Animal Farmand Pony Rides-Melbourne

//Animal Farmand Pony Rides-Melbourne

Animal Farmand Pony Rides-Melbourne

Animal Farmand Pony Rides-Melbourne (CODE – 695A)

Animal Farmand Pony Rides Animal Farmand Pony Rides

This Animal Farm is the only one to have minature donkeys.

The Animal Farm focus is on a child’s natural wonderment of animals and their behaviours. Especially ones they rarely get the chance to see other than in books these days. Children love discovering the enjoyment of patting, cuddling and learning about our wonderful friendly farm animals. And we just love answering all of the questions they may have and take the time assisting them overcome any fears that they may have.

Our enclosure is well supervised by professional and uniformed staff who are just great with the children.Each child is seated for their country experience in front of one of our fabulous Farm Hands to enhance their learning experience.We pride ourselves on the health, hygiene and friendliness of all of our animals. We also limit the number of children entering the pen at any one time for the safety of our animals. Our Animal Farm set up may seem small, however, it is full of quality farm animals just waiting to be discovered by eager children.

There are Ducks & Ducklings, Lambs/Sheep, Goats (Kids seasonal), Bantam Chickens and Chicks, miniature pony or miniature donkey-coming soon, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Adults too enjoy watching the animals from around the outside of enclosure.  Our enclosure can be arranged into a circle or rectangle and weather is not a problem (extremes excepted) as we erect shelter for the animals & children. We can set up on grass or hard surfaces, indoors or outside and we clean up any mess the animals make.