. Using only our voices. No Instruments. No Backing Tracks

Fawlty Towers show – Melbourne (Code – 150EFT)

You are greeted at the door by Sybil who tries hard all night to keep order and just a little bit of sophistication to the proceedings.

You are fussed over and ordered about by Basil as he tries to run a profitable restaurant.

You have everything go wrong that possibly can as Manuel mucks up all the orders and then goes searching for his pet rat.

Throw in a couple of songs from Basil, Sybil and Manuel
and …..
You enjoy one of the funniest, craziest nights you’ve ever had..

The team have put together a terrific team of actors / comedians to portray their version of Fawlty Towers. They have worked at many restaurants and private functions over the past few years to rave reviews and rapturous applause. The actors look and act just like the real thing and the audience play along with the characters and encourage them in their mad antics. There is never a dull moment, and you never know what is going to happen next as the Fawlty Team take over your function.

Operatic singing Waiters – All States

The show involves three singing Operetic waiters hiding in plain sight at your private function before unleashing a dynamic and sophisticated live performance a la The Three Tenors!

Here’s what happens during your next function:

The event begins: our three professional performers, dressed and behaving exactly like the other staff, greet your guests on arrival – perhaps offering them a pre-dinner drink, finger food, a bread roll or directions to the cloak room. At no time do your guests realise these are Singing Waiters – this is the core of the Hoax: they look like waiters, they work as waiters, but they are they?

Alfredo is the Italian Banquet Manager, a well mannered, experienced service professional dressed impeccably in an Armani suit.
Jean-Marc (the Frenchman) is the charming and understated Wine Waiter; he is dressed exactly like the other staff.
Alfredo makes two short (40sec) announcements before the show begins: one officially welcoming your guests, then later, a second announcement which ends when he sings a huge operatic note, prompting thunderous applause. He bows to the audience, but admits that it was not totally spontaneous: he was bet $50 to sing by one of your guests!

The show commences when Jean-Marc takes the stage and politely announces that another of your guests has offered him $100 to sing a full aria in Italian! The hilarious duel between French Opera and Italian Opera has begun. Jean-Marc’s aria finishes to more huge applause, but Alfredo sends him back to work saying he “will show you how Opera should be sung… by an Italian!” Soon, with a little help from the audience, Jean-Marc and Alfredo agree to settle the debate and sing a song together – when suddenly, a third waiter bursts into the room singing brilliantly and upstaging both the Frenchman and the Italian!

The show is a dynamic vocal trio featuring professional performers hoaxing as waiters, singing everything from Verdi to Elvis. It is only at the finale that their true identities are revealed, and then they are gone, leaving your guests cheering!
Length of main show 25 min but there from start Over $4000

Please note that much of the show is performed amongst the audience. For the safety of your guests and the venue staff, it is important that all waiter service ceases during the performance.
The duration of the show is around 25 – 30 minutes

Over $4000

Sawlty Towers – Comedy – Melbourne (Code-179ST)

A night of Absolute Disaster and Mayhem!

Based on the hilarious characters created in “Fawlty Towers” – this Fully Themed Comic Event incorporates audience participation and team work – when they take over as the “staff” or “crew” of your function venue. Roving performances, gags and tricks will have your guests in hysterics as they are confronted with the madness of Basil and Sybil and their staff.

Will meet and greet , serve food, and interact for up to 2 hrs.

Over $1000

Ventriloquist – NSW (Code – 212FJV)

His skill as a ventriloquist has to be seen to be believed. His debut as a ventriloquist in Melbourne with George (92 year old Grandpa) is now a popular longstanding show, and takes the audience on a journey of hilarious laughs and brilliant comical gags. If you’re after a skillful comedy act that provides wonderful entertainment for all ages.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any funnier an audience member is brought up onto the stage and turned into a live part of the ventriloquism show, this routine is an absolutely hilarious and will guarantee to have your audience in stitches.

For a performance with a difference that guarantees maximum entertainment value he is all about helping you to create a very successful event.

Stand up musical comedy – NSW (Code – 232CIC)

The duo is a manic blend of comedy, music, mime, satire, parody and visual theatre, which combine the skills of a musician  and a mime artist. This comic duo combine high levels of comedic skill, with total professionalism. With a gentle charm and deep respect for the audience it is soon clear that they have the kind of rapport with their audience that others can only dream of.

The performance is comedy based with a mix of visual theatre, mime, music, and songs. The performance has interactive components, and can be presented in several segments or as one performance.

Visual comedy – Sydney (Code -232CIS)

When they aspired to the stage they never dreamed that they’d end up working in air conditioning…literally! Ducting to be exact.
Great silver tubes come to life and take on a meaning of their own. They glide, they slide, they swallow each other, they roll and jump and stretch up to six metres in the air. Perfect of large spaces and stages, their wonderful manifestations include Sumo Police The Kangaroo and a Carnivorous Fashion Show.

Excellent shows. Very funny.

Over $2000

Comedy – Brisbane (Code -250SM)

A hillarious-Comedy music Corporate show, that in over 5 years has performed all around Australia and overseas. This act is guaranteed to have the audience in fits of laughter.
They swing their way through an array of classic tunes that have the audience singing and dancing along at a cracking pace. The show is also a classic comedy double act that has elements of voluntary and contagious audience participation.
Dean and Jerry all over again.

Over $2000

Hypnotist – Mentalist – Melbourne (Code – 261SH)

He  uses Psychology, Body Language, Misdirection, Influence, Manipulation, NLP, A Little Bit Of Hypnosis And A Lot Of Bullsh*t To Screw With People’s minds and Make Them Believe That He Can Reads Minds.

The world of psychic phenomena, ESP and the unexplained come together as he takes you and your audience on a tour of the subconscious, showing you just what you’re capable of.

He presents an exploration of the human mind that will both amaze and amuse you; a blend of psychological magic, comedy and the downright weird that is ideal for any function, and will have your audience talking for weeks after the show. Especially when they discover their own psychic powers

Hypnotist stage show – Melbourne (Code – 261SHS)

From one to two hours of outrageous fun, where you and your friends or co-workers become the star of the show. Watch them become everything from Elvis to getaway car drivers in big bank robberies, or the world’s best boy band. See them rough up the teddy bear that ran away with their winning lotto numbers or fly a vintage WWII airplane.

This is one of the best hypnosis shows in the country and features amazing demonstrations of the science of mind.

“Full audience participation and downright hilarious.”
(In Press Magazine)

Acrobatic waiters – Melbourne (Code – 306CCW)

Skills: Acrobatics, slapstick, adagio (partner acrobatics), juggling and egg balancing

Number of performers: 3  Act Type: Both roving and short acts over 1 hour

 Description: Our three waiters blend into your event serving drinks/entrees alongside wait staff. As the guests arrive and the clumsy acrobats make more of a scene! Crowd interaction is guaranteed.

The client/MC of the night then makes the announcement that the entertainment has had to be cancelled and calls out to the guests for any party tricks while a plan is made. This is where the acrobats pounce. Starting out with funny ‘easier’ tricks the three waiter crescendo with a high energy acrobatic act.


Performance space size: Adaptable to suit venue but a stage/dancefloor with a height of more than 4m is necessary

Floor surface type: A level stable stage is needed

Assistance required during act: An MC or announcer is preferred but not essential

Sound system required: Yes

Over $1500

Adagio, Acrobatics – Melbourne (Code – 306CCA)

This show is when circus meets renovation rescue. We attempt to renovate but with great disaster, the ladder breaks, paint tins fall, what goes wrong, goes wrong, with apparatus and skills such a teeterboard, ladder, manipulation, aerial rope, partner acrobatics, pitching, music and comedy to tell a story of perseverance and disaster. It is full of comedy and is great for people of all ages. The whole set is used as apparatus, a broom becomes a manipulation object, watering cans become chinese meteors, hammers become juggling clubs, the crash mat is a garden bed. They take a satirical look at the reality television shows such as ‘The Block’ and ‘Renovation Rescue’. ‘Using knockabout and slapstick in the haphazard world ofa building site to entertain and amaze its audience. They look to bring back the traditional larakin aussie humor and mix it with exciting circus skills and unique apparatus. In 2011 they were awarded the Circus Oz Award for the spirit of collaboration required in the world of circus for their show. With sold out shows at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Sydney Hoopla Festival and The Spiegletent at the Docklands.
Height 4m required

Over $2000

Comedy – Singing – Wodonga – Vic (Code -368RV)

A variety of country comedy, story telling to rock and roll plus a lot of fun. Music has been his passion from when he first picked up a guitar and that first strum, he was hooked, that is what he wanted to do. It has been a journey of many tours, places, weeks and months spent away from family and friends, too many kilometers to count, highs and lows, and a lot of hard work but totally rewarding. He has performed alongside of and toured with some of the best entertainers from overseas and Australia, the likes of Col Elliott, Lucky Grills, Geraldine Doyle, Gloria Loring, Freddie and the Dreamers, The Delltones, The Four Kinsmen, Rolf Harris and Elvis to the Max. There is nothing like the high you get when you do a great show and hear that applause, it’s a good feeling to make people happy. His greatest satisfaction is when people come up after the show with a smile on their face and say what a great time they have had, for him that is what it is all about!

Over $800+

Comedy Ventriloquist – Melbourne (Code – 383DF)

Combining sophisticated voice techniques, trained acting ability and hilarious comedy, Dean brings to life a crazy cast of characters.
A born showman, he mixes an energetic blend of comedy, ventriloqisim and audience participation to leave the crowd in hysterics. Each performance can include buzz words, product placement and peoples names for extra comedy effect.

Note stand up show over $7000

Ventriloquist – Melbourne (Code -384SJ)

A talented ventriloquist comedian who offers entertainment for corporate events and private functions. As one of only a handful in the world with the ability to perform this rare art form Sarah will be a unique feature at your next event. Having worked as professional entertainer for over a decade she understands your event planning needs. Her years of experience have created a polished show and ensure reliable, punctual, professional service from the moment you book her.

Her diverse career has seen her perform at corporate functions, comedy clubs, cruise ships, festivals and as even opened for a rock band. She is able to offer a variety of entertainment options so, whatever your occasion, your guests will be talking about the girl who talks to herself.

Emcee – She is a charming hostess who can transform your event from average to amazing. Her warm humour will have your guests engaged and excited for each upcoming speaker or act.

Stage Shows – Using a blend of comedy, magic and music  and with her cast of characters she will create a show your guests will never forget.

Hypnotist show – Melbourne (Code -436KG)

A fast paced Hypnosis show filled with audience participation. The volunteer cast members are treated with integrity and routines are kept within boundaries of good taste and safety and still provide a funny and entertaining show. Great for breaking down barriers or for a comedy pack show in a club or corporate situation.

Kevin never oversteps the boundaries of corporate good taste. The audience laughs with the participants, and never at them. Kevin’s corporate event entertainment is full of classelegance and style.

Over $1500

Stand up comedian – Melbourne (Code – 437TL)

He has been performing for over 25 years on stage and television. He has appeared in countless television commercials and live television. Tony’s television credits include the Bert Newton show, Steve Vizard show, Peter Couchman show, Acropolis Now and Fast Forward. He is a unique comedian, his likeness to Jerry Lewis is often commented on and has received some excellent reviews via the media/newspapers.

He has toured all over Australia and has entertained audiences with his impersonation of the Nutty Professor , Jerry the Kid and Buddy Love . From Stallone to John Travolta , Tony’s incredible range of characters also includes his alter egos, Gino from Italy,, George the Greek , the Chinese Cook and Garry the Aussie just to name a few.

Having the ability to impersonate various celebrities and accents, has also given his exposure to radio / voice-over work. On radio commercials, He has been the voice of Elvis, Jerry, Don “Get Smart” Adams , Rocky and Dean Martin.

He  is described by his peers as a true cabaret artist/comedian with a touch of Vegas magic.

Jerry Lewis Impersonator – Melbourne (Code – 437TLJ)

He Can MC or do stand up in Jerry Lewis character.

Comedy  Clown – Magic – Melbourne (Code – 501CR)

Comedy, magic and music this comical clown has the lot. A very engaging and funny performer who has no trouble winning over an audience. Hat manipulation, Juggling, Mime, Mask, Stilts, Unicycle, Puppetry, Physical Comedy, Improvisation, Magic, Plate Spinning, Traditional and Contemporary Clown. He is Australia’s most loved contemporary clown. He is a multi-award winning comedian whose shows link the traditions of Vaudeville, Slapstick, Music hall and Clown. Described as ‘Charlie Chaplin meets Jim Carrey’, and he is in great demand locally and internationally.

Whether he is juggling, playing an impressive and ludicrous array of instruments or performing magic, he celebrates the joy of play. Electric and improvisational, his comedic skill and playful rapport with the audience creates an orchestral anarchy that has won him the title of Best Comedy Act in many national and International festivals

Comedy jugglers – NSW (Code – 510GDK)

This is a hilarious show about the journey of an unlikely couple that will make you laugh, in both good and bad ways, as they invite you into their lives through a series of beautiful and highly skilled variety acts including acrobatics, singing, juggling, contortion and magic. They look great, they are very funny, extremely talented and they may even make you cry…ok that only works on people who weep during toilet paper commercials. They are guaranteed to give you a very good time, exciting all the senses, including the one that makes you groan. This show makes you feel part of something great and makes the world a brighter place for 45 minutes. Don’t miss it, because everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t be able to explain it. Very funny show with audience interaction

Opera-comedy – Melbourne (Code – 570EAS)

Two professional ‘wine guides’ introduce themselves as “Sommeliers”. The banter between the two “professionals” however, is far more engaging than the subject at hand.

One Sommelier is serious about wine. Her male colleague clearly has little clue…As this comedic presentation builds, the male turns his attention to a woman in the audience, comparing her to a silky smooth Chardonnay. “She is more than a woman…she is an opera!” he exclaims, bursting into song and espousing how all woman are like wine.

The female Sommelier strips off her apron – revealing a glamorous gown underneath. She sings Carmen’s Habanera replacing the original french lyrics with a humorous English translation – all about men! Low and behold, she bumps into an “ex-lover” (a guest) – and the fun continues!

In a blow up suit, “Pavarotti” enters, singing about his life, his women, spaghetti and the tricks he plays on the tax man. Comedy, surprises and inspiring song.

Comedy Opera – Melbourne (Code – 570EAU)

Most of the delicious things in life are a little bit naughty. This bawdy but beautiful, crass but intelligent show will have your audience in stitches. Whether you’re a low life scum bag or a supreme court judge you can’t help but be charmed by this wonderful blend of stand up comedy and sublime singing. This raucous theatrical experience constantly shifts gears from low brow to high brow and back again and will have your guests crying one moment and in stitches the next. (no pun intended) Let Tony and Roberta hijack your night and you will be giving testimony for years to come.

Tony and Roberta mingle among the guests handing out business cards and offering cash loans.

Tony takes it upon himself to make an impromptu speech. As Roberta heckles, He notifies the guests that due to a default on a loan, he is now the proud owner of the venue.   To Roberta’s surprise, he announces that as a special token of his appreciation, has organised for Roberta to sing. Roberta is reluctant at first but soon gets over her shyness when she gets the audience clapping and singing along to “HEY MAMBO”

 Tony decides that “these people need something more classy…Like me” He changes the mood singing the bouncy and energetic aria La donna Mobile – but changes the words so the song is all about Tony. The audience cheer as Tony sings “I’m a classy guy” in a surprisingly operatic tenor voice. Roberta returns and falls in love with a man in the audience hoping Tony won’t find out, she seduces a poor unsuspecting guest right in front of the rest of the party.

 From here there is no relief in sight as the audience are eye witnesses to a magical and wild ride with twists and turns along the way. Costume changes, audience interaction smoke machines and break dancing. It won’t be a quiet affair and you won’t have time to wonder what will happen next.

Comedy Opera – Melbourne (Code – 570EAE)

A fun and engaging show through the eyes of two daring and comical opera singers.

This duo with their faux pars and difference of opinion, banter about the world in which we all live – explaining how ‘life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re about to get!”

If only life was like an opera? Our experts explore some famous scenes and how they translate in our modern existence. In a blow up suit, “Pavarotti” enters and sings about his life, his women, spaghetti and his altruistic methods to avoid the tax man.

Our ‘experts’ turn a legendary story sideways and up side down – The Phantom of the Opera is retold in a hilarious, interactive and unforgettable way.

Our Phantom is a hapless character and ‘Christine’ cannot find her lover. This role will now have to be cast from the audience… The Phantom bursts onto the scene furious that her newfound lover is sweeping Christine off her feet. The Phantom challenges him to a duel. A comical battle and death scene take place as their new cast member is directed around the stage. The famous Phantom rift plays and soon our opera singing Phantom is break dancing, worming and windmilling in a surprising display of acrobatics.

A fantastic journey from the old to the new.
A show for anyone who is an expert on everything (and nothing).
A show for anyone who loves a show without any boring bits.
20-30min show

Comedy Magic – Floor show – Trio – Melbourne (Code – 662GD)

Three Amazing magicians in their own right have joined forces to bring you a 75 min spectacular comedy magic show that will leave in in awe and wonder. With hit shows at festivals and sell out performances plus over 30 Television appearances they extend beyond the usual expectations of their artform, this unique trio shatter the mould to create one powerhouse magical unit.

over Duo over $3800 Trio over $6500

Comedy Show – Melbourne (Code – 723GC)

Greg  rise to prominence has come largely from his work on the radio, singing about cricket and footy (AFL).  He has been a member of the institutional ABC radio show The Coodabeen Champions for thirty-five years.

Greg came to the nation’s attention in 1986 with the release of a single, ‘I Made a 100 In The Backyard At Mum’s’.  It was the leading track on an Australia All Over album, with ABC’s ‘Macca’, that sold over 150,000 copies.  In 1994, Channel 7 took up his anthem ‘That’s The Thing About Football’ as a theme for their AFL broadcasts over several years.

This penchant for sport songs led to Greg and the Coodabeens singing on the ground at three AFL Grand Finals, and at two Adelaide Grand Finals.  There have been several appearances on the MCG and SCG during international cricket matches.

Meanwhile Champs has pursued a career in the Aussie Country Music and Folk scenes.  He’s attended twenty-two Tamworth Festivals and has been awarded a Golden Guitar and two comedy songwriting gongs.  Since 1990 Champs has released around thirty albums on Australian, footy, cricket, Country, comedy and Chistmas themes.  His wacky Aussie Christmas CD with Colin Buchanan has achieved double platinum sales and the pleasure of having their bent Chrissy songs sung at school carol nights across the nation.

Greg’s song titles reveal something about him:

May Your Fridge Be Full Of Coldies, The Devil Went down To Dubbo, The Holly & The Ivy The Feral Pig & Cane Toad,  Still Haven’t Been on Burke’s Backyard, and Never Turn Right at Burke Road Malvern

Vince Sorrenti – NSW (Code – 725VS)

Sorrenti is one of Australia.s best known and leading comic entertainers. No comic is more in demand for everything from after dinner speaking to product launches, sports hospitality, awards ceremonies and any manner of corporate, fundraising, sporting or public event. Vince performs at over 200 events a year in Australia and overseas.

Vince Sorrenti has a long performance history, cutting his teeth in Architecture Revues in the early 1980s and in the burgeoning stand up comedy scene that he helped create. After graduating as an Architect in 1985 he threw full weight behind his real talent and has performed to ecstatic crowds on thousands of stages all over the world. He has hosted TV programs in Australia and the United States, appeared in movies, released comedy albums, performed in festivals, and been a guest on countless talk and variety programs. He has thrice won the Mo Award as Australia.s best comic.

Vince Sorrenti is a writer. He has won a Gold medal at the New York Film Festival for his documentary No Laughing Matter in which he also starred (playing all 7 characters !). His feature film script Gino won full FFC funding in 1990 ($2.5 million). Vince has also written hundreds of feature articles for publications including The Bulletin, Sydney Morning Herald, Vince is hilarious as hundreds of testimonials and a staggering amount of repeat work testifies.

He has become the yardstick all corporate entertainers/speakers are measured by. Sorrenti has demonstrated versatility over the years being everything from a sports commentator to a debating captain on a long list of television programs for every network in the country. An ability to adapt to any audience has been the key to his popularity on live stages at a blinding array of events.

Over $10,000

Mark Comedy – Melbourne (Code – 961A)

Mark is one of Australia’s finest comedians. Well known for his Comedy Company roll as Con The fruiter. Mark has since appeared in childrens films, and MCs many events or as a guest speaker on his experiences. Mark is still very funny in no matter what role he is playing.

Con The Fruiter – Melbourne (Code – 961B)

As Con , the Greek fruiterer, Mark became one of the most popular Australian comedy performers. Each week millions of Australians tuned into The Comedy Company to watch the adventures of Con, his wife Marika and his six daughter Roula, Toula, Soula, Voula, Foula and Agape.

Con the fruiterer remains one of Australia’s most beloved character and he still frequently makes live appearances.

Mark has since starred in a number of children’s television shows including “Round The Twist” and “Genie From Downunder”.

Comedy Elliot Goblet – Melbourne (Code – 962A)

Why choose Elliot Goblet because he’s got a public profile with a high recognition factor. And the more animated and more personable Elliot Goblet of today is one of Australia’s best loved and cleanest comedians.

Because he’s got a solid corporate track record with over 1000 corporate events, and he’s worked in every industry.

Because he gets inside the world of the client by doing extensive research and writing specifically tailored material for every single corporate performance. And any information gathered is kept confidential.

Because having worked in a corporate environment himself for 13 years he can empathise ( . . . and even sympathise) with his clients.

Because he is positive, friendly, tasteful and safe, and will reject material which may be funny on paper but hurtful when delivered to an audience.

Because people in a corporate audience especially at a conference need to have a laugh to maintain their mental stamina and Elliot delivers lots of laughs.

Because he appreciates that you’re paying a lot of money for an outside presenter and therefore delivers not only laughs but also benefits through his corporate event social comment. For example through his specific tailoring, Elliot can facilitate organization changes, reduce areas of conflict and improve motivation.

Because his fees are fair compared to the fees charged by many others.

Because his major focus is corporate work and he values his reputation in this area.

Because Elliot’s alter-ego Jack is passionate about his work, has high integrity and is easy to get along with.

Ben – Magic – Comedy – Brisbane (Code – 1012A)

Loads of comedy superior magic and audience participation. A very entertaining magic show.

Austin Powers show – Melbourne (Code – 281B)

Mark is a trained actor, is certainly well known for his versatile talent to recreate the looks and sounds of each individual character he plays. He is well known for his brilliant Austin Powers performance, developing a hilarious show with swinging songs and cheeky jokes. Mark captures his entire audience making them want to “Misbehave Baby Yeah!” .

1 x 30min show or 1 hr roving character.

Comedy – Melbourne (Code – 138A)

A wacky musical comedy extravagangza where this crazy duo will take off Australia’s Most famous. As seen regulary on The Footy Show.

Skits including Dressed as Nuns singing “How do you solve a problem like McGuire.”

Sending up the Kiwi’s with Hiwi Kaka.

Hilarious performance with the Wissed Piggles.

Plus sporting skits “Gary lyon Sleeps Tonight”.

They can even write and tailor a song or skit for your particular function

Comedy Dame Edna – MC – Melbourne (Code – 138C)

Anyway hello possums, feel free to tickle the keyboard and find out all about how much of a gigastar I really am!!  Why not have Dame Edna at your next function?  Dame Edna can perform tailored material, welcome your guests, MC, or even sing a song, as only someone of Dame Edna’s talents can.

Comedy – Kevin Rudd-John Howard Impersonator – Melbourne (Code – 339A)

Daniel(Kevin Rudd) top photo and Lindsay (John Howard & Kevin Rudd) will roam your event, stating outrageous political statements, and generally meeting and greeting.

Available for meet and greets, photo shoots, promotions.

View video for krispy kreme promotion.

comedy – Magic – Sydney (Code – 241B)

Magician, comedian, illusionist – Phil has an international reputation as one of Australia’s most polished and professional comedy entertainers. Amongst his string of prestigious awards, Phil now has 7 consecutive Mo Awards for being the Best Specialty Act in Australia. As he assaults your funny bone, his energy, comedy and surprise will have your audience in the palm of his hand. First class Sydney based.

Phil is the original that others try to emulate. He’s a showman, raconteur, comic and multi award winner. In all, he has received 19 Australian National Awards for his service to show business. So whether you have 30 people or 3000 people attending your next event, one thing is for sure – the ‘WOW’ factor is guaranteed!!

Phil is one of Corporate Australia’s most nationally recognised comedy entertainers having performed over 5000 corporate events world wide.

“One of the very best live performers Australia has to offer.” Prime Minister, K.Rudd

The National ‘MO’ Awards recognise Excellence in Live Entertainment and Phil has been named ‘The Australian Specialty Act of the Year” on seven separate occasions!

With his enthralling on-stage personality and powerful presentation, Phil has redefined the meaning of corporate entertainer, combining the skill & thrill of magic with the art of comedy. Along with a healthy dose of hilarious audience interaction, Phil combines impressive sleight-of-hand and clean comedy to create a first class corporate show. He will leave you with the sense of having experienced something truly extraordinary and memorable.

“One of the funniest shows I have seen in a very, very long time! The linchpin was Phil , whose mingling of magic, prestidigitation and comedy had tears streaming down peoples’ eyes. He assaulted our collective funny bone… I laughed for so long and so hard that by the end of it, it was almost a relief to stop laughing.” Courier Mail

“The highlight of the evening was the performance by multi-award winning comedy magician Phil, who managed to keep even those who claimed to hate magicians riveted to their seats.”

Sydney Morning Herald

comedy – Magic – Melbourne (Code – 311A)

Patrick is a born entertainer originally from Northern Ireland now residing in Melbourne, Australia.  He has many bows to his string, however, the main areas he specializes in are Magic and Comedy. What makes Patrick special is his authentic outlook on life and his passion to use his talent to make a difference and leave his audiences with lasting happy memories. He has got what people call THE X FACTOR It’s obvious when you see him perform.


People who experience CLOSE-UP MAGIC performed by PATRICK will be left with a memory that will haunt their souls for a very long time, teasing their minds and having them questioning the laws of Science. This is a strong, personal, funny and exciting style of magic. It happens right in front of you and often in your own hands.

No Large boxes, no bright Lights just Real Magic that is bewildering and extremely entertaining. They will remember the magic long after your event is over.For Brilliant Comedy with a magical twist, Patrick is established as the consummate corporate entertainer. Gob smacking Comedy

Stage Show

For Brilliant Comedy with a magical twist, Patrick is established as the consummate corporate entertainer. Gob smacking Comedy

From the moment he walks out on stage he captivates his audiences with quick one liners and an opening stunt that just floors the spectators – He swallows a four foot long inflated balloon… which never reappears. As things progress he steals peoples watches, links three borrowed finger rings form audience members, turns $5 notes into $100 notes, makes things jump from a lady spectators hand into a man’s trousers (no embarrassment to anyone), spectators have their minds read and as a closer, a signed money bill borrowed form a member of the audience is found inside a can of baked beans that the person himself has been holding during the entire show.

Comedy – Qld (Code – 348A)

‘Incompetent’ ‘Inept’ ‘Infuriating’ and ‘Injury Prone’ man, loved by millions around the world had his own stage show and turned up at your next corporate event? . .

Between the years 1973 – 75 and for the final time in 1978 the hit TV series ‘Some Mothers do ‘Ave ‘Em’ delighted the UK viewers to the tune of 20 million per week . Such was the characters memorable impact that Frank’s best known catch phrases are still use today, ask people who knew the show what was one of the famous lines from the show and they’ll probably say ‘The cat did a whoopsie in my beret’ or ‘Oh Betty’. When asked “Why dedicate a whole show to the character?’.

Comedian & impersonator Robert said ‘Most people over the age of 35 know who Frank Spencer is , I used to do a little bit of Frank in my own show and he always got the biggest laugh’. ‘ So one day while writing new material I thought ‘What would happen if Frank Spencer had his own stage show?’.
The show is called ‘An Audience with Frank Spencer’ with Robert as ‘Frank Spencer’ & George as ‘The perfect straight man’ . This is a wonderful tribute to a legendary character.

With crazy routines, stunts, hilarious dialogue & great music, with special guests Billy Connolly, Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin & Forrest Gump, this show is bound to raise your spirits and have you laughing. This is a wonderful tribute to a legendary character.

Very funny

Comedy – Qld (Code – 348C)

Robert can find humour in any prop. A very funny Performance to open any event to set a light hearted mood.

The show is very much a visual comedy style of cabaret, that has everything and due to the style of music used in the routines, no band is required, its all run from mini disc. The act can work without any talking because of it’s visual nature and it’s fast tempo throughout.Show can run from 10-60 mins.

(the props Comic)

When Robert takes the stage in front of his suit case he turns the audience into Pandora, curious for what’s inside. But no evil spills out from this case — only props — the contents of Robert’s wild imagination. The comedian turns the stage into a one-man circus, sharing the creative contents as a video screen behind him and well-timed classic & classical music punctuate his every thought.

As the ringleader frenetically runs back and forth on stage, the audience is left wondering what he’ll be pulling out and what he’ll think of next.

From a variety of props — including a ventriloquist puppet that falls apart , to the classical piece “BIZET’S: Prelude (CARMEN) played with whoopee cushions – while trying to sing opera using an old record as backing it keeps skipping tracks going from ‘Riverdance” to the ‘Stripper’ & the ‘Can Can’ music just to name a few – a coat that comes alive – and a dog fight between two planes in the second world war. Whether he’s paying tribute to Michael Flatley’s Riverdance or sharing his version of Figaro, it’s evident Robert’s suit case is full of everything but evil, like Pandora’s, yet he readily admits, “It’s very silly for a grown man to do this , but it’s fun to do “

And nobody in the audience can disagree.

Hillarious show.

Comedy – Duo – Qld (Code – 348B)

The fun they have together really adds an extra dimension to the show. George who loves to sing the music of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darren, Tony Bennett & Dean Martin; teamed with Robert with his unique style of comedy who was inspired by the great George Carl, Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin make this a show to remember .

Over $2000

Circus show – Contortion – Juggling – Adagio – Comedy – Melbourne (Code – 652A)

See the highly skilled antics of these two circus superstars as seen on the ABC series “Sideshow” in a sideslitting physical comedy of romantic blunders where beautiful moments collide with absurd chaos.

Be amused, bemused and amazed these two eccentric characters create hilarious mayhem complete with ridiculous duo juggling, mind blowing body bending and a stunt that involves Roberta folding and squeezing her entire body into a small see thru box no bigger than a fish tank whilst Repeata executes a handstand on the top.

This unbelievable act combines the diverse talents of two extraordinary artists who have performed their unique special blend of contemporary circus and physical theatre in Asia, Canada, America, New Zealand and Europe for the last 10 years.


  • 10, 20 or 30 mins.


  • Acro-balance, Juggling, Contortion, Dancing, Physical
  • Comedy, MCing and Roving also available.


  • 3 x3 metres stage space
  • Ceiling Height 4 metres
  • CD player or mini jack at desk for ipod.