African drumming Workshop – Melbourne

African drumming Workshop – Melbourne
(CODE – 226KMB)

African drumming African drumming

Enjoyed by young and old alike, these hands-on percussion workshops enable participants to experience the pulsating rhythms and instruments of West Africa for themselves! Perfect as a team building exercise, for community events and festivals, King has a wealth of teaching experience both nationally and internationally and believes that “anyone with 2 hands can pick up drumming techniques”. Drums and hand percussion provided.

From West Africa, King has arrived as Gambia’s pulsating musical ambassador. An outstanding child musician who has been performing professionally since the age of 12, King is a master of Djembe, sabar, bougarabu, sewurba drumming and dance traditions and an internationally recognised drumming teacher.

The workshops provide all students with the opportunity to participate in group tuition in an atmosphere of discovery and challenge.

As an experienced instructor, he skilfully blends demonstration with expectation to develop rhythm, tone and technique in all students regardless of age or background experience.

Drumming and Dance Workshops

For all ages and abilities based on everyday life and customs – farming activities, naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, marriages, festival, plus stories from the ancient kingdom of Mali and the story of the drums.

Cultural Combination

A taste of drumming, dancing, story telling, geography, and images of village life in The Gambia. This program can be tailored to suit your particular needs.


Interactive performance by musicians illustrating different kinds of music and dance from West Africa.