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Rolling Stones songs Tribute – Melbourne

Rolling Stones songs Tribute – Melbourne (CODE – 22SWER)

Rolling-stonesThe successful history of “The Rolling Stones” has earnt the British rockers as still the
“World’s Greatest Rock & Roll band” by many. With over five decades of countless hits the band  pay homage to mark the respect and admiration of the iconic songs of The Rolling Stones.
As nothing can compare to seeing The Rolling Stones live in action, but for the next best thing strap yourself into experiencing the high energy performance of songs of the Rolling Stones Tribute show
Performing iconic songs like “Jumpin Jack Flash”, “Brown Sugar” thru to the bands classics, “Satisfaction”, “ It’s Only Rock N Roll(but I like it)”,“Miss You”and more.
Through to the most earliest of tracks “Get Off Of My Cloud”, to the more political statement of the song “Painted Black”.

Female ACDC Tribute Show – Melbourne

Female ACDC Tribute Show – Melbourne (CODE – 29ALD)

ACDC-Tribute ACDSHEMelbourne ‘s finest Acca Dacca tribute, fronted by ” Bonnie Scott,” the little lady with a big voice, who brings the legend to life with all the classics from the 70’s era. Pure heart raising adrenalin rock, injected with old-school spunk, that is sure to evoke the bogan in you!
The band is a tight mix of hard and heavy hitting, led by guitar madman, Angus “Stogie” Young. A “to the Malcolm” K burns on rhythm, while Paul “Anchored on the A” Williams and Dave “Freight Train” Rudd round out this powerhouse with a galvanic groove of booming bass and snare drum pillage. Be on notice that this band don’t hold no punches when it comes to live performances on stage, so bring your earplugs and get your best singlet out…Coz’ here they come to ‘Shake Your Foundations’ at a venue near you

Wodonga – Vic

Wodonga – Vic (CODE – 26BGS)

4-Piece 6-piece

No event is complete without this exciting Band.
Avalaible in a 4 – 10 piece, this band will have you screaming for more when you have long left the show
Great vocals and musicmanship.

Duo – Male vocals guitar )

4  –  Male Vocals, guitar, drums , bass )
3 –   Male & Female Vocals, guitar )
5 –  Male & Female Vocals, Guitar, Drums , Bass )
6 –  Male & Female Vocals, Guitar, Drums , Bass )

Code 26CGS-Duo-Wodonga-Vic


With a line up of a Male vocalist and guitarist It’s amazing how this 2 piece show creates the atmosphere of a full live band.
With a production that’s mind blowing, this interactive show will have you and your guests on the dance floor all night long. 80’s Classics a speciality.

Code 26DGS-solo-Wodonga-Vic


Enjoy an interactive morning with Glenn featuring the hits of the 50’s and 60’s such as the Beatles, Boby Vee, Del Shannon, Beach Boys, Roy Orbison and Col Joye.