Retro Rocket – Melbourne

//Retro Rocket – Melbourne

Retro Rocket – Melbourne


Retro Rocket - MelbourneLaunch future events in to the 21st century with a blast from the past

The unique retro styled Rocket is an imposing, free-standing installation with inbuilt audio-visual capabilities, ideal for showcasing promotional DVD’s. Standing three meters high and visually striking, The Rocket is one of a kind, custom-built and perfect as a promotional centre piece or as a feature installation for many different event applications.

In addition to twin monitors and DVD playback, The Rocket can also be loaded with gaming systems, making it a great addition to children’s parties and youth events. Other features include contoured programmable LED’s and a Smoking Launch Preparation, adding to the sensory impact and overall style of The Rocket’s classic design.

If you wish to make a firey display to compliment rocket we have fireworks performers to accompany display.