Body Brand Painting – Henna Tatts – Melbourne

//Body Brand Painting – Henna Tatts – Melbourne

Body Brand Painting – Henna Tatts – Melbourne


Body Brand PaintingThe Tattoos and inks are made in Australia with the finest materials. Applied with airbrush or temporary Tatts transfers. On a Trade day you can get your Staff tattooed with you brand name or organizing a fashion parade have the models painted, imagine the talk back.

Temporary Tattoos or full body painting for fashion parades and bollywood tatts for weddings and corporate branding to get your message across.

Fully hand painted tattoo art. Strictly no permancy or pain. These images are created with a liquid cosmetic and last up to 1 week. Over 2000 designs to choose from. I peel the design off the board (many of the designs are my own artwork, I design them for “The Amazing Raymond”, he prints these detailed images on a special paper, a screen print process using the cosmetic inks.  No messy compressors or harsh lighting that may detract from the setting.

These give a detailed outline which can’t be achieved with an airbrush.  We then hand paint full colour into the design so that they can be unique to the guest “match clothing etc..”  Sometimes I enhance with free hand work, glitters, depending on line up waiting.  Basically, the image is released quickly, looks real then we enhance to give it the artistry and personal touch.

All FDA compliant ingredients, last up to 1 week, may be removed instantly with baby oil or alcohol.