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Dance Physical Theatre Workshop Tas – Vic

Dance Physical Theatre Workshop Tas - Vic (CODE - 554B) Options One: Contemporary Dance Technique Efficiency of movement, movement pathways, strengthening and flexibility are focused on through working with posture, alignment and safe dance practices. Thorough warm ups and cool downs are included in each class. A range of contemporary dance techniques are touched [...]

Dance Physical Theatre Workshop Tas – Vic 2018-11-13T02:10:30+00:00

Cultural Workshop – Qld

Cultural Workshop - Qld (CODE - 538A) The drumming workshop give children the unique experience of dynamic cultures of the world. With traditional instruments and energetic songs, children wont be able to sit still as they drum, sing and clap along. The children engage in the wonderful experience of cultures from exotic, far [...]

Cultural Workshop – Qld 2018-11-13T02:08:16+00:00

Ventriloquist – Melbourne

Ventriloquist - Melbourne (CODE -383DF) Combining sophisticated voice techniques, trained acting ability and hilarious comedy, Dean brings to life a crazy cast of characters. A born showman, he mixes an energetic blend of comedy, ventriloqisim and audience participation to leave the children in hysterics. With very funny puppet characters like The Magic rabbit, [...]

Ventriloquist – Melbourne 2019-10-15T11:43:33+00:00

Punch and Judy – Melbourne

Punch and Judy - Melbourne (CODE - 445A) Traditional Punch and Judy show. Professor Whatsit’s Traditional Punch and Judy is an authentic English style puppet show that continues a tradition began in London in the 18th century and has been popular ever since. Although most people are familiar with the name, the show [...]

Punch and Judy – Melbourne 2018-11-13T02:02:54+00:00


Adelaide-SA (CODE -425A) Show suited to primary audience is children aged 3-10 years. The show is "semi-educational" - it introduces children to a range of musical styles, shows them simple dance moves to copy and introduces them to theatre/comedy traditions. Their aim is to celebrate childhood as a special time in everyone's life [...]

Adelaide-SA 2018-11-13T02:00:25+00:00

Music – Melbourne

Music - Melbourne (CODE - 409C) The Music Show is a fun-filled, funny 30 minute journey around the musical world. We’ll travel to Europe, Africa, Hawaii, through the seas, up and down and all around the globe and then come safely home again. Jen is your vivacious host and is joined by the wonderful [...]

Music – Melbourne 2018-11-13T01:58:48+00:00

Rod Puppetry – Melbourne

Rod Puppetry - Melbourne (CODE - 397B) This fun workshop covers not only simple making techniques that can be achieved at home, but also manipulation skills and ways to make characters come alive. The rod puppet is created from materials that are accessible and environmentally friendly. What happens: Short introduction to the variety [...]

Rod Puppetry – Melbourne 2018-11-13T01:57:15+00:00

Circus Show – Melbourne

Circus Show - Melbourne (CODE - 396Ee) Terrys Spectacular circus is a comedy circus show where the children will be taken on a journey through the brilliant and often chaotic world of circus. Traditional circus acts take on a new twist when Terry keeps upping the stakes on himself, setting challenges that, when [...]

Circus Show – Melbourne 2018-11-13T01:55:15+00:00

Show – Melbourne

Show - Melbourne (CODE - 372P) 40 mins of fun filled musical adventures for early Primary & Pre school children. Original songs, audience participation, games and dancing. Members of cast include Seesaw and 2 comical cave persons and sound engineer.

Show – Melbourne 2018-11-13T01:53:35+00:00

Art Of Clowning – Melbourne

Art Of Clowning - Melbourne (CODE - 349C)   Trading Faces  Using a ludicrous array of costumes, props and musical instruments, His charming and eccentric comic characters create an atmosphere of fun so accessible that the audience will want to join in...and they do! Amidst the laughter and lunacy Trading Faces introduces audiences to [...]

Art Of Clowning – Melbourne 2018-11-13T01:51:31+00:00
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