Hat Juggler-hoops – SA

//Hat Juggler-hoops – SA

Hat Juggler-hoops – SA

Hat Juggler-hoops – SA (CODE – 703A)

miss-elan-hat miss-ellan-hoops

Karen reinvents the tradition of the ‘gentleman juggler’ – bringing to life everyday objects, from parasols and perfume bottles to martini glasses.

Inspired by the gentlemen jugglers of bygone eras, vaudeville and the old fashioned values of elegance and manners, Karen will surprise and inspire you with her twirling parasols, hat manipulation and ability to juggle the least expected


The Powder Room stage show

This juggling piece sets the scene of a 1930s diva in her backstage dressing room. As she selects accessories from her dressing table to match her outfit, she juggles them with the style and grace of Ginger Rogers The Powder Room’ can be between 4-7 minutes long

Requirement: I require at least 2 metres wide, 3 metres length and ceiling height of 2.5 metres I can adjust act for a podium if required to a 2x2m Access to dressing room, toilets and fresh water for drinking Sound system/PA with a CD player or MP3 input and a desk operator Lighting can be discussed, stage lighting is preferable

Circus 703B-Hoops -SA

Karen loves to shimmy and shammy and show off her hula hoop prowess. Her skills as a juggler provide a different style of hooping, including balances, juggling hoops and fast hand tricks. Karen can split up to five hoops on her body and finish with the ever-popular giant stack of hoops. She has performed many different routines, her most popular being 1970s Funk Odyssey and 1950s Bathing beauty. Karen can cater a routine to your events needs, such as zombie, rock chick, Beyonce ‘Single Ladies’, 1920s sultry dame, clown, or glow hoops for nightclubs.

Acts can be made family friendly or cute and sexy

requirements:Stage act: minimum 3m round clearance and 3m high Can perform on podium 1.5 m diameter CD player/sound system required for stage Access to dressing room and drinking water

Roving hula hoop is also available