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We have a strong and fun filled social team servicing all types of celebrations – from festivals to birthday parties, bucks & hens’ nights to weddings and just about every other special occasion imaginable! The beat of the drum is the perfect way to bring people together, grinning and grooving!  Before guests arrive, we can set out a traditional hand carved West African Djembe drum for each guest. The rhythm and pulse fill the air… before long everyone is drumming together, singing and dancing too! It’s a fun, memorable and interactive musical experience, like no other.

Perhaps our most popular and versatile African performance option, Drum Mania can take on any number of performers and musicians (from 3 to 10 and beyond!), incorporating a master drummer from West Africa and also dancers and saxophonist if you wish! Whether it be on stage, roving or a combination of both, Drum Mania will inject a highly energetic and dynamic element into your event. A selection of instruments – djembe, doun douns, 44-gallon bass drum, talking drum and congas are just some of the instruments we can paint your soundscape with. Add Fire & Light for extra wow factor!