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 XMAS CAROL SINGERS/CHOIR-NSW (CODE - 413CC) This Choir is a professional Sydney vocal group.  They are a versatile group that performs traditional classical repertoire, jazz and pop arrangements.  Their performances have been filmed for advertisements for companies such as 5 Seeds Cider and Uber. They have entertained thousands at the Lights of Christmas, [...]

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Michievious Elves – Melbourne

Michievious Elves - Melbourne (CODE - 895D) These elves are more likely to make the naughty list then the nice. With friendly faces and a love of fun they have an inability to stay upright and like to climb and tumble on whatever they can find. With a mixture of acrobalance, tumbling and [...]

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ROAMING MUSICAL CHRISTMAS TREE-MELBOURNE-VIC (CODE - 858CF) A superb Stilt walking, violin playing Christmas tree. This clever tree specialises in cooking up a cauldron of Christmas carol delights. No vocals


Accapella – Melbourne

Accapella - Melbourne (CODE - 760C)     Accapella carol singers in 3 part harmony.  

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Roving Penguins – Melbourne

Roving Penguins - Melbourne (CODE - 670B)   These parading penguins will interact with the audience and delight with their penguin antics! penguins doing low-level acrobatics while they rove.  Book one or more penguins to make your event truly unique and entertaining. There are endless uses for the parading penguins!   Are you looking [...]

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Singing Stories – Melbourne

Singing Stories - Melbourne (CODE - 667A) Mrs Claus is a Christmas author, speaker, MC, magician, story-teller and roving performer.  She is the first Australian woman to receiver her Diploma of Santa Clausology from The University of Santa Claus.   She is considered on the worlds  must-know top 10 Christmas experts as publishe in "The [...]

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Choir – Melbourne

Choir - Melbourne (CODE - 616A)   A group of friendly and committed people bonded by the love of singing and receiving support from members of the local Lions Club. Membership is now 70 singers. listen

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Carollers – NSW

Carollers - NSW (CODE - 508A)     Arguably the finest providers for professional and quality Christmas Carollers. Originally established in London, over the years they have built an impressive list of A List Clients whom have relied upon their creative integrity and skilful delivery to project an intimate, exciting and festive experience. [...]

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Christmas Choir – Melbourne

Christmas Choir - Melbourne (CODE - 506A)   Acappella group of up to 8-100 choralists to roam or meet and greet your guests for your Xmas Function. Professional performing group. Listen to audio (100 piece choir)

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60’S Band – Melbourne

60'S Band - Melbourne (CODE - 439A)   Three of Melbourne’s most sought after female vocalists have joined forces to create this extravaganza of vocal harmonies, stunning costumes, outrageous wigs and meticulously choreographed dance movements that will transport you back in time to that unforgettable era, the 60’s. With songs like ‘It’s my [...]

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