Fire eater-twirler – Melbourne

//Fire eater-twirler – Melbourne

Fire eater-twirler – Melbourne

Fire eater-twirler – Melbourne (CODE – 667C)

chris-m-fire chris-m-Fire-Eating chris-m-jester

Prepare to be mesmerized by fire and captivated by the magical illusions of an Atmosfire Show this has to be seen to be believed. The show begins with slow hypnotic movements and builds to a spectacular fiery finale. The components of the show are by fusing martial arts, dance, circus stunts, and themed costumes.
Ideal Stage size: Width 5m Height 4 m Length 4 m
All Fire performances are covered by Public Liability insurance and follow safety procedures under the Guideline of M.F.B. and C.F.A.
Solo feature show is 10 minutes and Duo 15 minutes 
Improvised atmospheric Fire performances are sets of 45 – 60 minutes

circus 667D-Jester-Melbourne

A character based on the Harlequin personality from the Commedia Dell’arte or fool / court jester. He is excellent at meeting and greeting guests, mime, juggling, imitating people and bending balloons. He can also be a 10 foot tall jumping Jester.
Meeting and Greeting Guests, pre – show, and roving through guests is sure to make your event colorful and exciting. He has appeared at many events from festivals, corporate, carnival, circus and masquerade themed events.