Spruiker MC Voice Overs – NSW

//Spruiker MC Voice Overs – NSW

Spruiker MC Voice Overs – NSW

Spruiker MC Voice Overs – NSW (CODE – 801A)


Jeremiah’s passion for performance began at a young age but enriched whilst dancing and touring for over half a decade with the Sydney based Ukrainian Cossack Dance troupe.
Those red dancing boots are now hung up, however Jeremiah now continues his passion to entertain by employing his natural and learned skills and services as a Master of Ceremony, a Voice Actor, a quiz show host and also a Spruiker. He also has ample experience in theatre and is affiliated with public speaking affiliations such as Toastmasters International. Here he has been accredited with a swag of public speaking awards. His spoken voice is mature, articulate and resonant with a touch of down to earth charm and charisma.”