Spruikers for retail outlets

Spruiker Adelaide – SA

Spruiker Adelaide - SA (CODE - 693BG) Experienced spruiker with own gear. listen  

Spruiker Adelaide – SA 2019-01-09T04:21:57+00:00

Spruiker – Melbourne

Spruiker - Melbourne (CODE -593JA)     Rachael is an award winning, professionally trained Face Painter and Makeup Artist also offering Production Makeup, UV Body Painting, Pregnant Belly Art and Temp Tattoos.      

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Spruiker – Melbourne

Spruiker - Melbourne (CODE - 523MC)   Experienced Spruiker for all commercial sales. Also experienced Dj        

Spruiker – Melbourne 2019-01-09T04:19:06+00:00

Spruiker – Qld

Spruiker - Qld (CODE - 467VE)   Experienced retail spruiker. Own PA and has Public liability.        

Spruiker – Qld 2019-01-09T04:16:44+00:00

Spruiker Actor voice Over – Melbourne

Spruiker Actor voice Over - Melbourne (CODE -179LCSP) Leonnie is a sought after Actor and MC with many TV roles behind her. Leonnie has a great demanding presence and is very witty.

Spruiker Actor voice Over – Melbourne 2019-01-09T04:14:46+00:00

Promo Tomobiles Xmas Spruikers – Melbourne

PROMO TOMOBILES XMAS SPRUIKERS – MELBOURNE (CODE - 85NM) Each PROMO-TOMOBILE is equipped with a battery operated, multi-function PA system that plays bright, appropriate ‘toe-tapping’ music. But also allows:  Advertising theme music, Operator spruiking , Individual organisation promotional messaging. Promo-tomobiles fully understand the value of providing innovation and fun when promoting within shopping [...]

Promo Tomobiles Xmas Spruikers – Melbourne 2019-01-09T03:31:20+00:00
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