Trapeze-burlesque-fire – Melbourne

//Trapeze-burlesque-fire – Melbourne

Trapeze-burlesque-fire – Melbourne

Trapeze-burlesque-fire – Melbourne (CODE – 687A)

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A high-energy performer who brings the fun and beautiful side of circus onto the stage. She plays in both the ground and the air, with fire eatingand body burning, foot juggling, and saucy burlesque. In the air, she specializes in dance trapeze: a single point, spinning trapeze style that merges dance movement and skill. Her captivating style is both unique and unforgettable, with a strong rooting in professional dance training. Tank’s experience informs both her movement, and embodiment of strong character.

Aerial – doubles trapeze, aerial hoop, tissue, straps/sling, harness & wall work

Ground – living statue, roving, hula hoop manipulation, fire twirling, roller skating

Show 687A Trapeze-At Last ” – A passionate and graceful spinning trapeze piece, set to the traditional love song “at last”. A classic act, stylish and elegant, complete with vintage costume and an (optional) burlesque element

Show 687B-Trapeze- “A Necessary End” – A more contemporary dance trapeze piece, tranquil and stunning.  There is a time to move forward, and a time to let go.  Spinning and weaving a way through the ropes, she dances with the trapeze one last time. A beautiful piece that embodies the difficult process of saying goodbye.

Show 687C- “ Military Chic” – Foot Juggling-An American GI classic pin-up style babe, shows her “love” for the USA by dancing and playing with a missile left in her care. She juggles the missile with her feet, in a dazzling display of skill and entertainment. In the end, she bursts out of her cute demeanor with a saucy and wild and patriotic flourish, complete with impressive tricks.  (Optional burlesque element)

Show 687D- “ Sizzlicious“ Fire Burlesque A burlesque act that is sure to heat up the room! Tank performs a strip tease with a twist: fire! She lights her arms and fingers on fire, then her tongue and mouth, and finally, as she burns off all her clothes, lights her chest on fire. Sexy and outrageous