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Tahitian Hawaiian – Melbourne


An all-female team at present consisting of 7 performing artists.

An exciting and breathtaking journey from Hawaii to Tahiti.  On The Pathway to Tahiti follow hips that sway and roll from the sands of Waikiki, journeying through the pacific, to the pulsating drums of Tahiti. “Ke Ala O kahiki” features hula hands and implements, Tahitian tamure, and audience participation with the option of adding traditional and contemporary dances from the Maori, Samoan, and Rarotongan Islands.
We engage our audiences with an audience participation segment in each show.

Fire dancer : 

We have an incredible fire dancer that captivates the audience with a Maori (NZ) performance, calling on her kupu (gods) to hear the voice of the tangata whenua (people). It is a routine that summons forgotten emotion and evokes a feeling of unity and connection with the land and the elements. Island beats and Maori poi fused with the sounds of fire!


These 15-60 minute workshops give you the option of learning one or a combination of Polynesian styles. Acquire basic hula movements and choreography as you learn to sway your hips like the Hawaiians, shake like the Tahitians, or experience the swing of poi to the enchanting harmony of Maori music. These lessons can be tailored to suit any event, corporate, adult/kids birthdays, hen’s night, community events, festivals and more.


Playing the ukulele and singing the songs of her islands since she was 10 years old.  A native Hawaiian, she sings a wide assortment of Hawaiian songs from popular hapa haole tunes to traditional Hawaiian music.
This is a great way to welcome your guests upon arrival and help set the tone for your event.


Start your function in the traditional way with greetings of Aloha. Our performers will welcome your guests with a lei and pose for pictures in full costume.

What Islands do you cover

  • Hawaii & Tahiti
  • Solo Performances from Samoa, Aotearoa and Rarotonga
  • Maori Fire Poi.

Cook Island Dance – Drums – Melbourne


The purpose of the team is to expose the Polynesian culture throughout the Victorian region. We perform live music with drums, strings and singing. We can cater for virtually any occassion.The team shows different Polynesian cultures such as Cook Islands, Hawaiian, Tahitian & Samoan as part of our performance. The team consists of 6 dancers and 8 musicians or cd backing. From the sounds of the drums,string bands,live hula dance,music voice from the team members.We offer outstanding entertaining and services with high quality dancers and band musicians.
Live only no CD backing.

Polynesian Mix – Sydney


Polynesian Polynesian

A group of traditional Cook island dancers and Drummers or CD backing
The indigenous Cook Island Maori are closely related ethnically to Tahiti, Hawaiian group and New Zealand Maori people.
They can tailor a performance to your needs. Some options and styles of performances available are outlined below.

A traditional welcoming speech : 
This speech comes in the form of a traditional war dance chants (speech) and involves one person only.

Drum dance : 
Available as boys only, girls only, or a combination of both.

Action Songs : 
Available as boys only, girls only, or a combination of both.

New Zealand Maori show : 
Available as boys only, girls only, or a combination of both.
Haka and Poi (boys and girls).

Samoan show :
Siva, Slap dance (boys and girls) and spectacular Fire dance(boys only)

Hawaiian Dancers :