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Look through the list write down number of performer interested in. Check they are in your state.

Click “Request a Quote” button to fill out form for performer to send back a quote.  Put code of performer wanted in performers ID section.  (Can put several on the one form)

Fees also includes local travel costs, sick pay, holiday pay, insurance, overtime,commissions and income tax. 

Burlesque – Angle Grinder


The Burlesque beauty enters with a short and classic Feather Fan routine. The fans reveal her hardcore industrial costume and the powerful Angle Grinder. This sexy act is a ballet of sparks as the dancer grinds metal plates strapped to her body performing a complex choreography including floor work and acrobatics. Be warned it’s sexy and suggestive!!! Shocking and fun! Can also be performed as podium spots.

Roaming Or Logo Advertising


A product line of high tech twirling props based on the persistence of vision that allows to “paint“ pictures, custom graphic, text and logos in the air in a way that audience can perceive it.

When your client or guests asks for something that people have never seen before ? a Wow Factor like no other ? you now say YES! This act steps light performance up to the next level of visual and technological amazement. As a component of a bigger show, or as a stand alone act, it, is a performance involving state of the art light equipment ?  Electrifying light and Hypnotic movement come together as the best of Sydney?s Twirlers with this state of the art ultra modern technology leave audiences all over Australia speechless. Revealing high definition graphics, we can customize and program, with precision, to display company logos / graphic text and complex imagery, creating a completely specialized performance for your event. Explosive and completely absorbing, this technological dreamscape of unlimited and unimaginable proportions will create sensory overload to blow your audience away.

Soul – Clairvoyant -Tarot – Fortune – Palm Reader – Melbourne


Tarot-fortuneWell known for her accurate and insightful readings. She has been a Psychic, Tarot reader, palm reader, angel Intuitive and Numerologist for almost 15 years, and a well respected teacher in all these fields. She also provides personal development workshops.

Through her Corporate workshops she can bring about profound change and insight into your organisation. In this fun and relaxed workshop she combines exceptional spiritual skills with life coaching techniques to examine holistically the group dynamics of your business and assesses how individuals can interact more effectively.