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Comedy Magic Show


Internationally he is known for his remarkable ability to engage an audience and bring laughter to any room just by standing alone onstage. He is the  perfect entertainment for any event, large or small anywhere in the world. This show is one of our most popular, as on stage alone and with various members from the audience invited to join him, he will entertain and fool you in a way that most illusionists cant.

He will have your audience laughing the moment he greets them with witty one liners and some seriously out of this world magic that will have you blown away and just wondering how on earth it could be achieved without any assistant or special staging.
You will be left dumfounded as a borrowed mobile/cell phone is absorbed inside of a balloon then to vanish and appear inside of a sealed can of baked beans held by an audience member from the beginning of the show.

A piece of paper scrunched into a ball will become animated as it bounces all over his arms and head before being folded into a paper rose it will effortless float in front of him bursting into flames and becoming a real rose.

Several people will be involved as a padlocked box, hanging high above the stage, will be lowered and opened by a spectator to reveal a gasping audience a impossible prediction made by just seconds before.

Shot Through the Deck is one of the hottest effect in the show. A spectator selects a card then using a pistol, attempts to shoot the chosen card out of the deck with hilarious and surprising results.A drawing on a sketch pad will come to life and reveal a chosen card as the ink moves and changes shape to form the picture

And the grand finale will leave everyone amazed and rolling on the floor laughing as they jump to the feet at an impossible conclusion to the show which will leave them in hysterical disbelief as a lady from the audience colours in a drawing of a man any way she wants while he  is blindfolded only for him to impossible end up wearing the same outfit and colours as created and chosen by the lady!

The show has no heavy road cases and props-making it the quick and easy choice for interstate and overseas clients after a 1st class international artist’s show with the minimum of expense and trouble with maximum impact.

Roving Magician


Magic Up Close is a great way to get your event off to an energetic start by creating some buzz and getting the laughter flowing. He gets right next to you and your guests. Lots of magicians can do “tricks” however he will engage and entertain like no other.  His close up magic has been a huge success for casinos, Luxury brand watch launches, functions, corporate and more. Not just because he is an expert at the art of magic, but because he is a 1st class entertainer that entertains in such a refined and polished way. Magic so strong it’s sure to make a great talking point for a long time after your event.

Magic Stage Show


As a professional magician he  infuses magic’s rich traditions with the edgy realism of street magic to create a highly entertaining and compelling brand of performance. With over twelve years professional experience, including ten years entertaining at Star City Casino in Sydney, He is the quintessential close up and stage magician now a regular magician for Crown Casino.

As a Duo (2 magicians) they can entertain with shows from 10 to 30 minutes, from a heart stopping Razorblade eating routine to the sublime Ancient Mystery of the Linking Rings. For a classic and more intimate stand up performance, he elegantly presents the “Parlour” magic act, which involve interactions of mindreading and displays of some of the most mind blowing magic effects with cards, borrowed objects and dangerous physical exhibitions involving knives, needles and razorblades. Or choose one of our both unique 30 minute shows with character, illusion and theatre