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 REGGAE-SKA-SOUL-MEL-VIC (CODE - 281ST) They are a lively 7-piece band that plays a vibrant mix of early Jamaican dance music (called Rocksteady) along with Reggae and upbeat Ska tunes. The band plays regularly in the Melbourne live music scene and the line-up includes 3 horns, Hammond Keyboard Player, Bass, Drums and Jamaican/English singer. [...]

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R & B – Blues Brothers – Melbourne

R & B - Blues Brothers - Melbourne (CODE - 276A) The Blues Brothers show are a contemporary duo that covers Blues Brothers standards and movie songs and duplicates the excitement and personalities of Jake and Elwood including the movements and portrayals of the two artists John Bulushi and Dan Ackroyd. With all the [...]

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Soul R & B – NSW

Soul R & B - NSW (CODE - 275A ) A twelve piece Soul-Rhythm & Blues band that perform the classics from the legendary Soul, Motown, Rock,funk, R & B artistsheard on the Atlantic, Stax, Motown and Savoy labels of the late 50's-70's. Fronted by 3 vocalists. The band guarantees to deliver an exciting [...]

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Soul R & B – Blues Brothers – Melbourne

Soul R & B - Blues Brothers - Melbourne (CODE - 273A ) The time is the late 70's going on 2009 and in this age of pre-recorded, electronic, dance music, how rare it is to see master blues men practising their craft. By the year 2010 the music we know today, as [...]

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Reggae – reggae – NSW

Reggae - reggae - NSW (CODE - 282A ) A gifted performer singer song writer and versatile multi-instrumentalist, He mixes roots (Marrabenta Mozambique Popular dance Music) & reggae occasionally throwing in some lovers rock to create his own original blend. He tells his story with grace and ebullience, covering social and environmental issues, love, [...]

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Soul R & B – Geelong – Vic

Soul R & B - Geelong - Vic (CODE - 272A ) They are the future of Australian soul music, an extraordinary act, full of passion and fire. It’s unique to see a big band of young women, who sound like they’re straight out of Memphis. They are adventurous and ground-breaking, taking classic [...]

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Blues – Melbourne

Blues - Melbourne (CODE - 886A ) Hailing from Geelong and with a unique “rocking blues” style, John and his band have been together for over five years now and have built up a fantastic reputation for providing high quality entertainment. At only 25 years of age John is an amazing lead guitarist and [...]

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Blues – Melbourne

Blues - Melbourne (CODE - 885A ) Twisting their way through blues and funk the bands core lineup features the talents of Nick (vocals/guitar), Dave (bass/vocals) and Adrian (drums). Add Jarrah e on keyboards and you get the bands firm respect for the traditional side of blues combined with their love of groove [...]

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hill billy Country – Melbourne

hill billy Country - Melbourne (CODE - 449MM) Our music is based on Negro music from the 20's and 30's, with influences from the goodtime blues era, early Jazz classics, and Hillbilly music. 3 piece band Multiple instruments With Washboard, Ukulele, Dobro, Mandolin, Harmonica, Bass and Guitars the sound is uplifting and highly [...]

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Reggae – soul – Funk – Melbourne

Reggae - soul - Funk - Melbourne (CODE - 372K) Emerging from obscurity is a unique brand of sound unlike any other being produced on the continent. These unlikely minstrels are swiftly ingratiating themselves with crowds by stealth. Borne from the Blue Mountains ether is a musical aesthetic poised to arrest the global [...]

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