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Roving – classical – Melbourne

Roving - classical - Melbourne (CODE - 787A ) The Band is a unique Australian ensemble, performing a rarely-heard repertoire on historically important instruments, to form a consort rich in possibilities. An instrumental line up of winds, strings, brass and percussion, presented with voice allows for exciting sound combinations reflecting the various instrumental [...]

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Roving -Trad – Melbourne

Roving -Trad - Melbourne (CODE - 542AA ) The Band have been playing together for around 10 years and in that time have performed at a wide range of venues. Much of their work is promotional, especially around Christmas time. The trio is mostly used in shopping centres at this time of year. [...]

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Roving – accordion – Italian – Melbourne

Roving - accordion - Italian - Melbourne (CODE - 515B ) Playing Italian and folk music that is sure to get your function swinging.

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Roving – French – Melbourne

Roving - French - Melbourne (CODE - 468C ) Cathryn is also an accomplished piano-accordionist and has spent the last ten years building her improvisational skills in Perth and then in Melbourne, on both piano-accordion and viola.She has spent the last two years studying jazz and improvisation on the accordion and playing with numerous bands - thus [...]

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Roving – Melbourne

Roving - Melbourne (CODE - 396B ) Jen (guitar and vocals) and Terry (mandolin, violin, recorder and vocals) cook up a cauldron of jazzed-up euro-folk. Bringing Continental Café music to your door, this energetic duo is inspired by the rich & varied musical traditions brought to Oz by the various emigrant waves. Look [...]

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Roving – Melbourne

Roving - Melbourne (CODE - 248BB ) The Duo play continental music, beautiful ambient background music plus modern, country and latin styles .They also play traditional German, Austrian, Polish, ukranian, French and Italian.

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Roving – pirates – melbourne

Roving - pirates - melbourne (CODE - 441PG) Blow me down & shiver me timbers! These buccaneers have got their land legs & are creating a percussive storm. With drumming, swash buckling, knife juggling, sword swallowing & romantic charm, these pirates of percussion will keep your feet a tapping & your thighs a [...]

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Roving -Melbourne

Roving -Melbourne (CODE - 263G ) These lovable mountain men play tunes to warm the cockles of the heart & stir the feet into spontaneous dancing. Featuring some of the Big smokes finest musicians they play all three types of music: country, western & mountain jazz. They are capable of performing spontaionesly (roving) in [...]

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roving – World Music – Melbourne

roving - World Music - Melbourne (CODE - 108E) Ruth (mandolin, vocals) and Tania (guitar, vocals) play exquisite original pieces and fresh arrangements of music from around the world, particularly from Spanish and South American traditions, Italian etc. Tania has a deep appreciation for, and understanding of world music (especially Spanish and South [...]

roving – World Music – Melbourne 2019-01-08T17:25:10+00:00

roving – African Band – Melbourne

roving - African Band - Melbourne (CODE - 228D) Experience the high energy grooves and funky afro moves of this is world inspired Afrobeat explosion! Master percussionist King and his band deliver a breath of fresh air into the Australian African/World music scene with their original cross genre style and dynamic stage presence. The genre [...]

roving – African Band – Melbourne 2019-01-08T17:17:37+00:00
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