Murder Mystery – Melbourne

//Murder Mystery – Melbourne

Murder Mystery – Melbourne


Murder Mystery-MelbourneMurder Mystery Night makes a fun night for all.

Enjoy your very own mystery entertainment in your own venue. Become a major suspect, throw in a red herring or just sit back and enjoy the fun.
whodunnit” is a great nights entertainment that involves everyone. Let us take care of everything as we provide a host who plays the comic detective to conduct the investigation, nametags, music to suit the theme and prizes.

Best of all, we come to your venue for any number of guests.
Around a meal with drinks, a cocktail party or a simple supper, a Murder Company Whodunit is theatre restaurant at its best. There are many themes to choose from and everyone gets a part in the fun. You choose which of your guests are to be questioned by the detective and their secrets revealed and which can have a smaller role that spreads around the gossip. The whole room is involved in watching the story develop and trying to guess our secret murderer.

The Company stands out because it creates a show where the audience are the stars. When you come to one of our mystery nights you don’t just watch the show, you are part of the show. Our talented team of actors create a fun, comfortable atmosphere where members of the audience are encouraged and applauded to take part in solving the crime without doing the time.
Our parties never die, just some of the guests!

around $2000

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