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Seniors Artist-Hit Parade-Melbourne – Vic

Seniors Entertainer-Hit Parade-Melbourne – Vic (CODE – 26DGS)


Better than a blast from the past More than a stroll down memory lane
Just a little dab of Bryl Cream and you’ll be back there again
Here’s your very own teen idol and pin up boy straight from the pages of Hit Parade.
Tunes to remember, songs that super swing from an era where coca cola was only a shilling and Johnny O’keefe was hosting 6 O’clock rock.
He  delivers the ultimate 50’s/60’s flashback show. True to tune from a 45 rpm and the stacks of wax.
Featuring the slick tracks of heart-throbs from years gone by.


seniors (CODE – 89RC)

Duo-seniors seniors

Rick has the voice and the moves with a warmth and charm that endears him to any audience. Singing all styles of music and the ultimate entertainer so there’s sure to be something for everyone with a few jokes thrown in to lighten up your day.


Brian and Rick have joined forces to create the best of Rock N Roll, Pop, Sing a long and Country with plenty of banter between them.

Code-89BRC-Seniors Xmas Show


Brian and Rick  sing your Xmas favourites and other Rockin Blasts from the Past. Can also include if advertised best Xmas hat competition. Client to provide prizes.

country – Melbourne

country – Melbourne (CODE – 228HH)


I perform a variety of different songs such as: 50’s and 60’s, Ballads, Country, Irish Songs and many others. He has won many Country singing awards.