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Giant Bubble Blowing Activity – Melbourne


Giant bubble Blowing Activityroving-Festivals

Giant Bubble Blowing Activities enable the general public to blow the biggest soap bubbles of their entire lives. Grandmas, teenagers, toddlers – you name it. Everyone gets involved blowing, catching, dodging, popping bubbles. They are the most culturally and age-inclusive, hands-on entertainment experience we’ve ever seen .

Duration & Capacity :

As there is a whole lot of equipment laid out for the general public to use it is best to run continuously without breaks. The capcity of the activity is usually 40 people at any one time however this can be scaled up and down significantly.

Requirements :

The activity must be on a non-slip surface (i.e grass, bitumen), preferably a space of at least 8×8 yards. Water access within 50yards is also required for refills.

Age Appropriateness :

Seriously ALL Ages .

Kids Parties


Kids PartiesPart 1 Kids Go Inside Bubbles : 

Your bubble party begins with our kids’ entertainer putting your birthday child inside a real giant soap bubble. Our bubble expert will then put all the other children at the birthday party inside giant soap bubbles as well. Even parents can have a go in a bubble! Make sure to charge your camera as superb for capturing images of your child’s incredible day.

Part 2 Kids Blow Giant Bubbles :

Girls and boys go crazy getting to blow the biggest bubbles of their entire lives. Our bubbles are truly incredible and parents love getting to join their kids in the amazing bubble blowing fun. Your bubble party entertainer will also show the kids special bubble tricks like how to catch giant bubbles in their bare hands and blow bubbles inside bubbles!

Requirements  :

Each bubble themed party is an hour long and caters for up to 30 kids.
For putting kids in giant bubbles, we must lay a mat down indoors away from all drafts. And for blowing world class giant bubbles, we need a non-slip area outdoors.

Face Body Painter


Face-Body Painter-MelbourneRachael is an award winning, professionally trained Face Painter and Makeup Artist also offering Production Makeup, UV Body Painting, Pregnant Belly Art and Temp Tattoos.

Fabulous for any occasion: Corporate & Community Events, Parties, Fundraisers, Fancy Dress, School & Theatre Productions, Fashion Events, Weddings & Engagements, Baby Showers, Christmas & Holiday Functions, Family Fun Days, Celebrations & Festivals and more.
Let Rachael transform you into fairy tale characters, mystical creatures and anything in between.

Face-Body Painter-Melbourne Face-Body Painter-Melbourne